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  1. Andrew Crawshaw

    Carl Jenkinson is set to start for the U23s this evening and, assuming he comes through that match unscathed) should certainly be able to make the bench for Ludogorets on Wed and Middlesbrough next weekend. I would expect him to start against Reading.

  2. Gord

    Carl has been a person willing to kick the ball from distance (cross or shot). I think it would be nice for Carl to get a goal on a long range effort in this game with the U23. That would increase the number of players and positions from which long range shots are possible, making it harder for opposing managers to plan for us.

  3. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    I think Le Prof has already put together a formidable Arsenal 2nd team on ground to be playing against lower opposition teams in the League Cup games like the one we are going to have against Reading who are our next opponent team in this competition next upper week. And that 2nd Arsenal team that may need 1 or 2 injection of other Gunners like, Olivier Giroud or Yaya Sanogo to be brought-in in place of the injured Akpom is more than capable of knocking out Reading at the Ems after we’ve dealt a blow to Swansea, Ludogorets and Middleborough..

    Therefore, there should be no fears of fatigue that could be suffered by any senior Gunner ahead of the Middlesbrough game at the Ems since they won’t be involved in the Reading ELC game that could warrant any rotation of senior Gunners in the next Arsenal 2 PL & 1 Ucl games in my own view.

    The usual Le Prof’s senior Gunners selection of 18 man match day squad should be more than capable of beating Swansea, Ludogorets and Middleborough all within 8 days at the Ems without doing any senior Gunners rotation in place of the regular starting Gunners who have been on a winning run of 5 PL games.

  4. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    Andy, Le Prof decides. But if Carl starts against Reading, what will happen to the young Maitland Niles development who Le prof has suddenly appeared to be developing as a future right back for Arsenal if he didn’t start him for the Reading game? Tough competition for a starting spot at Arsenal RB position in the offing?

  5. Jerry

    Good work Tony! It’s great seeing the depth of this year’s squad!

    The only suggestion is that I think Ramsey will still be out. The Boss said that next week will “come too early” for Ramsey and that he is going through a full preseason so I would expect him to be out for Middlebrough also, so maybe a return during the Reading match.

    I am glad to see the Gooner Jenkinson back!

  6. para

    I do not think rotation is needed for the sake of it, but it is necessary to keep our players fit and ready and playing as many games as possible, and happy!

    I just want to see all the players used to their full capacity to benefit the team.

  7. Gord

    It sounds like Carl had a good game (60 minutes), in our 0-0 draw today.

  8. Gord

    Corruption News

    Doing a time sorted search for corruption news, I jut ran across an article from the Straits Times (Singapore), about an article out of London, England. How is it, that a London story is first reported in Singapore?


    In any event, it shows a little about the inner workings of The Premier League and PGMO.

  9. Gord

    At WorldFootball, I see an article about Liverpool complaining about how difficult their holiday schedule is.

    My interpretation of their holiday schedule is:
    Liverpool _ _ WHam
    Middlesbrough Liverpool
    Everton _ _ _ Liverpool
    Liverpool _ _ Stoke
    Liverpool _ _ ManC
    Sunderland _ _Liverpool
    ManU _ _ _ _ _Liverpool

    I will compare that to ours:
    Arsenal _ _ _ Stoke
    Everton _ _ _ Arsenal
    ManC _ _ _ _ _Arsenal
    Arsenal _ _ _ WBA
    Arsenal _ _ _ CPalace
    Bournemouth _ Arsenal
    Swansea _ _ _ Arsenal

    It is just horrible how badly Liverpool is being treated here. Liverpool has to play 4 away games compared to us playing 4 games away. Liverpool has to play 2 games against typically Top-6 teams (ManU and ManC), whereas we have it really easy and only have to play ManC. I am not really familiar with English geography, but it looks to me that of their 7 games, 6 are games against northern (local) teams and 1 from a London team. All of their away games are local. Arsenal play 2 local teams, whereas 4 of our away games are a considerable distance (Manchester twice, Sunderland and Wales).

    It is obvious in just looking at the above, that Liverpool has to be the most poorly treated team in the EPL over the holiday season.

  10. ARSENAL 13

    SO good to see Jenko back.

  11. ClockEndRider

    With best will in the world, Sunderland and Middlesbrough cannot be called local Liverpool.

  12. ClockEndRider

    Using the never wrong internet I find that Liverpool to Sunderland by car is the same distance as London to Stoke.

  13. ClockEndRider

    However the combined distance Arsenal fans will need to travel over the period is indeed considerably in excess of that Liverpool fans willl need to do.
    This of course is mitigated in that by and large Arsenal fans don’t have to return to Liverpool……

  14. Gord

    Poetic license? I would expect that somebody from Liverpool or Manchester would much rather go to a football game at Sunderland, than to travel an equivalent distance towards London.

    • Tony Attwood

      But take pity on the poor Man U fans. For them, living in Cornwall, every game is an away game.

  15. ClockEndRider


  16. ClockEndRider

    Ah yes, for fans of FC Guildford, every match is an away day….

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