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  1. Menace

    Surprised that this match is not being televised. Is there a stream available?

  2. bushido

    anybody want a link via online streaming?

  3. Chris

    Not all the press is negative….

    Here is an interesting story for once


  4. Tony Attwood

    Thanks for the link Chris: there are a few like this around at the moment. I suspect there is a certain amount of hedging of bets now, given the wholly negative press Arsenal were given pre-season.

  5. Leon

    Menace, try:www.cricfree.net. It’s usually reliable & free of any virius’

  6. Robido

    Mobdro seems ok. Might be on one of the American channels?

  7. Saadman

    In my experience, totalsportek.com provides the best streaming service to watch arsenal or any other team’s match

  8. para
    • Tony Attwood

      Para, thanks. Sorry I only saw this waiting in moderation (there because it contained two links) after the match, but I have included it for anyone who wants to know in the future.)

  9. para

    Forgot to say have AdBlockPlus to rid of the popups.

  10. para

    Your comment is awaiting moderation. ???

    Is this because i am over VPN?

  11. SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    Good evening Mr Drummond. From the stat you have provided, Arsenal have had 13 consecutives Cups success over Reading that dated back as far as 1935. Wow!

    Let me assure all and sundry in the rank and file of the Gooners that this Cup winning run by Arsenal over Reading will this night at the Ems continue unabated. We can count and depend on Arsenal backup team to whitewash Reading 4-0 @FT.

    I’ve since seen Le Prof’s starts and bench for this match. And the only area where I didn’t accurately get his starts is in the mid front 3 and striker start. Le prof preferred Perez to lead the line to my Olivier Giroud who he has benched. I had Iwobi as my playmaker but Adelaide is preferred for that role while Iwobi retains his mid left role and Oxchambo stays on the right wing where I start him.

    On Le Prof’s bench, i think I got 4 of his bench accurately.

  12. bushido

    Arsenal is attacking well, Reading keeper with couple of saves. it’s not really a full house at the Emirates but the fans is making great noises

  13. bushido

    Liverpool is 1 up against Tiny Totts

  14. Andy Mack

    We can’t seem to keep the ball beyond the half way line. Some awful passing…

  15. bushido

    i think Tony theories about some fans getting into the ground quite late is accurate. now the Emirates is full house. Arsenal with a couple of good chances to open the score but just cannot find the breakthrough

  16. bushido

    Jenko seem to be having a good game tonite

  17. bushido

    the Ox just open the score

  18. bushido

    with a low drive to the right hand post. quality finish

  19. para

    My running thoughts during 1st half game:

    Mait Niles needs to be just a little quicker when he gets the ball.

    That foul on Elneny was deliberate, see him walking away after the foul like in a movie, job done.

    Shot first time, once you hesitate you miss.

    OX!!!!!!! Beautiful.

    Love the crowd cheering every good play made by Arsenal and Aww-ing plays that dont work.

    Ohhh! Lucky – Unlucky.( Reading shot that nearly bounced over Martinez head.)

    Ohh!, aww not that close. (M-Niles shot.)

    See how Reading shoot into the crowd in the box? We should do that when we come up against teams like last week.

    Impress with the way they are playing, even though its Reading, but it gives them much needed playing time for when they are needed in 1st team.

  20. para

    The person providing the stream is showing the goal from as many angles as they have all throughout the break.
    An also all the exciting hilites.
    BEIN i think. Good coverage they seem to do.

  21. para

    Now showing the kick about before the start of the game too.

    Someone too far awaw lobbing balls to i think Giroud, and he just scored a volley, hopes he does that in game if he plays.

  22. Menace

    Thanks Leon it’s good. Was watching the Liverpool spuds game on sky. Nothing too exciting.

  23. Andy Mack

    The refs been weak but nice to see him correctly giving Moore a yellow card for a foul similar to Xhakas foul the other week which the Idiot ref gave a red for!

  24. Andy Mack

    If anyone doesn’t know. Ox got the 2nd.

  25. Leon

    The tackle on Giroud that got the Reading guy a yellow card was the same as the one that got Xhaka a red

  26. Andy Mack

    Yes Leon. This ref learnt from Mr Moss that if you make a dumb mistake like giving a red for a yellow offence then you get demoted for a game or two!

  27. para

    Ox where are you? Ok i’ll forgive you as you scored.

    Jeff, be quicker in passing. I mean release the ball earlier.

    Ox bad luck.

    Lukas, dont hesitate.

    Lads are enjoying themselves.

    Good recover Gibsy.

    Dont delay the shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Come on, relax, and pass earlier.

    Was ordering some food.

    Giroud in the fray? Yea.

    These contact fouls should always be a warning card, they cause so many injuries.

    Oh,, Ohh i dont believe that. Good save Reading GK.

    There was a foul there too on one of our players.

    We need one more to keep them quiet lads.

    Ohhh, and ohhh again. (Ox shot and not falling for Iwobi)

    Should be a card.

    Yea about time.

    Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa The Ox


    Cards coming out now.

    Zelalem? Havent seem him in a while.

    Willie Willie!. (Willocks attempted shot)

    Niles is a little slow or unfit today?

    That was a foul.

    Good save man.

    Floater floater.

    Martinez is going to give Chezzy some good pressure.

    Nice easish win lads, well done.

  28. WalterBroeckx

    match report is on line

  29. Andy Mack

    Para, I think the one you refer to as “Lukas, don’t hesitate” was where he faked a shot and was hoping the defender would dive across him, so he could turn inside. Unfortunately the defender didn’t buy it (probably too slow to even understand it…).
    So he ended up hitting it on his 3rd touch.

    First game I’ve been disappointed with AM-N. Not that he was bad but usually he just ‘fits in.

  30. Menace

    Andy Mack / Leon the yellow was a dark yellow as per the boss. Walter would say straight red as per FIFA directives.

  31. Tony Attwood

    Just to back up Walter’s note earlier – the match report is now available


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