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  1. Robert

    I take my hat off to you guys. That’s got to be a huge amount of work.

  2. Omo r’Arsenal

    Thanks to Untold Referee Review Team.
    Keep it up guys.

  3. Pat

    Wonder if the shortage of refs (because the PGMOL doesn’t employ enough) is having an effect. It could mean the refs are already becoming fatigued and losing concentration. It seems to be affecting a range of teams. I can’t really see a pattern.

  4. SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    These Pgmol referees incorrect decisions regularly taken in the PL games in particular and in other competitions like the FA Cup and the ELC in general have to stop.

    I believe the football players and their officials including we the fans who are watching these games either in the Stadia or on the TV weeks in weeks out as the case maybe, want to be seeing the referees officiating these matches without bais. Officiating of football matches whether at amateur or professional level should be strictly be in accordance with the Laws and Rules guiding the game. If referees will interpret these Laws and Rules guiding the game without favour or fear, there won’t be any problem nor any outcry of cheating by footballers, their officials and we the football fans who are the stake holders of the game.

    I think the Pgmol should set the ball rolling by reviewing the on the field performance of each referee. And wherever any referee is found wanting to be violating the application of the Laws & Rules intentionally or deliberately, such an errand referee should be relieved of his job to serve as a deterrent to others. But where it’s a case of incompetence, a regular training programs should be put in place by the Pgmol to upgrade the knowledge and competence of their referees in regard to the correct application of the Laws & Rules guiding the game.

  5. SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    The burning issue at our hands today in regard to Arsenal, is the Ucl match between Ludogorets Razgrad and Arsenal at Ludogorets Arena tonight.

    Therefore, I implore all Arsenal supporters to pray for the Gunners to have a resounding victory at Ludogorets Arena tonight.

    Le Prof has said he is taking this match as a big game because if we won, we’ll be guaranteed a knockout qualification ticket depending on the outcome of the Basel vs PSG match.

    Arsenal will beat Ludogorets Razgrad at their Ludogorets Arena tonight by a 0-4 away win and remain on top of group A table.

    My starts:
    Jenkinson Holding Koscielny Gibbs
    Coquelin Xhaka
    Oxchambo Ramsey Giroud

    My bench:
    Cech Maitland-Niles Mustafi Gabriel Elneny Ozil Iwobi.

    Like I said in my comment posting yesterday, I’ve noticed Bellerin, Ozil, Mustafi & Iwobi have become fatigued or getting tired and thus won’t be able to perform optimal if they play in this Ludogorets match. Thence, I’ve suggested Le Prof should give them a week rest before the Spurs game. And since he has traveled to Bulgaria with Ozil, Mustafi and Iwobi but left Bellerin at home among others. I’ve decided to start Ozil, Mustafi & Iwobi on my bench and will only bring any of them on with 20 minutes left in the game if it’s become very necessary for me to do so i.e. assuming I am Le Prof. But am not.

    I have also decided to start Olivier Giroud as false left-winger in the mid 3 front lines comprising of, Oxchambo at RW and Ramsey as playmaker behind Sanchez. I think Giroud will thrive there and benefit in his exploits from that LW position just as he did in the Sunderland game with that his audacious header. And he can interchange positions with Alexis who could operate at LW while Giroud plays centrally during the match.

  6. Norman14

    My understanding of the situation is that each game is attended by an “Assessor” who provides a report to PGMOL who then state that the Elite squad get 96% of their decisions right.

    To emphasise this high level of efficiency, they have planted Dermott Gallagher within Sky and Howard Webb in BT.

    They have managed to secure the “non-intrusion” of the country’s major media networks.

    What they haven’t done is be called to give evidence to the Government Committee investigating corruption.

    It’s all very cosy!

  7. Va Cong

    So informative. Amazing job done guys must have taken ages love you guys xx

  8. WalterBroeckx

    Well it did take us ages to be honest 😉 … with so many errors…. they are doing their best to give us a hard time 🙂

  9. Sam Sayyed

    Any news yet on who will the PiGMOle send to referee us this Sunday?

  10. Gord

    Tonights Officials: Ludogorets – Arsenal
    Referee: Bas Nijhuis (NED)

    Assistant Referee 1: Rob van de Ven (NED)
    Assistant Referee 2: Charles Schaap (NED)

    Additional AR 1: Serdar Gözübüyük (NED)
    Additional AR 2: Ed Janssen (NED)

    Fourth Official: Patrick Langkamp (NED)

    Referee Observer: Murat Ilgaz (TUR)

  11. Va Cong

    So true Walter 😀

  12. Pat

    Yes, we want fewer errors for the sake of Walter and the team!

  13. Andrew Crawshaw


    I want fewer errors for the sake of the teams, players and supporters-not because it will result in less work for Usama, Walter and myself. We would all be delighted to report that the claimed 95% plus accuracy from the PGMO was in fact being achieved. At the moment that claim iseems to us to be a load of rubbish.

    One of the worrying features is that the refereeing in the Championship seems to. Be even worse (at least according to friends who are long time Fulham supporters).

    The PGMO as an organisation seems to be failing on about every level and needs a complete reform from top to bottom.

  14. SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    I think I agree with @Pat in his earlier comment as he alluded to the thought in some quarters who are saying, the Pgmol need more referee hands on their deck so as to be able to cope adequately with the rigour of referring in PL games.

    Referees are not machines but human beings who are made of flesh, bones, tissues & blood. Therefore, they can be liable to fatigue and tiredness if they are overworked.

    If the Pgmol will employ or promote more referees to the senior cader, so that they can be deployed to the Premier League referring job after retraining them very well to help them upgrade the quality of their referring. Bad officiating at PL matches could be reduced to the barest minimum if not totally eliminated.

  15. Goonermikey

    AS easily predicted by many of us. It’s Clattenburg for Sunday. The PIGMOB don’t even try and hide the prdicability.

  16. Pete

    Clattenburg is a lot better than some of the other possibilities… (Famous last words!)

  17. bjtgooner

    Great work – I really like this format.

    Why on earth is this bunch of incompetents allowed anywhere near a football field? And why does the Minister of Sport continue to support the FA?

  18. Sam Sayyed

    I am happy that it’s Clattenburg on Sunday. I was hoping for either Michael Oliver or Clattenburg. I thought that though Clattenburg may make genuine big mistakes from time to time, he is not biased like the other pigs at PIGMOB. Are you not happy Goonermikey? Has he done something drastic recently that I’m not aware of?

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