If England had any standards Cole would be banned for life

Today the Scottish FA set an example as to how international football should be run.   Barry Ferguson and Allan McGregor were banned for life from playing for Scotland after drinking too much and giving V signs.

Drinking too much and giving V signs.  Remind you of someone?

Yes, of course Ashley Cole.  A man who has been arrested for being so drunk he became violent.  A man who has been photographed giving V signs to fans.

And still he plays for England.

The Scottish statement says the “action has been taken in the best interests of the squad, the fans and the country.”    While England has done nothing.

Here’s another thing.  Cole doesn’t apologise – it is not in his nature.   But both Ferguson and McGregor have apologised and still they are thrown out.

“I deeply regret what happened last weekend and the events during the last week and apologise wholeheartedly for the embarrassment caused to Scotland, Rangers, both sets of supporters and my friends and family,” Ferguson said.

Can you imagine Cole saying that?

“I have always considered playing for Rangers and Scotland an honour and a privilege and nothing will change that and I am bitterly disappointed by the announcement that I will not be selected for Scotland again.”

Can you imagine Cole saying that about England?

McGregor added: “I was absolutely delighted to be selected for Scotland last weekend and I am deeply sorry over what has happened since then. We all make mistakes in life and I am very disappointed to have let Rangers, Scotland, my family all the fans down. I am also desperately disappointed that I will not be selected again for Scotland at this stage in my career.”

Can you imagine Cole saying that about England?

Of course not.

So what is wrong with England that they will put up with absolutely any sort of behaviour from their players.  Of course they will say, “oh well the Scots pair were playing for Scotland at the time” but that is no excuse.  When a player plays for his club or country he is there in the present and carries with him his past.   If you choose to support that club or country you adopt the history of that player unless you regularly speak out against him.   KGB Athletico Chelsea and all their supporters are accepting of everything that Cole does.  So is England, and all its supporters.

The man is a disgrace, and so is England for employing him.

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(c) Tony “I really don’t like A Cole very much” Attwood 2009

PPS: Did you notice that my silly idea about Totts new ground being an April Fool got picked up and re-written on a couple of blogs?   I take that as a compliment.

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  1. Finally get to see your face, Tony. You’re a pretty handsome dude aren’t you?

  2. Dude! why would you change the order of comments so the last goes to the top? It means scrolling down to the bottom to read them in order. Its like that on the yahoo boards and they suck. Please change it back!!!

  3. The content is still brilliant so the layout is not a problem. Good work. But anyway back to the article. I think it’s harsh to ban the two players; they’re human, we make mistakes.
    Of course in real life people get fired but is this really for the interest of Scotland? Sometimes we think we ‘own’ players. Cole shouldn’t get banned as it was outside work but the Scots was during. I would say a ban of a few games at the most would have been suffice.

  4. @ Nhan Le: if you don’t ask someone else will. Just on the layout. Grey is pretty gloomy but the rest looks good but maybe one widget column would be more better.

  5. We should get all of the national associations to copy Scotlands example and then take all of our players out and get them bladdered. No more internationals. No more injuries!

  6. My guess is that Tony devoted this whole article to that picture of A.Cole with his wife in blings in front of a RR, grinning ear to ear in newly wed joy. Oh, and and what an innocent breeze that blew over his shirt to reveal that precious little navel (hint, it’s not hers I’m talking about). What else can evoke such disdain? I mean, drinking is about fun; what’s so fun getting drunk unless you do stupid things such as V’ing the authority?

    Think of the alternative that if he had stayed with us, all them shenanigans would have been on us. The world would have been up side down. Now Tony would have been sweating for measured lines to defend “our” guy (He was widely projected to be the new captain of the club). Wouldn’t it be quite a dilemma?

    If anything we owe the man a thank. Thanks to him Arsenal maintain this moral high ground of decent humble men only playing ball for the love. We could safely claim that a**h***s can’t live with us and even people on the dark side can still have a chance to remake themselves when they come to us (would Sol Campbell ever be remembered an “invincible” had he remained a Tiny Tott?).

  7. Needs a bit more work Tony. I agre with the comments by TG and the Brain about layout.

    Every time I see cashley I turn into a raging monster. He is in the right place in that classy club with his classy ‘mates’ Terry and Fat Frank. Oh, and being sponsored by a mobile ‘phone company.

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