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April 2020

Football ain’t coming back soon, but will Man City come back at all?

There really does seem to be a feeling among many journalists that

a) this season will resume some time soon,

b) titles, promotion and relegation will be resolved in the normal way

c) next season will happen and all this will seem like a weird interlude of a few weeks.


New football competition sets Spain alight. England will follow.

by Tony Attwood

According to a report in the Guardian, the president of La Liga has announced that he is certain that Spanish League can be completed by 30 June.

It is an issue of course because if it is not completed then the question arises of who gets the places in the next European […]

Arteta warns that players are starting to crack under the pressure. But will anything change?

By Tony Attwood

There are two ways to imagine football as and when the current crisis is all over.

One is that everything picks up from where it left off, with the same competitions, the same number of games, the same financial situation, the same funding etc. The other is that this crisis will cause […]

Will footballers actually want to come to England in future?

By Christophe Jost and Tony Attwood

As you may have heard, the UK in general and England in particular has gone its own way in dealing with the coronavirus crisis.

And inevitably that has meant a certain amount of uncertainty and worry about what Britain is doing, and what effect it will have.

Now that […]

Football is about to collapse totally. So what happens after that?

By Christophe Jost

The virus’s effect on our daily lives is now visible and for the moment all we can do it simply hope people will find ways of avoiding catching it – by taking precautions and helping each other.

Regarding the human dramas that have emerged and those yet to play out, football may […]

When will this season end, and when will next season start? It’s not that easy to work out.

By Tony Attwood

Next season is due to start on Saturday 8 August.

And according to the standard contracts operated by the Premier League and by the English Football League, players are entitled to “five weeks paid holiday to be taken at a time or times determined by the club – subject to the club’s […]

If Man City thought things were this bad, why didn’t they join us in the fight?

Untold Videos

Our videos explore some of these issues in depth – do take a look


by Tony Attwood

In an earlier piece about Manchester City and FFP, I asked: “How could they have got it so wrong?” Meaning, given the size of Manchester City and their obvious financial clout, how could […]

How could Manchester City have got it so wrong?

by Tony Attwood

Untold Videos

Our videos explore some of these issues in depth – do take a look


The first rule in business, for many people who run companies, is “treat complaints seriously”. The second rule is “deal with them fully and in a thorough manner”.

The reason for this is simple: […]

Few journalists ever criticise the state of football… so why is it starting now?

By Tony Attwood

I am shocked, amazed, stunned, bemused.

For 12 years we have been plodding away, writing up the notion that the reporting of football is warped by the media to suit their own needs and ends, and those of their powerful allies.

Among the many examples found are those suggesting that key stories […]

We predicted Fifa scandal in 2015, no one believed us. Now it starts again.

By Tony Attwood

If you have been reading this site over the years you will recall my little piece on 22 January 2015:

Switzerland take a greater interest in Fifa – at last

You’ll remember because ever since I have kept on going on and on about it. It reported a change in the […]

Football: With reporting like this no wonder corruption is rife

By Tony Attwood

How will Brexit affect the Premier League? See the video

When it comes down to it, there are a lot of things wrong with football.

There’s the big debate on gambling (and yes I am neither blind to the problems that gambling causes nor to the fact that in order to keep […]

No agreement on transfer regulations as Britain leaves the EU heralds league chaos

By Tony Attwood


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There are still no signs of an agreement as to which footballers will be allowed to play in the UK in the aftermath of Britain leaving the European Union.

The initial worry […]

VAR is a mess says Uefa chief, which I suspect most of us would agree with

Watch our latest video at: Untold Gooner News:

By Tony Attwood

“If you have a long nose, you’re offside these days,” said Aleksander Ceferin in a recent interview. It didn’t get much coverage in England (not even the Daily Mirror ran it and it was said in an […]

What the Africa Cup of Nations means for Premier League players and their clubs

By Sir Hardly Anyone

As you may have noticed, the Africa Cup of Nations has begun. A little later than planned, but it has begun.

What it means is that those players involved will not be available at the start of the season since they won’t have had a proper summer rest. In this case […]

England managers should stop playing into the hands of the extreme right wing

By Tony Attwood

The notion that a lack of English players in the Premier League is bad for England, bad for football, and quite probably bad for Brexit, is standard fare in terms of what England managers say.

And it is noticeable that they never give any evidence of why this is the case. It […]

How come England are getting better at football all of a sudden

By Tony Attwood

In terms of reporting on football, by and large I doubt that anyone has much expectation that we will ever be better informed about what is actually going on than we are now. Jounalists, bloggers and newspaper editors choose what is and what is not news, and report it in their own […]

Who will win the Europa League?

by Robert Johnson

Last season, Arsenal were looking like strong contenders for the Europa League. They drew the first leg of the semi-final against Athletico Madrid at the Emirates. However, their Europa League hopes were ended when Diego Costa scored the solo goal in the second leg of the semi-final. After beating Arsenal, Diego Simeone’s […]

Gambling on football matches: is there really a way to make it pay? Let’s try with England.

By Bulldog Drummond

In the early days of Untold Arsenal we regularly ran a match preview looking at the betting deals on offer and where the best offer was. But sadly our correspondent moved on, for wholly understandable reasons (and remember, Untold doesn’t pay its writers, so eventually most of us decide they’ve done their […]

And meanwhile at Fifa headquarters … business as usual

By Walter Broeckx

This morning the Swiss police has arrested a few people. Once again a few top people from Fifa.

This time it is supposed to be Juan Angle Napout, president of the South-American Football association (what we would call UEFA in Europe) and also Alfredo Hawit from Honduras who is the boss of […]

FIFA, Uefa and the national FA’s : the same pile of shit?

By Walter Broeckx

A spokesman of the Austrian football federation said last Thursday against the press agency Reuter that Michel Platini can count on the full support of the whole Uefa. This was said after a meeting held in Nyon. An emergency meeting it was about the position of Uefa-president Michel Platini.

The greatest indictment of their crimes: Luis Figo speaks about Fifa

By Walter Broeckx

As you know we on Untold have been on Fufa their back on many occasions. Today I want to continue but I admit that I didn’t have much time and I thought that maybe for once it would be better to let someone speak about Fufa and what he found out in […]

World cup refereeing on a low level

By Walter Broeckx

A few times in the last few weeks I have seen the question coming up in the comment section: “I wonder what Walter has to say about that decision in the world cup?” But because of my one man embargo on Fifa and all what is connected to them I haven’t seen […]

Will Fifa stand firm in the Suarez saga or will their bite loosen?

By Walter Broeckx

Everyone familiar in European football knows the word: Uefalona. This is an indication of how Uefa treated Barcelona in the past years. It went from blatant help from referees not only in the match against Arsenal where Busacca let the Barcelona players free when they were manhandling Arsenal players and then sending […]

Fifa see North Korea not as a warning but as a blueprint

By Walter Broeckx

If it wasn’t so sad, it sure would be funny.

We all know about Fifa and about how rotten and corrupt some of their members are. This is not invented by Untold; we only see how other people who have examined Fifa and their top dogs came to this conclusion.

It is […]

Cup final thoughts: do smoke bombs damage your mental stability?

By Walter Broeckx

As Untold Arsenal is a site that talks about football in general and not only about Arsenal I would like to talk about the cup final in Holland. And there are a few links with Arsenal in this. And with articles written on Untold in the last months. And the Hull – […]