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By Tony Attwood

Sincere apologies for the lack of Untold today.  Walter is hopefully now making the 24 hour round trip from Antwerp to the Emirates, while I am on a dancing holiday in Spain, and currently trying to persuade my back that it does actually want to operate after a marathon jive night on Saturday.  We have (after all) only just started).

But as you can see I have finally persuaded the hotel’s broadband to work, and I will hopefully publish a match preview shortly.

In the meanwhile, please do write your own preview of the match in the commentaries section below.

Thanks and apologies.

3 Replies to “Write your own match preview”

  1. OK forget that – Walter’s match preview is on the way, I’ve got connection, and Bulldog’s piece should be up shortly after Walter’s.

    Oh the joys of modern technology. In future Untold will only be available using semaphore and smoke signals.

  2. So, a message to all of the Arsenal players:

    “It’s down to us to create the momentum in the crowd. It’s not down to the crowd to create that.”

    Words from Mr Wenger himself.

  3. Brickfields Gunners previews Arsenal vs Bournemouth –

    Since Tony has requested that we do our own previews , well at least until he is able to work out the intricacies of the Spanish internet , here goes . Remember this is my first attempt , so no booing ,brickbats or boorish comments !

    The Arsenal team –
    Will be as usual selected by Arsene Wenger , a manager of very high repute of 30 years or so experience . Who of course oversees the training daily and is best aquipped at this task. So rest assured that he will pick HIS best term.

    So please don’t waste your time in trying to fool the hardcore AKBs with your own biased views and silly prattle . It won’t probably stop the usual regular disingenuous crappers here, but feed the the fools if you must.

    But we do hope that a win today will stop all that crap about November being Arsenal’s worst month each season. Especially seeing that we have not lost a game this month , and against team of the caliber of the Spuds , ManUre and PSG .

    On the positive side we have Walter and the Belgian Arsenal to cheers us on , and they usually are very lucky for us . It used to be 3-1 , whenever they visit the Ems , but last season I believe they ‘delivered’ at the last game of the season and we won 4-0 against A.Villa and clinched second place . To much merriment , as I recall !

    Bournemouth –
    They play some really good football and will probably to their credit , will not be bringing buses to be parked in front of their goal. So hopefully it will be an open and attacking game . Sans Jack Wilshere , of course , who would be unavailable .

    Their manager , Eddie Howe , was the youngest English managers in the league in 2009 , and is now the second longest serving manager in the EPL ,after AW. Is one of 4 English managers in the top flight , and could end up being the national team manager one day .The proverbial English managerial cupboard is apparently not really empty !

    The Officials –
    The officials today are officiating both clubs for the first time as according to Andrew’s review , at http://untold-arsenal.com/archives/57849 , and hopefully they will excel and be like a breath of fresh air . As opposed to the stench that the other PIGMOB refs leave behind .

    In closing ,I am hoping for a clean and beautiful game,with us running out 3-0 winners. And a definite penalty denied – just so the ref doesn’t get demoted !

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