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March 2021

Everton – Arsenal : 2-1 time to start a new run

By Walter Broeckx

Arsenal with an almost unchanged team from the one that beat Stoke last Saturday. The only new player from the start was Hector Bellerin who started at right back. Gabriel who started at right back last weekend moved to the middle to replace Mustafi just as he did when Mustafi went off injured.

Holding is the only change on the bench also for this match. That also was rather an expected move.

Team at the start: Cech, Bellerin, Gabriel, Mustafi, Monreal, Coquelin, Xhaka, Walcott, Ozil, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Alexis.


On the beach: Ospina, Holding, Gibbs, Elneny, Iwobi, Lucas, Giroud.


A little delay as the audio equipment of an assistant didn’t function properly but we got underway. Alexis picking up a ball but his pass to Walcott was just over hit so the keeper first on the ball. Monreal with a low cross to Özil but the ball came a bit behind him so he couldn’t direct his shot that went wide. Arsenal trying to keep the ball down and Everton trying to play the long ball game. Everton with a short spell but not really dangerous and then Arsenal with lots of possession but no end product. 0-0 after 15 minutes.


Monreal with a good run but a his cross can’t find Alexis but Coquelin picks up the ball and is fouled just outside the penalty area. Williams from Everton kicked so wild at anything that moved that he injured one of his own players with a kick on the knee. Alexis with the free kick, low and a deflection takes it past the keeper. GOAL!!!! 0-1 to The Arsenal after 20 minutes. The ball deflected between the legs of Williams.

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Everton trying to do something back but apart from some possession not really much balls in the Arsenal penalty area. Arsenal do have to be carefull not to overplay it at the back and put themselves under pressure. Still 0-1 to The Arsenal after 30 minutes.


Some high pressure from Everton results in Lennon having a shot but well off target. The result is lots of running but no real football from both teams for the moment as the tempo is too high to play some good football. Lukaku with a shot after Arsenal lost the ball but again off target. After a free kick Monreal miss kicked the ball but the shot from Everton went wide. Everton getting wilder and wilder unpunished most and Arsenal cannot do the same. Finally McCarthy goes over the line and gets a foul against him and a yellow card for a late wild challenge. That happens Mr. Clattenburg when you let kickers kick unpunished. Just before half time Baines can put in a cross and Coleman heads it in goal. 1-1 after 45 minutes. Clattenburg only allowing physical play from one team in this half so far. Özil is rightly furious about the treatment from the Everton players and Clattenburg at half time and the teams have to be separated. That is the result of being one sided Mr. Clattenburg but I think you will not mind it one bit. By now we know your little game and can see through it.


Walcott with the first goal effort but his header went over the goal. Arsenal more going forward again in the opening minutes. Alexis with a low cross to Özil but his shot went over the crossbar. Up and under football most of the time with players getting no time to settle on the ball and thus no real football to be seen.  Bellerin sending Özil away but the keeper first on the ball and then got injured by the defender that slid in to him with his studs. Barkley with a low shot but half a meter wide of the goal post.  Still 1-1 after 60 minutes.


Clattenburg still  following the party line: no physicality from Arsenal allowed. Gabriel with a half clearance but Cech can pick up the ball. Arsenal now pressing Everton back for a long period but only half chances from it. The final ball to a team mate is missing for the moment. Lukaku on a run on the flank but his shot goes for a corner.  After 70 minutes Iwobi and Giroud come on for Walcott and Oxlade-Chamberlain.  Alexis on the left flank, Iwobi on the right and Giroud in the middle. Arsenal escape when the ball falls dead in front of the goal but no Everton player on hand. Arsenal struggling now and the passing is below par. Still 1-1 after 75 minutes.


Alexis to Iwobi but his shot from 6 meters out goes wide. He was a bit off balance when trying to shoot. Clattenburg is less fussy also when it comes to stealing meters on a throw in. Very strict against Arsenal but no problem when Everton doing it. Koscielny getting an arm in the face but no foul for Clattenburg then brings Barkley down and the card comes out. Rolling the ball out of the foam circle is a yellow card ref. Baines escapes. Cech with a great save after a corner at the near post. And the next corner is headed over the goal line. 2-1 for Everton after 85 minutes. It looks as if the teams from Liverpool are difficult for us this season.


Alexis tries to find Özil but again the passing is not good enough. Lucas enters the match after 87 for Coquelin. A cross to Giroud but he can’t get on the end of it. Jagielka being sent off with second yellow card in extra time. Arsenal with a free kick. Three shots in a row that are saved on the line, Alexis going down in the penalty area but do you really think Clattenburg would give Arsenal a penalty?


The longer a not losing run goes on the nearer the first defeat is coming. It was a bad day at the office but that is how it goes sometimes. Some players looking tired and not up their usual standard. Maybe the CL match taking its toll in this match. Time to start a new run.










68 comments to Everton – Arsenal : 2-1 time to start a new run

  • Genorm

    Diabolical cheating from Clattenburg. That was never a foul by Kos, so never a yellow card. Free kick led to fat Williams goal. Clattenburg was shifty all game; never to be trusted, especially with shit Dean on the touchline. One very angry fan here.

  • Leon

    We look to have changed to man to man marking at corners for some reason, and this as always involves loads of holding from both sides. Back to zonal please.
    Did we have a penalty call near the end for a foul on Iwobi. He certainly claimed it. Hand ball perhaps?

  • para

    We had the game under control and only needed another goal, but we stopped defending properly, that is, keeping them at bay and allowed them to have the ball. If i was the coach, i would be fuming, it’s not as if Everton outplayed us, but we let them play.
    Watch the game again and you will see the moment we just relaxed and let them play without as much as closing them down like before.
    I am annoyed. This could have been avoided.

  • Vince

    By the way, why only 4 added minutes? 2 minutes for when Stekelenburg was treated, 3 minutes for substitutions, then if my maths are right, surely it should be at least 5 minutes

  • Florian

    That trip from Mirallas on Bellerin. Oh well. Looking forward to another ref review in which the ref comes out worse than a coin toss.

  • Clattenberg with Dean in his ear, hmmm….

    It was rigged, but Mesut looking Jaded, the Basel match caught up.

    Bellerin needed this though, both goals came from the left of our defence, we should start Iwobi and bring on Walcott. Chamberlain was making the second most impact, why off?

    Again, that was a hard match, Everton definitely raise their game for us.

    TBF they also scored at exactly the time you don’t lose focus, a bit more humility and you know you have to go in ahead.

    Poor performance from the lads, some bad luck, can’t say we deserved nothing. Full backs, even gibbs would have been better in that game.

    Sort out our rotation, reinforcements a must.

  • Menace

    The penalty was for a trip on Alexis that Clattenburg avoids seeing. Selective blindness is a speciality of the select group of northern English referees. Hope their mothers are proud of them. I am not disappointed just angry. How another cheating performance by Clattenburg with Dean in his ear & Riley up his arse gets away with robbing Arsenal of a fair game.

  • Vince

    So according to Clattenburg, the penalty he gave Dembele in the NLD, or the free kick he gave against Kos that led to Everton second goal, were more fouls that this last minute challenge on Sanchez.

    And yet some people don’t believe the Premier League is rigged… There are none so blind as those who will not see

  • Stanley Simons

    Under performance from some players.we took the lead and should have won.diabolical defending,sorry we are not good enough to win the premiership. Bring on man city!!!

  • pop

    Why do Arsenal let this happen to them? When are we going to stop being victims and do something about it. The only way to stop the Refs behaviors is for AFC to go public with complaints, and keep complaining. Take the fines and bans but just keep talking to the media about the poor decisions. It will change the mindset of the refs eventually. The current way we do it does not work.

  • Goonermikey

    My match review:


  • Pat

    I feared the worst when I saw Dean on the touch line getting miked up.

  • Highamspkgunner

    Another disgraceful Clattenberg performance. Phantom free-kick, corner that should have been a goalkick. Blatant penalty not given. He ticked all the boxes for a good cocksucking from Mike Riley tonight.

  • Pat

    But I see no point in blaming Arsenal for the cheating of the refs. When Arsene Wenger mentioned it in the past he just got fined and there was no improvement. Our only way is to beat the twelve men. We just can’t always manage it.

  • Gord

    If that is what refereeing has to become, I am going to quit trying to watch games.

    PGMO sucks, and is bringing English Football into disrepute.

  • SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    Time to start another winning run? Okay, we can start another one if we can. But shouldn’t we first find out why we’d lost our 3 PL winning run and our 14 PL unbeaten run cheaply to the out-of-sorts Everton side tonight at the Goodison Park?

    I think our lose to Everton tonight first, has a mystical power of a jinx to do with it as Ronald Koeman is reported to never have lost a game at home to Le Prof. And 2ndly, the performance of the £400000/week wage seeker Ozil leaves much to be desired in this game as his passings in the game and his shootings too at goal looked like a learner who has just started to learn his trade. And despite Sanchez scoring that deflected free-kick to give us the lead in the game, his general workaholic passings in the game except for once which Ozil fluffed were sloppy and wobbled. And 3rdly, we missed the presence of Mustafi at the heart of our defense-line. Who if he was there, those 2 crossing ball which found their ways into our net may have been averted. I think Paulista is better at RB defensive job than at centreback job imho.

    Bellerin and Walcott had underwelming performance for Arsenal in this game. And even when Iwobi came on, his passing was sloppy and he was often passing sideways instead of to take the bull by the horns and attack through the middle by taking on the Toffees defenders as Sanchez was majorly operating from the left.

    We have to be careful at the Etihad on Sunday not to blow our title charge there. And we should pray Chelsea and Liverpool will drop points too tomorrow in their games. So that Chelsea will not open up a six point gap on us and Liverpool will not come too close to us. Let’s hope our prayers will be answered. Amen!

  • omgarsenal

    We desperately need to learn how to maintain a lead and to finish off but that has always been our problem. Clattenburg may have had a hand in tilting the playing field but as Pat said, we have to take the 12th man into account as well. How do we do this….no friggin’ idea as the officials are totally unpredictable and unmanageable.

    We will see how the lads react on Sunday at Manchester. They have 5 days to recover and to get it together. While this was a winnable game, we all knew it was going to be tough! We simply need to move on and I know Wenger will reorganize and come out fighting as usual.

    I cannot help thinking what a difference Santi, Welbeck and Mustafi might have made but we didn’t field a weak team by any measure. Isn’t Alexis amazing!

  • omgarsenal

    Thos on UA who say we should confront the PIGMOB and publicly take them to task for this type of officiating don’t appreciate the comp-lexity of this problem;

    1)The PIGMOB are a law unto themselves, totally free of accountability, ethical concerns or any form of supervision other than their own secret cabal,

    2) They are actively supported by other Clubs and by the FA, so how can we expect to go it alone?

    3) ANY attempt to rais the issue is met with fines, slapdowns and recriminations,revenge and punishments meted out specifically to AFC and Wenger, or any player having the temerity to question the Gods that run the PIGMOB.

    4) Forget any officials coming out and saying the truth…..they have way too much to lose….FIFA accreditation, EPL games, International exposure, promotions, money as do any clubs who dare to back up AFC and Wenger. Those who live in glass houses live in deadly fear of PIGMOB stones!

    5) Gazidis and the Board keep a low profile and Wenger is too gentlemanly and erudite to confront them.

  • Gord

    We desperately need to figure out how to get people like Clattenburg disbarred!

  • \we silence them all by winning anyway, simple. You learn more from the battles you lose. At fullback we can’t cope. Alex is best on the right by far, Theo, you can’t expect goals from which is a problem.

    Ramsey, should have played, wityh gibbs, should have played theo through the middle, and compacted the game in midfield after we got the lead. It was coming because they were growing before we scored and you have to silence Goodison.

    13 is the magic number.

  • porter

    The refereeing was suspect to say the least , BUT , that game was lost once Everton upped their energy levels. Sure they were physical but not overly so. They started to close us down and disrupted our passing game, they gave us no time on the ball and gradually they took over the running of the game . Their winning goal was close to inevitable their crowd whipped up a storm and we had nobody to stem the tide .We got beaten fair and square.It happens.

  • dieter

    Howard Webb said Mirallas vs Sanchez was not a penalty so I guess that’s the end of it. As Walter stood firmly by Webb’s judgement on Saturday this should be a no-brainer. (No offense meant, just the fact.) And it didn’t look like a foul in the first place anyway.

    Once again very frustrating to see uninspiring Özil getting full 90 minutes of doing nothing but looking not interested. Why not bench him even once when he goes AWOL? Ox and especially Theo were awful as well, but they were rightly subbed at least.

    Sunday’s trip to Etihad is even more a real test of character now. Regardless of what Chelski does or does not.

  • Gord


    The energy levels of Arsenal over the game were not a constant. Even if you didn’t watch the game after Giroud was subbed in, Arsenal’s energy levels were not constant.

    At the end, there was no argument with Arsenal not seeking _AT LEAST_ a tie. For me, there was no argument from when I started watching (after Alexis scored), that Arsenal wanted the win.

    The problem is that idiot from PGMO.

    What I think needs to happen, is that PGMO needs to be hit in the only place it counts, money.

    If you have an apartment for rent, and someone applies to rent it and their employer is PGMO, you tell them that you will not rent to them because PGMO is their employer.

    If you are a towing company, and someone phones you to ask for a boost or tow, and you find they are a PGMO employee; your employee leaves without helping them or giving them access to a phone to ask for help from some other source.

    If there is voting process to rank referees anywhere in the world, and a PGMO referee is involved, you call out for anybody and everybody to put in votes not invcluding that PGMO asshole.

    At some point, PGMO make take notice.

    If not, it has to go to formal corruption proceedings.

    But the answer to this problem is NOT to sit back and watch things and do nothing. There are lots of destructive things a person could do, which are illegal. And I am not calling for any of those to happen.

    But this BS which is EPL officiating, has to end!

  • Gord


    You’re a twit.

    I seen Mesut all over the field, trying to do what Mesut does. And he got pulled, pushed, hacked and everything else. And Clattenburg was off in neverland having a sip on a Riley coffee, and not seeing a thing.

    Have a nice life supporting Chelsea Dieter.

  • I said it, I’ll say it again,Theo has not come on enough and needs a counter attacking team, Hammers, Liverpool, Everton, Southampton again, but not good enough, it’s his brain and not the electric player he was.

    Arsenal Fans Label This Midfielder ‘A Disgrace’ After Terrible Everton Performance
    Posted by: Oli Price-Bates December 13, 2016 0 Comments

    Arsenal’s long Premier League unbeaten run came to an end on Tuesday night as they fell to a 2-1 defeat at Goodison Park, and there were some very poor performances from a number of Arsenal players on the night.
    Embed from Getty Images

    One player in particular to pick up criticism was Theo Walcott. The Englishman has been in improved form this season but he still lacks consistency and that was particularly evident in this fixture where he literally failed to turn up.
    Playing on the right wing, Walcott just couldn’t get into the game and was removed with around 20 minutes to go.
    Walcott had an extremely quiet night, completing just 14 passes with a 71.4% accuracy rate. He was also at fault for allowing Baines to cross the ball for Coleman’s first half equaliser. Although he raced to close down Baines, Theo was weak in the tackle and that allowed Baines the space to swing in a delightful cross and spark Everton’s resurgence into the game.

    Unfortunately for Walcott, the bad statistics do not end there… Offensively he completed 0 dribbles, 0 through balls, 0 key passes and 0 shots on target. It truly was like he wasn’t even there.

    Giroud, on, no Perez, just sell him, it doesn’t work, Perez is a good aerial threat he’s got a good technique and can run at the ball.

    Ozil cannot adjust to the intensity, he needs to come on once in a while, Draxler in a ten and Wenger, you better be lying about the Santi replacement.

    I said RB, CB LB and Draxler minimum, here it is for you to see.

    I have no issues with them, thanks for the input, but offload Theo and Giroud and Monreal in January, they can change someone else’s season and we can bring in some ppl first, before a hectic summer when eveeryone is looking.

    Anyone who thinks Everton won fairly, can £^$*$$*$ £*£$$£* ££*£**£ £*”**£, you £**&!

    I like football, not hatchet and crock, I love football, not lets try and screw the gooners and make the league tighter, as if it wasn’t close enough. Jaielka, send him off just in time for Liverpool as well.

    It’s like that other Judas slapping Fernandinho and nothing coming from it, nor the subsequent pushes by several Chelsea players Luiz who died, then played the next game anyway. Spuds game, Dean city united, stinks….

  • goonersince72

    Hey Dwain Kaye – how long have you been following football? It seems as if this game was your first. A player has a bad spell or an off game and you’re calling for his head? You’d have no squad left after just a few matches. i won’t comment on every lame player assessment you’ve made but the fullbacks? Here’s where you show your ignorance. Monreal is a steady, reliable back and Bellerin is generally regarded as the the best right right back in the EPL. Not just by Aesenal fans, even the commentators who don’t like Arsenal have said it. So……if you’re older than 12 I’ll be shocked. One loss after 14 unbeaten and you’re selling everyone? Grow up and stop wasting everyone’s time. I said I wouldn’t respond to every slating but use Ozil “once in a while”? Ran the game for Ronaldo at Real Madrid and won everything there, same for Germany and led them to victory in the World Cup! I guess that’s not good enough to be a full timer on your team. Oh, just go away.

  • Amster

    I have been following this site for years and there seems to be a clear problem. I used to analyze every move in every game when I started to notice decisions seemed lopsided.I nearly gave up supporting Arsenal the past summer after over 25 years

    The only solution is public awareness with the information being spread more mainstream, and forcing the media and others to talk about it, maybe referees will at the least be more careful about their decisions. Trust in the system, government, media, FIFA are all at a low. Perfect time.

    Speak to ArsenalFanTv and those involved. Get someone to speak about this issue at the games after if they will put you on.
    Speak to the dozen or so podcasters from around the world where once in a while someone mentions the possibility of double standards.

    You have to speak to people who have the patience to look through the data and the ability to do something with it.

    There are plenty of corruption charges worldwide in football. Who is fighting against it? Would they get involved? If there are a few clubs getting bad treatment appeal to their fans.

    Is there anyone outside the club losing financially? Do the players understand this (I am surprised no players have spoken up, and why they still sign for Arsenal). We have powerful owners makes me wonder why they have not hinted at the possibility. Are they even aware.

    Courts would be expensive if thats possible maybe someone would fund it?

    Speak to the Arsenal Fan Clubs around the world, and the Arsene in and out. I have not really focused on other clubs for a while on this subject but I am sure there are others who feel the same at other clubs.

    Pricing protests seem to have worked why not this?

    Arsenal fans have one of the biggest online presence on the planet when it comes to football.

    Fan Groups

    Send out an information package to journalists throughout someone most pick it up.
    Things are also often done on social media.

    Twitter, Facebook, I dont even know the names of the others.


    I Dont know if any of this would be useful but its beyond frustrating at this point.

    Maybe this is all wrong and there is no double standard but seems to me something is off.

    I would get involved if there is something i could do, not sure what though dont live in London.

  • para

    The body language of the team after we scored our goal was: strange.
    We stopped pressing them and breaking up their attacks, which allowed them to get more confidence.
    It was clear that we were tired(AW has to instill in the players that tiredness is no good for the team) and use the other players that are not.
    So we lost 3 points, mostly our own doing, but with a little help from the ref too.
    Arsenal seemed clear that they were going to/had to lose the game and the urgency left us. Strange for a team that wants to win PL title.
    Lets not have too many of these games again now.

  • Yommex

    Clattenburg was brought in to do a job and he did it to perfection, adequately aided by Dean as well as the other Assistant Referees. Koeman had said that he expected his players to be a lot more physical and they took up the challenge. Knowing fully well that referee was never going to protect Arsenal players.

    I think Wenger should have considered that in his line up. With Giroud’s record against them, in my opinion, he should have started the match. There was no target man in the middle for Arsenal and that affected our effectiveness in their box.

    The result may not have gone our way but we came back without any serious injury which would have been worse. Watch that Williams wild tackle again, if it had caught Coquelin the consequences could have been more serious.

    Lastly, I am of the opinion that both Ozil and Alexis game time should be better managed with the bigger picture in focus. They cannot be expected to play all the games especially with the intensity of the Premier League coupled with the Champions League. Sometimes, they are going to be more effective coming off the bench.

    I was upset immediately after the match but I’ve had to remind myself that it is a marathon and not a sprint. If our next 14 matches fetch us another 34 points that will be great. COYG, let’s start a new run!

  • Sammy The Snake

    Support the team in winning, and losing, COYG.

  • How right you are Sammy. By the way, hope you are doing well.

  • Pat

    Loved reading your post at 3.18!

  • Polo

    Our second lost so far this season and some of the Arsenal fans on social media are going all hysteria. They need to chill out and relax, there’s no need for hysteria. Everton is a good footballing team so there’s no disgrace in losing against them.

    Anyway, let hope we go on another unbeaten run but this time a longer one.

  • porter

    Gord :- Calm down , I watched the whole thing as I do every match. We were under pressure long before Giroud came on .We made our subs too late in my opinion , we were getting over run before half time. They upped their physicality and we did not match it. Unfortunately for the purist thats the way English football works. I have no doubt that Clattenburg was influenced by the crowd , and I thought that there were incidents leading up to their winner. Firstly Kos was fouled on the halfway line before his booking and The Sanchez incident needed a lot closer scrutiny than BT afforded it. However we lost because they were quicker and more physical than us. They had the wind behind them throughout the second half and we imploded .
    We lost , could have drawn but didn’t.

  • John L

    Competition among referees is hotting up. Dean was for so long unchallenged in his status, then new challengers appeared such as Atkinson, Taylor and Mason. Recent performances now suggest that Clattenburg has overtaken all the others

  • dieter


    Thanks for calling me an idiot. I thought this was against the house rules but then I realised they only apply to non-regulars and non-AKBs.

    Instead of returning the favour I’d like to congratulate you for being the only person on earth to think Özil had a good or maybe even an excellent game last night. You seem to see only what you want to see (not that exceptional around here, though) and that is no-one else’s problem than yours.

    For starters how about having a look how bravely your idol “defended” the corner resulting to their winning goal? And after that let’s hear your excuses.

  • MickHazel

    I agree with Gord.

  • Goonerwin

    Shut up! They are the ref association not the mafia you idiot! Arsenal lost because they couldn’t defend! Get your head out of your Arse and stop the excuses

  • Goonerwin

    We need to find a way of getting you to shut the hell up!

  • Norman14

    There were a couple of “strange” incidents concerning Mr Clattenburg..

    The ball went out for a throw, which Nacho took. The linesman flagged (that the ball never came back into play/foul throw)?? The game restarted with a free kick to Everton and when Kos and Monreal asked why, Clattenburg just shrugged his shoulders and pointed to his ear piece. He did this (pointing to his ear piece) several times throughout the game.

    Half way through the 2nd half, we had the ball in the centre circle, Coq had it, and Granit was about 5 metres to his left. Coq was going to pass it to Granit, but Clattenburg was in the way. Granit moved forward a couple of paces, and Clattenburg moved with him, thus maintaining the block on the pass. Then, Granit moved the other way and again, Clattenburg moved with him. Coq played the ball the other way, said something to Clattenburg, who again just shrugged his shoulders. The thing is, the referee had his back to Granit, so could not possibly have seen his movement. My conclusion to all of the above was that Dean was “coaching” Clattenburg all the time. How low is that?

    Another point of interest was Fatty Keoman’s comments about Arsene always blaming the referee. I recall, that he did it last season, then a week later, he himself got into trouble for having a go at the referee. People in Glass Houses Ronald, old mate!

    Just to make things appear different – we have Atkinson at Middle Est Park this weekend!

  • Goonerwin

    Gord you are one of the most deluded and idiotic cock I have ever had the displeasure to read! Shut the fuck up until you actually have an opinion worth reading

  • Goonerwin

    My God Gord has spoken! If anyone is a twit it’s you! I imagine your probably American? No wait not intelligent enough yes that’s it probably Canadian?? You can tell.. Full inferiority complex Stick to ice hockey! I always imagined living in Canada just above America is like having a loft apartment above a really cool party! Yet not being invited

  • Goonerwin

    You are wrong with Gord

  • Goonerwin

    You lot really are a bunch of muppets! Arsenal list because we defended poorly! Again we will be out of the running for the title by Jan 1st and you lot will revert to type blaming refs, aliens, mother Theresa and African lions! This is because you are delusional!! And when Conte leads Chelsea to the title you will put out your stats and justify why Wenger is the best manager in the world! The harsh reality is he is passed his sell by date just like you lot! He was once a good manager, but like milk if it’s not going to last forever and it needs replacing! Get you lot continue to drink it down.. It’s sad really,, but I guess the world needs idiots

  • Goonerwin

    Haha that is so funny! The ref marking Granit??? Are you serious?? I know a really good therapist I am more than happy to introduce you! He will discuss your wild theories and help you!! Your not alone!!

  • Goonerwin

    Don’t worry about not living in London, 99% of people on this site don’t live in London and watch from there armchair! Red members at best! You see the ones like me who go home and away and get stuck in Europe and drive 9 hours to Liverpool everton Man City Man Untied etc don’t believe in ref conspiracies we know when are team deserve the points or don’t! I drove the 18 hour round journey and I can tell you we lost due to our defending!! And lack of energy in the second half! Not because the ref wanted us to lose!! So get over yourself!! Sky plus and live feeds or match of the day is not the same!!

  • MickHazel

    Walter, do we have to put up with some of the muppets currently posting provocative gibberish on here. Get the red card out.

  • Goonerwin

    It’s better than reading the shit you post!

  • Goonerwin

    I am shocked you posted this! You sure you don’t want Gord to comment first then you can agree with him?? You actually have your own voice?? Tell me me Hazel you ever been to a Arsenal game? Of course not?? You like to sit in front of the television getting all upset with shearer on match of the day!! Go away plastic boy

  • Goonerwin

    Goonersince72 I love the fact you promote how long you have followed the team! Like this gives you a divine right to call other people out!! You are part of the disease that helps AFC embrace mediocrity and the new wave of fans are the cure! You sit in your warm living room telling everyone how much of a fan you are but looking at your posts and times you don’t actually attend any matches?? Another armchair gunner who gives nothing to the club but outdated opinions! So the one whe needs to go away is you!!

  • markyb

    ‘I’ve been supporting them for over 40 years’ blah blah ‘rain or shine gawd blimey’ surely anyone can claim this to be true, and many frequently do

  • Goonerwin

    You watched Ozil running all over the pitch? Well I was at the game and I didn’t see him do that! Televisions must be so different to real life

  • Goonerwin

    I am only 35! I know that is about 20 years to young for this site! Don’t worry mark fans like you are ok! We do need people to watch the games on sky or we would have that big tv payment every year! So please keep tuning in and paying for sky sports!

  • Goonerwin

    I am going to let you guys in on a little inside joke we have amongst supporters! We take it in turns to join this site and read the comments and post our own! Then when we meet in the pub before games we have a little bet! Only 20p each about who will comment and blame the ref first! I frequently win thanks to me backing Walter and Gord! It pays for my pie and tea at the next game! So please don’t stop with the posts! I really don’t want to pay out for my pie myself!

  • markyb

    I’ll tell you what! you don’t half like exclaiming! don’t you! As it happens loudmouth, I was a season ticket holder for quite a few years who had to give it up due to unemployment. I do not miss loud mouth know it all twats at games! like you!

  • Goonerwin

    Yes we do love our titles! And embrace them all, and I am typing not shouting!

    I prefer to be called a dick head! I like that it’s far more Descriptive of my personality.

    I actually mean this I do hope you find employment again, it’s not nice losing a job and in this respect I make no jokes or judgements!

    But football wise your a Sheep

  • Amster

    Just to be clear I have a number of issues with Arsenal and Arsene. From spending late if at all, not buying what we needed for years, subs at the wrong time IMO, and they seem to drop off when ahead much of the time leading to a draw and this time a loss. Often it looks like a passing training session. A number of players should have been sold much earlier, others bought when we had the chance.

    Watching the Everton game I couldnt understand why they dropped their pace and quick passing. They gave the game away by dropping the pressure and seemingly moving from attack to defense.

    So basically I believe that there is definitely something off with decisions. Whether its targeting specific teams or a style of play (England tends to support hard play), harming one to help another, betting, money, friendship, support for another team, or another whole load of theories, it cant be a coincidence that we get so many calls against us. Sometimes depending on referees it will change as the result in the game changes. We know about dozens of cases of corruption, match fixing etc, throughout global football. There has been found to be corruption at top levels of many sectors in the world. With FIFA in the mix why couldnt a secretive ref org be doing the same?

    So while I acknowledge that refs are seemingly targeting Arsenal, I also accept that the team was not playing well enough. We shouldnt need to beat the ref but we should have been able to a number of times last year.

    I was an analyst and IME something doesnt add up, but at the end of the day I have not played professionally, never been a referee or a manager and have a bias as an Arsenal supporter, so what do I know.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Goonerwin, I think you are talking rubbish as I don’t comment on this site during the match. So if you would back me you would never win.

    We knew it would happen the first moment we lost a match that Le Groan would send out its members.

  • MickHazel

    Easy answer Walter. Ban him.

  • Goonerwin

    Keep up the moaning Walter you make me a fortune! I call you my Belguim beauty! And if you would have read my comment I said we read untold and discuss who was the first to blame the ref! You never said it was during the game! Like is I said keep up the good work those pies don’t pay for themselves

  • Goonerwin

    Yes go ahead ban me! Then one of the others can take over! We do love you clowns! It cheers me up no end! Much love hazel! Maybe less commenting on this site and more sending out CVs?? Just a suggestion

  • Micko

    Wow, all the idiots come out when we lose don’t they !

    Surely Williams should have been sent off for that lunge which failed to connect with Coquelin, but instead caught his own player above the knee studs up. If that’s not dangerous play I don’t know what is.

  • Wow spicy.
    Trolls, I told you.
    Goonersince72. for you….

    I wont suggest age is an essential part of gaining accurate insight, observation, nor analysis, but can help. Lets take the Leave voters as an age demographic.

    I’m off into Supreme Courts next, and I’m very young for that, my IQ… nevermind, ignorance is bliss.

    However I first supported The Old Lady, as football, you didn’t see on TV if it was’t Serie A Thuram, Zidane Del Piero, Buffon so…… well if we were judging perception, then yours may be a little wayward. It was the History FYI, I have a relative who is one of the head groundkeepers at ARS and I have only ever supported Arsenal, I lied once in school just because I couldn’t deal with the harassment, my pride in the club stems from our Manager being given an audience with the Pope and as a Catholic questioning why the Vatican wasn’t more active over the conflict in the middle east. I love our drought, we are dying for what we have, I love our Club going to green energy. I love that they cheat to beat us, I love it when Spuds and United fans talk waffle, how does the richest club in the world fall off, I can also respect Levy for making astute managerial appointments for sme 10 years since Juande and such. Love Houdini!

    I think it is a crass example of our society, when the officials are so questionable and Chelsea and City fans pop up over night.

    My criticism of Monreal isn’t based on his reliability, he’s a great guy and good defender, it’s from the 10 goals coming from errors or lack of capacity on his part. When you are done, you are done, he cannot keep up, he gets isolated (aleis moved is costing him more) and that’s him cooked. Gibbs has a similar problem, but I love him, he’s just a big softly, anyone seen the clip when Giroud first signed and they go rallying about in a car at the grounds? He’s actually in awe of Girouds size and presence, but I play him over Monreal when we have pacey opposition, gaffer disagrees, he;s paid to. Are you watching the games, or just trolling?

    Bellerin is the best right back in the world, you don’t get through 38 games, the FA Cup, EFL Cup and CL with one world class right back. I have massive respect for Mert who played in 6 of germanys games at the World Cup they won (not the final), but I saw it happening to him before it happened.

    Walcott, well he’s not electric anymore, lacks the technical invention to beat people one on one and is far too often caught by the trap. He’d make a great CF for a team that doesn’t face parked busses every week (United, Liverpool, Everton, see the trend), I like him so much, I would let him go to Liverpool, to hurt our other opposition in the league and since they wont be making many CL appearances, it wouldn’t really matter, it also get a premium and Klopp should if he had sense (he does, the vavavoom is him, if he gets warn so does the player, Karius defence is a clear sign) jump at the chance. Theo’s Dad would be happy and stop telling him to hold us to ransome. Giroud, well, look at Dzeko, eventually it’ll go the same way, and Dzeko banged 20 from the bench a season.

    We are a business, Giroud would own Italy, the culture suits him and the style of play. Maybe his wife would agree a fresh start would be good. It’s a win, win. Plus it means profit, businesses need that as well. Theo, it’s not working, they cleaned his clock so many times, he’s getting outpaced a lot down the wing and he is more Cf then RW, definately not a LW.

    I think about the club, the style of our play and the players, before I say sell 3 players of a 25 man squad (sell them all???).

    Age Monreal Giroud are in twilight years, Giroud because of the huge frame he carries and Monreals legs are going a little. He knows it and I’d hate for him to be a burden. Theo just needs a change, he can play up top for England, we have Welbeck in Jan.

    Wenger will, know, he needs to occasionally impose a change of style on a game, when it’s obviously not working, earlier would be good, but I know he’s thinking about the medical team data a lot, maybe a little bit of impetuosity would be helpful with him. His subs this season have been great, but that comes from having subs to make.

    Football, I breathe it, I wish I wasn’t so bogged down with brexit changing court case building and dealing with the labours of love gone MIA and tracking down witnesses and data, but expect that I wil be at away games as of the new year, so…….

    Simply COYG, also I post them, because well if I was an ARSENAL MAN through and through I would have found this little gem of a forum. SO I made a list of players I like, that fit, that are viable and I stick em in.

    Arsenal are so interesting SPuds and such troll even fan sights, and without us the media well they struggle. Judge your strength, by the number of your enemy. If a thug goes back to get his boys, hes surely very, very, very scared of you.

    Mate I’ll bring some Vuvuzalas and bongos to the stadiums if I have to, whoever is going, isn’t shouting loud enough for my liking. Gawping and criticising isnt supporting, the players, the club or the best Manager the world has ever seen. Fergie was playing with himself and getting help and United went PLC first and he sits there screwing his mind and body were letting him down. Wenger can continue till he’s 70 like they do all day in Italy!

    I like arguments, well those that have substance.

  • excuse the selling errors and incorrect type of sights etc, I proof read more important stuff all the time, it’s laborious!

    2nd is perfect, ok so we are third on goals scored, but WTFE!

    Keep it up lads, do not be discouraged, I’m even giving your articles to people who dont do football, they are getting interested. 😀

  • Richard

    Let’s be honest Everton and city were two tough away games and to come away with points from both games would have been fantastic. Let’s forget the clattenberg stuff because we short ourselves in the foot with two poor pieces of defending for the goals. And one poor piece of finishing from ozil. Apart from that they did try and get back in game and the effort and desire was there but no end product this time. So on to Sunday and another tough game but it’s an ideal game to have straight after a defeat. It means we will be focussed and city will play and come and attack which should give space and if they persist with the 3 at back they could be punished badly.

  • Also we got 60,000 odd in there supporting Arsenal. If we look at our general populous, that around 45,000 pessimists who read the back page that day at least, 5,000 not backing the manager, 10,000 people who don’t even know what is going on and the rest of us!

    We paid for a stadium with our Invincibles, they loved us so and Wenger gave up his sons for us. Get Vieria back in.

    He showed an unprecedented consistency in Cl qualifiction, if you know anything, then maybe not the best soundbite, but in all honesty it was a trophy. We spend less than we would have liked recently, due to tyhe bank offering a early payment option we took, sensible bank, sensible economist manager. Now as we enter a more stable economic climate, we should spend first and capitalise, but I don’t think I need to tell the other die hard Arsenal fan/economist that!

    Only a fool would announce the players he considered useless (Jose what’s happening, karma out the blue) and when you keep turning them into world class talents, you probably don’t anounce your net target. Pray did you see Alexis, Mustarfi, Ozil or Cech coming? I knew about Bellerin, I told Conker don’t worry we have the best RB in the world, he’s just protecting him. Gnabry, anyone remember the most fouled player in a season, Reyes. Where is he atm, doing badly is he! Eduardo! I’ll take a Cygan, Senderos, Djurou and a Santos, if we keep on getting what we get, you boo Iwobi, lol, you have no idea how good he is, so good we sold, Frimpong, Aneke amd loaned Chuba to keep his head screwed on, that’s how goof he is, so good Ozil was like, here you need to score and shut them up. Ozil should do more, 2006 WC I know what you can really do, Jose messed it up! Now we need not miss out on CR7’s Messis and Bales.

    Ox will get right, he’s starting, he’s OCD about his hair, he’s young and young at heart! The whole team is, but I see ten years of total dominance, he’s looking forward. You want fight, let the teacher teach, then let the King return, Pep, hahahaha!

  • Brickfields Gunners

    A lot of the comments were quite funny – intended or not ! So here is a joke of either being too positive or being more than economical with the truth .

    Today I asked that hot girl at my gym what her New Year’s Resolution was .
    She said , ” Fuck you !”
    So , I’m pretty excited about 2017 !

  • goonersince72

    Goonerwin, just getting back to this article. I can’t possibly comment on all the drivel you’ve posted but I do have a question. How would you know how many matches I attend or have attended? Is the view from your armchair all-seeing? My name derives from my first match at Highbury (22 April, 2-1 in a tough Derby win), and I was just out of University at the time, no a child. When was your first visit to Highbury? The Emirates?