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September 2021
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September 2021

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FA CUP : Arsenal – Lincoln 5-0

By Walter Broeckx

As Ospina had a little injury from the Bayern game when the assistant missed a blatant offside and he had to go out to the corner flag to prevent another Bayern goal we got Cech for this match in goal from the start.

On left back we had Gibbs who came in for Monreal.


For the rest an almost unchanged team from the Bayern match.


No Welbeck amongst the subs but Iwobi seemed to have recovered from his midweek illness.


Arsenal : Cech, Bellerin, Mustafi, Koscielny, Gibbs, Ramsey, Xhaka, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Alexis, Giroud.


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On the beach: Martinez, Gabriel, Monreal, Coquelin, Iwobi, Ozil, Lucas


Licoln with a rather furious start as the nose from Mustafi could feel. Alexis losing the ball, winning it back, losing it again. We need some extra focus against the high aggressive pressure from Lincoln. Arnold plants his studs on the ankle from Alexis. Bellerin with a low cross to Ramsey but his shot went a few meters wide. Arsenal get a corner and the ball ends up in front of Walcott whose shot is diverted on to the post by the keeper and the rebound is cleared for a corner. 0-0 after 15 minutes.


Arsenal now pushing Lincoln back but they defend well and in numbers and the passing has to be better. Xhaka goes in the book for a foul on Rhead. The result of another not precise enough pass and Xhaka having to dive in to win the ball back. Özil standing ready after 25 minutes and The Ox who has been invisible most of the time seems to have some kind of trouble. The Ox goes straight in the tunnel so an injury. Or sick? First substitution after 247 minutes. Lincoln then with a first real chance as Arnold goes past a few players but Cech can palm it away. Still 0-0 after 30 minutes.


Alexis with a cross and Walcott with the shot but in the middle of the goal and an easy pick for the goalkeeper. Taylor stopping a good pass from Özil. And then letting a foul on Alexis go. Taylor then giving a yellow card against Kos when a Lincoln player runs in to his back?  Taylor really being the usual himself against Arsenal. Rhead stopping a quick restart but not the mandatory yellow card this time from the ref. Ref the laws are the laws and not because they are a lower league side they should be treated differently.  A cross from Bellerin hits an arm but I think the ref was right to give nothing. A clash of heads sees Giroud going down but he looks okay after a bit of treatment. An obstruction foul on Bellerin then not even called by Taylor. Ramsey with a curling effort but he misses the target. A cross from Özil almost finds the back of the net but the keeper can claw it out of this goal. The next corner is taken and after a combination between Gibbs and Walcott, the latter sees his shot slightly diverted and end up in the back of the net. GOAL 1-0 after 45 minutes.


Walcott with a cross but Ramsey against shoots over rather wild. We are playing 6 minutes of injury time for two head injuries and one other injury. Lincoln players can commit rough fouls but no yellow cards from Taylor. Arsenal go in at half time with a 1-0 lead.  I’m expecting Taylor to try to send off Xhaka or Koscielny in the second half.  ( 😉 )


Woodyard  finally going in the book for a wild challenge on Gibbs. Arsenal with some early pressure but Alexis his header was not powerful enough and then a shot from Özil was diverted wide. Giroud with a low shot and a fine save from the keeper, the rebound fell for Walcott who passed it back in front of the goal towards Gibbs who headed over.  Arsenal now really pushing for that second goal and cutting Lincoln open but the final ball missing. But then a combination between Walcott  and Alexis set up Bellerin and he cut it back in front of the feet of Giroud who made no mistake this time. GOAL 2-0 after 53 minutes.


Another cross from Gibbs this time finds Walcott but he can’t direct his header.  Seconds later Bellerin places a shot just wide. Alexis plays in Gibbs whose low cross is put in the goal by a Lincoln defender. Özil was waiting behind the defender to put it over the line. OwnGOAL! 3-0 after 60 58 minutes.


After the goal the Lincoln keeper needs a bit of treatment. Coquelin comes in for Xhaka. Maybe more to do with the yellow card than with his performance I think. 3-0 after 60 minutes.


Margetts with a wild challenge on Gibbs sees him getting a yellow card. Arsenal don’t really seems to be in the mood to really make it a high score. Giroud goes off and Lucas comes on after 65 minutes.  Alexis with a cross to Özil but he heads the ball over. Arsenal now pressing on Lincoln but the visitors keep on running as much as they can and show a great fighting spirit. Alexis then with a solo effort and his curling shot from well outside the penalty area finds the back of the net. GOAL!!! 4-0 after 73 minutes.


Özil with strong challenge on our own corner flag. And Taylor lets it go. Lincoln then can’t get the ball out of their own penalty area and finally Alexis finds Ramsey at the far post who keeps very calm and rounds the keeper to put the ball over the line. GOAL!! 5-0 after 75 minutes.


Lincoln get a free kick but the shot goes over. A bit later Cech even have to make a save on a curling shot. His second stop of the match if I remember correct. Walcott almost forces another own goal on a low cross but the ball goes for a corner. From that corner Ramsey tries to set a teammate instead of heading towards goal. Lucas and Alexis take turns on shots but defenders in the way. Özil sees his legs almost chopped off and Ragget gets a yellow card. Alexis with the free kick and it crashes against the crossbar. The Ramsey rebound is put wide somehow by a defender. Walcott just can’t find Ramsey with the next cross. And from the resulting corner Walcott’s shot goes wide. Lucas then tries a shot from a difficult angle after a short corner but it goes over the side line.


Arsenal being a bit nice to Lincoln at times with the finishing. No extra time says Taylor who must be very hurt with that scoreline I think.


Arsenal was the perfect host for the national league team. We didn’t want to make them feel bad at half time so we started a bit slowly but then in the second half we just ran away from them and made it a one sided contest with the 5-0 score as a result. It could have been much more but we didn’t really wanted to spoil the trip from Lincoln to London. Arsenal is a nice friendly club.


On we go, up to Wembley for the semi final!

55 comments to FA CUP : Arsenal – Lincoln 5-0

  • WalterBroeckx

    After 45 minutes I expected to see a second yellow card for Xhaka or Kos. Sensible from Wenger to take Xhaka off. Taking Kos off wasn’t maybe so wise after Bayern twice….

  • Jai

    Job done. Now lets get on a fucking run of consistent wins. Oh, and fuck the fucking media pricks.

  • Jai

    Couldn’t believe the commentators

  • How can there be no extra time with 4 goals and 4 subs in 2nd half? (I know it is totally at discretion of referee, but there are guidelines)

  • WalterBroeckx

    Indeed Paul. I remember after the last friendly match where we lost Gabriel in injury time and had to start the league with no real first team central defender.
    I then said that in friendly matches the normal guide line is to give no extra time.

    I was then called all sorts of names saying me that it doesn’t matter what match it was, they should give extra time as it should be.

    I think Taylor was feeling so sick with the score line he couldn’t take it any longer and wanted to end his sorrow as quickly as possible.

  • Gord

    Taylor doesn’t know how to read, hence he doesn’t know what the Laws of the Game are. And the only language he is familiar with, is whatever the druids used. This is the language spoken by people who live in the region where Taylor and 😈 Mike Riley live.


    News (crap!)

    Arsenal fan calls for Vic Akers to leave

    37 angriest “fan” twits by twits wanting Wenger to leave

    And it just goes on and on. If the medja would spend more time doing real, honest work instead of paying idiots to cause problems, ….

  • Gord

    > This is the language spoken by people who live in the region where Taylor and 😈 Mike Riley live.

    This is the language spoken by some people in that region, not all people in that region.

  • Omo r'Arsenal

    Any of Man City, Chelsea and Tottenham beckons.
    Of course, Man Utd will lose on Monday, so they are not a possible opposition in the Semi-Finals.

  • Tommo

    Guys, why don’t you try enjoying the win instead of looking for something to moan about?

    Just browsed through the comments and it’s just 90 minutes of criticising the ref and commentators.

    And as for no added time? Are you serious? If it was Spurs or United we had on the ropes, I get it. But Lincoln?

    The negativity on here about the game makes me wonder if some of you are cut out for watching football? It’s even bringing me down!

    Para had a breakdown after the Bayern game, and said enough was enough. That was after a 5-1 defeat though. But there doesn’t seem any difference on here after a 5-0 win?

    God knows how you deal with any real tribulations that you may come across in life.

    No added time??? Very worrying…

  • Andrew Crawshaw

    I thought we put In a very professional performance today. Took nothing for granted and coped against a well drilled Lincoln team and the usual dorks in black. Well done Arsenal

  • Leon

    I don’t think the fourth official put the board up with the added time, so Taylor just didn’t bother or perhaps was looking to prevent further humiliation for LIncoln. Who knows, who even cares?

  • Leon

    There was some old fella over on BBC 5 live insisting that the dot com had announced that Wenger had signed a new two year deal and when challenged by the studio to prove it said that it was on a second club web-site.He’s probably confusing blogs with official sites. He wouldn’t give up on it, and said that we’d all be thanking him next week.

  • Pat

    I care, Leon. It was Taylor after all. All we ask is that the referees referee properly. Not too much to expect is it?

  • Pat

    Just watched the highlights on BBC. Commentator: “Ozil bright as a button since he came on.” So that’s one set of rumours laid to rest. (Hopefully.)

  • Pat

    A record 29th semi-final.

  • Ac

    Another gem from Arsene Wenger ‘People talk and talk and talk, it doesnt mean they talk truth’

  • gouresh

    LC played well for the 40 mins and credit to them. 2nd,half we played professionally.great win, on,ro the next match. We need to keep the focus.

  • GoingGoingGooner

    We were never going to get a lot of credit today. Win 12-0 and they would call us flat track bullies. Win 1-0 they would call us lucky. You can only guess what they would have said had we lost. And, what is missed is that whether we are 90 positions higher in the league or not, the chaps wearing green are high class athletes. They may not be top class footballers but they are certainly good athletes. Despite everything they say about Arsenal, it is missed that little credit is ever given to the other side-it is always we who are in crisis.

  • Leon

    “I care, Leon. It was Taylor after all. All we ask is that the referees referee properly. Not too much to expect is it?”

    Of course you do, but then you’re such a boy scout (or is it girl guide?) aren’t you.

  • Gord

    In terms of Taylor and extra time.

    If the general understanding is that in “friendly” games, there is no extra time, then there should have been no extra time in the first half. But it doesn’t speak well that you have (a lot of) extra time in the first half, and none in the second.

    And this nonsense about lower division teams being allowed to push/circumvent the rules is stupid.

    If the lower division side is allowed to go into tackles with a good possibility of putting a higher division player onto the injury list for an extended period of time, I think the higher division team should be allowed to kick the shit out of the referee.

    And as Taylor has shown that he will lie, I see absolutely no reason why any team (not just the teams he has affected by his lying) cannot refuse him entry to the grounds (or charge him with trespassing).

  • Brickfields Gunners

    WOO HOO , HOO ! Well played the boys. We were quite good in the second half and tried to play flowing football. A lot of shots taken , and chances created .
    Lincoln were quite good at the start , but ebbed away as we took control . That OG head injury was the result of the Lincoln defender pulling OG towards him . He had a handful of OG’s jersey .
    Nice to see AW smiling and enjoying himself .
    Up the Gunners !

  • Menace

    Tommo – Dada you have come back to the site to tell all your children what to do. Just go back into the hole you came from. We know what good football is & we know what the fuck we are having to put up with day in day out. The shit that the FA & PGMOL are forcing on Arsenal needs to be highlighted as we do. If you can’t see it & don’t want to read about it, get back to reading the Sun or Star.

  • Menace

    12/03/2017 at 12:13 am

    Exactly. If injury time is played at half time, why is it not at full time? Because it is the Laws for Arsenal. These officials choose what to do when they want. Why was the Barca /PSG game give injury time? The inconsistent officiating shows a total lack of respect for the paying fan. If I pay for 90 minutes of football I expect 90 minutes of football. The official does not choose how much to discount from my purchase.

  • Gord

    Looking over the news headlines at Google a few moments ago (in something like order of relevance), at sizable chunk of the news articles are revolving around ideas, that if true, would require inside knowledge. Which in this day and age means, that they are entirely fabricated (lying) and that the writer is just looking for clicks.

    In Biblical times, we would cut off the fingers of people making up these stories.

    Hi Menace!

    Maybe something from rodeo might work? We’ll attach a shock device to the genitals of each official. Every fan in attendance gets a button (labelled referee, something unique for the two assistant referees, and 4th official). And they can press the button whenever they want.

    And if a threshold number of complaints are happening, we send a shock scaled according to the number of complaints (scaled by how many fans are in attendance) to the official in question.

    Instant feedback!

  • Gord

    Late, released another article about the game. An interview from Theo (congratulations at equalling Ian Wright?).

    Theo makes a point about it being crucial to score before half time.

    I don’t know that it is crucial that we score before half time.

    I think it was crucial to keep Lincoln from scoring. Especially scoring first.

    I think it is very useful to score first, the earlier the better.

    But, it is entirely possible that Theo is wired such that his observation is completely true. I can’t claim to be wired the same as most people, and so my feelings likely aren’t the same as most of you.

    But I am still pissed about all the protest yesterday. That is not the way to support a team. And I think it very likely that many/most/all of those idiots were paid by the medja to present that nonsense. And the medja likely brought the various flags and what not with them to the game.

  • Tommo

    The media paid for fans to protest? The media brought the flags in to the game? Are you being serious?

    I’ll put that post down to too much ale…

  • Tommo

    Anyway, back on planet Earth, not much mention of the Perez dive. Such behaviour normally brings about wild condemnation, as Arsenal players never dive.

    My advice to Perez and any youngsters trying to replicate the skill of diving to Suarez standards is thus:

    1 Timing is everything. Make the dive when you feel the contact – not a full second after. This gives you more chance of conning the ref.

    2 Timing is everything. Chasing a game with only minutes left is a good time for a dive. 5-0 up with only minutes left, is not a good time.

    Anyway, I’m sure a line will be drawn under this unsavoury incident. When Silva and Sterling are looking for penalties against us in a fortnight though, the cries of cheating will be loud and clear again.

  • Leon

    The guy who wrote that nonsense admits that he’s “wired” differently to “most” people, so there’s your explanation.
    There are all types on UA!?

  • Menace

    Tommo – fell after being kicked. He tried to maintain his balance but went down with the effects – either pain or discomfort. Your lesson in cheating is no use to us we don’t cheat.

    Gord is probably closer to the truth than you realise Tommo. Not everyone has the mindset of making news. Remember these banner waving idiots are young without sufficient parental guidance apart from your moronic lesson in diving.

  • Rosicky@Arsenal

    Oh Tommo

    Criticizing Perez for a dive and fore going what the refs did to ruin Arsenal season.

    Can u answer for below.

    Xhaka double red cards when they were not mor than yellows resulting in leaving us with 5 to 6 matches with out our pivot service.we cud have had more points in the Epl with xhaka on the pitch for sure.

    Kos red and lewa dive no way it was a red against Bayern.

    Theo penalty as it was a stone wall penalty all day for sure.

    The list is long of injustice and disparity.

    I am not saying we wud have won the Bayern tie but poor ref decisions did made it further difficult for us.

    Lastly why the AAA come here and follow Arsenal.The may support spurs and Liverpool for instance if they think they are better than us in the last 20 years.

    Or can follow the sugar daddy clubs like Manu chelsea and city if they want a cabinet full of trophies earned thru billions of pounds spending.

    We are happy with Arsenal and Wenger.

  • Menace

    Gord – love the rodeo technology idea. It would really make entertainment for the masses. Tommo needs to be connected every time the officials play advantage.

  • Rosicky@Arsenal

    Surprisingly no one highlghting Wenger urging the use of video technology.

    Clearly Arsene is the only one shows that Arsenal are the most hit club by poor officiating.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Good to see Tommo back. Now he can finally tell me why the “foul” given against Marquinhos from PSG was only a yellow card and not a red card like Kos got.

    I also see he really enjoyed last night. Good on him.

  • WalterBroeckx

    For the moaners who had a problem with me mentioning the “Greek” referees I will tell you why.

    If you would have read Untold you would have known that we have written articles about the corruption in Greek football. Enter the search button on this website with the word Greek and you will find them I think.

    But if that is not enough I will link you to other articles from more or less reliable sources. Or at least sources that are completely unrelated to Untold or Arsenal.

  • WalterBroeckx

    And if that isn’t enough you could use the words of Declan Hill. Declan Hill is one of the few journalists who has been saying that FIFA is as corrupt as hell long before the rest of the world has seen the ligth

  • WalterBroeckx

    So I when I saw what was unfolding before my eyes and knowing that many referees in Greece have been accused of having dirty hands I had to mention their nationality.
    And no I have nothing against people from Greece. In fact I had an aunt who was married with a Greek and he was a nice fellow.

  • Pat

    Yes Rosicky@Arsenal, Arsene Wenger made some very strong comments about the need for video technology after the Bayern match.

    And why should Gord’s suggestion that the media may have paid for some of the banners be so outrageous? If not the media, someone else who has a vested interest in keeping the anti Arsene pot boiling

  • Tommo

    a) Lewandski goes down in the box and it is a dive and he is a cheat.

    b) Suarez goes down, it is a dive and he is a cheat.

    c) Perez goes down in the box because he was in pain and discomfort, and is not a cheat.


    As Brickfields would say, which of the above are incorrect?

    Anyway, let’s hope tomorrow’s planned scan on Perez doesn’t reveal anything too serious.

  • Tommo

    Walter, I really don’t know why someone only got a yellow card? Why don’t you go back to the news feed that you were using to get your information from on the game that night? Does that not tell you?

    You seemed to be of the opinion that the ref was useless and was getting everything wrong. But now you’re happy to use him as an example of good refereeing?

    Wonders never cease.

  • WalterBroeckx

    if you would have read properly you would have found that I found the ref was right in the penalty and the yellow card he gave. Then afterwards the corruption came in. he first did the right thing instinctly one could say. Then getting “proper advice” from his friend telling him how the big boys would like to see it done.

    And Marquinhos made a same type of foul (be it dat Suarez dived 100% on that) and also only got a yellow card. Nobody asked a red card. But it was the same type of “foul” so the punishment should have been the same. Yet nobody asked for a red card. That is the privilege for Arsenal players only I think.

    Like Xhaka. If he goes in it should be a red card, we see dozens of other tackles far worse and nobody asks a red card and nobody blames the refs for missing those red cards. Apart from Untold of course…

  • WalterBroeckx

    He was wrong in not giving the penalty to Walcott though. But that was the same corrupt/incompetent referee who told the ref to give the red card against Koscielny.

  • Tommo

    OK Walter. Thanks for your reply. At the end of the day though, the ref calls the shots. The assistants are there to advise, and the ref can (and do) overrule them. I’m sure whatever the assistant said, the ref took on board to change his decision.

    I honestly think that had he shown a straight red card at first, there’d have been no hoohah, as the incident did look like a red.

  • Norman14

    According to the experts (or Sunday Supplement), both Alexis and Ozil are leaving at the end of the season.
    Also, Mustafi and Xhaka are rubbish buys.
    Getting to the CL last 16, finishing 4th and probably winning the FA Cup are nothing compared to the Filth and Mighty Spuds efforts in the Thursday Football League.

    So, Wenger also has to go whilst the special twat and Potch are so wonderful, we should make them the king and queen!

    One thing about Chris Sutton, doesn’t he have a “demon” similar to Merson?

    Just saying.

  • Norman14

    Also, SS want Kane as England captain.

    “How was that performance Harry?”

    “d;slgkedm; grb’;dfykb’fdgtmedft,s.eprl”

  • Nitram

    “Ref the laws are the laws and not because they are a lower league side they should be treated differently.”

    Exactly Walter.

    Listening to the first 30 minutes on the radio I lost count of the times Stuart Pearce said things along the lines of:

    ‘Arsenal have to realise this is what they have to expect when they are playing a non league side’

    2 specific incidents where when Mustafi got that early elbow across the nose, and Sanchez was dumped over the touchline.

    Then this from Pearce after a high boot (that made no contact by the way) from Giroud:

    “If your going to raise your foot that high you’ve got to expect to get booked”.

    So elbows to the nose and OTT fouls are all well and good, but woe betide you raise your boot a bit high.

    No double standards there then?

  • Nitram


    I’m glad this ‘diving’ issue has come up again because I’m still waiting for your similar namesake Tom, to back up his statement that Eboue and Pires ‘regularly dived for penalties’, and this is the perfect opportunity for him to find his supporting evidence.

    Again, I wont hold by breath, but you never know.

  • Nitram


    Watched the Perez incident.

    Definitely contact.

    Enough for a penalty?

    Well it depends whether it’s for or against us really doesn’t it?

    Regarding the Kos/Marquinhos incidents.

    “I honestly think that had he shown a straight red card at first, there’d have been no hoohah, as the incident did look like a red.”

    That’s not what was asked is it?

    This is what was asked:

    “…tell me why the “foul” given against Marquinhos from PSG was only a yellow card and not a red card like Kos got.”

    And as far as I can see all you can muster is:

    “I really don’t know why someone only got a yellow card?”

    Perhaps it’s more to do with the fact you don’t want to know. Because the one rule for Arsenal and one rule for everyone else is something you patently are unwilling to acknowledge, despite the masses of evidence to support the premise produced on Untold.

  • Stevo

    I remember Newcastle fans in the clock end really giving some abuse to Pires who they adjudged to have dived for a pen which was not given. Pires was taken off and scans revealed that he had suffered a cruciate ligament tear and was sidelined for many months as a result.

  • Tommo

    Nitram, I never said Perez wasn’t a penalty? I never said there wasn’t contact either. I was just curious as to why he fell down well after the challenge was made.

    Thankfully, Menace has cleared it all up, and it was due to the pain and discomfort from the challenge. Totally different to Lewandski and Suarez who both dived.

    All I’m saying is had he fell down on contact you’ve got more chance of conning the ref. But the intense pain and shock seems to have caused a delayed reaction to hitting the ground.

    At least we can take the moral high ground knowing that it’s everyone else who dives, and we don’t lower ourselves to such levels.

  • Nitram

    But it wasn’t a dive. He was fouled, you admit that. Exaggerated fall maybe, but that’s the only way he was ever going to get awarded the penalty for the foul.

    Oh, wait a minute, he DIDN’T get the penalty.

    On the other hand Suarez wasn’t fouled, ergo he dived, so a yellow card and obviously no penalty would be awarded.

    Oh, wait a minute, no card and he DID get the penalty.

    See the subtle difference there ?

    I don’t get what point you are making.

  • WalterBroeckx

    The point is refs never make mistakes against Arsenal.

  • Paul Ogbu

    The major problem The Arsenal has with the media(English) is that they have the guts to keep a non English manager for so long. And for AW they can not accept the fact he succeeded where they had concluded he will fail. So now they want to convince us that Arsenal is a rubbish club and our manager is a load of crap and all the players he bought are idiots even when some of our rivals will pay through their nose to get those same players from us. To achieve their aim, people like Taylor, Mike Dean etc have become willing tools. And some Arsenal fans are so naive.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    How so very quaint , ‘them’ types speaking for me !

  • Nitram


    Thanks for clearing that up. I can sleep easy now.

  • Nitram

    Thanks for clearing that up. I can sleep easy now.