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September 2021
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September 2021

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I will not join the lynch mob

By Walter Broeckx

Some nine years ago Tony started Untold Arsenal. One of the main reasons then was that he was getting sick of all the abuse aimed at Wenger. We were 2008. Hardly 4 years after the Invincibles. Hardly two  years after Arsenal being beaten in the CL final when they had to play for most of the match with  10  man and lost in a cruel way.

I even remember in the days of the Invincible season that some fans were foul mouthing Wenger when we didn’t win each and every match. Predicting we would lose the next match. For sure. How absurd this seems now.

So in 2008 there was abuse. And it never stopped. Saying things like:  this was the worst team ever. And that Wenger was past it. In 2008 I also became a writer for Untold. And since then I have been accused of all and everything wrong. Each and every season I have been abused because I was happy with the way things were going.

I didn’t start supporting Arsenal because they were the best team in the world at that moment in time. (1979). And I never expected them to win anything. In fact I started supporting a losing team when I first went to Highbury now more than 38 years ago.

So from time to time we won things but most of the time we won nothing. But that wasn’t that important. I just enjoyed being an Arsenal supporter. In good days (a few) and in bad days (most of them).

It all changed when Wenger became manager. Since then I have been in footballing heaven. We play (or try to play) attacking football all the time and we have seen some amazing players and teams and had some amazing seasons.

I felt pride when we started the big stadium adventure. But I also feared it would be the end of a golden era. I was realistic enough to understand that for a football team to make such an investment it would bring bad times. I even feared that we might face a relegation battle…and who knows we might even get relegated after building the stadium. Looking at all other clubs that didn’t get a stadium gifted, this fear was not that far-fetched.

So I must say that now in 2017 looking back I still can hardly believe the fact that we have been in the top four all that time.

But each and every season since Untold started and I got involved (more and more) I have seen the same comments appearing each and every season: “This is the worst Arsenal team ever” or “This time we will certainly drop out of the top 4”. The last sentence mostly said by people who claimed at the same time that 4th place is not a trophy.

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I will not repeat the abuse thrown at us regular writers or thrown at the manager. We want to keep it decent after all. But I can confirm that Arsenal has forgotten to pay us all those years. A very popular comment aimed at us writers.

Will we finish in the top 4 this season? Well I don’t know. It will depend on how the players will react to the situation. But as I have seen the same comments each and every season and each and every season Arsenal beat the odds and did finish in the top 4 I will wait to see how the season will unfold.

Now if it does happen (us not finishing in the top 4) I will be disappointed but as I have been told it is no trophy I will not consider it to be failure. Other big teams have faced the same in the past seasons. And it will not even stop them from winning the league the season after with almost the same squad. These things can happen.

When I see a lot of protesters on TV a lot of them are young. They have become Arsenal supporters because a certain person managed to build a strong team and give us the worldwide image of a big club. Without Wenger they probably might have ended up supporting Manchester United, Chelsea or the youngest ones Manchester City. Success attracts fans, but success never goes on for ever. At my age I know that nothing lasts forever. Certainly not in the sporting world.

Building the way Arsenal is working and will be working in the future is the hard and long way. It is going with little steps forward. Finishing 4-3-2 in a row….and then have a setback. Winning 2 FA cups and then face a shock exit against a team we should beat. A setback that even teams like Manchester United and Chelsea have faced, teams with enormous amounts of money spend and to spend. So why couldn’t it happen to Arsenal – a team that is always  fighting with one arm behind our back against the money teams.

Like it or not but Arsenal is different from other teams. And that is why I love my club that much. We haven’t sold our soul to the (money) devil. Yet. And I hope it will never happen.

Is it painful to see the money teams outspend us and win things? Yes. Of course it is.    But the main point is that I feel that I support a club which tries to win things in a fair way. We try to play the game in a proper way with respect for the paying fans. It doesn’t always work as it is played by human beings who make mistakes and can under-perform. We have to overcome money doped teams, referee bias (we have shown this for some 5-6 seasons now in the most various ways) and so we sometimes fail.

And in times of failure I love my club more than ever. I only wants what is best for the club. Unlike some who want us to lose matches so they can get rid of a person they dislike or even hate. Well I can never hate anyone who has done what Wenger has done for my club.  Every abuse of the man makes me sad.

Losing a match is not the end of the world. It is sports and losing is part of the deal you get when you support someone or a team. But the way some react to a defeat or a few defeats is as if the world has stopped turning. Believe me,  you will feel it when the world stops turning. And that will be a bit worse than Arsenal losing a match.

I don’t know the answer on how to turn things around. Wenger has turned things around a few times in the last 20 years. So I will wait for the end of the season to see if he managed to do it again or not. And if not… then I will look back and will admire him for having been able to do it so many years on the trot. If it would go wrong (and really wrong for me is getting relegated and that is impossible) and we finish outside of the top 4 for the first time I will ask myself: what on earth have those fans missed by being so angry in the past 10 years? Instead of enjoying what they got they moaned and moaned and moaned some more. Wouldn’t it have been wiser to just enjoy what you had instead of moaning all the way? Moan when things go really bad, but after all the moaning I have seen in the last years it looks so stupid.

Apart from a few disappointing moments I have enjoyed the last 20 years from start to finish. So I will give the man who gave me so much enjoyment all the time he needs to turn things around. I will not join the mob with torches and forks to drive Wenger out.

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56 comments to I will not join the lynch mob

  • RedandDread

    Continue to enjoy the mediocrity then Tony. Look, I’m all for Arsene leaving and as quickly as possible as he no longer has the ability to drive the footballing side of the club forward but I’ll agree that some of the abuse directed his way is uncalled for. However the club have pussyfooted around his contract extension and quite simply the unrest it has caused amongst the players and fans is ridiculous. How can any employee of a company be allowed to hold the club to ransom like Arsene has.

    As for the tripe coming out in the papers about him reinventing himself and being given a warchest, clearing out deadwood etc. why should I believe one word of it when what they’re saying is that he’ll do in one summer what he’s been unable to do in a decade.

    It’s not a lynch mob, it’s just gooners, like yourself, that have had enough. The man is one of the top paid managers in world football and has taken us further away from “his” & the club’s goal of competing with the elite. How does he still get a contract offer despite the litany of embarrassing results have clouded his recent tenure.

    He won’t even have his 4th place trophy to fall back on and unfortunately, I reckon he’ll be unlikely to win more than 3 games for the rest of the season it’s that bad at the moment. Still he’s offered an extension – it’s absolute crazy.

  • Gooner Sam

    It’s a shame it has come to this but the excuses don’t wash anymore. I respect what he has done but he has not moved the club forward since the move to the Emirates. He holds too much power and reports to no-one which is unhealthy at any club. I want him to go now if nothing else but to retain some of his legacy not taint it.

  • Rosicky@Arsenal

    Great read tony.Every word is heart touching.

  • Me

    Correct me if I am wrong – but this will happen if he stays on.
    1. Finish outside top four – no CL
    2. Signs extension.
    3. Sanchez leaves and possibly Bellerin, Chamberlain and Ozil
    4. Struggles to replace with quality players.
    5. Last minute panic buys
    6. Reasonable start to PL campaign – hope rise.
    7. Last minute panic buys turn out to be rubbish a la Mustafi, Lucas et al.
    8. November slump
    9. Hanging around 3rd/4th
    10. February slump in PL
    11. Season over

    Every season this happens – every season under Wenger and yet people still want him to stay.
    Wenger has had his day – think of the club rather than the manager..

  • John L

    Walter, Thank you for your article. You have expressed my sentiments exactly.

    I do not recognise our current state as “mediocrity”. I share the frustrations at the recent poor results and the (partly) poor performances. I also recognise that our players are showing signs of lack of confidence, which is little wonder, with all the media attention on the banner wavers and the disciples of BBC and Sky “pundits” and Piers Morgan etc. Also, it is clear that our players are aware that they will be fouled regularly, because the referees allow it, whereas they are reluctant to tackle opponents, because of the likelihood of being penalised / sent off at the slightest pretext (example Koscielny allowing the Lincoln player to get the shot away which Cech saved in the first half.)

    I hope that Arsene Wenger agrees to stay beyond his current term, for all the reasons contained in your article.

  • Stuart

    How arrogant to think young people only support Arsenal because of the success Wenger has brought to the club but that somehow you were able to start supporting them when they were nowhere near as successful. By that theory Arsenal would have had no new fans following the club post 1996. What utter twaddle!
    Arsenal were, are, and will be a great football club (club not team) no matter who the manager is. I’ve been a regular since 1969 and seen plenty of rubbish down the years, but incredibly the world kept turning and The Arsenal are still here.
    Some of us see a club that will survive, and maybe even thrive without a once great manager whilst others seem convinced that without him Arsenal will fall into some awful pit of eternal failure. Is that really any worse than our current purgatory?

  • Pierre Cauchi

    I have been supporting Arsenal for 59 years now and I shall continue supporting them through tick and thin till I die. I tend to agree that after all football is another sport and in sport you win and lose, and I’m ready to accept that. Yet it hurts and it hurts badly when a club such as Arsenal goes through such a bad period not because we lose games but because we have seen nothing done to change the situation. My feeling is that we have not reached rock bottom yet. I hate seeing the Club in such a poor situation and it hurts me even more seeing Wenger in such a mess. If he keeps on persisting in his stubbornness he shall for long be remembered as the person who saw to the ‘Rise and Fall of Arsenal.’ He is after all the person who bought the present squad to Arsenal and he manages them on a daily basis so he has to take full responsibility for what is happening to Arsenal from the technical and planning point of view. Has he bought the right players? We have become so predictable in our approach to games. We have no Plan B when the going gets tough. In fairness sake the blame should also be addressed to our lousy owner Kroenke who is their to fatten his pockets, our CEO Ivan Gadzidis who promised that we are there with the top teams and the rest of the Board. We need a Tsunami.

  • Notoverthehill

    Well written, Walter!

    Support the Arsenal. regardless of the result.

    Mr Wenger, has realized that this time, the contract talks cannot be held off to the end of the season. I suspect, some players, have doubts about their 2017/2018 season whereabouts?

    That is my opinion. Mr. Wenger, Yes or No?

    There is still life, in the old boy! More than one can say about the “fans”, calling time on a top, top manager.

  • Zedsaunt

    Stuart posts

    ” Is that really any worse than our current purgatory?”

    Just think, you might be just a football fan, like all the other millions of football fans around the planet who support their team through wind and rain and fire and eternal hope, but maybe not.

    You might be the first football fans in the history of the Cup who bring your banners along to a Cup semi-final.

    Good article Walter, thanks for writing it. d

  • Norman14

    If Wenger stays and if we want to keep Ozil and Sanchez, then they have to have some input towards progressing the squad.

    This way, we get 4 or 5 really TOP class players, instead of just those two, and perhaps, Koscielny.

    It’s up to the board to put that in place by providing sufficient funds.

  • Stevo

    Thanks for a very good article which is possibly the way that many Arsenal fans see it. With regard to all those who try to ridicule you for something they don’t agree with what you write, it may just as well to ignore them as there are possibly many thousands more that see it your way. Certainly I am one of those who get great pleasure reading the articles on this site and long may it continue.

  • Stuart

    Zedsaunt, I’m so glad you mentioned ‘eternal hope’. Hope is what keeps most fans going year after year. Unfortunately hope is exactly what Wenger has taken from this Arsenal supporter.

  • Pierre, as such a long term supporter, then surely you remember times that were massively worse than this. If not, the article “Arsenal and the broken phone. Welcome to the 12th round of 125 years of fighting.” will help you remember, and perhaps realise how, in the context of history, this is a brilliant period in Arsenal’s history.

  • Me: “Every season this happens”. I don’t think that is quite the case.

  • Equalizer

    Walter. We became Arsenal fans in the same year-79. And you’re correct, we didn’t anything for the next 7 years. But I seem to have a different memory to you thereafter.

    In the next decade prior to the arrival of AW, 1986-1996, we won six major trophies including 2 league titles and a European competition. We also became the first team to win the two domestic cups in the same season. A great decade.

    In the next decade 1996 -2006 under AW we won 7 major trophies including 3 league titles. Debatable a marginally greater decade.

    From 2006-2016 under AW we won 2 major trophies.

    So, your attempt to rewrite history with

    “most the time we won nothing”… and
    “in bad days (most if them)” prior to AW’s arrival

    is nothing short of laughable.


    I started in 64 – he’s correct

  • Equaliser – it is the evening, and I am doing this from memory, and I have had two glasses of wine since I am not driving tonight, so I might have got this wrong, but it seems to me Walter clearly wrote “most of the time we won nothing”

    My memory suggests something like this

    1979-1986: 8 years, 0 years with trophies
    1987-1996: 10 years, 3 years with trophies
    1997-2006: 10 years, 5 years with trophies
    2007-2016: 10 years, 2 years with trophies

    Now I dont think I have included to Charity Shield, deliberately, but in essence that gives me 38 years, of which 10 years had trophies and 28 didn’t which suggests most of the time we didn’t win anything.

    Like I say I may have misremembered a year, but it is something along those lines.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Nice article Walter.
    I don’t know what will happen this season, I would suggest that uncertainty over wengers future ….combined of course with losing our key player for most of the season has led to the team under performing. And some shit refs.
    I have had serious doubts as to whether Wenger will renew, I wonder if the man himself had as well. But if things are as reported, and he will sign a new deal, he needs to communicate this to the players asap…..performances will improve.
    If Wenger signs, a strong finish, doing whatever he can to fix any recruitment issues in the summer, a good start to the next season, and those from the Me Me Me……Look at me, I’m on camera and more angry than anyone else here …..generation will become very insignificant.
    Wenger has rebuilt under more difficult conditions than he faces this summer.
    However, looking at recent performances which I believe are down to uncertainty in the players , unsettled individuals,… well, these may show the need for far more thought and planning going into wengers departure than appears to have been the case. If Wenger does sign, it may well be his last comtract, I hope reports of a DOF are true….along with a proper succession plan which may reduce the chance, and effect of players being so spooked next time. Perhaps, consider a man who knows the club very well as the next manager…..such a man may be ready in two years time

  • Leon

    I think you’re slightly underestimating our achievements 1987-1996 in which we won six trophies.
    I’m always proud of George Graham’s achievements but so often see them denigrated when compared to Wenger’s.

  • Scuba

    One of the things I’ll always respect about Arsene is the fact that when he came to England, he didn’t give a damn about the way English football ran. He saw quite a few ways that Arsenal could be run more efficiently, whether that came from training, nutrition, or recruitment of little known talent from abroad, and he implemented them. Frankly, that change because a decent thing could be better was probably the reason so many fans today expect more from this club.

    My concern is that now, instead of having passed the league by, Arsenal have seemingly allowed others to innovate while they remain stagnant. Look at Chelsea, who have started buying young talent and allowing them to develop on loan as a way to work around FFP, and fund many of their big purchases. Look at so many clubs that have taken the player movement away from the head coach, and had that coach focus more on the day to day running of the club.

    Arsene is still a very capable man, but he’s now doing the same job at Arsenal that 3-4 people do at other clubs. I hate to say that Arsenal need to copy from Tottenham or Chelsea, but both of those clubs seem to be more innovative of late than Arsenal, and it’s showing this season. Even if Arsene comes back, it’s time for the board to take a few things off of his plate so that he can send more time and energy on his remaining responsibilities. Like most of the rest of the league did when the Gunners were a step ahead, it’s time to copy the things rivals are doing better than us in order to catch up.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Leon, can pretend to speak for all, but like myself, every gooner I have ever met who lived through GGs era is extremely proud of his achievements , yes, like most managers at the time…and some around now, he was a bit of a naughty boy, but anyone who won what he did for the club is very special indeed.

  • Top Guns

    I’m sorry Walter but what a ridiculous article.
    You must have had a little sleep between 1987 and 1994 when we won 6 trophies in 7 years (including a European trophy)

    Compare that to the last 13 where Mr Wenger has won just 2 FA cups (during a period in which it has become much devalued)

    Mr Wenger WAS a good manager for Arsenal many years ago, but he is clearly not now. In that 13 years since the invincible season he has never got the team to 1st in the league beyond March. For a supposedly big club that is unacceptable.

    Again I ask on this site why do you not question Wenger?
    I’m afraid this site by not questioning Wenger at this time is losing all credibility.

  • Pat

    Nice title, Walter, and nice article.

    I wasn’t going to games in the Invincibles year so it is almost unbelievable to hear that even then people were moaning because we did not win every game.

    Sometimes I wonder what world people are living in.

  • Leon

    You’ve hit it right on the button with your “lived through GGs era”. Nobody ever complained at the time and those that were there still remember that time fondly. But there’s a perception from the newer supporters and wagon jumpers that it was best forgotten.
    I used to be a contractor to the London Silver Vault in Chancery Lane and their proud (rather tongue in cheek) boast was that they were the only place in London with more silver than George Graham.
    Tony’s stats are quite correct though (3 years out of ten with trophies), but don’t tell the full story.

  • Pat

    I supported George Graham as manager too. And I wouldn’t want to do him down. He achieved a lot.

    But the one nil to the Arsenal style of play does not compare in excitement to the kind of play we have been treated to under Arsene Wenger.

    And the fact that he lost his job because he took a bung is a big contrast with Arsene Wenger as well. I feel that a lot of that undercover corruption is still in the English game and that is another reason Arsene Wenger is so resented by a lot of personnel in the English game.

  • Hunter13

    Have we heard pf the Gunners20? How can we sign for that? How can we assist?

    ohhhhh anicol!!!!!!! hope all well :)) when you coming for next game?

  • Mandy Dodd

    George was like Bob Wilson, and especially Pat Rice, great Arsenal men spanning different roles in different eras.
    As for George….let’s be grown up about it , he was offered a decent opportunity at the Spuds…..but even so,,he reportedly kept an Arsenal room in his house !
    He was a tough man of his era.
    I have always been under the impression arsenal get punished more than most for their sins, and I think GG is a case in point, the rest of them got away with it.
    But, I have supported all Arsenal managers during my time, some great, others not so great, but still arsenal managers.

  • Hunter13

    very well written mr Broeckx


    ‘They have become Arsenal supporters because a certain person managed to build a strong team and give us the worldwide image of a big club. Without Wenger they probably might have ended up supporting Manchester United, Chelsea or the youngest ones Manchester City.’

    i hope youre encouranged to continue strongly at same pace

    like fuck if 50 or 60 or 200 clearly deranged and irrsesponsible subhumans drive out mr Arsene Wenger.

    the silent majority will rise once and drown those muppets like katrina tsunami….thats all it takes..ONCE..


  • Leon

    ……and to a lesser degree I liked Neil’s London Irish Arsenal who were in four finals (including one of the greatest Wembley has ever seen) in three years. This was at the time Walter began supporting us, but he doesn’t reference it.
    We have not really been down for that long at any time in my time apart from the sixteen years between ’53 & ’69

  • Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    Which of the 4th place table finish and the FA Cup win is higher, and Arsenal should get it or win it at the of this season?

    A 4th place table finish gives a ticket to play in the Europe’s top elit competition of the Ucl. And that is money making for the club that achieved it. And an FA Cup win gives a ticket to play in the Europe’s 2nd top competition of the Europa League. And that too is money making for a club that made that but with less money making I suppose.

    I don’t think it’s the uncertainty contract situation of Le Prof that has led to the current slump in performance by the Gunners. Rather, I think the general form of the first team is dipped and couple with the unfortunate injury curse that befell some top Gunners before and during the current season campaign. If the Gunners like Mertesacker & Welbeck had started the season for Arsenal and if Santi Cazola had not been injured at the critical period of Arsenal season and if Ramsey had remained fit to play regularly for Arsenal, I think the 6th place position in table Arsenal are currently placed would be bettered with their 11 PL remaining games to play. Maybe they would have been 2nd in the table still contesting to win the title.

    Another reason that contributed to deeming Arsenal to 6th position in the table after playing 27 matches is the referres decisions that have intentionally been against Arsenal mostly week in week out in the Premier League. Just imagine how Sanchez was intentionally rough tackled by a WBA player with intent to injure him in the last Arsenal away match to WBA which left Sanchez with a serious ankle injury, the match referee did not deem it fit to book the WBA player for his cynical intent to injure Sanchez to get him out the match. To me, that foul on Sanchez is a red card offence but the referee did not even give a yellow. Or did I miss it?

    Now that the general form of the Arsenal first team is dip, Le Prof has to instill confidence and discipline into the Gunners in their training sessions this week to recover their top form back before they play against Man City in a big PL game at the Ems on Sunday. If Arsenal beat Man City on Sunday, I am sure their game winning confidence will be back and they’ll carry it into their subsequent games to get another 4th place table finish and win another FA Cup for glamour if they get a 4th place in the table which is higher.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Nice sentiments , Walter , and it also echos mine . Whoever is at the helm , I will in my own way continue to support the club. Arsenal forever !

    Not in the very least bothered with all crap being sprouted.
    I look forward to every game with hope, and am disappointed when we fail to deliver .

    But I’ve learned to deal with it myself , but this site does provide the soothing balm of comfort. For that I will have to thank Tony , Walter and the rest of the awesome AKBs who help keep me sane !

    I don’t read most of ‘them’ type comments , for as far as I know, I’ve never gained anything from it . Neither in perspective nor in knowledge . Not an iota . Zilch . Nada .

    I will always be grateful to Arsene Wenger for the 360 change he brought about to this club( my opinion ) , and to me in particular.If someone had told me back in season 1971-72 of all that Arsenal would undergo in the future , I would have laughed .

    But , then again , I still laugh for different reasons now !
    Up the Gunners !

  • Brickfields Gunners

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    Do you think that I should accept it ? Maybe I could add it to AW ‘s alleged impressive war chest for new players ? Will I be breaking any rules ? Is it really charity for the needy?

    Am open to suggestions .
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  • Brickfields Gunners

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  • WalterBroeckx

    I don’t know if I even mentioned the name of Graham (I don’t think I did) but somehow people see this article as attacking him? Amazing….

    But to put the record straight since I started supporting Arsenal in 1979 we won:

    the league in 1989 and 1991
    We won the FA cup in 1993
    We won the European cup in 1994

    And we won the league cup (which isn’t a trophy as the FA cup is now not even considered one) in 1987 and 1993

    So that is a total of 6 trophies (of which 3 are declared non trophies since)

    So as in one season we had a cup double it is 5 seasons out of 18 (pre Wenger season) we won things.

    As far as my calculator is still working and cross checking with counting on my fingers I count 13 seasons we won nothing and 5 seasons we won something.

    So however I look at it I can only come to the conclusin written down in the article that we had more seasons with winning nothing than with winning something.

    But to make absolutely sure I will make a third check using the calculator on my Phone.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Talking about abuse… I now even see people writing they will go to the next level and try to attack Wenger in a violent way!
    Top class “supporters” real top class… sigh…

  • ClockEndRider

    In considering the authors post I can’t get past the possibly apocryphal quote attributed to JM Keynes: “When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?”
    I think it’s time to reconsider our opinions of the next steps for Arsenal. This does not mean disregarding all the great work Mr Wenger has done. It does mean we need to look to the future and building in the firm base he has helped to build.

  • ron

    the time for a change surely has arrived -the manager is 67 and has had more than fair crack of the whip whilst arsenal are none of the things the media etc claim they are not mediocre or have a bad squad ,ozil is a great player , playing in the champions league does add to the general enjoyment of the season -they do have a great stadium

    nevertheless the team has not moved forward someone else deserves an opportunity now

  • Top Guns

    It is interesting that you call the FA Cup a non trophy Walter.
    By your logic that means Mr Wenger has not won a proper trophy in 13 years!

    I ask you again why do you not question him?

  • Leon

    So five seasons out of eighteen where we won “something” is a pretty good average isn’t it? I’m not suggesting we’ve been spoiled by success, but Arsenal has always remained an achieving club.
    And what team other than Man U completes periods that they absolutely dominate?

  • WalterBroeckx

    And for the record: I have never asked for Graham to be removed from the club. But was not happy when I found out about the bunge he had taken. So I didn’t oppose to him being sacked.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Are some of you deliberate in misunderstanding or are you too stupid?
    Sorry to ask it in such a brutal way but I think it was clear that I consider the FA cup a trophy.
    As for the moaners it is they who disrespect the FA cup. My comment between () was meant to be a bit tongue in cheeck. Or maybe I have a different way of humour. Might be possible as I am not a native English speaking person so some things might sound different when using another language.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Or I could have used allo allo talk and put myself in the place of René: “You stupid (wo)man, can’t you see I think the FA cup is a real trophy and you consider it a non-trophy”

  • WalterBroeckx

    Leon in the last 18 seasons we won 7 so an even better average. I was happy then so why should I be unhappy now?

  • Leon

    Exactly! No reason to be unhappy at all?
    We are still an achieving club

  • Leon

    …..although we have become a club that’s ridiculed by media & opposition fans alike, so we need to “achieve” something major, and soon.

  • Goonermikey

    It’s a great feeling when your club achieves glory. It’s very sad, though, when fans become obsessed with the association with glory rather than supporting the club.

    It seems to me that experiencing glory has a serious downside if you subsequently manage without becoming obsessed about it and will go to any lengths in an attempt to get it, however irrational.

  • Matthew

    “I even feared that we might face a relegation battle…and who knows we might even get relegated after building the stadium. Looking at all other clubs that didn’t get a stadium gifted, this fear was not that far-fetched.”

    The teams who got relegated after building a new stadium were yo-yo clubs, with a recent history of relegation and without a recent history of success. Relegation was part of their recent pattern, new stadium or not.

    Arsenal were NEVER that and weren’t in danger of relegation. This is just another specious pro-Wenger argument (“Wenger saves us from relegation”, is effectively what you’re saying)

    Don’t dare compare a club of Arsenal’s stature with clubs like Sunderland, Middlesbrough, Bolton and Derby.

  • Polo

    Well written Walter, and I totally concur with your article.

    I hope AW sign the contract extension and prove his doubters wrong especially those that think he is to old for the job. I think this fight is more than about football, it goes to the social discrimination of seniors in employment. I’m not in the senior age bracket yet but I do feel the younger generation in society is becoming less respectful to our seniors and that to me is not correct.

  • Jojo

    Lynch mob? Hyperbole much…?

    I suggest looking into the history of lynching before trying to paint gooners with simplu a different opinion on a manager of the football club…as anything remotely akin to lynch mob and the atrocities they did (and no some random blogger with violent outbursts on social media behind the cloak of being anonymous does not represent the majority of those who disagree with Wenger, no matter how ludicrously one tries to attach that).

    They simply think for several reasons it’s time for a new manager. Is that really that horrific?

    The manager is not the club….. support, or not, for him and his direction doesn’t equate to the club.

    He’s a manager, they come and they go…

    Do you have an opinion of your country’s leadership. I’m sure over time most people have at one time or another disagreed/questioned with the direction, policies etc. of their country’s leadership or whether they continue to be fit to serve the purpose…Disagreeing with those currently in charge of running the country doesn’t make one less a patriot…

    Unfortunately as football fans we can’t vote in the traditional sense..but disagreeing with those currently in charge of running the club or aspects of it..doesn’t make one less a gooner..

    IT’s really not a difficult concept to grasp, if you set aside the hyperbole, labels and stop trying to paint those with whom you disagree as the enemy.

    After all we all want the same thing ultimately in the long run..success for arsenal..we simply disagree on how to get there or who should lead us there…

    That’s normal, natural and healthy.

    And the real world.

  • Jojo – I think the notion of metaphor might be missing from your understanding of some of the things being written.

  • nicky

    While I share the disappointment of many over the recent poor performances, no club has a divine right to success.
    Historically, Arsenal FC has invariably displayed peaks and troughs in equal measure. Defeats plucked from the jaws of victory and vice versa. It has always been that way.
    Since the 1930’s, we have never retained a championship, not even the year following the famous Invincibles!
    During Arsene Wenger’s tenure, our Club has prospered greatly, with probably the most up-to-date stadium and training facilities in Britain, together with a playing record the envy of most of our rivals.
    While we may be currently in one of our troughs, there is still plenty to play for this season. The FA Cup and 4th place in the EPL.
    It therefore behoves all true supporters of our great Club to back whoever is appointed manager…. while he remains in that position.
    The Kroenkes own Arsenal FC at present and neither the Board or the supporters have a real say in matters of the Club’s governance. Better by far not to waste time and energy in seeking to change things we cannot change. 😉
    Better by far to

  • WalterBroeckx

    If you would be able to read behind the scenes you would talk differently.
    I have seen people writing comments (that were not published of course) where they said they would take the protest to a next level and would try to attack Wenger in a violent way. And that is not the first time I have seen it. So the metaphor used is not that far-fetched.

    Do these persons deserve to be called Arsenal supporters? NO. They are only giving Arsenal supporters a bad name. Just imagine one of those fools do it in reality. How will Arsenal supporters be looked upon? As passionate supporters? No we will be looked upon as criminals. Do you as an Arsenal supporters want to be compared with a criminal? Not me.
    Smashing someone in the face is not showing passion. It is showing stupidity. And that it didn’t happen yet is no excuse. If we look at the world today we see a lot of idiots who do things we couldn’t imagine that would be done a few years ago. Yet the killing of innocent people is happening. All because of a few idiots called other idiots to commit barbaric crimes. Now I read people calling to attack Wenger the person…. I don’t want to be associated with that. There is no excuse for violence or calling to become violence against any person and certainly not against Wenger.

  • Goonereris

    To be honest, some of the Arsenal fan base have been disappointing, as they allow themselves to be willing tools in the portrayal, by some of the media, as a club in crisis or heading for the rocks, or something like that. Last season, Chelsea finished 8th, Liverpool not too far ahead and United finished outside the top 4, for the 3rd (?) season since Fergie left. Did we hear or read about how those clubs were done or finished, other than a few attempts at suggesting the managers could do better, etc.? Some did ask for change, in the case of Moyes and LvG but no real over-the-top reactions by the pundits as we have now, about Arsenal.
    This isn’t far fetched. When Arsenal and Liverpool were looking good, along with City and Spurs, there was a desperation to seek out the fall guys who would let United into the top 4 and Champions league. If anyone thinks all the media and fan furore doesn’t affect the players, then you don’t know about human nature and team sport. The lads have lost confidence (and trust for teammates) and even doubt their own abilities; because Wenger has done it in the past, I feel he can be trusted to turn it around so we can finish strongly and confound detractors.

  • Goonereris

    Oh, and we can start to expect to see some very strange officiating in games involving the clubs that are behind Chelsea, going forward. Sounds like a conspiracy theory, but what does one say when you see opposition sides get away with fouls which will promptly earn our players a sending off? Against WBA, because the ref allowed the methodical fouling of Alexis to go on, it resulted in that ankle breaker of a tackle which only got the player a slap on the wrist.

    The fans are all the boys have. We must stand by them till the last game, then we can ask the major questions.

  • ademiniyi

    Honestly before I wanted Wenger out but if the reports in the media are true then there is 2year contract on the table I think he should take it even with the recent slump in the form of the team the reason been there have been many suggestions about what are wrong with the team I think he should just prove us wrong that he still have it in him.
    Tony and Walter you guys have been doing great job cos we can’t all be again the manager you have been the light at the end of the tunnel but I think even sometimes there is wisdom in the word of a mad person which is you guys should reason with how things can be done right with our club. The fans wasn’t like this b4 we won the FA cup and don’t say it’s the media cos though they play their part but the results matters it has now gotten to a time that you almost know that arsenal playing chelsea will result in chelsea winning and you can’t see results like this and be happy. We can’t all have the calmness and the patience that you have, with this your support I hope there can be input that it will have on the outcome on the pitch.