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May 2021

Stoke v Arsenal: Injury news, recent form and the clue to what’s happening.

By Bulldog Drummond.

As one or two people began to realise just around the time of the Southampton match, Arsenal have gone across to wing backs, and started winning.  OK, all the media attention was on Tottenham finishing above us for the first time since the Norman Conquest of Britain in 1066 but rather the focus ought to be on results.

But if you fancy placing a bet on this game, such thoughts are really not good enough.  Here are the Stoke City V Arsenal betting odds and if you want to make something of them, consider both the recent form of each club and then the form at home of Stoke and the form away of Arsenal.

Here’s a reminder.  First off the recent form of Stoke City

Game Date Opposition Venue Result Pos
28 08.03.2017 Manchester City away D0-0 9
29 18.03.2017 Chelsea home L1-2 9
30 01.04.2017 Leicester City away L0-2 9
31 04.04.2017 Burnley away L0-1 11
32 08.04.2017 Liverpool home L1-2 13
33 15.04.2017 Hull City home W3-1 11
34 22.04.2017 Swansea City away L0-2 11
35 29.04.2017 West Ham United home D0-0 12
36 06.05.2017 Bournemouth away D2-2 13
Nine games only one win.  In fact even if we just look at the last six (which is what I am choosing for Arsenal, since I am measuring from the moment of changing formats) there is only one win and a couple of draws.
Now we know Arsenal were having a rotten run up to the moment of switching to wing backs, but what happened then?
Game Date Opposition Venue Result Pos
29 17.04.2017 Middlesbrough away W2-1 6
FAC 23.04.2017 Manchester City Wemb W2-1
30 26.04.2017 Leicester City home W1-0 6
31 30.04.2017 Tottenham Hotspur away L0-2 7
32 07.05.2017 Manchester United home W2-0 6
33 10.05.2017 Southampton away W2-0 5
Stoke are not losing heavily – they have let in ten in the last six, but they are not scoring either – six in the last six and half of those were against Hull City.  Arsenal have scored 9 and conceded four in the last six.  And three of those games were against teams in the upper reaches of the table.
But I hear you cry, what of the home and away, because certainly if you are wanting to place a bet that is always a good table to study.

Arsenal have won as many games away as Stoke have at home – but Stoke shade it by having three more home draws than Arsenal have gained away.

On the scoring front Arsenal have scored nine more away goals than Stoke have scored home goals, while Arsenal have conceded four more away than Stoke have at home.  Arsenal away have a goal difference of +5 and Stoke at home +3.

So looking across at Stoke’s away form we can see they have clambered to 13th in the league primarily by virtue of their home crowd, and a fairly awful thought that is for those who value civilisation as a concept.

The other major factor if you fancy a flutter is on the injury front.  If you just assume that Arsenal have the most injuries of any team (as the media tell us) you will be disappointed.  But take care – these figures are those from physioroom and as we have been finding through the season, they are not complete.  But for the rest of this season we’re carrying on with them…

Pos Team Men Down Last man down What happened
1 Crystal Palace 8 J Ward Broken Nose
2 West Ham United 8 C Kouyate Wrist Injury
3 Manchester United 7 M Rashford Knee Injury
4 Everton 7 M Stekelenburg Groin Strain
5 Watford 7 M Britos Calf Injury
6 Bournemouth 7 J Stanislas Cramp
7 Hull City 6 L Markovic Ankle Injury
8 Sunderland 6 D Gibson Groin Injury
9 Manchester City 5 F Delph Knock
10 Leicester City 5 D Drinkwater Thigh Strain
11 Southampton 4 V van Dijk Foot
12 Liverpool 4 S Mane Cartilage Knee Injury
13 Swansea City 4 J Montero Hamstring Injury
14 Arsenal 3 A Oxlade-Chamberlain Hamstring Injury
15 Tottenham Hotspur 3 H Winks Ankle Injury
16 Burnley 3 M Keane Calf Injury
17 Middlesbrough 3 G Ramirez Thigh Strain
18 West Bromwich Albion 3 J Evans Ankle Injury
19 Stoke City 2 I Afellay Knee Injury
20 Chelsea 1 N Kante Thigh Strain

We’ve got the Ox, Koscielny and Santi listed as out of the game, although Koscielny might just make it back into the threesome – as yet it is not clear.

One point to remember about Stoke is that like Tottenham, they have memories that stretch back to the past for inspiration.  In the case of Stoke as the Stoke Sentinel says today, “Wenger’s insults began after his first visit to Stoke in November 2008.  After the win over Arsenal, Wenger came out and moaned and groaned about the way we played and certainly wasn’t gracious in defeat.”

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Yep they are still going on and on about a post match interview lasting 30 seconds that took place nine years ago.  That’s Stoke for you.  (The quote comes from their ex player Andy Griffin, who was last seen playing for Chester in the Conference and is now apparently a coach at Newcastle-under-Lyme College).

That’s the sort of thing that has built up at Stoke, a club that has come ninth in each of the last three seasons.

More anon….



14 comments to Stoke v Arsenal: Injury news, recent form and the clue to what’s happening.

  • nicky

    The late great Sir Stanley Matthews would be appalled to see how low his former club has descended over the years… both in tactics and style. 😉

  • Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    The questions of when last did Arsenal win against Stoke and when last did Le Prof gets up from his seating in the dugout at the Britannia to give instructions to the Gunners from the touchline whenever Arsenal go there to play against Stoke City in the PL will all be answered tomorrow evening with an emphatic 0-3 away win over the Potters by the Gunners after they’ve finished playing against the Potters.

    The Gunners MUST be very efficient and make a commanding impact in all aspects of playing the match to dominate Stoke in whatever efficiency and game impact the Stoke team on day has on offer in the game.

    My starting XI:
    Mustafi Koscielny Monreal
    Bellerin Ramsey Xhaka Gibbs
    Sanchez Ozil
    On my bench are:
    Ospina Paulista Holding Coquelin Elneny Perez Welbeck.

    Should in case of any eventualities at left wing back happening, I think Le Prof can play Le Coq as a left wing back or can’t Le Coq do that efficiently? There is always the first time of doing something and if it’s done very well, Le Coq could make a starting left wing back claim in the 3 remaining Arsenal games this season. Giroud leads the line for me this time. And if Koscielny has fully recovered to start, I am retiring Holding to the bench to start from there and start Mustafi at the right side of the now Arsenal adopted 3 back line defense-line.

  • Lee

    Yes Arsene Wenger had no right to complain after that tackle that broke Ramsey’s leg and almost finished the kid’s career……………

  • Micko

    Of course the most important thing you need to consider if you are going to have a bet on this game is……the ref is Mike Dean!

  • Menace

    Micko – that slope is truly the most important consideration in this game. It’s like adding a Grand National fence in a hurdles race.

  • Chairman Gallant

    Even Mike Dean cannot prevent Arsenal from winning this game at Stoke. Arsenal is on a roll and desperate.There is no stopping us.Desperate men are dangerous men. I am confidently predicting stoke 1 Arsenal 3. COYG

  • ARSENAL 13

    Oh I still remember the day Rambo scored against them after the return from injury……tears in his eyes.

    Eff the stokies.. A Rambo hattrick would be welcome any day.

  • John L

    All sensible football fans will recognise how unreasonable it was for Arsene Wenger to be critical of Stoke and for Aaron Ramsey not to make friends with Shawcross.

    After all, it was only a shattered leg and we all know, in any case, that Shawcross is “not that type of player”. Also the poor lad was distraught and inconsolable as a result of the trauma he suffered. Fortunately, other great managers like Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Harry Redknapp were quick to offer him moral support and comfort.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    And his country came together as one to pick him for the next England game.
    And his mum had to take the poor lad home. Probably not able to drive.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Is not shaking hands still a intolerable of fence ?

  • Menace

    Damn! Brickfields your sobbing is coming through to your typing!

    Such a loving club it is. One player wanted to take Alexis’ head home.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    @ Menace – 12/05/2017 at 4:44 pm – And here I was always under the impression that Wee Bonny Charlie was only helping Alexis to realign and ‘correct’ that pesky troublesome crick in his neck !

    Adams would have probably gained this knowledge during his forays at the Scottish Highland games. With a body like his , he would have been quite the tosser !

    Shows how badly mistaken one could be with other’s gallant intentions !

  • Brickfields Gunners

    I just found that the right term for the event should be the Caber Toss .

    But then again , misunderstandings (intended or otherwise ) do occur !

  • Menace

    I suppose the Edinburgh influence runs through the Sparky training regime with ensuring everything is battered then fried.