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  1. colario

    Good news for Tottenham supporters.

    Two Tottenham players have won league championship medals.

    Bad news for Tottenham supporters.

    They were playing for Arsene Wenger at the time!

  2. Menace

    There are bound to be empty seats tonight as many cannot be bothered to come for this match. Sunderland do not attract many at the best of times, & seeing that they are already relegated makes it worse.

    I wonder what Sunderland fans would have thought if Wenger was their manager & they were in our position?

  3. Menace

    I challenge those anti Wenger ticket holders to attend the match & walk out in the 75th minute. If anything it will ensure access to the tube will be better! 😉

  4. Leon

    However many turn up tonight could see a high scoring game as we need an improved GD just incase the improbable happens at the weekend, and Watford proved last night that they’re not on holiday yet & still up for it.
    I’m already looking forward to next season (whoever’s in charge). New look PL with ten teams from the south, five of which are from London (six if you count Watford).

  5. Leon

    …that’s assuming one of Fulham or Reading win the Championship play offs of course

  6. Flares

    The FA Cup is much like the Charity Shield – it’s only relevant when Manchester United or Chelsea win it. Untied muppets are always good for a laugh when comparing trophy hauls with Liverpool – the Charity Shield takes on mythic significance if it means they can boast about having more silverware…watch them scoff at the idea it has any worth if we or any other side claim it.

  7. Menace

    Lots of non regular Gooner’s & non Arsenal supporters at the game. Their chance to see Wenger ball live. Amazing how many supporters love the Arsene way of playing the game. Shame they never understand the evil PGMOL slope & selective blindness that some of us are fortunate to see.

    Don’t drink your beer looking at someone else’s glass. You’ll end up spilling it on your shirt,

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