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  1. ANAND

    I do not know whether reform works. In india, BCCI which runs cricket (though not bankrupt but very rich sports body, hence all the corruption) is being run by team of administrators appointed by the Supreme Court. They are struggling with the existing management making all attempts to disrupt the process. For the everything the administrators are running to the court for direction. With the court already burdened with cases, one day may put up its hand and say hell with reforms. These corrupt guys who run these organisation never let go as their entire social status and living depend on it. After all where will 70+ will get to have fun without working.

  2. Norman14

    There’s now a REAL possibility that the Committee investigating potential corruption (under the chairmanship of Damian Collins MP), is being quashed. I have exchanged emails with my local MP who in turn made enquiries of DCMS. The outcome is quite alarming.

    I’ll write it up as an article, because it is probably to lengthy to include as a comment.

  3. Leon

    Glad you eventually got some response from your MP etc.

  4. Hunter13

    tony lives in another dimension…

    i guess he is still fond of grahams supreme’s coaching ability tying them in rope to keep the offside line (haaaa)…or having to pick tony up from pubs and clinics/rehabs to play…

    yeah..fuck that french dude who saved him from alcohol somehow and extended his career…what kind of coaching/management you call that? pathetic….

  5. Hunter13

    so the coach who can spot and plan/develop players from ages 16 to 36…not as good as tony

    i mean….wtf im so confused

    ill go ask George weah what he thinks 🙂 🙂

  6. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    Tony Adams criticism alleging that Le Prof is not essentially a coach and wouldn’t want his feathers ruffled has resulted in his not been offered a senior coaching job role at Arsenal.

    Well, it will be good to know if Le Prof has not obtained the requisite standard class coaching licence that qualified him to coach Arsenal when he arrived there as the Gunners boss? If he has this licence when he took Arsenal manager’s job, then, what is Tony Adams talking about then? I think for more clarity, let him expantiate.

    Furthermore, if Tony Adams is the Arsenal manager in the hot seat of Le Prof, would he likes his feathers ruffled? Would he wants he managerial authority undermined or subverted by his assistant? No incumbent leader will tolerate his authority as the boss to be underrated by his second in command. Both the boss and his assistant usually works as a team with the assistant limiting himself to the responsibilities assigned to him by his boss. but of course he can advice his boss on certain matters that warranted advising. I don’t think any Premier League coach will tolerate any unconstructive criticism of himself by his assistant. Talk less of to be publicly criticized by his assistant. For, that will be tantamount to subversion with intent to overthrow.

  7. colario

    Feliz cumpleaños Manuel Almunia (40 today.)

  8. Norman14

    Grimsby Town had 3 Managers this season – two white and one mixed race. So they are probably ahead of most clubs, when it comes to diversity.

    The FA is another matter – maybe they think appointing somebody to their Council, who is under the age of 80, as being diverse!

  9. John L

    I echo Colario’s good wishes to Manuel Almunia.

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