‘Ere we go again: Tottenham v Arsenal

Tonight is the Land of Make Believe against the Team of the Future.

Or put it another way, the Even Tinier Totts against Arsenal Reserves.  Except that being the Totts they don’t believe in usijng the Reserves for up and coming youth players, largely because they don’t have up and coming youth players.   This itself is probably due to the fact that they change their manager each year so they have no development programme.

So the Totts are reputed to be putting out six internationals in their team tonight – against our bunch of 18 year olds.   So it is best not to dwell on recent results either for our Reserves (they can’t score in case you don’t follow the lads), or indeed the Women’s team.

Best to focus on tonight – it is on Arsenal TV if you can’t or refuse to make it to the Orient (at least I think it is the Orient).

Which reminds me of the old days outside Highbury.   Men would stand in the streets calling out details of the ticket availability if you fancied paying ten times the odds for a view of the gunners.  A common call was “Seats in the East”.

And when you had paid your £100 he’d slip you a ticket for Leyton Orient against Hartlepool.

Anyway we can hope for a repeat of the Yoof Cup game rather than what has been going on in the League.

They’ve got Perry Groves on the Arsenal channel tonight.  He’s got a new book out which has been co-written by the father or the boyfriend of the daughter of my best mate.  How about that for a link?

Oh one other thing.  David Bentley is playing.  But we don’t have Jack Wilshere.

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