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June 2021

José Mourinho on Twitter in March, “Chelsea will win the FA Cup. Spurs will win the title.”

By Tony Attwood, floating somewhere in the wide blue yonder…

I got a bit of stick for my chart published in the early hours of this morning showing number of victors of the FA Cup and not including Arsenal.   I’ll re do it at the end of this little piece with Arsenal included.

One of the great things for those of us who support the manager and the team and have supported both the manager and the team all these years, is that yesterday and today we can be happy, delirious, ecstatic, bizarre, crazy, arm-waving, shouting, joyous, cheerful, exuberant, jubilant, merry, upbeat, delighted, glad, gleeful, jocular, jolly, mirthful, pleased, and spirited.

And the anti-Wengerians and their chums in the media who have fought against Mr Wenger for years and years can be miserable, gloomy, sad, tragic, wretched, afflicted, anguished, crestfallen, dejected, desolate, despairing, despondent, destroyed, disconsolate, discontented, distressed, doleful, melancholy, hurt, forlorn, downcast, rueful, sorrowful and above all woebegone.

And which is better?  Which has given a brighter outlook?  Which has made one’s own life better?  Which makes today and tomorrow and the next day better?

That really is quite a big part of all this.  One group are now fed up and can’t join in the celebrations, despite supposedly being Arsenal supporters, and another group can really try and recover from yesterday in a feeling of positivity.

Here’s what Mr Wenger said:

“You can see from today that we are a good side that can get better still with a little strengthening, I spend every minute of my season with commitment to this club. I refused to give up hope and so did my team. That’s what makes me so proud, and if I am still here next season I will have the same attitude.”

Mr Wenger also insisted Arsenal only need one or two players of the highest quality, but they must be mentally as well as physically strong.

Of course the media had done everything possible before the game to ensure that doom and gloom settled over Arsenal and all of the support.

Watch Arsenal Live Streams With

The Metro, before the match, chimed in with, “Who will Chelsea face in the Community Shield?” in the foregone conclusion that Chelsea would win the double.

Paul Merson’s FA Cup final prediction on Sky was, “Chelsea set for comfortable win over Arsenal”  And in the Star he said, “This is why Chelsea will beat Arsenal in FA Cup Final.”

Bleacher was its usual insulting self, writing, “It’s tempting to say Arsenal are still Arsenal, except that’s not the case anymore. Long since reconciled to the fact they are Ringo Starr, the least fabulous of the Fab Four, they now have to deal with being Pete Best.”

The Express: “Chelsea will win it inside 90 minutes and complete a historic double.”  Apart from being wrong I in its prediction I am not sure how that would have been historic, given that it would only have made it two doubles for Chelsea, with Arsenal still having three and Mr W two.

Club Number of FAC / League Doubles
Arsenal 3
Arsenal Wenger 2
Manchester United 2
Chelsea 1
Tottenham Hot 1
Liverpool 1
Preston North End 1
Aston Villa 1

Moving on Sporting Life, which tells its readers how to make money out of gambling, gave us, “Back Chelsea to beat Arsenal, without the need for extras. The best team in the country should be too good for a weakened version of the fifth.  Prediction: Chelsea 3-1 Arsenal”

Tribal football chimed in with “Chelsea boss Antonio Conte says passion more than any tactics will be key to beating Arsenal in the FA Cup final tomorrow.”  Maybe he was right.

Michael Owen on HITC wrote, “I can’t get away from Chelsea.”

Football Fancast had: “Mark Lawrenson predicts Chelsea will beat Arsenal in FA Cup final,” which really should have been enough to warn them that Arsenal would win.

And just to show it was world wide DNA India told us in simple terms: “Chelsea will win FA Cup”.

And I have been waiting to offer you this from a Mr José Mourinho on Twitter back in March, for quite a long time which is why I also made it the headline. “Chelsea will win the FA Cup. Spurs will win the title.”

And last and very much least, The Express went with “Eden Hazard says FA Cup win over Arsenal will send warning to rivals.”

After the game Mr Wenger said, “I’m proud having done this – winning the championship without losing and winning seven FA Cups,” and so he should be.

Here’s a couple of other little bits.   Olivier Giroud had been on the pitch for 38 seconds when he put in the pass for Ramsey.  Xhaka made 73 passes, 64 finding a team mate.  And on the BBC website Per Mertesacker was given a rating of 9 out of 10 with the comment, “Seen as Arsenal’s weakest link because of his lack of game time but was a rock at the back. Dominated in the air and made some vital blocks.”

As they said, he had just started his first game for Arsenal in 392 days with the site adding, “this was a win and a performance that demonstrated Wenger can still win major trophies, can still produce a game plan to beat the best in the Premier League, and can still provide some sort of answer to those who believe he is the man who changed the face of English football but is reluctant to change himself.”

Finally, here is that promised table from last night with Arsenal added in relation to FA Cup wins.

Club Wins First final won Last final won Runners-up Last final lost Total finals
Arsenal 13 1930 2017 7 2001 20
Man Utd 12 1909 2016 7 2007 19
Tottenham 8 1901 1991 1 1987 9
Arsène Wenger  7  1998 2017  2001 
Liverpool 7 1965 2006 7 2012 14
Chelsea 7 1970 2012 5 2017 12
Aston Villa 7 1887 1957 4 2015 11
Newcastle 6 1910 1955 7 1999 13
Blackburn 6 1884 1928 2 1960 8
Everton 5 1906 1995 8 2009 13
Man City 5 1904 2011 5 2013 10
West Brom 5 1888 1968 5 1935 10

Now, does anyone know where Planet Earth has gone?


Early hours thoughts: It is such a shame that the FA Cup is not a trophy, because…

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The referee: Arsenal v Chelsea Cup Final 27 May 2017 – The Match Officials. Expect rough stuff and false penalties.

39 comments to José Mourinho on Twitter in March, “Chelsea will win the FA Cup. Spurs will win the title.”

  • Florian

    Planet Earth has gone nowhere, Tony, gunners across the whole world celebrated the win. Or, at least back in Seattle, as well as here in Romania, where I happen to be at the moment.

  • Josif

    Excellent piece, Tony. I was feeling pessimistic about the final before I saw Merson’s prediction. That one filled up me with hope.

    Since Arsene Wenger’s arrival, he has managed to complete not just two but five different doubles:

    1997-98 – Premier League and FA Cup,

    2001-02 – Premier League and FA Cup,

    2002-03 – Charity Shield and FA Cup,

    2004-05 – Charity Shield and FA Cup,

    2014-15 – Community Shield and FA Cup.

    Now, I know that some people disregard Charity/Community Shield as a trophy but I will defend my point of view that it is an English version of Supercup and, therefore, a legitimate trophy. A minor one but still a trophy as the game is played under the iurisdiction of the Football Association. That’s why I was over the moon when we won Charity Shield in 1998-99 and 1999-2000, both times over Manchester United (3:0 and 2:1 respectively), in 2002-03 over Liverpool (Gilberto’s first ever appearance and a goal for Arsenal), in 2004-05 over Manchester United (3:1), in 2014-15 over Manchester City (3:0) and in 2015-16 over Chelsea (1:0).

    And, guess what? By beating Chelsea yesterday, we didn’t just earn a chance to win another trophy in this calendar year. No, we also denied a chance for Spuds to win one as they would have played Chelsea if Conte’s side had completed a double yesterday.

    The funniest bit of statistics: Arsenal won twice as many games at Wembley in 2016-17 as Spuds did.

    No, the funniest bit of statistics: Arsene Wenger has won three league titles and 7 FA Cups (10 major domestic trophies) with Arsenal which is the same number of major domestic trophies Spuds have ever won (two league titles and 8 FA Cups).

  • Chris

    Hi Tony,

    like you I am in big blue yonder, yet I could not express it as well as you do.
    Here on lake Geneva, the sky is blue and the sun is shinning
    Yet high above I can confirm same is true…

    I feel we are missing a couple a players – considering Wilshere, Cazorla and Chambers are coming back and will be fit.
    Starting places are going to be even more expensive
    And this Schalke 04 player, if it turns out true, is the perfect player to slot-into the left side of our field and get groomed to replace Montreal over a couple of seasons.

    And when I think of Per, whatever people say, he is exactly what is meant by ‘having a dept chart’ or ‘having a deep bench’.

  • Just watched the match again on TV.

    Guess what.

    We still won, even in the replay. How rare is that.

  • Peter

    Thank you. So tired of the self promoting Arsenal “fans” who undermine the team during games. Can neither stand nor respect them. The “supporters” at the “Moaner” (Mooner?) and the Editor should be ashamed for tacitly endorsing and encouraging such behaviour. Disgraceful.

  • Chris

    Just thinking about all these comments online and in papers
    So, AW and AFC had their worst season in 2 decades
    Yet they won a trophy and have a chance at a second one

    How’s that for a bad season ?
    Guess there are thousands of Pool!, City and Spurs fans wo would trade anything for this….
    Yet anly Arsenal (socalled) fans can be so ‘sour’

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Bet on this – Das moaner will not complete his contract !

  • Brickfields Gunners

    And AKBs will be blamed for the board not sacking AW .
    Guilty , M’lud !

  • Peter Silverton

    Big fucking German on TV: ‘Not bad, isn’t it.’

  • Chris

    By the way, unless my count is wrong, this is trophy 26 for AW in 20 years at Arsenal.
    Go beat that aaa.

    And reading all the comments saying Chelsea forgot to show up….well, basically maybe it was just Arsenal stealing their show.

  • blacksheep

    I hoped for a win but expected we’d lose. Given that we were playing without a tried and tested defence, with a ‘dodgy’ keeper in goal and (most important) with one of the biggest cheats in the game as referee.

    I have eat humble pie this morning along with all the pundits Tony cites above. From the kick off to the final whistle that team was superb. On it from the start, fast moving, solid. The BFG looked like he’d been playing that system for years instead of for the very first time, Holding looked like veteran of cup finals, and how good was Monreal?!

    Ramsey and Xhaka bossed the centre – Kante and Matic were helpless. Hazard was innocuous thanks to Per’s brilliant positioning. If I’m being critical Ospiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnaaaaa should have saved Costa’s shot and we should have taken the chances to put it to bed earlier.

    But hey, 2-1 has a nice ring to it.

    I said yesterday that this might be seen as Arsene’s tactical swan song (if he leaves) and there was certainly a sense that the team did it for him. I’ve no idea how the board meeting will go on Tuesday but I will respect the decision whatever it is. I shall be renewing my ST next week regardless.

    Not that there was any doubt about that, after all its Tony’s round 🙂

  • blacksheep

    and a word for Anthony Taylor – well two words – well played

  • Josif

    “By the way, unless my count is wrong, this is trophy 26 for AW in 20 years at Arsenal.”

    3 league titles

    7 FA Cups

    6 Charity/Community Shields



  • Leon

    Re Taylor, Absolutely! He wasn’t perfect, but got all the important calls right. I’m going to watch it all again soon and will note the rights & wrongs, but think the only bad ones were the booking of Holden and not booking Costa for taking a kick at him early in the game. Missed Coquelines foul, so will be watching for that also.
    Some of the regulars here will never agree, but he was OK on the day.

  • Nitram


    At the risk of sounding petty I’m still not sure Taylor had that good a game.

    Yes, a couple of decisions went our way but honestly, could he of missed that dive? Hardly, and once he’d seen it for what it was a yellow card was obligatory, as was the ensuing Red.

    As for our first goal.

    Did he see the hand ball? Was it a hand ball anyway? Ball to hand? Hand to ball?

    I’m sure if he’d seen it, and it wasn’t obvious in real time I will say that, I’m sure he’d of given it.

    As for allowing the goal to stand, as far as the currant way the ‘interfering with play’ rule is applied he made the correct call. It was an easy call to make.

    Apart from those I thought he was poor.

    We got the usual bookings for the slightest transgression, whilst Chelsea where allowed to foul us at will, for a long time before picking up there first card.

    I’m not saying he was terrible but our boys played so well. Where so disciplined. They gave him very little opportunity to be so.

  • Jammy J

    I do not think that Taylor should be congratulated for doing his job properly. Apart from those two decisions that went our way (and rightfully so), he was up to his old tricks for the rest of the game.

  • Knobby

    Something is wrong with the CL qualifications when a team that fails to make the top four and fails to qualify for the CL knockout stages gets a place, yet the team that qualified, finishes above them in the League and wins the FA cup doesn’t.
    Hardly a league for champions…

  • Hi Berry

    Tony, it’s a shame you choose to stereotype Arsenal fans into those that support the manager and are therefore ecstatically happy this morning and those that wish for change as being downcast and miserable. Splitting the fan-base into a simplistic ‘black or white’ with no shades of grey in between is somewhat lazy and only fuels and panders to the many ‘Wenger-can-do-no-wrong’ contributors to this site.

    I doubt that there are any Arsenal supporters who do not feel an immense feeling of pride in the way the team stood up manfully yesterday and played as if their lives depended on it.There were outstanding performances all over the pitch with Welbeck setting the tone early on and Monreal, Mertesacker (who should have been MOM), Holding and Sanchez all catching the eye…a team performance that brought back memories of how the team used to play in the manager’s first decade at the helm: resilience, pace, heart and skill were all on show.

    I have to admit it was one of only a few Arsenal performances over the past five years or so that had me purring in delight and the question that follows is: where are these type of performances when the chips are down in January, February and March? Whether you want Wenger to stay or go the inconsistency is what drives so many supporters mad.

    I don’t expect Arsenal to win everything in sight year after year but given our resources I do expect more performances along the lines of yesterday…in fact I would go so far as to say that even had we lost and gone down playing the way we did I would not have been unhappy – and I would imagine that is a similar viewpoint of many Arsenal fans.

  • Scuba

    Jose Mourinho does nor have a verified Twitter account.

  • Nitram

    Hi Berry

    1) “but given our resources”

    Which still in no way come anywhere near those of Manchester Uniteds, Manchester Cities and Chelseas.

    Our ‘resources’, where virtually zero for 10 years whilst those 3 where spending a net £30 to £50 Million each per season, yet I didn’t see anyone cutting us any slack then, did you?

    And those 3 are pretty much the only teams that have achieved more than us, even taking into account our baron years.

    Yet when it comes to Spurs, they have one season where they finish above us, in a Champions League spot, and we’re supposed to fall over ourselves in admiration at how they have done it on so little money.

    They still won zip and they’ve still won just ONE League cup in God knows how long?

    2)”where are these type of performances when the chips are down in January, February and March”

    Where have they been for Liverpool and Spurs these last TEN years ?

    Every team has bad matches and patches every year, or else they’d be winning everything.

    What about some of Cities and Liverpools disastrous home performances this season?

    What about Liverpools and Spur’s capitulations at Palace, Chelsea and West Ham when the chips where down?

    So where does this assertion come from that it’s only Arsenal that have these bad days, bad patches? The fact is everyone has them it’s just that when we have them it’s all blown ridiculously out of proportion. Arsenal in crisis. Arsenal in meltdown. yada yada yada.

    And as for this:

    3)”…in fact I would go so far as to say that even had we lost and gone down playing the way we did I would not have been unhappy – and I would imagine that is a similar viewpoint of many Arsenal fans.”

    Are you being serious?

    If you believe that then I think you really are deluded. Have you not heard the abuse being hurled at the manager and the players these last few weeks, weeks over which we have lost just one game.

    Have you not seen the banners?

    Did you miss those planes flying over the stadiums?

    We’ve put in some great performances these last few weeks and the abuse hasn’t abated at all. In fact if anything it’s got worse.

    Sorry, but you really are living in cuckoo land if you think that simply putting in a performance like that and losing, would of appeased the aaa’s.

    I Haven’t noticed many of them coming on here suggesting that maybe they where wrong after all, have you?

  • Scuba


    The way to quiet the unhappy folks, myself included, is to play like we did yesterday more often. I’ve loved the way we’ve looked of late. I loved the end of last season, as well. The problem is that we always seem to go through a 3-4 month stretch of godawful play where we lose touch with the leaders, and that great finish is just helping us to finish in a respectable place.

    It looks as if Wenger will be back, and I’m more than skeptical about that decision, but if we come out ready to play early this season (for a change), and don’t spend two months looking like a midtable side during the campaign, I’ll change my tune, and I’d guess many others will too.

    A nice finishing run on a bad season isn’t enough for me, though. We don’t have to win a title to make it a good season, just don’t take two months off during the middle of it anymore.

  • blacksheep

    happy to concede that Taylor remains and awful ref, and that he wasn’t that good yesterday. However, he did send Moses off and award the goal when on other occasions in the league I’ve seen him avoid ‘helping’ us like that. So, perhaps did what was obvious to do, perhaps he had an eye on not being seen (by millions) to be the cheat he is.
    Either way, I am just happy

  • Nitram


    “The problem is that we always seem to go through a 3-4 month stretch of godawful play”

    No we don’t. That is a gross exaggeration that only goes to highlight exactly what I’m saying.

    4 months is almost half the season for pities sake. If you need to exaggerate like that it suggests to me your argument is on very dodgy ground.

    Like every other club we have a bad patch and bad matches, no one can deny that. But so does every other club, and given that only 3 Clubs, the aforementioned ‘big money’ Clubs, tend to do better than us, it suggests to me that all the others have even worse ‘patches’, it’s just there ‘supporters’ don’t make the fuss ours do and start flying planes over there stadium, or arranging marches out the front of it, or hold start banners up inside it.

  • ron de jonge

    Very very nice Tony! Nitram I agree 100%

  • Zuruvi

    Thanks Tony. Great article.

    In Wenger we trust.

  • Hi Berry

    Nitram…as per usual a reasonably neutral post becomes vilified and picked apart using spurious examples to make your case stand up against what to most are the overwhelming signs that Arsenal are generally not competing at the level they were ten or twelve years ago. And yes, I do realise that the heights we reached in those wonderful ten years prior to that were the result of Arsene Wenger’s influence. Some of that success was based on what he inherited (and that includes the fighting spirit of the back four/five along with the peerless Dennis Bergkamp and the prolific Ian Wright) and some was based on being in the right place at the right time when French football was on the verge of bringing through a plethora of wonderful players.

    Are you saying our resources aren’t/weren’t substantial? During the stadium build I seem to recall a famous quote along the lines of Fiszman stating that if Arsene wanted £100m he could have it and Wenger replying that if given the said £100m he would hand it back. To state our resources were zero for ten years is a little wide of the mark. Money was available but the two experienced heads that were needed in key positions weren’t bought season after season in order not to ‘kill’ the young players that were being used. I may be wrong – if I am I would be glad to see your definitive breakdown of the club’s finances showing us to be penniless.

    Sorry, but I wasn’t aware that I stated Arsenal are the only team that have bad days. What I said, if you only had the time to read it properly and digest it without your own ‘Arsenal in crisis/meltdown yadayadayada’ viewpoint is that the performance yesterday was the sort of fighting and manly performance that those of us who have supported Arsenal since the days of Bertie Mee associate with the privilege of wearing the famous shirt. Anyone watching that game yesterday could not help but look at that performance and think they were watching the Arsenal of twelve or fifteen years ago. Sadly, those types of performances are few and far between these days. All teams have off days – those that make a serious challenge for the title have fewer of them. Personally I don’t care whether Liverpool, Tottenham or Timbuktu Rovers have bad days -and don’t think Arsenal’s failings should be compared to them – the point I was making is that if the team can pull a performance like that out of the fire against the Champions (and City in the semi) it’s a complete mystery why they capitulate so easily in some other games.

    And yes, I am being serious. I honestly believe the major gripe amongst fans with Wenger is what appears to be his unwillingness to change his modus operandi…his emphasis on attacking play when there are times to stop pushing forward and shut up shop….the slow, slow, slow,slow, slow build up play when most of his earlier teams played with a devastating cut and thrust that would see the ball transferred from defence to an attempt on goal in a matter of seconds. Arsenal used to be thrilling to watch, but these past few seasons the moments that take your breath away have become fewer and fewer. If Wenger were able to get the team playing with the same passion we saw at Wembley during the long slog of the PL season instead of some of the putrid and spineless performances we have witnessed over the past few seasons there would not be the somewhat toxic atmosphere.

    Despite what you think, I maintain that fans want to see their team giving 100% week in, week out and yes, sometimes you are going to have a bad day and lose but the stupidity of some of the players who don’t remain focused for 90 minutes is inexcusable. There’s no disgrace in losing gloriously and had that been the case yesterday I would have thought more of the team than I did following the 2005 win.

    Nitram, it’s fairly obvious that you and I have differing views on the way forward for Arsenal. If Wenger could guarantee the same level of commitment and application for the team next season as was on display yesterday I would be more than happy to see him in charge next season. Trouble is, though, that recent history suggests he will be unable to do so. The 2014 win against Hull was supposed to be the ice-breaker that heralded in a new era in which Arsenal would be challenging for the top prizes once again, but sadly the ‘same old, same old’ scenario has played out each season since….and therein lies the growing dissatisfaction. If you think those wanting change are going to come on here and say they were wrong I think you, to use the description you used for me, are the deluded one and rather implies that you are ‘right’ in the first place. If Wenger stays and wins the PL next season then I think you would have a stronger case to ask for apologies from the doubters, but that’s a very big ‘if’.

    Yesterday’s win was brilliant, but, as has been proved so consistently over the past few years, ‘One swallow does not make a summer’.

  • Pat

    Great article, Tony!

  • Nitram

    Hi Berry

    “Yesterday’s win was brilliant, but, as has been proved so consistently over the past few years, ‘One swallow does not make a summer’.”

    Maybe not, but 5 surely do, because actually it’s 3 FA Cup wins and 2 Community Shield wins.

    I think that’s more of a ‘flock’ wouldn’t you say.

    Whatever you said in the preceding 600 words or so is completely undermined by the fact you seem perfectly happy to dismiss 4 trophies out of hand in an effort to make your point.

  • Menace

    28/05/2017 at 11:38 am

    Good summary. I was at the game & saw the pseudo fouls & card distribution. I am vociferous & call it as I see it. The flag for the first goal was absolutely right. The assistant saw a player in an off side position. The call by Taylor was also right. The player that was off side did not become active even after addressing the ball. Every player addresses the ball on its way off the pitch for a goal kick, but that doesn’t mean they played it.

  • Menace

    Hi Berry – you may know something about football but you do not understand half of what Wenger is. He is not only a student of the game but is also a diplomat. He is very astute in his choice of words & his response to the media. He is not always right but is close to being right most of the times.

    His success is not measured in trophies but in club worth. It includes the infrastructure & culture that he created with his business acumen. These two words ‘business acumen’ are rare in football management. You will easily find GREED but rarely find generous honest love for a club by its manager. Wenger is special & the fans who dislike his methods or his position can (in proper words that they understand) fuck off.

    I have renewed my season ticket & will cancel or donate it should Wenger not be here next season.

    Players are not so important. This manager is.

  • ARSENAL 13

    Did anyone see FA tunnel cam?

    Mertesacker tells Keown, dont write me off yet.

    Love Per Mertesacker. One of the best defenders in the world. Probably, last of the real defenders. Holding and Chambers look like him, Hope they learn the art of real defending from him…..

  • MickHazel

    ARSENAL 13
    I really hope Per Mertesacker stays at Arsenal, I think he has the potential to be our manager in a few years time. He is an embryo Arsene Wenger I think.

  • Hi Berry

    Nitram…yet again you attribute something to me that I did not write…if you could point out where I dismissed three/four FA Cup wins I would be most enlightened. Are you seriously calling the ‘traditional pre-season curtain raiser’ friendly a trophy? One could argue that by including Charity Shield wins you are trying your hardest to ‘big-up’ the trophy haul when in reality it is nothing more than a showpiece match with which teams attempt to fine-tune players and systems.

    Once again you select one quote from my post and somehow draw a completely fatuous conclusion based upon your own pre-set viewpoint and then extrapolate it to fit your pre-ordained agenda that anyone who has the temerity to suggest change at the club might be needed.

    To recap, for the hard of hearing and dull of mind, my point in both posts centre on the inconsistency of performances that are served up across the whole of a ten month season. As such ‘one swallow does not make a summer’ refers to Saturday’s brilliant performance when placed in context against the normal run-of-the-mill performances in the league.

    At least this time you refrained from abusing me by calling me deluded. Perhaps when you have put in the equivalent number of hours spent standing on the North Bank and watching from the West Upper you might have a bit more respect for others opinions.

    Menace…I was wondering when you might wade into this. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at your comment. Once again a poster on this site is privy to the inner workings of my mind. Apparently, I do not know half of what Wenger is. Thanks for enlightening me….you, of course, have a complete understanding of the man. Is ‘business acumen’ the prime requisite for a football manager these days…well, strike me down with a feather – there was me thinking the job was to train and motivate the group of football players at your disposal to perform to the best of their ability week in, week out.

    So supporters of thirty, forty, fifty years can ‘fuck off’ (such a charming invitation) if they don’t like the manager’s methods can they? Unfortunately, for your argument, you have let slip your true colours right at the end….if Wenger isn’t manager next season you will cancel or ‘donate’ (how magnanimous) your season ticket. A true supporter of Arsenal Football club aren’t you. If Wenger is given a new contract,and given his age, you probably only have a few more years ‘supporting’ Arsenal before you need to find another team. Better start searching soon. By the way, if his contract isn’t renewed could you please donate your season ticket to me?

  • Hi Berry

    Apologies, interrupted halfway through…..’that anyone who has the temerity to suggest change at the club is somehow less of a ‘supporter’ than yourself’.

  • Hi Berry this is completely unfair.

    “Once again a poster on this site is privy to the inner workings of my mind,” is my line. I have used it at least 100 times in responding to anti-Wengerians. I’m clearly going to have to consult the Statute of Anne (1709) the Copyright Act (1911) and the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 for suitable redress

  • jjgsol

    Is it possible that everyone may be right, even if only partially?

    Clearly something was wrong over the period of a few weeks when we lost game after game.

    AW himself hinted to it, but did not clarify.

    Footballers are human, so they are affected by the sort of problems, physical and psychological that affect everyone.

    When confidence is high, even mediocre players and teams can excel, hence Leicester last year, and when confidence is low, then even great teams can fail.

    There can have been many different elements that seem to have all come together during that period, which combined to produce the poor performances that brought about that string of losses.

    But then, AW and his staff, seem to have found the spark to reverse the downward spiral.

    What it was, we may never be told, but whatever it was it worked slowly but surely to produce the wonderful performance yesterday.

    All problems have not been solved and their being able to keep it up for a whole season is a pipe dream.

    But it gives both them, the club and us the supporters an indication as to what is possible and what to work towards.

    The nastiness and spite that was directed to AW and some of the players is most likely to have been a strong element in creating the problem.

    I left visiting one really good blogg simply because it was getting totally out of hand and with no rhyme or reason to it.

    Let us all have a point of view and put it forward as forcefully as we like, but subject to limits of decency and reasonableness.

    AW hit it on the head when he said that, no matter how the fans might feel about him or some of the players, the moment the game starts, we must all be behind the time,100

  • Nitram

    Hi Berry

    “Yesterday’s win was brilliant, but, as has been proved so consistently over the past few years, ‘One swallow does not make a summer’.”

    So what is that supposed to mean?

    I’m assuming, and I think it’s a perfectly fair assumption, that you’re making an analogy between a ‘Swallow’ and the FA CUP win, and if not I think it best you explain exactly what this ‘One Swallow’ is then.

    But until you inform me otherwise that’s what I’ll assume, in which case, it’s not ONE Swallow at all is it.

    In case you forgot we won the FA Cup and Community shield in 2014.

    Using your analogy I make that 2 Swallows.

    We also won the FA Cup and the Community Shield in 2015.

    That’s 2 more Swallows

    Using your analogy I make that 5 Swallows, hence my poor attempt at humour with the ‘flock’ reference.

    But it seems it’s my mistake you are actually dismissing all those trophies as meaningless.

    I happen think 5 trophies in 4 years, with another possible trophy in August, to be a very good achievement.

    You sound to me like you do not.

    I think 5 trophies in 4 years, following 9 years without a trophy to be a massive step forward.

    You sound to me like you do not.

    I think ‘expecting’ us to out perform teams in the league with the financial power of Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea, to be completely un realistic. This is not to say you cannot hope for it, or even think we can do it, but to ‘EXPECT’ it ?

    You sound to me like you do not.

    Fine, we’ll have to agree to disagree.

  • Nitram


    The silence is deafening.

    Season 15-16

    Total Lost 7

    Just 3 from the NY onwards:

    Jan 24th
    Feb 28th
    Mar 2nd

    Season 14-15

    Total Lost 7

    Just 3 from the NY onwards:

    Jan 1st
    Feb 7th
    May 17th

    Season 13-14

    Total Lost 7

    4 from NY onwards:

    Feb 8th
    Mar 1st
    Mar 22nd
    April 6th

    Season 12-13

    Total lost 7

    Just 3 from NY onwards:

    13th Jan
    20th Jan
    3rd Mar

    Can I humbly suggest none of the above supports your notion that:

    “The problem is that we always seem to go through a 3-4 month stretch of godawful play”

    But, I’m very patient, I can wait for you to assemble your facts to support exactly what you meant. I assume that’s what you’re doing or else you would of put your hands up by now and admitted that perhaps you we’re exaggerating a wee bit.

  • Ben

    The media and the pundits were quite positive when i was watching the BBC except for the Sanchez goal. I see it as revenge for Alonso’s goal and Bellerin was tormenting Alonso all day.

    When Moses dive they actually were for him diving and when Conte said it was due to him being tired it was a poor excuse from the manager