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June 2021

It is such a shame that the FA Cup is not a trophy, because…

by Tony Attwood

A shame because quite a few of those people who were at the stadium yesterday rather thought it a jolly experience, and worth going.

Anyway, below is a list of wins of the FA Cup.

Club Wins First final won Last final won
Manchester United 12 1909 2016
Tottenham Hotspur 8 1901 1991
Arsene Wenger 7 1998 2017
Liverpool 7 1965 2006
Chelsea 7 1970 2012
Aston Villa 7 1887 1957
Newcastle United 6 1910 1955
Blackburn Rovers 6 1884 1928
Everton 5 1906 1995
Manchester City 5 1904 2011

I feel rather sorry for the Wenger haters who proclaim themselves to be Arsenal supporters who are completely unable to share the happiness some of us feel this morning.

But I feel sure there are a few of us who might have enjoyed yesterday, and might also find a little pleasure in the chart above.

Quite jolly I think.

More when I have had some sleep.  (It’s currently approaching 1.30am).


40 comments to It is such a shame that the FA Cup is not a trophy, because…

  • Good one. I thought you were a hater at first when I read the title.

  • para

    Wonderful performance today, we won, and these kind of performances we want to see, passion, determination and the will to WIN the game every week.

  • Josif

    Brilliant victory and arguably the best performance of the season!

    Rob Holding, the future of Arsenal, and Per Mertesacker, the today of Arsenal, were fantastic. Aaron Ramsey scored the cup-winner again and it was again after Olivier Giroud’s assist. David Ospina may have been at fault for Costa’s goal but made two-three spectacular saves. Granit Xhaka gave his best performance for Arsenal. All players that have been questioned and all players that delivered.

    Special mention for Alexis – his 30th goal of the season and fourth goal at Wembley in five matches. The only time he didn’t score was that Community Shield game v Man City. Five matches – five victories. Sign him up, Arsene!

    I’m just worried that Arsene used words “if the club buy one or two good players, they…” instead of “if we buy one or two good players, we can win the league”.

    A really long week is ahead of us. To half-quote Oscar Wilde: “This suspense is terrible.”

  • scott (ArsEnaL_LyFa)

    love the f.a cups winning table but would’ve liked to have seen arsenal included as well on top were we belong and interested to know when our first cup win was.

  • Goonereris

    That chart above says it all. No manager achieves such dominance of the cup without being something of a genius. Arsene has been committed to the club and upheld (even enhance) its values, over the years. The least he deserves is some respect.

    What a performance he got from the boys yesterday. Bravo!

  • Ndacyayisenga Vedaste

    Are you satisfied by the FA cup? Disgraceful! Other clubs are battling to be good in Europe but you so called Arsenal fans are more than satisfied by fifth place and FA cup. You are not Arsenal fans but Arsene fans. Wenger Out means Out

  • John Shammane

    Yes, Arsenal and Arsene had won the most FA cup. If Arsene were to leave the club this summer ( to meet the demand of Arsenal Fan’s Club) at least he is leaving with pride and with positive mark. I don’t mind Arsene leave the club so that WE the Fan Club can influence the Board to get the manager we want. Yes! we will have a new manager next season who can deliver better than arsene. We want to win PL, CL, FA.

  • colario

    Club wins
    Arsenal 13

    I can’t believe you didn’t include the above in your list of winners.

    For me all Cup final wins are special as I am sure they are for everyone one else when their team win it.

    However three of Arsenal’s wins are ‘special’ for me.

    1971 v looserpool 2-1 after waiting years and years to be a supporter of the FA Cup winning team.

    1979 v manure 3-2 because it was against manure.

    And this one. Arsene has done so much for Arsenal that giving Arsene the unequalled record is a way of saying:

    ‘Thank you Arsene.’

    Would you believe it the first caller on BBC’s 606 wanted Arsene to leave!

    The manager brings you the FA Cup and your way of saying ‘thank you’ is ‘get out!’

    Three more years!
    Please Arsene.

  • Well done Tony. Well deservedvictory. Wenger and his team of “average players” took a whole plane and rammed it down a few throats, banner and all. That would be enough to chew till the start of the next season.

    We keep telling them but they wont listen. This man (AW) has no equal in English football, and this team are good enough for the EPL. They just need a little tweak here and there.

    See how they made the almighty, all conquering Chelsea look so ordinary, flatterred by the 2-1 scoreline. Cant wait to see them humiliated in the Champions League next season, while we bring home the Europa. Poetic justice….

    Who says gloating is wrong?

  • The problem is John, that manager whom you crave might have taken a look at the behaviour of the media and some Arsenal fans and might decide to go somewhere else.

  • Ndac – one of the many amusing things about the people who want Mr Wenger to leave is that they believe that they are accurate mind readers. I am not sure what in my early morning post made you think I was satisfied.

    Tell you what, if you get offered a job as a mind reader in a circus, just make sure payment is not dependent on accuracy.

  • robl

    @John, who is that manager? Where will the money come from?

  • Chris

    Well Arsene’s now got 3 records that I believe will stand a long time :

    – invincible season
    – 49 games unbeaten streak (was disgusting to read the press about Chelsea’ so called unbeaten streak this season….)
    – 7 FA cups

    I do wonder if the CL qualifications 19 times in a row has been bettered ? Maybe by Ferguson ? If not he’s got a 4th one

    As for next season, we ought to have Santi, Jack, Calumn coming back, we seem to have an excellent left back signed from Schalke 04. Maybe Lucas will get his chance to shine because I firmly believe that he is a 2 digit goalscorer. With that and probably another new forward, I like the perspectives

  • Chris

    Only Real Mad has beaten Arsenal in terms of consecutive CL qualifications, and they play in a two team league that has four qualifying spots.

  • Nitram


    “Would you believe it, the first caller on BBC’s 606 wanted Arsene to leave!”

    Yes, sadly I would. These people are truly pathetic.

    It has already been said but it bares repeating:

    In the last 4 years that’s 5 trophies and a runners up finish.

    What have Liverpool and Spurs won over that period? NOTHING

    In fact all we have from them is a grand total of just 2 trophies between them, 1 League Cup and 1 FA Cup, in the last 10 years, and yet it is us that are in crisis and those 2 we are all supposed to be fawning over.

    That sad individual sums up just how pathetic these aaa’s really are.

  • Chris

    Ndac, John,

    And how DARE you say you are a fan and have an opinion that should count for the owner ?!?! The first thing you lack is respect.

    I wonder if prospective new managers are reading you. I mean, they are supposed to come to Arsenal and win stuff. They expect the support of fans. Yet they read these fans bitterly wishing their coach of 20 years with a few records of winning stuff to his name would go ? They hear Arsene talk about playing at home in a HOSTILE environment (no wonder we played so well away this year….)

    They read fans angry after their club won the f….g FA CUP a third time in 4 years in front of probably more than a billion TV viewers ?
    They read fans agressive and unrespectful to a team who beat ALL odds ?
    They hear anout BBC putting on the air as first caller some jerk who minutes after the FA Cup win wants Wenger out ?!?!
    They see airplanes above the stadium with stupid messages. They hear TV commentators (or should I say harrassers) talking about a game which definitely must not be the same they just saw, they hear pundits just damn lying. They realise how the media is nurturing this anti-Arsenal movement. And they are far from stupid. And their wifes and kids are far from stupid : what Dad, you’ve got to be kidding me ?!?! Arsenal ? No way, I’m stying here in Madrid. I do not want my schoolmates to harass me all day, and I don’t want to read crap about you online or in the papers

    I mean would YOU be willing to work in such an environment ?!!?

    I do not know where you are from, but one thing I have found in 5 continents and more than 45 countries is that when wanting to be hired, I was shown positivity, I was given welcoming signs, I was projected in a positive project.

    anti-guys like you are just making any change more difficult and making the chances of success worse.

    But I guess logic will not change your hating ways and we’ll have to bear with you as this is a free society

    Get a life guys. City, Chelsea, Spurs, MU, Pool ar all shown on TV, they have a strong presence online, they have far bigger Arsenal hater communities where you will feel right at home, find lots of approving posts and will be stars with your opinions. Why not make yourselves a favor and move on be a fan who will have every reason to hate Arsenal because he’ll be a fan of another team ?

    And talking about Spurs, this Poschetino guy, what has he won since he came to WHL ?!?! Nothing, because as you’ve said for so long, 4th place is not a tropy. Maybe you ought to take a better look and help Spurs fans with your expertise. After all, over there, they are not known for keeping coaches very long and this coach is a total abject failure, considering the way you judge coaches, is it not right ?

    My sunday will be a nice one and I’m happy to know it will be better than all these haters.

    Have a nice sunday

  • Josif


    Ferguson’s Manchester United qualified for Champions League between 1995-96 and 2012-13. That’s 18 seasons in a row (meaning they played CL football between 1996-97 and 2013-14).

    Arsenal have the second best streak after the one of Real Madrid (1996-97 was the last season Los Merengues weren’t in the competition).

    Speaking of the next season, in my humble opinion, Arsenal should do this:

    1) sign a new contract with Arsene Wenger, making the whole uncertainty about his future go away,

    2) sign a new contract with Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil – you won’t find either a 30-goal player or a double-digit player in both goals & assists for the money you might have spared on their contracts; also, sign a new contract with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain because this was the season when that boy has become a man, doing whatever the manager asked him to do (right wing-back, left wing-back, right winger, central midfielder, left winger…);

    3) make a good buy or two that Arsene was mentioning last night – in order to do so, give the man the financial resources (if I may suggest two players in addition to Kolašinac – Aubameyang or Lukaku, as a striker who can form The Deadly Trident with Alexis and Ozil, and Fabinho, as a defensive midfielder who can also play as a right full-back),

    4) put a strong media campaign against PGMOL and their decisions in the league matches, provide video-evidences for their hundreds of mistakes to all media interested in publishing a story about the worst refereeing organization that the human kind has seen since the Italian one in the time of Calciopoli,

    5) make a strong pre-season preparation; there is no big international tournament (aside from that stupid Confederations Cup) next summer so our players should have more time to work with the manager on tactical, technical and physical aspects of the game,

    6) assess the state of Santi Cazorla’s health; he has missed around fifty league games in the last two seasons and each time our title challenge tailed off; if his fitness can’t be regained, make a specialized scouting for a player who can fill his shoes (here is a wild suggestion: how about a short-term solution in the likes of Yohann Cabaye?),

    7) assess the state of Per Mertesacker’s health; he’s been a true leader of this team and he is basically irreplaceable right now; Per should be kept at the club after his playing days as well as I see his work with Holding and Chambers (don’t forget that kid just because we have a new golden boy!) something that can make our future defensive line the best in England and, maybe, in the world;

    8) keep Petr Čech as he is a perfect professional and a perfect role model for Wojciech Szczesny; the Pole should make No. 1 place his own for the next decade and his biggest rival should be his biggest help;

    9) make a strong start in the league; Arsenal have won just one opening match since 2010 and it took Rambo’s injury-time winner to claim all three points against the 10-men Palace,

    10) finally, let’s make Emirates a real fortress. Yes, we had a pretty decent home record this season with our point tally being the best in the last seven years but I want the fans to show a support for the team, for the players and for the manager, to be the 12th player of our team because that will discourage the 12th player of our opponents (Atkinson, Dean, Jones, Oliver…) from beating us with the whistle and the flag.

  • Chris


    so it is a 4th record AW has : he himself had 19 in a row. Madrid has a longer streak, but with many coaches.

    But, as some say, our Coach is crap and we need a better one.

  • Andy Mack

    I started supporting the team very late in the 1960s when we were known as a ‘Cup Team’ that occasionally won the league. That attitude was pretty much the norm on the North Bank until AW became manager.
    If GG had stayed longer then maybe he’d have been the manager to have changed that position, but he didn’t.
    Obviously we were ecstatic in the few years that we won the league under Mee, Neill etc etc but we didn’t expect it, but we did expect to do well in the Cup (less inspired by the TinPot Cup but it’s better than nothing).
    So now the Cup isn’t a trophy there’s a large proportion of the older supporters feeling very confused…

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Since some of the pathetic excuses for fans , on here are braying , here’s my slogan ,
    ‘ Arsene Knows Best , and will ever remain so !’
    Here is a to another 20 years of beantiful football form Arsene’s Arsenal .

  • Mandy Dodd

    Despite my own fears it might not happen, looks like Wenger really does want to stay….think he would have walked after the game had it been any different.
    Not, if widespread reports are to be believed, Stan just has to bang a few heads together at the board meeting, and get it done. Could be an interesting week, on the back of the most amazing, incredible performance by the team…..and manager who is now out on his own in this competition. Even the media seem impressed with this one, that was the strongest final four teams at a given time I could remember
    We are a very decent cup team….who knows, next year, may even manage to turn the Europa into a non trophy after Utds success this year.

  • Nitram

    Andy Mack

    I know what you mean. It does seem odd, but I think everything has changed due to a couple of things.

    1) The Champions League.

    This competition is now SO big it has become all consuming. Just getting in to it has become essential for any Club that wants to be seen as a big Club. Not only for the profile it gives you but the financial rewards are enormous.

    And this ties in with reason 2.

    2) The foreign invasion.

    If you want to attract the top players from around the World you have to be a Champions League side. It is essential.

    As much as winning FA Cups is great, that is not what attracts players from around the World. Before considering a move a player doesn’t ask ‘does this team win FA Cups’ they ask ‘does this team play in the Champions League’ ?

    And that is the fact of the matter.

    Back in our day the FA Cup had such status that many would rather win that than the League.

    Winning the League was a better achievement.

    Winning the FA Cup was a better feeling.

    I think that possibly still holds true to this day, but that doesn’t alter the fact that it is still more important for Arsenal as a Club to be seen as a ‘Champions League side’ than it is to be seen as a ‘cup side’.

    I have absolutely no hesitation in saying that when it comes to next year, that Wenger, (or whoever is in charge), the board, and a vast majority of the players, would sign up for a top 4 finish ahead of another FA Cup, in an instant.

    Some might think that is sad but I’m afraid getting in the CL is more important than winning the FA Cup.

    Although I must say it doesn’t feel like that on this glorious Sunday morning.


  • Polo

    Watched the German Cup match between Frankfurt vs Dortmund and was surprised to see the vast majority of people even the fans from the losing side stayed back to watch the trophy ceremony, this compared to the FA Cup where half the stadium was empty.

  • MikeT


    Through gritted teeth, not really a big well done on congratulations on winning

    You were by far the better team yesterday and it would be churlish from any Chelseas supporters perspective to argue otherwise or indeed that the FA cup is a meaningless trophy.

    I can’t say I every enjoy getting to or staying over at Wembley but the FA cup final is a special day in the footballing calendar.

    Other than the very odd one or two who had far too much to drink I actually didn’t see any real problems indeed the two sets of supporters mingled pretty well, far better than our semi final and whilst I understand the point about TV audiences this is one game that should be played on at Saturday and at 3.00pm.

    Anyways best to you all and have a restful summer

  • Thanks Mike T. Appreciate that.

  • para

    Sead Kolasinac?
    Who is this guy and does he have what it takes?

    Looking forward to Arsenal becoming the team again that plays beautiful football. We have lost that side of our game for a while.

    Yesterday showed another side, the determination and focus and team work that alongside the beautiful football, will make Arsenal a team to be FEARED again.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Para, from what I have heard about Saed K, he is very talented, very tough….the pgmol might Xhaka him, and a versatile player.
    And apparently, was much in demand

  • Mandy Dodd

    Class Mike T

  • Gunnerjoe

    Andy Mack
    We may have been known as a cup team in the time period you started supporting arsenal same as myself.
    But we where probably the most successful league team at the time by 1971 we had 8 titles

  • Andy Mack

    Gunnerjoe, much as that’s probably correct (thank Herbert Chapman and his legacy), the majority of those wins were so long ago that it wasn’t the Arsenal thing. We did win occasionally but nowhere near enough for us to consider we had some kind of entitlement to it.

    Nitram, The CL is more important to the club now for pure financial reasons but for long term supporters the FA Cup is still closer to our hearts.
    As for new players, of course the CL has the draw for them and we’ve been such a regular participant that I think we’ll still be considered a CL team this summer (in the players minds). But we could start to have problems if we miss out in the 18/19 season or if we start yo-yo’ing in and out for the next few season.

  • Nitram

    Mike T

    Thanks for that.

    In fairness I have already said on here that Chelsea deserved the title. Not only the best team, but playing in a much more attractive style than you have for many a day.

    Similarly, through gritted teeth, I had to concede that Spurs second place finish was deserved, despite still not having a single player sent of for over 80 matches I think it is now.

    And Liverpool’s 3rd was also probably deserved. They certainly out played us on 2 occasions.

    As for City. I love the way they play but I think we just about deserved the 4th CL berth ahead of them, but it was close and ultimately it’s hard to argue with our 5th place finish.

    Have a good Summer yourself and we’ll see you back at Wembley in August.

  • Nitram

    Andy Mack

    It certainly is a head versus heart thing.

    I can understand people preferring the FA Cup. The emotions I went through yesterday, and am still feeling today, are way beyond anything I feel when we finish in the top 4.

    But alas the top 4 IS more important, and as you say, we will, I would of thought, still be seen as a ‘Champions League’ Club by any perspective signings, despite this years blip. BUT, blip is what it has to be, or else we will find ourselves struggling to attract players. Heaven knows it’s hard enough as it is let alone being out of the CL for any period of time.

    And this is all why Wenger quite rightly has always seen a top 4 finish as a priority above the Cups, which is where the 4th place trophy jibe came from.

    But it is a fact.

    If we win the FA Cup again next year, but miss out again on a CL spot, it will be a bad, a very bad season.

    Sad I know, but it’s a fact of life in modern day football.

  • Gord

    Someone named Chris was looking for data. He thought a statistician was needed. Sadly, it is just a little text processing.

    Chris, you will still need to do a little work on your own.

    But, here is some re-arranged data. A number in column 1, is the number of FA Cup wins a team has. Under that heading, are lines of team names with that number of wins followed by the years of those wins, in descending order of their most recent win.

    _ Wigan Athletic – 2013
    _ Wimbledon – 1988
    _ Coventry City – 1987
    _ Ipswich Town – 1978
    _ Southampton – 1976
    _ Leeds United – 1972
    _ Blackpool – 1953
    _ Charlton Athletic – 1947
    _ Derby County – 1946
    _ Cardiff City – 1927
    _ Huddersfield Town – 1922
    _ Burnley – 1914
    _ Barnsley – 1912
    _ Bradford City – 1911
    _ Notts County – 1894
    _ Blackburn Olympic – 1883
    _ Old Carthusians – 1881
    _ Clapham Rovers – 1880
    _ Royal Engineers – 1875
    _ Oxford University – 1874
    _ Portsmouth – 2008, 1939
    _ Sunderland – 1973, 1937
    _ Nottingham Forest – 1959, 1898
    _ Preston North End – 1938, 1889
    _ Bury – 1903, 1900
    _ Old Etonians – 1882, 1879
    _ West Ham United – 1980, 1975, 1964
    _ Sheffield Wednesday – 1935, 1907, 1896
    _ Wolverhampton Wanderers – 1960, 1949, 1908, 1893
    _ Bolton Wanderers – 1958, 1929, 1926, 1923
    _ Sheffield United – 1925, 1915, 1902, 1899
    _ Manchester City – 2011, 1969, 1956, 1934, 1904
    _ Everton – 1995, 1984, 1966, 1933, 1906
    _ West Bromwich Albion – 1968, 1954, 1931, 1892, 1888
    _ Wanderers – 1878, 1877, 1876, 1873, 1872
    _ Newcastle United – 1955, 1952, 1951, 1932, 1924, 1910
    _ Blackburn Rovers – 1928, 1891, 1890, 1886, 1885, 1884
    _ Chelsea – 2012, 2010, 2009, 2007, 2000, 1997, 1970
    _ Liverpool – 2006, 2001, 1992, 1989, 1986, 1974, 1965
    _ Aston Villa – 1957, 1920, 1913, 1905, 1897, 1895, 1887
    _ Tottenham Hotspur – 1991, 1982, 1981, 1967, 1962, 1961, 1921, 1901
    _ Manchester United – 2016, 2004, 1999, 1996, 1994, 1990, 1985, 1983, 1977, 1963, 1948, 1909
    _ Arsenal – 2017, 2015, 2014, 2005, 2003, 2002, 1998, 1993, 1979, 1971, 1950, 1936, 1930

  • Gord

    Thanks MikeT

  • Flares

    Heard an interesting stat yesterday – Arsenal’s 3 FA cups in the last 4 seasons mean they’ve won more trophies during that period than any of the other top six teams.

  • MikeT


    Three clubs as well as Arsenal have won 3 of the major trophies in that same 4 year period

    Man Utd : FA cup 15/ 16
    League Cup & EL 2016/17

    Man City : PL 2013/14 & League Cup
    2016/17 League Cup

    Chelsea : 14/15 PL & League Cup
    16/17 PL

  • Pat

    Arsene also said he was proud of his unbeaten season.

  • Menace

    Mike T – thanks, Good Luck & God Bless. You are a sporting star.

    On my way to Wembley, I got into the tube at Uxbridge & it was full of Chelsea fans as I walked through the carriage, there were a bunch of Gooners. Here’s another gooner they cried. I stopped turned around & there was a strange silence. I said to the Chelsea fans ‘You are the Favourites. Enjoy it’ ‘We are taking the Cup’. I turned & walked away. The Gooners cheered loudly & there was mirth all round.

    I am sure very few believed me, but I just knew it was our destiny. Amazingly very few believe the PGMOL stats. Most don’t really care. Football is a game of kicking the ball & scoring goals. Referees, Officials, must be OK because the gave Moses a Red card & put him back in his basket. They don’t see the pseudo fouls & the free kicks from positions that could make a difference. They don’t count the cards given with imagination nor do they see the ‘talkings to’ used as placative fodder.

    28/05/2017 at 8:38 am
    You sum up the position like a seasoned professional. I agree.

  • jjgsol

    But we have done 3 FA cups in 4 years twice.

  • jjgsol

    In addition the first time, we had 4 trophies as we did we also not win the league once as well?