Untold Arsenal returns. Thank you for waiting

By Tony Attwood

My sincere apologies to everyone for the long time that Untold has been out of action.

As you may know, we have had a history of cyber attacks on us, and have put in place a whole range of defences to stop it happening again.  It is too early to say whether we were defeated once again, but there is also the possibility that we have so many defences now in place that we got ourselves tangled up in our own “keep out” signs.

But either way we appear to be back.

I am hopeful that you might have been following us on Facebook in the meanwhile – if not can I suggest that you sign up now, so that if this ever happens again you’ll be able to stay with us.  We are


For the moment I am going to leave you with one of the articles that we have published on our Facebook page, in case you have not had a chance to see it yet.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to publish a load of new articles tonight, simply because I’ve already committed myself to events tonight, and as I am sure you know, Untold is run by volunteers all of whom have lives outside of running this blog.

But I am very hopeful that by tomorrow morning (UK time) we will be properly back in action.  If I can get anything else up before my evening appointment or if Walter has something to publish, then we’ll be off and running again this evening.

Now the piece from earlier on Facebook…


An interesting question is posed by Marina Hyde in the Guardian today as she asks, mid-article “What would it actually take for Fifa and its president Gianni Infantino to say: it is possible we’ve dropped a bollock here?”

And she then goes on to look at the things that have not caused Fifa so to think. Such as

1. That the world cup is going to be held in a country where the temperature rises to 50 degrees centigrade in the summer.

2. That the country where the event is taking place is under blockade – with the blockading countries making demands so extreme that it is unlikely that Qatar has even held a meeting of its top men to discuss the issue.

3. That the country offers no rights for women.

4. That the country has no religious diversity.

5. That the kafala system means “the rights of the migrant labourers working on Qatar infrastructure projects were abused, denied and the subject of intensely critical reports from the likes of Amnesty and Human Rights Watch.”

6. That many have died in the construction of the stadia but Qatar won’t tell us how many

As Ms Hyde says, “The deaths were not a deal breaker.”

Nor were the conditions in the migrant labourer camps.

Nor the fact that the country is accused of “licensed funding of terrorism” and “looming prospect of destabilising regional conflict”

But why is this. Could it be because Fifa is, as the Guardian is at last willing to tell us, “sponsored by Qatar Airways”.

Of course there is more and more. “The $2m paid, by an adviser to the Qatar bid, into the savings account of a then Fifa ExCo member’s 10 year old daughter.”

It really is a good question: what would it take in the end for Fifa to say, actually this is a step too far?

And then the question that even the Guardian dare not put its name to: what would it take for the FA in England to say, “we can’t be associated with this any more.”

And then, what would it take for the British government to say, “we are not going to give any more tax payers money to the FA so that they can give it to Fifa.”

In short, is there any limit, or can Fifa and the FA and the British government put up with anything and everything?

Thank you to everyone who sent in kind wishes and words of concern and support.   For the moment let’s forget about the reason it all went wrong, and just celebrate the fact we are back.

Tony Attwood


14 Replies to “Untold Arsenal returns. Thank you for waiting”

  1. I reckon it was the Russians what done that hacking
    Just cos we`re looking at a Russian player
    Stand to reason don`t it

    signed D.Trump (or was that A.Chump)

  2. Women’s News

    Carla Humphrey has left Arsenal, apparently immediately picked up by Bristol City. Best of luck Carla.

    Lisa Evans has joined Arsenal Ladies. Welcome to Arsenal, Lisa.


    Untold goes down, Petya takes down a big chunk of M$ space, Arsenal.com update their home page, and Google News changes how it operates. Arsenal.com looks too busy to me now. And it looks like Google News just barely functions if you don’t allow javascript. And I see no reason to allow Google to use javascript to display news summaries.

    Welcome back Untold.

  3. Good work Mr Tony and all the crew.
    Am glad the site is up and running again. Reading about Arsenal from other sites and blogs is depressing. Fake news all over.
    I enjoyed following untold on Facebook. I thank all untold crew and all arsenal fans. Let’s always stay behind the club, the manager and the players. Happy days ahead.

  4. Welcome Back!
    Re FIFA, the FA, UEFA or any other crooks you’d care to mention. It’ll never change because there’s too much money changing hands. Just look at the last 2 World Cup venues and the next 2. All you need to know. Are we still moving the World Cup to the winter to accommodate these criminals? Don’t laugh. Enough money in the right hands……

  5. When one overcomes a bothering problem that led to the shutdown of the UA that we had this week as a result of hacking, the first thing to say is, Thank God! Therefore, for our beloved UA website to have overcame the hacker or hackers who had hacked into the UA computers that kept them out of action for close to 72 hours, we have every reason to thank God.

    I thank God the UA is back to action. I missed the site when it was off. My primary concern now is Arsenal incoming and their likely outgoing transfers in this current summer window.

    Arsenal are still very much linked in the mainstream media to sign Alexandre Lacazette from Lyon and Thomas Lemar from AS Monaco this summer for reinforcing the areas in the Gunners last season’s first team that’s requiring reinforcements/replacements for next season’s campaign. While the signing of Mbappe by Arsenal this summer remains a long shot to happen, Monaco and Lyon are not helping matters for Arsenal either with their overpriced transfer fees reportedly charged Arsenal to pay before they’ll agree to any transfer deals for Lacazette and Lemar to Arsenal. A two transfer deals that could cost Arsenal the total sum of £97m before it can happen. Can Arsenal afford to pay that big sum of money on two targets this summer? Well, I don’t know? But if they eventually paid and get these 2 targets, they will have to recoup a large chunk of that money spent, would they not? Therefore, who and who in the last season’s Gunners first team who will become surpluse to requirements that will be sold to do the recoup. Well, I leave that decision to Le Prof to decide on it.

    Thanks for the alternate route to connect to the UA on Facebook – UntoldArsenalToday. I’ll register.

  6. Cheers Tony and everyone else for sorting out the blog, I was starting to panic after thinking it was a prank gone on too long ?

    Welcome back everyone, readers, contributors and well-wishers. The Guardian continues to toe the line so I guess we have to wait until the FA’s well and truly in the ?

    What exactly that corrupt, faecal matter would look like or when it would be likely to erupt… I have no idea.

  7. Great to have Untold back, was almost like no news of Arsenal for few days.

  8. WOO HOO , HOO !

    Question: why does it take more than a million sperms to Fertilize one Egg?

    Philosopher: Two reasons:

    1) Female Ego…
    Rejection without Reason!

    2) Male Ego…
    Won’t Ask For Directions !…

  9. The PM /President/ Glorious Leader and his wife visited the psychiatric ward yesterday.

    As they entered, all the mentally disordered patients cheered, ” Long live the PM and spouse ! Hurrah , hurrah !” and clapped very loudly for the couple.

    But there was one patient who sat quietly in the corner totally ignoring them.

    Feeling irritated as her usual, the PM’s wife asked the doctor: “I demand an explanation.. why is that idiot showing disrespect to PM and me..!!?”

    Doctor: “Oh Mrs ……he has been cured already and is perfectly normal and sane and is just waiting to be discharged today.”

  10. Looking forward to an article about how England has been exposed as one of the biggest bribers when it comes to trying to hook international competitions ….

  11. Welcome back. I was worried for a bit…

    Most blogs aren’t as level headed so amidst the WOB blogs and fanboy rant sites, this one is dear to me.

  12. And after a period the darkness lifted and the lights came back on and the world was a bit better again.
    Welcome back Untold!

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