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  1. MikeT

    I am far from a an expert on such matters but I can’t find anything in the FFP regulations that would not let the owners of PSG or indeed a third party lend Neymar the £200 million required to buy out his contract then the player to repay over the period of his contract
    In terms of PSG paying that would infer a transfer fee being agreed and that has not and it seems will not be happening hence why La Ligament are refusing the payment from PSG
    One way or the other Neymar will be leaving Barca and but at this point there not much UEFA can do although they will no doubt be all over PSG accounts and post Platini I doubt that there will be allowing post account additions to be allowed

  2. finsbury

    I blame Vengarrrrggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

    …for everyone focusing on some story about a nagging mule (not not Mangala, he’s yeterday’s kebab sorry i mean laundry) whilst ignoring the return of S.America’s leading superstar striker to the club that he said he was staying at


  3. Josif

    “Order of the Court (Ninth Chamber) of 16 July 2015 —

    Striani and Others

    (Case C‑299/15)

    ‛Reference for a preliminary ruling — Insufficient information regarding the legal and factual context — Insufficient information regarding the reasons justifying the need for an answer to the questions referred for a preliminary ruling for the purposes of resolving a dispute in the main proceedings — Manifest inadmissibility’

    Questions referred for a preliminary ruling — Admissibility — Reference giving no details of the relevant facts or legislation and not setting out the reasons for making that reference to the Court of Justice — Manifest inadmissibility (Art. 267 TFEU; Statute of the Court of Justice, Art. 23; Rules of Procedure of the General Court, Art. 53(2) and (94) (see paras 19-38)
    Operative part

    The reference for a preliminary ruling from the tribunal de première instance de Bruxelles (Belgium), by decision of 29 May 2015, is manifestly inadmissible.”

    This is from the official site. Now, I don’t speak French so someone who knows French could understand all the actions taken in the case C-299/15.

  4. Mad Eye

    I am not a lawyer but have read a number of these kinds of cases. I think when Tony describes this as an absolute with nowhere else to go he is correct for this application. however it wouldn’t stop someone else bringing a challenge in the future and doesn’t mean the rules are necessarily compliant with the law.

    In effect the court seems to have said “we were asked a question that is inappropriately written so we are not going to answer” rather than state anything of substance about whether the rules comply with EC law.

  5. Gord

    OT: Foreign Owners

    Some of you may have thought Portsmouth was a Mickey Mouse outfit. Well, now they are.

    Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner has bought them.


  6. Polo

    Hold on, the media said that Arsenal had the largest cash reserve of all the clubs in Europe or something along that line, so where did PSG get this £198 million to buy Neymar when their cash reserve is suppose to be lower than Arsenal? I guess PSG own the Euro money mint and they can print the money whenever it is needed.

  7. para

    Well we did not expect prices to fall did we really?

    It’s beyond sense, but i suppose that they will recoup much more than that in marketing(poor silly “kids” buying the stuff).

    Crazy world(people).

  8. SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    Arsenal have the largest cash reserve of all the clubs in Europe? True? How come then that Arsenal do struggle in the transfer market before they buy? Financial prudence based on, on the bargain buying policy to save money? Well. If so, I don’t blame Arsenal for been prudent in their spendings on players recruitment. For, unlike the other big clubs in the 5 big European Leagues who have very big marketing outreach and big business tycoon owners who are giving them their personal money either as a financial support or in form of loans to the clubs they owned which Arsenal don’t have or receive to do audacious buying of world class player such as Neymar who PSG want poach from Barcelona now who have giving in to the transfer because of the huge profit they’ll make on the sale and in turn could use part of the £198m they get in Neymar transfer to bid for some top class finished articles or an up coming world class such as Mbappe, but the transfer of Neymar to PSG is reported to have now been blocked by the La Liga authorities in an attempt to sabotage PSG, a French leading club side efforts to become a power house too in the European football by starting to win the UCL like the 2 Spanish clubs of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona have become the dominating power houses winning Champions League almost every passing season. And also discreetly helped Real Madrid to successfully bid for Mbappe at the expense of Barcelona who can’t, save if they get the £198m from the Neymar sale to PSG. Hmmn.

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