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June 2021

What Alexis said about journalists and the hate mob, and what we can do for him this weekend

by Tony Attwood

Here’s the original…


Te cansas que te critiquen con razón y sin razón, te cansas de que te quieran ver derrotado , te cansas de decirte a ti mismo “una vez más me levantare” después de llorar tras una derrota, y te cansas de decirle al mundo y a las personas que están contigo, que todo va bien .

Y lo peor, que nunca nadie se da cuenta de cómo eso te hace sentir … tengo el dorsal 7️⃣ de chile y es una responsabilidad enorme, por eso me da pena que periodistas y gente mala critique sin saber ..

And the best I can do by way of translation


You get tired of being criticised, be it with good reason or without reason, you get tired of people wanting you to be defeated, you get tired of saying to yourself, “I’ll carry on once again” after crying following a defeat, and you get tired of telling the world and people who are with you, that everything is going well.

And worst of all, no one ever realizes how that makes you feel … I have on my back number 7️⃣ of Chile which it is a huge responsibility, that’s why it pains me that journalists and other negative people criticize without knowing …

There is only one thing we can do this weekend and that is show him our unconditional support.  Forget all the stories – many invented, a few maybe true.  Forget the need of the journalists to have yet another headline, yet another sensation, yet another explosion or implosion, in the next five minutes.  And another one after that.  And another after that.

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We all know they will never be satisfied, because the monster that they feed has an infinite hunger which can never be satiated.

We all know that truth vanished from the pages of the press and broadcast ramblings of the football media many, many decades ago so that now all we have is an endless run of sensationalism and negativity.

We all know that Arsenal prised Alexis away from Barcelona and turned him from being a very good player into a megastar, and now one of the state sponsored clubs will take him again, because that is what they do.  We know Alexis is paid more in five minutes than many of us earn in year.  But we can still support him and the rest of the team when they play for Arsenal.

Giving that support shows that no, we don’t believe what is printed in the papers.  They might criticise without knowing, but we won’t.

Maybe it will just be me and the guys who sit around me, and the friends I travel with, and some of the readers of Untold, that will give their support.  But hopefully on the day it will be most of the stadium.

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21 comments to What Alexis said about journalists and the hate mob, and what we can do for him this weekend

  • Nitram

    Unfortunately Tony the hate mob will always hate.

    We all know the derision poured upon Arsenal, and Wenger in particular, during the trophy less years.

    We all remember how a top 4 finish was not a trophy.

    We all remember how it was only ‘winning trophies’ that mattered. I remember Jammie Carragher lecturing me on how a professional footballer doesn’t remember coming 4th, but remembers to his grave the day he held an FA Cup above his head. That, he told me, is what being a professional footballer was all about.

    I remember the AAA’s telling me how all they want is to win a trophy, rather than this top 4 nonsense.

    It was whinge whinge. Moan moan.

    Now, after 4 years in which the players have got the life long memories that Carragher was on about. In fact 3, or even possibly 6 of the things.

    Now, after 4 years the ‘all we want’ brigade have their trophies to admire.

    But are any of them happy?

    Are they F***.

    Has Carragher and his mates been on the telly telling everyone how Arsenal have achieved exactly what he and the rest of them demanded?

    Have they f***.

    In fact, as we have all witnessed this past week, if anything it’s even worse.

    Frankly I think they’re a joke.

    Will they ever stop moaning? I doubt it.

    Will they ever stop hating?

    Will they f***.

  • Dom

    The best way to respond to the amalgam of rotted flotsam is to back our players and Manager to the hilt. COYG

  • Martin your not shy yourself in the moaning department I thinks

    Totally agree Tony time to get behind Alexis and the team we need to get some points on the board anything less than three points against Bournmouth and my word the Moaners will be out in force

  • Jax

    “Martin” Of course! I’ve just fell in.
    Always liked those biblical names.
    Since I’m here. Do you think Sanchez & Ozil share a PR team?

  • Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    Just a side talk, are the so-called AAA members, who have been accused severally to have moaned whenever Arsenal lose a match came from where? From the land of Moab? I mean are they Moabites? My unreserved appologies to them if I am wrong.

    Notwithstanding my aforesaid assertion, Sanchez who has been accused of becoming fat and consequently cannot play credibly for Chile, his country as he used to play for. But played lakadiasically for Chile in their back to back World Cup qualifier defeats to Paraguay and Bolivia in the Latin America’s zone World Cup qualifiers.

    Unperturbed, we of the Arsenal supporting fans internally inside the Emirates Stadium and externally outside it who will be watching the Gunners slot it out with AFC Bournemouth on the field of play and on the TV screen sets on Saturday will not be ruffled in our minds as we give our unflinching rousing support to Sanchez to lift him up in the game as the Gunners play against the Cherries in a week four PL game. A game in which it is widely believed in the Gooners quarter the Gunners will make examples of the Cherries by using them as the sacrificial scape goat to bear all the sins which Stoke City and Liverpool FC have in recent weeks committed against Arsenal at the bet365 Stadium and at Anfield sacrifice 5 Cherries out of the 18 that came to the Ems to Azazel.

    Final score-line at the Emirates Stadium on Saturday is: Arsenal 5-0 Bour’mouth.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Agree, back them all the way.
    Even those who have concerns, or disagreements in the way the club is run, real or perceived should back those on the pitch who wear the shirt, conspicuously. Surely their battle is with some person, or persons other than the players.
    If Alexis has chosen not to renew his contract, thats his right, but if he is professional and does his best, we should back him
    Sadly, this backing may not be what it should, a vocal minority believe they can create an atmosphere that can get wenger out, not thinking as far as who Stan might replace him with, even should they succeed, a look at his clubs and some of the coaches he has persisted with in the US would not make me optimistic in that event.

  • Alex

    Don’t worry, Alexis, you’re back to Arsenal and in Arsenal, the motto from fans and pundits and media is Blame Özil. A pity that Untold did nothing of that kind for Mesut,in the same situation.

  • Polo

    Did anybody watch the Argentina vs Venezuela match? Even with some of the world best attacking players and a relentless shouting manager (some of the Wenger Out Brigade wanted him as Arsenal manager), Argentina couldn’t break the Venezuelan bus. Arsenal fans who say AW is clueless should understand it’s difficult to break down a well organize defensive side. If the team gave 100% and tried to win the match, we should support them instead of moaning and throw abuse at them.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Alexis , Ozil and the rest are Arsenal players for the forseeable future.
    Support them to the hilt. That’s what supporters are supposed to do.
    Or choose to stay away . We’ll all be happy then.
    Up the gunners !

  • Nitram


    Alas, given the level of your code breaking skills it seems a career in the secret service is out of the question then.

  • Matthew

    Didn’t this website advocate selling Sanchez because of the “flaws” in his character?

  • Its okay to criticize if Arsenal is your team but a guy like Caragher?!? Which team is he coaching?! Let him talk a bout Liver fall no premiership for i don’t know how long,no prick talks about it Why??Wondering when Owen will start to coach? We are the fuckin defending Champion of the FA anybody with a head knows it apart from those shitty headless bunch of magwampa’s.Give us a break.

  • But it isn`t just Alex
    I am pissed off reading why Mbappe turned down Arsenal and the big, big story about it
    The kid is French, PSG, so the rumour goes is French also and paying him bundles to sign
    PSG paid bundles to get him !!
    But no, “he turned down Arsenal dnt e ?” and every other F***ing club who were trying to sign him
    But the negativity bunch have to go with “He turned down Arsenal!”

    Arsene Wenger broke his balls(almost) trying to get him
    Mr Wenger, I salute you, you simply do not get the praise you are due !
    Please bear with us, most of us believe in you

  • Mad Matt

    If Alexis Sanchez happens to read what the media are saying about him, and if he happens to read the comments from the readers, he will notice the same thing that I did:

    The majority of “fans” who comment on these things are saying Sanchez should go, that we should take the money and not keep a player who doesn’t want to play for “us” etc.

    These short-sighted “fans” are not exactly making Sanchez feel loved or wanted. If that’s how it looks then why should he stay?

  • Josif

    Alexis is a unique player in my knowledge in a way he is the only player I can recall that was subjected to “out”-campaign among the positive bloggers and fans on social media. Every ball he lost was counted, videos were made and shared… Untold had an article supporting the same narrative but fortunately, that one didn’t stay for long at these shores.

    In the same time, WOBs tried to use Alexis (and Gazidis, but that’s another matter) as a stick to beat both Arsene and the rest of the team. “Alexis is too good for this club”, “Alexis is too good for Wenger” etc which are bull shit claims.

    The truth is, he is our most efficient player. He contributed to over 40 goals last season and some of those goals, contrary to the aforementioned narrative that says Alexis was hiding, were scored/created in our defeats (a goal in our 2:1 defeat at Everton, an assist for Theo in our 2:1 defeat at Etihad, a goal in our 5:1 defeat at Allianz, a goal in our 3:1 defeat at Hawthorns, an assist for Welbeck in our 3:1 defeat at Anfield).

    But, we can prove everything with stats, can’t we?

  • Va Cong

    Nitram your comment has made my day lol

  • Pat

    Great article, Tony, one of the best.

    Whatever, we say, as Nitram points out, the doubters will just move the goalposts and carry on.

    So we need to carry on as well. On to Saturday and Bounemouth!

  • Jammy J

    Just you wait until we win the PL and all the aaa will be shouting that it was only because all of the other teams faulted and not because of Arsenals ability on the pitch (that was their narrative when we recently finished 2nd). Either that, or they’ll say “well, we still haven’t won the CL, have we? And we’ve only won the PL once in 12 years! WENGER OUT!!!”.

  • goonersince72

    I am an AFC SUPPORTER. Therefore, the 11 on the pitch are my boys and I’ll support them 100%. Period. COYG

  • omgarsenal

    Surely by now, all of us loyal AFC and UA followers/supporters realize that the aaa moaners are actually a bunch of poorly organized, immature,fixated and developmentally/intellectually arrested cyber-hooligans who cherry-pick their ¨facts¨, show up only when there are points lost, constantly repeat the same media inspired negative meme,ignore the truth despite repeated proofs staring them in the face, use hyperbole and unrepentant exaggeration and generally come on UA only to plant their perniciously pessimistic weeds and ideas.

    Why even waste the few seconds it takes to destroy their witless commentary? Perhaps because it feels good to put ignoramuses in their place?

  • Flares

    Don’t forget lads, we’re only six points off the top. As Sir Alex would say: ‘it’s all to play for’