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June 2021

Julian Draxler to Arsenal? Knowing the Truth Behind It

By Robert Staples


Paris Saint-Germain’s elite winger, Julian Draxler, made it to the headlines after rumors about his possible transfer to Arsenal surfaced. All of this started when Draxler posted a photo of his friend Kolasinac’s shirt in social media. Because of this, netizens, specifically those found on Twitter, can’t help but expect the 24-year-old to transfer to the Gunners.

It’s worth noting that Julian Draxler and Sead Kolasinac were former teammates in Schalke 04. And based on what the former posted to his Instagram account, it’s pretty likely that the two buddies are going to reunite in the soccer field.

The photo was mysterious in a sense that people can’t come up with a concrete answer to it. The only theory that makes sense is that it might be a hint to Draxler’s interest to transfer to Arsenal where Kolasinac is currently playing.

In his Instagram post, Draxler is seen holding an Arsenal shirt bearing Kolasinac’s name on its back. The photo’s caption even features a heart. Arsenal fans immediately came up to a conclusion that this is a sign that Draxler wants to reunite with his former teammate, despite the lack of any official confirmation.

Aside from that, Draxler has also been among the top priorities of Arsene Wenger for years already. However, negotiations between Draxler and the Gunners have been scrapped because of PSG’s acquisition of Kylian Mbappe and Neymar. It is reported that the duo’s transfer to PSG is over £350 million. And since then, Draxler’s hopes of moving to another team were put to the sidelines — until now.

If the transfer rumors are true, then this is undoubtedly the best time for Draxler to go to the Gunners. And take note that Alexis Sanchez is also interesting to leave for Manchester City. Now that Kolasinac is playing for Arsenal, the chance of Draxler playing for Wenger has just increased. In other words, the recent acquisition of Sanchez is a lure for the German player.

Knowing More About Julian Draxler

The 24-year-old German is best known for his excellent dribbling skills, and prowess in long shots, aerial duels, and making through balls. The list of expertise goes on and on, such as his crossing and passing skills.

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Draxler currently has a performance rating of 6.99/10, which is beyond average for most players of his age. He also has made 8 goals out of the 25 game appearances he had, which makes him a pretty good option for Arsenal especially that they need a backup for its strikers.

Aside from that, his style of play which involves a lot of dribbling, layoffs, and patience in diving tackles are a perfect match to Arsene Wenger’s strategy. Though his defensive contribution and tackling are a bit off, he still has a lot of time to improve especially that he’s just 24-years-of-age.

Is the Transfer Possible?

But in knowing that PSG is currently on the top spot in the Ligue 1 rankings, one can easily say that him transferring to a no. 6 club in the Premier League is not wise. Sure, there’s some truth to that.

However, the English Premier League has a more lucrative fan base, and if it means that he wants to be more popular and have a higher pay, then a transfer to Arsenal would be a logical choice to make. Compare Paris Saint-Germain’s 1/25 odds to Arsenal’s 40/1 and you’ll easily see how comfortable Draxler is at his current position. But will that trend continue? The answer to that is most likely not.

PSG is known to be a fierce starter, but its performance declines through time. Meanwhile, Arsenal has had a nightmarish start to the season, but as time goes by, they’re further improving their statistics and even managed to make it to the 6th spot in the rankings.

Man City is currently on top of the Premier League. You can see in the bet365 free bet information page that the City has 2/5 odds, while no. 2 Man United has 7/2. It’s highly likely that Arsenal is going to overtake any of these two top teams in the next months to come. And that’s what Draxler needs to consider.

Whichever the case is, whether his Instagram post is rooted in his deep interest to go to Wenger’s roster or stay with PSG, the fact that the Gunners are going to do better in the near future is inevitable.

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18 comments to Julian Draxler to Arsenal? Knowing the Truth Behind It

  • Josif

    Draxler is a great talent.

    Having a post at Untold Arsenal that Sir Hardly Anyone would have mocked if anyone else had published it is not so great.

    The problem with Draxler is, his agent is adamant his client will stay at PSG. Also, Arsenal don’t have CL football to offer and our big German playing contingent might become much smaller next season with Mertesacker retiring, Özil leaving and Mustafi being…hm…in a weird position when he knows that the club wanted to sell him or swap him last summer.

    Also, Draxler is rather injury prone which means a further risk at his purchase.

    I’d love to see him at Arsenal, I think I could get over Alexis if he signs.

  • Arsene Nose

    Much of this article is poorly written. The rest of it makes little sense.

  • Nitram

    Seemed fine to me Shakespeare.

    This is just a football blog and not a littery contest. You do realise that don’t you?

  • Chris

    Facts seem wierd to say the least

    1) I can’t understand why PSG spending 350 million (and thus having at least an FFP rules issue) would have a direct consequence that Draxler stays at PSG. Good sense would be the other way around as his potential playing time is most probably reduced.

    2) “In other words, the recent acquisition of Sanchez is a lure for the German player.” What ?!?!

    This post is not up to UA standards, even if AFC fans would welcome news of Draxler coming. More of a wishful thinking post.

    On the other hand, I prefer reading a positive fake news then a negative one.

  • Jax

    I don’t know for how many years Wenger (and by default Gooners) have been drooling over Draxler. but I’d love to see him at Arsenal, although it’s most unlikely given our current status as a second tier domestic & European force.
    It looks as though he’s been having a bit of fun with Kolasinac’s shirt which the rumour mill has as usual misinterpreted.
    He’s in one of the best squads on the planet. Why would he leave to join us?
    Wishful thinking!

  • Mark overmoon

    Surely the two are not mutually exclusive?

  • Mandy Dodd

    Wouldn’t be the worst signing, but would be surprised in Jan.
    But should we lose one, or both of them this summer, the club will need to do something, perhaps a loan with option to sign.
    But we’ll see.
    Nice to visit one of the few Arsenal sites not indulging in a spud wankfest

  • Nitram

    This would be the same Spurs that:

    Haven’t won a title for 56 years

    Haven’t won an FA cup for 26 years

    Haven’t won a League Cup for 9 years

    Haven’t won a European cup for 33 years

    In fact they’ve won just 2 cups, the FA Cup in 1991 and the LC in 2008, neither of which actually count anymore anyway.

    THAT Spurs ?

    So lets think about this.

    3 FA Cup victories
    3 Community shield victories
    one 4th placed finish
    One 3rd place finish
    One 2nd place finish

    All that warrants constant ridicule.

    Yet one top 4 finish and a draw in Madrid warrants orgasmic adulation does it? Not only that but orgasmic adulation from Arsenal fans it seems.

    Honestly are these people for real?

    Yep WANK just about sums them all up.

  • Nitram

    Sorry, should of said:

    In fact they’ve won just 2 cups, the FA Cup in 1991 and the LC in 2008 in over TWENTY YEARS, neither of which actually count anymore anyway.

  • Flares

    The online trolling of Arsenal by halfwit Tottenham fans during their draw with Madrid was a joy to behold. It must have slipped their tiny minds that during our previous (and only) trip to the Bernabeu we also scored against Real but held onto our lead and won. Spurs didn’t do that. They also couldn’t get the job done in the four previous European meetings between the clubs, two in the UEFA cup and another two CL losses, home and away, one of which was a 4-0 demolition job.

    Without Harry Kane for an entire season Spurs would finish 5th or 6th at best. They are the most obvious one-man team in the Premier League and not even worth bothering about. Like an oily little tick stuck to your arse. Or something.

  • Jammy

    Jax – Sanchez and Ozil both left two of the top teams on the planet to join Arsenal. Players make a slight step down all the time. The best time to get them is after that club has made a huge signing, which usually signals less playing time for the person in question. In this instance, PSG has just made two huge signings, which puts Draxlers standing in the club slightly lower.

  • JimB


    Spurs also won the League Cup in 1999. And it’s four top 4 finishes in recent years for Spurs – not just the one, as you claim. All against huge financial odds.

    Not that it matters. Banter and bragging rights are, as always, based as much on immediate current circumstances as they are on historical success. Arsenal have attracted more than enough adulation in their time. Spurs getting a bit now. Hardly warrants the persistent whining about it that I see here on UA. And lest you be unaware, it’s worth pointing out that for every article praising Spurs, there is at least one other claiming that their manager and best players should and will leave for other clubs.

    This is the football media’s M.O. Build ’em up to knock ’em down. The sooner you understand that, the sooner you’ll stop getting wound up by the nonsense that they spout.

  • Nitram


    Blimey mate, one duth protest too much.

    All your posts make sense now. You’re a little spudy. Ah bless.

  • Damilare

    I hope the spud ‘worshippers’ would wait for R. Madrid’s visit to Wembley before engaging in whatever despicable fest they want.

    It’s been XXXX years since spuds won the league!

  • JimB


    You surely weren’t ignorant of the fact that I am a Spurs fan?

    And what “makes sense” is merely that, unlike many posting on UA, I don’t get wound up by negative media reports and then wallow in a permanent mire of victim mentality and self pity. I suggest that you try likewise.

  • Jammy

    JimB – ” I don’t get wound up by negative media reports and then wallow in a permanent mire of victim mentality and self pity.” That’s because you don’t have to deal with that shit day in day out. You don’t have half of your fan-base going into meltdown every time Spurs lose. You don’t have to watch your team constantly robbed via numerous poor refereeing decisions. You don’t have ex-players writing article after article about how poor Spurs are. You don’t have the pundits constantly attacking your team and manager. You don’t have Spurs blogs dedicated solely to criticising everything about Spurs. You don’t have to deal with the fact that if there is an article written about Arsenal, then there’s a 9 out of 10 chance that it will be negative. You don’t have “experts” continuously undermining your achievements. You don’t have to read everyday about how your club is in a crisis.

    Please don’t try and act as if the way that Spurs are treated is in anyway shape or form similar to how Arsenal are. The two couldn’t be more different, so how about you keep your suggestions to yourself, until you have just a slither of an idea of what it’s like to have your club treated like this.

  • JimB


    If ever proof was needed of UA’s mire of victim mentality and self pity, your post is it.

    You have no idea how Spurs are treated by various media because, naturally enough, you don’t focus on it. You are far too busy obsessing over Arsenal’s media coverage. Sure, Spurs are attracting plenty of positive commentary currently. But that hasn’t always been the case – just as it hasn’t always been the case that Arsenal has attracted a lot of negative commentary. And even the current positive coverage of Tottenham is a double edged sword – with the media repeatedly concocting stories about half Tottenham’s squad and their manager soon to be leaving for “bigger clubs”. And while Spurs aren’t the media’s current crisis club of choice, they have been many times in the past. And if Spurs were to suffer a dip, before you know it, the media would be revelling in that drama too. It’s what they do. It sells. I don’t like it, of course. But neither do I take it personally. I certainly don’t stick out my bottom lip, huff and moan about how everyone is picking on Spurs.

  • Jammy

    JimB – So your evidence that Spurs are treated equally to Arsenal is that occasionally they’ll say that your manager and a few players are leaving? Thank you, that about says it all. If you were right, then you would be able to supply just as many examples of discrimination against Spurs, as I did for Arsenal. Predictably, you couldn’t. Again, please stop acting as if the situations are in any way similar.