Apologies for our down time and here’s some tittle tattle

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Sincere apologies for the lack of posts through some of today.  We suffered another attack, and it took a while to recover.  This time it was different – the site was still visible and comments could be posted but we were unable to put up new posts for a while.  If you have been with us for a long time you’ll know what goes on, and as before we kept going with a little post on the Facebook page.

We’ll come back to life fully tomorrow morning and try and catch up but for now he’s a few odds and ends while we were away.

Arsenal fans react to links with Manchester United’s Marouane Fellaini

My feeling is that some bloggettas are doing this sort of thing on purpose – just like they did with their proposals that we were buying a new goalkeeper in the summer.  No one really believes this sort of thing, but it just gets a few more people clicking on the site.  Everyone does it; say something outrageous and get the clicks.  Others reply, and get the clicks.  So it goes.


Apparently so are Arsenal.  Apparently he is 18.  Apparently it must be important because his name is in capital letters.

No Wilshere but Mustafi is back

That’s the story buzzing around a few sites this evening (UK time, and its been a long one already trying to fix the site).  And the forward line of Ozil, Lacazette and Alexis is ready to roll.

Alex Iwobi’s high praise for teammate and Jack Wilshere told to leave

Football London now has so many pop ups that I can’t actually get the story, but whoever it was who told Jack to leave is clearly bonkers.


Another one all in capitals so it must be IMPORTANT.   And what, I hear you cry, might this prediction be?  Well, it is that the match will be dour.  That’s it.  Nothing else.    Thank you Football Insider 247.

What else have we got?  OK Jack is off, but we knew that last week when he was going somewhere highly unlikely.  Now it is Real Betis.

But we all know that Arsenal don’t get the best players because they don’t have the infrastructure.  So is that over?  Well maybe because “Arsenal are lining up Borussia Dortmund chief scout Sven Mislintat as their next head of recruitment, according to ESPN.

Why Arsenal aren’t underdogs against Tottenham.

This from the Daily Mail…

For all this talk of a ‘power shift’, all Spurs have to show for it, is last season’s league position.

Arsenal legend Martin Keown claims that despite Tottenham’s dominance on the pitch, they must win a trophy before claiming to be kings of north London.

And one more

Arsenal must win derby or Spurs will steal balance of power permanently 

FootballFanCast.com said that.  And permanently is a long time.  I mean I know Arsenal had 20 odd years of being above Tottenham, which is a long long time, but it is not permanent.  Permanent?  It is like saying that when Tottenham went down to the lower division, they would stay their permanently.  No they didn’t.  They won the league.


No such thing as permanent.

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4 Replies to “Apologies for our down time and here’s some tittle tattle”

  1. Some real news – our Women beat Watford six nil tonight to book our place in the last eight of the Continental Cup. One nil at halftime before we really turned on the style in the second half.

    Well done Arsenal

  2. Andrew,
    Thanks for the news. Could this be due to the arriva of a new coach for the Ladies?

  3. What I don’t get is why anyone would want to come to this site in
    ‘ the sea of paranoia’ to hack it?
    That would only confirm to me that we are NOT paranoid and that we may be seen as a threat to someone .
    Wonder who? The established and existiting (dis)order ?
    For a rather irrevelant site we seem to be attracting a lot of attention.
    Why is that ?

  4. ‘For a rather irrevelant site we seem to be attracting a lot of attention.
    Why is that ?’
    Isn’t that the idea.
    Publish provocative articles>get hits>get ads> get money> pay for season ticket.

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