5 former Arsenal players who have played in the ISL

By Raj Sapkota

The Indian Super League (ISL) is well and truly into its fourth season, following a monumental opening ceremony and an interesting first few rounds of matches. What makes this season of the ISL even more exciting is the addition of two new teams and the added incentive of making the AFC Cup if you win the league. With a lot on the line, it is easy to see why teams appear to have gone all out while putting together their players for the annual event.

The system of marquee signings is not alien to the ISL and has been somewhat of a tradition since the league began in 2014. These signings have included some superstars over the past three seasons and Season 4 is no different.

So, with a special emphasis on Arsenal, here are some former Gunners who have played in the ISL:

#1 Jermaine Pennant

Jermaine Pennant is a name that is well-known around Europe most notably for his time at Arsenal and Liverpool. The English striker may have only had a handful of appearances in North London, but at 16 years of age he became the youngest player to represent the side at the time. Pennant signed for FC Pune City in the ISL later and made just seven appearances for the club.

#2 Freddie Ljungberg

Freddie Ljungberg was often instrumental in Arsenal’s glory days and led the team to victory on several occasions. The charismatic Swede turned heads in 2014 when he decided to join Mumbai City FC. An injury however, forced him to eventually withdraw and cut short a fairytale return to football.

#3 Robert Pires

Robert Pires is yet another stalwart of the famous Arsenal side that were considered the “Invincibles”. The Frenchman was one of Arsene Wenger’s most prized possessions and that made his 2014 arrival at FC Goa all the more special. Pires took the Gaurs to the next level and even scored for the team when it needed him most.

#4 Andre Santos

Andre Santos played for the Gunners from 2011-2013 but mostly in a left-back position. The Brazilian however found a more attacking role once he joined ISL side FC Goa and his game improved greatly. As a winger, Santos managed to score four goals for the Gaurs and highlighted a successful campaign for the Goans.

#5 Nicolas Anelka

A former Gunner in his own right, Nicolas Anelka proved his worth to manager Arsene Wenger two decades ago, by scoring 23 goals in his tenure at Arsenal. Following a career which saw him change club after club, the enterprising Frenchman found himself at Mumbai City FC in 2014 and the striker scored just two goals in 13 matches across two seasons for the ISL team. His legacy remains well and truly intact however, and he will be fondly remembered as the player who excelled pretty much wherever he went.

The latest season of the ISL will feature a host of superstars, both Indian and international, take part and set the league alight. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for the latest updates from the action!

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  2. Hmmm. Arsenal are missing the top quality service of their former midfielder Freddie Ljungberg in the midfield of their current first team squad. And I believe they need to get one as quickly as they can possibly in the next January Window if they find one and can afford his transfer fee and wage bill, let them get him. But can there be the exact duplicate of Ljungberg in the transfer market of these days for Arsenal to get him? Santi Cazorla and Oezil are near duplicate of Ljungberg. Will Arsenal succeed to hold on to Oezil and Sanchez and not let them leave Arsenal if they can’t find exact copy of them or better than them in January window to sign as replacements for them before letting them go if they become difficult to persuade not to leave the club? There will be no point to keep them beyond next January if they vehemently refused to remain at Arsenal next season and beyond.

    By the way, Where actually lies the problem of their yet to extend their deals at the club with just 7 months left on their contract at the club to expire? Does the problem lies with Arsenal as they are not seen or heard offering the duo improved new contracts? Is Le Prof playing a wait and see game with them to see if they can help Arsenal win all their 9 Premier League matches starting with the away match against Burnley next Sunday to place Arsenal in a strong position to realistically be contending for the Title win before the year turnaround? If the duo did, will Le Prof persuade the Arsenal board to give them improved lucrative contracts which they can’t turndown but accept?

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  4. The team to face State Aid United U23 is:

    Macey, Osei-Tutu, Bola, Sheaf, Pleguezuelo, Medley, Dragomir, Dasilva, Nketiah, Willock, Smith Rowe


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  6. Arsenal U23s in Action tonight against West Ham. Vlad Dragomir has put us one nil up in the fifth minute.

  7. Eddie Nketiah with the third. Full time three nil. Well done lads. Got the weekend off to a good start.

    U18s next up tomorrow against Spurs, then the first team on Sunday


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    WOO HOO , HOO !

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  11. ISL, Indian Super League.

    I hate this/these/such holiday league/leagues. It’s more of a circus. India has a league of its own. But has only 8 teams in it.

    ISL is more of an investment in entertainment than in football. If football was high on agenda then they would’ve expanded/developed the i-league itself.

  12. DAC Gooner. In the article the author says, “here are some former Gunners who have played in the ISL”. In that sentence the word “some” is of a certain significance I feel. I think therefore that rather than saying of the author “poor research” one might perhaps say “poor reading on your part”.

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