West Bromwich Albion + Dean – Arsenal : 1-1

By Walter Broeckx

A very very short match report as this match falls right in our new years eve party.

Arsenal starting line up: Cech, Chambers, Mustafi, Koscielny, Bellerin, Kolasinac, Xhaka, Wilshere, Iwobi, Alexis, Lacazette.

On the beach: Ospina,  Mertesacker, Maitland-Niles, Coquelin, Elneny, Walcott, Welbeck.

Kolasinac off with an injury after a foul on him a bit earlier. Maitland Niles comes on after 37 minutes.

0-0 after 45 minutes.

0-1 84 min Alexis on a free kick

1-1 88 min Dean gives a penalty (as predicted by Untold) for a ball that hits the arm of Chambers that is in front of his body and is kicked against his arm from half a meter out.  Another Dean gift and decision against Arsenal. Yet some are still too blind to see it.

Arsenal robbed of 3 points by Dean. For the umpteenth time.

Thanks PGMO and Dean for ruining our new years party.

Anyway 2018 can only get better.  Best wishes for 2018




53 Replies to “West Bromwich Albion + Dean – Arsenal : 1-1”

  1. FC king ch..t of a referee. Couldn’t resist interfering with the outcome of the match!

    Should be banned for life and have his whistle shoved so far up his arse it won’t come out.

  2. That’s it. My season ticket is going back. I can no longer tolerate cheating of this magnitude. It makes the fucking game pointless. I love Arsenal and in March would be celebrating 50 years since getting my first season ticket but this is a complete and utter disgrace and Riley will be sitting there wrapping Dean’s Christmas bonus as we speak. No more for me. Unless we crowdfund a case against the PGMO and/or the Premier League we’ll get nowhere. The media won’t bite the hand that feeds them and, when all said and done, they’re as biased against us as anyone. Enough is enough.

  3. It is not the case of the media not biting the hand that feeds them, but rather the contract TV and radio broadcasters have to sign to get the rights; they don’t just bid the money they have to agree the terms. Those terms include limitations on what they can say.

  4. The PIGMOB seem to have gotten the last word in the last day of the year.
    Hopefully they will improve next year ? Well at least that should be top of their new year resolution .
    Bring in the new year !

    Happy New Year to Untolders .

  5. He IS a cheat, and I agree with Mikey. If all of the 106,000 who signed the petition against Dean a couple of seasons back, chucked in a tenner, we would have over a million quid. Then select a notable QC to “look” at the evidence. That at least would have the MSM break cover, surely?

    The facts that people seem to be overlooking are that two identical incidents have two exact opposite outcomes with 23 hours. Pawson said “no penalty” Dean said “Penalty”. One of them is a liar and a cheat! However, at the end of the day, until we kick gambling companies out of football in this country, there will always be the will and motivation to matchfix!

    When you get a normally placid guy like Petr Cech ranting about “wrong decisions” and “referees being disrespectful” then we ALL know our game is fucked!

  6. I love Untold.

    BUT, I hate the Arseholes it allows to infest it’s existence, hence following this I shall, again, disappear up my own backside.

    Happy New Year to you guys I love.

  7. Same old, same old.I thought AW was fairly controlled in his interview, however,Cech was very angry.How often do you see that!.We know something is not correct when he has a go.I reckon Dean knew as soon as he was confronted by Cech, he had mad a f… up.
    I hope in the next round of contract talks with the Tv companies, all the matches will go to Netflicks, Amazon or Fox news.F… Sky Sports and B.T. Sports.
    I am very annoyed.
    Happy New Year to all.

  8. Dean is a cheater, no doubt about that. Even the pundits on NBC were telling that he was robbing the game to Arsenal by giving a totaly ununderstandable pen.
    Dean = Cheater; Do we – as unobjectives Arsenal fans – imagine that? Cech went to see Dean at the end of the game, and get a yellow card for telling the cheater what was in his mind.
    The fans, the players, everybody can see what we see. How many time will that stupid ref strike Arsenal before something is done?
    Yep Brickfields Gunners you’re right. Better to wish a better new year!

    Happy New Year too, to Untolders.

  9. Theres an amazing thread on twitter showing Deans failures, whats truly baffling is that he didnt give a penalty for Arsenal against Leicester, yet gives exactly the same incident against us today.
    Goodbye 2017, dont come back.
    Happy New Year Untolders!

  10. I’m not a referee, neither a specialist of the Laws of the game but I just checked in a FIFA pdf
    “…A player denies the opposing team a goal or an obvious goal-scoring
    opportunity by a deliberate handball offence …”

    •Did Calum make a deliberate move whith his arm to stop the ball? Obviously nope.
    •Did that deny an obvious goal or goal-scoring opportunity ? Certainly not, as the ball would have hit Chambers body if not his arm…

    Maybe Walter can help us more about that…

  11. @Goonermkey

    “Unless we crowdfund a case against the PGMO…”
    Brilliant. Even if it serves no other purpose than generating attention to the problems.

    I’m in for 100.


  12. It is Dean. It is Arsenal. It’s another refereeing disgrace. I’m leaving the building. Happy new year and good luck for the future UA faithful. I’ll always love Arsenal but I can no longer be a part of this ridiculous charade.

  13. Mike Dean strikes again! What a striking sequel to 2017 for the PigMob against us. Arsene needs to looking at how to make these men in black irrelevant – is that possible with these jokers? Happy New Year to you all. Even a thousand Deans will not stop the march of time – 5 years or so more him and his PigMob crowd will be consigned to the scrap heap of history as villains of the EPL.

  14. Why do we bother … results have nothing to do with the players or managers or tactics … CORRUPT CORRUPT CORRUPT … my 40th year as a season ticket holder and I have never cared less about football … off to the darts tomorrow … it will be a great final AND IT WILL BE WON BY TAYLOR OR CROSS WITH NO CORRUPT OFFICIALS INVOLVED !!!!

  15. Just to look on the bright side – we’ve just completed three fixtures that, last season, yielded nothing in terms of points but from which we’ve taken five this season. Continue with year over year improvement like that and we should all have a happy new year.

  16. I have never heard Arsenal be so clear as in his comments tonight. In effect saying that we know that Dean and Co. are corrupt –“we know what’s going on – it’s happened before” -.

    Even the pundits and Gallagher said was wrong and much was made of Peter Cech’s justified anger
    This might just prove to be a turning point???? or is that just wishful thinking?

    I would love Arsenal to state openly that PGMO is corrupt and defy FA EPL and PGMO to sue!

  17. @Goonermkey, and all those who think about dropping the season ticket,

    It is easy to have a knee jerk reaction, under disappointment and fury. Unfortunately this will not help the club at all, now when they need our support the most against the forces that want to stop us from succeeding. If I weren’t living on the other side of the world I would actually apply for one. But now it’s the time to step back, have a breather, enjoy the end of the year as much as we can, and be back next year hopefully invigorated by both desire to support the club, and hate for the dark side. Happy New Year 2018 Untolders!

  18. One thing about the penalty was that Kieron Gibbs never even looked to the ref and was looking for a corner. Thank goodness he maintains his honesty which he inherited at Arsenal. Why could Dean not see that the nearest player to the incident had no appeal to make about the ‘ handball’.

  19. dean doing what he does best which sadly on the basis of what I keep seeing is influencing the results of games. This will raise serious questions if it does not get proper investigation by the media and indeed the Premier league themselves. When we look at our away games this season they are littered with mistakes by these so- called officials. It is also a wonder that no Man city player has been crippled with the challenges the like of Do Lally and K*nt of the spuds were allowed to get away with. Puncheon with a shocker today and yet no inclination towards player safety from the Pigmob. Ruining football

  20. Alex……referees are trained and reminded to make a hand-ball call when it is 100% clear that;

    1) The player had time to remove his arm (since hand ball is from the shoulder joint (movable area) down to the fingers) but didn’t. Normally the distance refs use is about 5 feet because closer than that the ball is moving far to rapidly to avoid,
    2) That there was a voluntary and clear,willing move for the hand or arm to go towards the ball and not vice-versa,
    3) The handball must prevent, not only an obvious goal or a goal-scoring opportunity but also the opportunity for the opponent to receive the ball from a pass that was blocked by the handball,and
    4) Finally we are told that the player’s arm must NOT be in a normal playing position meaning that if the arm is in front of the body (usually a normal playing position) and NOT stretched out like a windmill or over the head like a flag, or if the player has jumped in the air, using his arms like most of us do but does NOT move the arm(hand) to the ball, then there is no foul, therefore no penalty.

    It would seem that Dean neglected all of the above. We should call him the great leveler.

  21. Also, men can protect their genitals, as long as they don’t move the hand(s) to the ball. women enjoy both protection of the genital area AND their chest. That is the reason we have an obligatory 10 meter distance from the free kick as any closer becomes dangerous for the players in the wall.

  22. We all know what Dean is, the word ” corrupt” is appearing rather a lot this evening associated with this match and this referee.
    Wengers words were brilliant, basically calling out the English football establishment, the refs, the scheduling, the FA, the EPL. He is a man who has chosen his words carefully, of they charge him, they look stupid , his words, they need to work harder, but we all know what he meant.
    Make no mistake, he will be directly, or indirectly punished, so might the team ,but let’s hope he keeps it up and exposes them for what they are. The gloves are clearly off for our manager
    Our refs are both shit and corrupt, we saw both today in the two games

  23. They have cost us two points today, probably three at both Stoke and Watford, did their damnest at home to Leicester , two dodgy offsides at City, again, refused a clear pen at home to Utd, O would say eight points plus
    Bet they have some treats in store against Chelsea as well

  24. What I still don’t get is the fact that AW keeps quite. What will happen? Fine him, shaft the club? They have been doing it for yrs, but still we don’t give back. The media will never run with this incident, but today if he had spoken his mind, maybe…just maybe we could have caused a stir, especially after the controversial decision at the lecister game yesterday. It’s time to take the fight to them

  25. History and Dean repeating itself, over and over and over again: St Andrews, February 2008 going for the title,90th minute penalty – Gael. And everything in-between.
    AW must be besides himself with anger. When he sees Dean’s reaction and gestures in the Kolasinac/Ndididi incident, https://twitter.com/mrarsenal93/status/899035664997548034, and then has to swallow that travesty, the injustice must be very weighty.
    @Florian – I saw my first game over sixty years ago and I assure you that the incompetent officials are making the game very difficult to support. What the other guys are saying is not a knee jerk reaction. I have had similar thoughts now for a number of seasons. When you are at every match and see the big picture it is very difficult to believe in what you are witnessing.

  26. omgarsenal
    01/01/2018 at 12:16 am
    The referee must see the incident or get informed by his assistant. Dean had neither & played to the select crowd.

  27. Thank you Omgarsenal. When I read your explanations, i first thought about Ndidi blocking Kolasinac cross. Dean was the ref too… And just now I can see Percy above talking of that.
    And yes, Arsène talks is mind on Arsenal.com. So does Cech. Maybe something will get out of this mess, finally.

  28. Correction :Arsène talks *HIS* mind.

    Sorry for the mistakes, not easy for a french gunner!
    Especially when you are just leaving a party with wine and champagne ! 🙂

    Btw, even here, on papers forums, (L’Equipe), Dean is now described as a cheater By fans, not journalists… not yet.

    Happy new year to all.

  29. Oh yes, just one more thing (sorry to be so present!)
    Like any fan I was happy of course when Alexis scored. I was even happier because of how the players celebrated… Most of them were celebrating and Bellerin even asking the few alone to come.
    That was like a big “F..k you” to some SkySport consultant pretending the team to be divided… Follow my eyes…

    Wenger on Arsenal.com told this about this subject : “I don’t listen to what he says, or what other people say. We focus on our own problems and that is the only important thing. These people are paid to talk and it’s difficult to always talk, talk, talk and only say things that are true and intelligent.”
    Ouch ! 🙂

  30. Graham Poll and Keith Hackett both also admit Dean was wrong! And apparently Cech gets a yellow because Dean is too much of a coward to look Cech in the eyes.

  31. Will have look Pat. But he had the chance to blow the refs and their incompetence in front of the media.

  32. A Happy New Year, Untold community.

    There certainly seems to be a near-unanimity about Mike Dean, and specifically this incident. Supporters, pundits, the manager, and even the players, have spoken..

    One further thought: amidst all the talk of Ozil and Sanchez and their contracts; alongside the speculation of who else would like to come and play for Arsenal; this issue does not seem to enter the debate – namely, that the players know that playing for Arsenal means they are likely to get shafted by refereeing decisions, even more than other teams’ players do; and that the duty of care for a player’s safety goes out of the window if one plays for Arsenal.

    If I were a player, especially an elite player, in this situation, my thought processes might well be: I love playing for Arsenal, I love the club, the manager, my fellow players, the supporters (most of the time!) – but sod this for a game of soldiers, I’m off to play for a team that tends to be well looked-after by the referees, say Tottenham or Manure in this country, any of the top overseas teams. Then I can relax and enjoy doing what I do well.

    We can’t know to what extent this consideration is in the minds of our star players, unless they actually come out and say something explicit. But one can’t help but suspect…

  33. Max Kerr – That is something that I too also wondered earlier this year. Not just the way that we are treated by the media and referees, but our own fans even. Surely all of these things must have a big impact on whether a player wants to sign for us or not.

    As for the game, I genuinely don’t have the energy to get angry at this anymore. Arsenal will repeatedly get fucked over, year in year out and for as long as Riley is head of the PIGMOB, things will not change. And I wouldn’t get too excited for when he retires either, as we all know that he will be replaced by either Dean or Atkinson and it will be business as usual.

    What a dire straights the PL is in; absolutely appalling.

  34. Arsenal have to be stopped by any means or they would just win everything. Interesting.

  35. There’s only one thing left to do, that won’t cost any money and that is to petition the CMS enquiry into Football Governance to include PGMOL in it’s investigation.

    The petition should be directed towards Tracy Crouch, Minister for Sport and Damian Collins MP, Chair of the CMS enquiry committee.

    I already wrote to my local MP, and had a reply from Tracy Crouch, but the election interfered with any ongoing correspondence.

    I’m happy to go back to her, and ask for further guidance.

  36. Tonny!
    Westbrom Albion is at the bottom of the table yet it gives us hard time,how then are we to qualify for champions league.
    I understand arsenal is financially better than Liverpool and Tottenham; I also know that Liverpool’s players are not extraordinary and so is Tottenham’s but they seem to be winning easily even when there is a couple of wrong decisions against them.
    In my opinion, I think most of our players are not working hard at improving their skills(creativity and efficiency).
    Can’t they learn some skills from other players from teams like real Madrid, Barcelona, bayern Munich, etc.
    I just need you to say something about my opinion because you seem to understand these things better than most journalists out there.

  37. It was too blatant, dead men do this!

    He signaled the intent of the regulatorary body.

    Crowdfunding, I’m up for that and case building. There is so much footage and analysis of the rules and blatant misinterpretations!

    A sociopath aims to be caught, in just disappointed they didn’t go for two and d Don’t control the game better!

    That back three Jill’s our outlet play! Why we sare want so much time in our half defending Mediocre WBA play.

    They didn’t listen to the gaffer about asserting their own game.

    Two DM’s were a better option!

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