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  1. Liam

    I believe the constant anti Wenger moaning has become completely over the top and boring. Am really disappointed the guardian has jumped on that particular bandwagon. Wenger is working with the new arrivals in securing a good future for the club when he has left. A part of that is including players like Ainsley, Nelson, and j willock. There are (some) very positive things going on let’s have some content about that.

  2. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    It has been said that Premier League status and form can go out of the window quickly in an FA Cup match against the Championship club side opposition teams if the PL clubs playing against them did not take propper care in playing against them, they could be knocked out.

    However, Arsenal will not be knocked out by Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup 3rd round match that will be played at their City ground Stadium tomorrow. Rather, I am confident it’s Arsenal that will knock them out from the competition to qualify for the 4th round.

    Wallcot going to Italy or Southampton or whichever club side for £30m or more in transfer fee cost won’t be bad but of course hi leaving depends on if he wants to leave Arsenal this winter and if Le Boss too sanctioned his leaving. But despite that he looks to have seemingly slated now to be playing in the Europa Cup, Carabao Cup and FA Cup games for Arsenal team II, but who will Arsenal replace him with in their 1st team squad if he leaves since any of Reiss Nelson and Joe Willock are not yet ready to fill-in the vacuum he’ll leave behind if he does leave this January.

    Petr Cech constant failings to save spot kicks for Arsenal in the Premier League is a big problem for us which Arsenal has to address with dispatch if need be this winter to arrest this ugly situation from continuing unabated. For the next Arsenal game in the PL away to AFC Bournemouth, and since the PGMO referees who are referring in Arsenal games are appearing to have now resolved among themselves to be unfairly awarding spot kicks against Arsenal in their PL games of recent. And as Cech is spot kicks player watching instead of to watch the ball as it’s being kicked to get the direction the ball is heading to give him a fair chance at saving the spot kicks, will Le Boss wants to start Matt Macey for our away Bournemouth PL game to see? No chance! But Arsenal will do with a top class goalkeeper signing this winter if possible like Bravo of Man City who does save penalties. Had Cech saved Hazard’s penalty kick at the Ems last Wednesday night in the PL, will Arsenal not have won that match?

  3. para

    It would be nice if Untold just ignored these liespapers completely.
    They have nothing to add to football and the world, and it is a waste of time and resources and energy to even pay them any attention.

    As i have done this(ignore them among many other things) for the last 15 years and counting, i think it will do wonders for your sanity and health. 🙂

  4. colario

    In Side world Football has published this article.

    Note the phrase ”sound business model”

    Man City top global financial power ranking, Arsenal 2nd, PSG 3rd and Guangzhou Evergrande 4th
    4th January 2018
    chinese money

    January 4 – Runaway English Premier League leaders Manchester City have more financial clout than any other club in world football, according to a new study commissioned by global sports event organisers Soccerex.

    English clubs dominate the top ten places in the rankings with Arsenal ranked second, Tottenham Hotspur fifth, Manchester United seventh (somewhat surprisingly) and Chelsea in ninth position.

    The so-called The Soccerex Football Finance 100 is based on five criteria: value of players, fixed assets, cash reserves, potential owner investment and net debt.

    Soccerex said this methodology explained why Arsenal were ranked above Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) despite PSG paying a record €222 million to sign Brazilian superstar Neymar last summer. The study said Arsenal’s “sound business model” had enabled it to pip PSG even though the Londoners had spent far less in the transfer market.

    Similarly to PSG, Chelsea were ranked only ninth despite owner Roman Abramovich’s heavy investment. Soccerex said this was because Abramovich’s investment was listed as a loan, giving the club a large net debt.

    The ranking also reflects China’s growing significance in the global football market, with Guangzhou Evergrande surprisingly coming above Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona who the study said were affected by their membership owner structures which restricted investment potential.

    Nine of the Chinese Super League clubs are ranked in the top 100 clubs, more than France, Germany and Italy.

    Soccerex marketing director David Wright said the aim of the study was to highlight how the “global football landscape has shifted over the past two decades”.

    “We wanted to create a broader evaluation of football finances, one that reflected the modern reality of football,” he added.


    Manchester City
    Guangzhou Evergrande
    Real Madrid
    Manchester United
    Bayern Munich
    Zenit St Petersburg
    RB Leipzig
    LA Galaxy
    Atletico Madrid
    Borussia Dortmund

  5. GoingGoingGooner

    The relationship between the media and AW has gone personal. There is no pretense of being impartial anymore. It is one big media mobbing scene. Curiously, if the past tells us anything, AW will just react in his usual way, infuriate them more, but ultimately leave them powerless.

  6. Arsenal_62

    As long as untold is there, we don’t have to worry about supporting Wenger. The obsession with Wenger has reached to such heights among Tony and his merry men that I seriously believe this site will shut stop when Wenger finally goes. This is not an Arsenal site, this is a “defend-wenger-at-all-costs” propaganda machine. Amusing, tbh.

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