FA Cup Nottingham Forest – Arsenal 4-2

By Walter Broeckx

Lots of changes as expected in the team and on the bench.

Arsenal team at the start : Ospina, Debuchy, Mertesacker, Holding, Willock, Elneny, Nelson, Maitland-Niles, Iwobi, Walcott, Welbeck.

On the beach: Macey, Chambers, Osei-Tutu, Dasilva, Reine-Adelaide, Akpom, Nketiah. In the stands: Wenger.

First shot of the match from Nottingham but Ospina  the save on the low shot. Walcott then with a shot/cross but the keeper first on the ball before Nelson could tap it in. Walcott with a cross but Welbeck header went off target. Arsenal most of the ball in the opening quarter. Still 0-0 after 15 minutes.

Nottingham counters but the low was pushed out by Ospina for a corner. Nottingham win a free kick close to the corner flag and the ball is headed in by Lichaj after a run is not picked up by the Arsenal defence. 1-0 after 20 minutes.

Arsenal get a free kick near the corner of the penalty area. Walcott with the cross and Holding heads against the post. The rebound comes to Mertesacker and the captain puts the ball over the line with his left foot. GOAL! 1-1 after 22 minutes.

Iwobi with a shot from distance that went well over to end the first 30 minutes with the score at 1-1.

Elneny looking in pain and Arsenal give the ball away but a fine save from Ospina to prevent Nottingham taking the lead again. Then the assistant ref ignores a clear Nottingham offside but luckily Ospina comes and blocks the ball just inside the penalty area and then smothers the ball. Iwobi gives it to Welbeck but he was offside, the keeper with a good blok anyway. Walcott with a good run but his cross is cleared. Nelson cutting inside from the left but his shot went wide.

Nottingham playing the long ball and a striker escapes but Ospina again with a good save. Ospina has injured his finger with that last save and needs some attention. Nottingham still has the ball and a cross is only half cleared and Lichaj shoots the ball unstoppable in the top corner. 2-1 for Nottingham after 43 minutes. Maitland-Niles with a shot from distance but the ball went wide. Arsenal most of the ball but playing too slow int he first half and going in 2-1 down after the first 45 minutes. Just as we did last season at this stage in the FA cup.

Arsenal pressing Nottingham back from the start but some of the youngsters not making the right decisions at times. But no real goal chances so we are still 2-1 behind after 60 minutes.

Nottingham with a dangerous cross but the striker misses from close range. Holding then trips didn’t see a player coming and trips a Nottingham player and ref Moss points to the spot. Brereton scores from the spot with Ospina going the wrong way. 3-1 after 64 minutes.

Holding tries to make up for his error but his pass to Walcott was overhit. Nketiah enters the field for Willock after 66 minutes. Walcott cuts inside to Welbeck who plays it to Nketiah who has a shot but a great save from the keeper. Moss not for the first time letting some strong challenges go. Nottingham with a dangerous cross but Debuchy can clear the ball.  Arsenal still 3-1 down after 75 minutes.

Walcott with some space but his cross is cut out before Nketiah can become dangerous. A deep ball seems to be lost as the keeper is first on the ball but he then spills it and Welbeck can push the ball over the line. GOAL!! 3-2 after 79 minutes.

Welbeck just missing a cross after a little push in the back. Debuchy looks to block the ball when Traore escapes but Moss wants to make sure there is no Arsenal come back and points to the spot. Dowell touches the ball twice when he kicks it it seems but that is not important for Moss who gives the illegal goal. 4-2 for Nottingham. That ends the match of course.

Akpom comes on for Debuchy after 85 minutes. Then Moss wants to hide his errors by giving a red card against a Forest player after a wild tackle. Akpom with the chance to make a third goal but the keeper can save it.

Arsenal played a bad match with the younger players showing they were not completely ready to fight against a fighting championship team. Some youngsters ran out of fuel after 60 minutes. Too many players had a nightmare match and we played too slow and our forward line was apart from Nelson not visible most of the time.

Moss again showing how useless the PGMO refs are for not spotting the double kick on the penalty. I saw it on my TV from the first time as the ball bounced in a way it can’t bounce if you kick it once.


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  1. moss didnt show how useless he is and PGMO
    but show arsen his place
    it is all about “you say a word against us we’re show who’s the boss”
    and they’re rightly sure that nobody can do anything with that with all the FA & PGMOL corruption

  2. I wonder if a factor in our play isn’t the lack of recovery time between matches over the Christmas period while various opponents had more time to recover. So our players had to put more effort in to get various draws. Also, and possibly as a result, we have injuries to defensive players – Montreal, Koscielny, Kolasinac, Xhaka. I know the last two are midfield but their defensive work is important.

    I hope the young lads keep their heads up after this defeat. It is a pity two of the Forest goals were penalties.

    Wonder what Arsene, Jens and Boro were saying to each other in the stands.

    Ridiculous that the ref didn’t retake the second penalty.

  3. I think it would have been a free kick to arsenal not a retake. Is that correct Walter?

  4. Thank you Walter.

    The City ground. Brian Clough always demanded his players put in a shift. The lads today came unstuck in the classic Cup manner. You can’t stroll the FA Cup. Moss his usual windup self. A very tough learning curve.

  5. Fair enough to let some youngsters have a chance but why no plan B on the bench? Forget the ref – he’s not responsible for training our defenders, selecting our team or implementing the tactics on the field.

  6. Sadly, this is going to be a really hideous season.

    We have been out of the title race for quite a while and it’s only January.

    We are 5 points off the CL place.

    We are about to lose one or two our best players either now or in the summer.

    We look clueless when it comes to defending.

    Despite clever rotation and a large roster, we have too many injured players to deal with this hectic schedule.

    Above all, PGMO-henchmen have decided to fire from all cilinders. If they had done their job properly in 2017, Arsenal would have been in the Champions League, still in the title race but without either FA Cup won (City would have kicked us out) or League Cup (Norwich would have kicked us out). Now they want to kick Arsene as he is on the ground until he’s finished.

    And Arsenal FC won’t do anything about it because we have the worst majority owner any top club could wish for.

  7. Josif

    I take all your points. But don’t lose hope! There is still a long way to go. I still believe if anyone can, Arsene can.

  8. Agree Pat, Debuchy got the ball. If anything their first pen might be somewhat justified but soft still. The second one just wasn’t a penalty.

  9. wenger give arsenal fans 5 trophies in 5 or 6 years
    it is still better then any other oil fc’s at the same period
    but wenger is still worthless and arsenal is hopless

  10. With just a miniscule amount of even handed refereeing we would have quite a few more points in the PL.

    Terrible decisions against us at Stoke, Man City, Waford, WBA. In some of those games a multitude of mistakes.

    Man Utd at home.

    Yes we have had a couple of decisions go our way, but any suggestion there’s anything like an ‘evening out’ of these things would be pushing it to say the least.

  11. I just do not believe some comments on here.
    1.Poor team selection.Why did we not have back up on the bench.
    2.Debuchy should not be at the club.How many matches has he played for us in the last 2 seasons.He is not our defensive back up defender.He is never in the squad when we play in the league.He just takes the dosh.How many penalties has he given away.
    3.Wenger puts too much trust in some of the players.It is too easy at Arsenal.
    4.How many goals have we continued to concede.
    5.Who coaches our defenders.The first goal was a sham.
    6.What team are we going to put out on Wednesday!
    7.The refs will always have it in for us as long as Wenger is the Manager.I do think we are being shafted by them.
    Finally, again, how is it we will loose 2 of our best players for nothing.This is a gross misuse of money I can recall from any Club.


  12. I agree that, at the very least, the beach should have had a few first-teamers, in case it went, as it did, pear-shaped.

    I dare say he was keeping them for Wednesday, as he wants the League Cup, being the only domestic opine he has not got yet, but he was taking a risk and it backfired.

  13. yes it should have been a free kick to Arsenal after the double kicked penalty goal

  14. WE are losing the 2 players because they refuse to sign a new contract.

    It takes 2 to tango.

    They cannot be forced to sign a contract, despite what will have been the club’s best endeavours.

  15. just waiting for a new record to be broken how many penalties given against one team in a pl game.

    Its got to the stage where its so ridiculous its just beyond belief

  16. There is a very strange item on the BBC Sport website.

    It goes through the various games , eg Stoke, Watford and considers the decisions as “decided upon ” by their pundits and also a retired referee.

    So, on the Stoke non-penalty, they quote 2 or 3 pundits, who say it should have been a penalty, and the retired ref, who says the same, and then say say that the conclusion is that the decision was correct?

    Does that make sense?

  17. On a personal note it says something that I have actually come on to Untold after a defeat. I usually just keep my head down knowing the board is going to be invading by the naysayers and Wenger bashers, but for me it’s gone beyond that.

    Yes as I said, I know we didn’t play poorly, but we are allowed to play poorly. Every team plays poorly at times.

    But honestly, is that justification for what is happening at the moment.

    I know other teams play poorly because I’ve heard it said about Man Utd, Chelsea and Man City that ‘playing poorly and getting a result’ is what it’s all about.

    But when you do play poorly you need things to go your way. You need some of those 50/50’s I keep banging on about to go your way, but with the referees the way they are they just ensure that doesn’t happen.

    Arsenal and Wenger need us more than ever to fight this.

  18. You do not understand the worth of a contract if you think there’s money to be made by cashing in early.
    Debuchy is better than you yet you think you can pontificate about his worth?

    Wenger has to do what he has to do because he knows what is coming & what is of priority. A loss in a few games is not the end of the world but it is a clear indication of cheating by match officials. Wenger will show it up but has to be careful as the FA can stop anyone from watching or participating in the game, Their power is beyond the pale.

  19. And why are my comments “awaiting moderation” ?
    Have I abused anyone here?
    No I have not..

  20. Its the management’s job to build a squad that can cope with the demands. Its not like its a surprise – we have cups and we have league matches. I’m bewildered that the “2nd most powerful football club in the work (ranked by squad value, cash, and potential)”* has lost to a Championship side. Where were all the players that weren’t injured? – it’s not like they needed to be rested for the Premiership which is already well beyond our reach and the Champions League which we’re not even a part of!


  21. If Debuchy is worth anything, why has no Club come in for him and why is he never in the squad for league matches.We should never allowed the 2 players to run down their contracts.We will loose best part of 100million.

  22. Walter

    It seems probable there was a double touch although other than the flight of the ball there hasn’t been any conclusive replays showing there was indeed a double touch. That said I am not sure how VAR would have helped but one thing that VAR would have brought to the party was that before the touch/ two touches there was encroachment by players from both teams. Couldn’t it be argued that the penalty should have been re taken?

  23. Josif

    And Arsenal FC won’t do anything about it because we have the worst majority owner any top club could wish for.

    “Soccerex says Arsenal has a sound business model, deserving of second place in its list.”

    You might not like our owner, or his methods but Soccerex don’t seem to agree with your assessment.


    Its the management’s job to build a squad that can cope with the demands. Its not like its a surprise – we have cups and we have league matches.

    From al_the_gunner earlier:

    “Wenger gives arsenal fans 5 trophies in 5 or 6 years which is still better then any other oil fc’s at the same period, but Wenger is still worthless and Arsenal are hopeless”

    That’s the first FA Cup match we’ve lost for 25 ties.

    So I think you can safely assume Wenger ‘realises’ exactly what is required to ‘cope with the demands’.

    Yes we played poorly today. Yes we lost today, but it happens, although luckily enough for us, not very often.

    Your inability to put it in to any sort of perspective whatsoever, says more about you than it ever does about Wenger.

  24. Mike T

    “……there was encroachment by players from both teams. Couldn’t it be argued that the penalty should have been re taken?”

    You are indeed correct Mike T, but that never happens does it.

    Owe wait a minute, yes it does. And who was that I hear you asking.

    Giroud for Arsenal.

    Well there’s a surprise.

  25. Leaving the refs, we were rubbish to watch. No one seemed to be interested in winning the game. Our defending was diabolical, midfield non existence, all passing sideways and then back as no movement from our forwards. No urgency in the game. Theo cannot go past anyone, so what’s the point of that speed? Is he saving himself for the transfer? No overlapping runs from,Debuchy to go,behind their defence? All cross in the box either over hit, or under hit. We were just there to make up the numbers, you would have thought that the fringe players would put in a shift to make the 1st team….AW comes on and says that the other team,had more desire, more determination… Is this a joke? How many times has he come out and said the same thing? just goes to show you that no one seems to give a fuck anymore.

  26. We can argue about the penalties but, IMO, we were not as screwed as we were against West Brom and Chelsea. The team did not play that well…we lost. A tough, tiring Christmas season means a whole new XI that couldn’t get the engine firing. Bring on the next match.

  27. Nitram

    My point or shall we say my question really was will VAR ,which in truth is an attempt to ensure the laws are adhered to mean that the encroachment at penalties will now be enforced 100%

  28. Nitram – you’ve obviously missed the point – with our resources, power and status the FA Cup is the least we should expect not the saviour of our season as it has been the last few years.

  29. I think a qualified Ref already stated it’s a free kick against the team who double kick the pen. Off to your Gaspom site mate ta ta

  30. Markyb
    Not disputing for one second that a double kick at a penalty is a free kick. Didn’t need to be a qualified ref to know that. Nor do you need to be a qualified ref to know that encroachment is key in any penalty kick
    I am interested in Walters view on a matter as to how VAR will or will not impact on this type of incident.
    As an aside what on earth is a Gasprom site?

  31. Moss was obviously upset at being outdone in the anti-Arsenal PGMOL performance indicators by both Dean and Taylor, so he made a special effort to pleass his masters today.

    A non-penalty awarded against Arsenal? – not enough for him, Why not 2 non-penalties awarded against Arsenal? This will set a new standard.

    The sad thing is that I am not really upset by these injustices any more, as they are just what we have come to expect. How much more blatant does it have to become before the corruption is called for what it is?

  32. Mike T

    Who knows? It may help with ‘encroachment’ but honestly Mike, what on earth difference will that make to us, or anyone else for that matter.

    And even so I would still suspect they would pick and choose what ones they looked at and what ones they didn’t, so screwing us is still an option.

    But on the general topic of VAR and it’s application I cant see it helping us one iota.

    Most of the decisions that I, and many of us on here feel are screwing us are the subjective ones, and they will still be just as subjectively judged using VAR as they are in real time, and as I say, most of the time, ‘subjectively’ Arsenal are at fault.

    Can you imagine one of those decisions that went against us against Stoke, City, Watford, WBA, Man Utd or even tonight being overturned under review? I’m sorry Mike I just cant see it.

    Conversely what do you think would of happened had the one Mustafi got away with been reviewed?

    VAR will just provide even more opportunities to screw us.

    If, when it comes in I am proved wrong I will be over the moon and gladly come on here and eat humble pie. I am confident I will go hungry.


    “you’ve obviously missed the point – with our resources, power and status the FA Cup is the least we should expect not the saviour of our season as it has been the last few years.”

    No I didn’t. That is not what you said AT ALL.

    You were having a specific pop at Wenger and your perception of his inability to manage his squad to cope with the amount of fixtures, hence you said:

    “Its the management’s job to build a squad that can cope with the demands. Its not like its a surprise – we have cups and we have league matches.”

    So don’t come it.

    Any way, on the point you have now changed to, Man Utd and Man City’s available transfer budget is infinitely larger than ours due to external funding, as you well know.

    We are only valued so highly because of asset wealth and lack of debt.

    I don’t have any issue with people not liking our self sustaining business model, but that is the path we as a Club have chosen, and I for one agree with it.

    But please, don’t try and pretend that just because we are so astutely run that we come 2nd in Soccerex’s table, we have anything like the available transfer funds of those 2 clubs, or indeed Chelsea because that is bullshit and you know it.

  33. Well Leon if you did the basic little bit of work and looked at the article on comments which is easily accessible from any page you would get the basic rules of posting here.
    But let me spell out a little bit for you as you seem not to have bothered to read: Untold is swamped by vast numbers of comments every day which would, if published, get in the way of any sensible attempt at discussion. Much of the removal is done automatically following the guidelines set out, but the rest is mostly down to me, and contrary to popular belief I am not employed by Arsenal at great cost to the club and benefit to me, to run this site.
    Really, if you can’t be bothered to read the basics, I don’t see why I should have to spend my time sorting things out for you.

  34. So we lost to a championship team because we don’t have the transfer funds of City and Utd? And not because we put out the wrong team and defended poorly which is not the managers fault?

  35. Didn’t someone here say that these media guys sign a contract not to discuss ref decisions?

  36. Wow! Wenger’s post match comments on point today. Giving NF due respect for their performance and win, admitting that they were just simply the better team on the night. This is what I expect from an elder statesman in the game. Maybe this ban will eventually be a blessing in disguise for the boss.

  37. AFC played poorly today, it was so frustrating seeing so many backwards and sideways passes instead of direct attacks or attempts at doing so. We gave the ref the opportunity to do what they know how to do best – cheating AFC. No we didn’t cover ourselves in glory and therefore deserve very little sympathy, but that does not make the PigMob’s robbery any more acceptable. A saying goes literally thus “… a man who wished to die met a person who would kill him…” Death wish fulfilled.

    Bring on the next match and another push back against the PigMob their cheating will not last forever – good always overcomes evil, no matter how long it takes.

  38. Nitram

    Much like you I really doubt that VAR will produce outcomes many expect or perhaps hope for
    In all cases the actual impact, foul or incident are assessed in the refs opinion who then decides if a penalty is awarded .
    VAR states that a descion will only be overturned if there is an obvious and clear mistake.
    The reason I am so interested in the issue of encroachment is that there isn’t anything subjective about the laws in this context they are clear and not open to any mitigating factors or interpretation
    If you look at the four circumstances when VAR should come into play one is when a goal is scored.On that basis the off field ref should identify encroachment and the law applied 100%.for not dealing with players entering the box prior to a kick will be a clear and obvious mistake.
    If the kick results in a goal and a player from the attacking side has encroached the kick should be re taken and as we know having to re take a penalty only adds to the pressure.
    If a defender encroaches and penalty is scored then the goal stands.
    For me it’s quite simple once VAR is in place defenders have little to gain by getting in the box early.

  39. Seem some believe Arsenal must be the first and only team to lose to a Championship side in the history of the FA Cup. Big team lose to small teams, it happens and it’s football.

  40. It’s part of the magic of the FA cup and is why the competition is so popular worldwide. It has happened before and will happen again. Sadly we are on the receiving end this time. Shit happens. Wednesday a next match. COYG

  41. No way can this be put down to fatigue as most of the team hardly play, rustiness maybe rather than tiredness.
    Tippy tappy attacking and shambolic defending.
    Just another humiliation last year it was 10-2 to Bayern Nunich roll on the next one, we might actually learn something one day and improve.

  42. There is a certain arrogance to the people who go on and on about a Premier League team losing to a Championship side. They are professionals, too, who play hard and have a similar if perhaps not quite as developed skill set. Put into perspective, though, they belong to the top 1% of footbballers in the country. If you are off your game, and they are on theirs, you can’t be certain that you will win. We should give some credit to Notts Forest.

  43. Arsenal oh Arsenal where art thou?

    It’s going to get even worse, mark my words. 08/01/2018

  44. “I always expect the best of my team” AW quote in the post match interview.
    Well, i thought it was the managers job to make sure that his players play their best.
    Maybe i see this wrong?

  45. A real bummer ! But in truth , they did play well and were more hungry for it . Good luck to them .
    Hopefully this will be a lesson for our juniors – the Arsenal 11. We have to be ruthless in front of goal , and have to move the ball faster in their half.
    Up the Gunners !

  46. A man calls up the PIGMOB office and says , : ” I want to replace Mike Riley and be the next General Manager of PIGMOB !”

    Operator : ” Are you an idiot ?”

    Man : ” Is it compulsory ? “

  47. What the fuss .manure lost to Bristol i didnt hear even a coin droppin so its the end of the world because The Great Arsenal was cheated out of the FAcup. Mahrez did the same,was his penalty re-taken??

  48. This comment appears to come from a fake address. If this is your address please do check your settings.

  49. Today 8/1/18 the BBC website is quoting an admission by Riley, Head of PGMOL, that Mike Dean owned up to wrongly awarding the West Brom penalty, but offered no apology. Moss also awarded a goal from a penalty taken twice by a Forest player against the rules of the game. Will Moss also admit his error?

    Meanwhile, Arsene is serving a touch line ban for the West Brom fallout, what will the F.A do to redress the touch line ban following the PGMOL confession? AFC shouldn’t lie down taking all in as if everything is alright. Justice will not be served if people in authority are not held accountable for their actions. At least the 2 remaining matches bans ought to be rescinded, and as Arsene admitted the charge the fine should be reduced as well. The mitigating factor was the extreme provocation that triggered the reaction; it was not premeditated.

  50. True Arsenal supporters need to remain faithful to the club but must also be fair and balanced in our analysis.
    I thought Forest did really well yesterday . They were effective and motivated, didn’t try to kick us off the pitch and had fast and effective forward players.
    We defended appallingly, Mertesacker is too slow to play in a four nowadays. A sad last FA Cup tie for a man who was a hero in May. I fully understand the starting XI but we needed a much stronger bench to dig us out of trouble. We had the promising Nketiah but not much else.
    I believe that we will find a chance to redeem ourselves in the Europa League but we need to sort out our players who are out of contract in the summer asap.
    I would support Arsenal wherever they played and whoever managed them but I don’t believe we are in the right hands at the moment

  51. Bobome – spot on dude.

    How much will the FA pay Wenger as he was fined £40000 because he was upset about Deans cheating (mistakes). I think it must be in the £500,000.00 area as this is causing hurt, damage in the market place & such like. Will Riley ever be taken to task for his 50th match cheating? The FA are an absolute joke.

    AS for VAR don’t bother until the FA & PGMOL are disbanded & jailed for simulation.

  52. Bobome. Yes I saw that. Mind you, Riley has never apologised for that debacle of the fiftieth game at Old Trafford, how he got that top job is beyond me. I watched the highlights with my son last week, neither of us could explain how anyone could be that biased. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mM747L9Wf8M

    I’m not surprised there isn’t an apology. Mike Dean and the rest of this mob are unaccountable and they know it. Not one of them, despite being professionals, selected for the World Cup in Russia. That says it all.

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