Arsenal: The truth is out there, but is hiding under the blanket.

By Tony Attwood

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So the 10th anniversary has passed and we have posted 7,800 articles over those 10 years.  This is 7,801 and time to move on, perhaps occasionally remembering one or two more things from the past as we go, but thinking more about what we can do next.

And so time to implement some changes.  Which is pretty much the state of Arsenal, with all its new negotiation team working at full pelt to get things done.

Which brings us back once again to a transfer update.  Of course all transfer news is very wobbly when it comes to standing on the ladder of reality but maybe some of this will help us climb on the roof of truth and look down on the sea of lies.  Or something.


Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang looks to be a front runner for Arsenal not least because (and this is the bit we missed yesterday – but don’t worry, people have been severely reprimanded) – it was Sven Mislintat who took Aubameyang to Germany in the first place.  Apparently Mislintat is also suggesting Arsenal sign Henrikh Mkhitaryan, who seems to be out of favour at Man U.

But it is Aubameyang’s activities off the pitch which are the problem – he was in trouble at Sporting Lisbon and is now so at Dortmund.

On the other hand Arsenal have in past coped well with troublesome people like Anelka and Adams and Wright.  And if he turns into an Adebayor we can sell him to Tottenham.  ​Bild has reported that the player has been late for training three times in a week and then went for an unauthorised visit to see his chum Dembele at Barcelona.  And apparently he shot a video in the club when he shouldn’t where he shouldn’t.

He was omitted from the first-team squad for the game against Wolfsburg last weekend for disciplinary reasons after apparently missing a team meeting, but the club could seek as much as €60m (£53.3m) for the young reprobate.

If we look at the club’s figures though we can see what has been happening (do remember that Bayern’s right to win the league and cup each year is now enshrined in the German constitution, in order to reduce tension and worry among supporters).

Season Lge German Cup European competition Position Top scorer Goals
2014–15 7th Runners-up Champions League R16 Aubameyang 16
DFL-Supercup Winners
2015–16 2nd Runners-up Europa League QF Aubameyang 25
2016–17 3rd Winners Champions League QF Aubameyang 31

But the deal these days – the one that all the bloggettas and their masters on the tabloid papers like to forget – is that club want to secure a replacement before letting a player go.

So Man U want Alexis, Arsenal want Aubameyang as a replacement from Dortmund, but Dortmund want a replacement from X for Aubameyang, and X wants a replacement from Y.   The blottetterati (that’s the correct name for blog writers after a few drinks) like to blame all this on Arsenal as Arsenal’s failure to sign anyone is their own fault, but it is the way of the window these days.

However one helpful factor is that Michael Zorc at Dortmund said, “What is going on now is not to be tolerated by the club…  it cannot go on like this. I don’t know what is going through his mind. [actually I have exactly the same problem with the AAA].  I don’t recognise him anymore. There is trouble in the team and that is not good.”

Meanwhile back in the outer reaches of the Galaxy…

You might remember that in the novel “1984” Oceania is endlessly at war, although who we are at war with can change overnight – it might be Eurasia or it might be Eastasia; it can change half way through a Big Brother speech.  So Eastasia doesn’t want Alexis but now Eurasia does.  It was Man C against Man U now it is Man U against Chelski.

Sanchez now is said to want a signing on fee of £20m, £10m for his agent, removal expenses, a world record salary and a fish pond in the garden fully stocked, along with a fish pond operative on hand 24 hours a day.

I may have made a bit of that up, but only a bit.

But do remember this guy is 29, and is past his best.  The five year contract he demands will take him to 34 years old when he most likely won’t be worth what the club has to continue to pay him.  Still Fenerbache might want to take him then.

The salary latest is £350,000-a-week in wages, and some fudging of taxation over image rights and bonuses.

But here’s one thing Alexis.  It is possible that the May-bot who runs the country is running out of steam and she might fall.  There might be a general election.  Labour might win.  Jeremy might become Supreme Leader and taxation on footballers (excluding Arsenal of course) will be 98%.  Just like the old days.  Might be better to go to Spain after all.

And here’s one funny point. Alexis cost us £35m.  We could get quite a lump of that back, even with only half a season left on his contract.

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35 Replies to “Arsenal: The truth is out there, but is hiding under the blanket.”

  1. Tony,

    saw a report on german TV about Aubameyang. What must be understood is his roots. He is from Gabon. In Africa, a successfull person like him is not just a person : he is a clan. And his dad is an important figure there if you believe twitter feeds and reports.

    So what you have there is a star whose decisions are not his alone. And then you end up with a situation like this one which is not much different then the one from Alexis : A transfer has been brewing already past summer, then it did not happen (which means 10 or 20 million lost for his father eho probably is his agent….). Now this is kind of the other side of the Alexis situation… And I can’t say ‘Alexis’ body language and attitude have been A+ in the past months, or so it seems to me and the same applies to Aubameyang.

    So I guess Aubameyang is a handfull, that he will be past his prime in 2 years and maybe the fact that the guy who brought him to Dortmund is with Arsenal and the fact that Mr W. is known to be able to handle excentric players.

    Then ther eis the question od adapting to the PL…will he just come into the team and start scoring ?!? One advantage : when he leaves to play for his coutry, he stays in the same timezone, or one or 2 hours difference…easier then going to South America..

  2. For Arsenal to buy a 28 year old centre forward for the amount of money proposed goes totally against the ethics of the club other than replacing Sanchez it makes no sense
    This maybe just a red herring and wer’re after someone different

  3. Posted this to the beeb.

    A few years ago a young Frenchman arrived on these shores. He was slim bespectacled, looked like a professor and had a magnificent approach to everything.

    The media did not take to him but tried to put him down in every way that they could. His name is Arsene Wenger. He was appointed manager & coach to Arsenal with the help of David Dein. He didn’t look like a footballer let alone a coach. He brought a new approach to the game with simplicity in everything that the game had been abusing as the rewards grew. He got the players to diet & respect their profession with total dedication. His was so good that every club copied the Wenger philosophy.

    The media had an agenda against him. He had with the help of some others broken the cheating of Marseille & had them punished. The media had lost a lot & wanted to progress with their cheating in England. The FA & their version of honesty created a Limited company of fraudulent officials that used their infallible position to cheat. Human error is so easy to blame. They are beyond question & control football to the point above the Laws of the land.

    This young man has changed the game around the world & has done all this despite the evil of corrupt officiating. He took his team undefeated through a whole season & was eventually stopped in his 50th game by a Manchester United team aided & abetted by Mike Riley in a game filled with cheating evil that robbed his team of going 50 games undefeated. That game destroyed a young Spaniard, Carlos Antonio Reyes who was kicked & abused by the Neville brothers without recourse to the Laws of the Game. It led to his returning to Spain because he could not risk further injury in English football.

    This young Frenchman is now 68 and has had to be robbed of his freedom to comment on the corrupt by being banished to the stands & fined for his honesty. His legacy to the game is unassailable. His name will always be held in esteem by anyone who knows the game. His flaw is that he is human & has made the odd mistake in combatting the slope Created by bias in the fields officiated by the corrupt. His greatness shines through in his constant priority in the press. The press that makes or breaks many but have not had the courage to face Wenger’s honesty.

  4. Menace
    NO ONE is debating AW’s legacy.

    There comes a time when life takes it’s toll from everyone and according to the last years AW is degrading and taking Arsenal with him.

    It is time for Arsenal to try something new and revitalize the club and team. The team is ill and suffering now and needs new medicine.

    How long will Arsenal continue to perform at substandard? Put a statue in front of Arsenal to remember him by and move on into the new years of Arsenal, else Arsenal will fall even further down the PL.

    There is nothing worse than when a legend continues on beyond his time and taints or destroys his own legacy.

    That would be the worse thing i would wish on AW.

  5. tony, to be honest even if had Messi and Ronaldo in this side I wouldn’t put it past the manager to make those players look pretty average.

    We had a pretty decent squad yet we had no answers to the lies of Liverfool, City and United. Think the issues are deeper than simply replacing Sanchez.

  6. para

    “….according to the last years AW is degrading and taking Arsenal with him.”
    Look at the bigger picture!

  7. Well said Menace.

    If you have the time visit as many footy sites as you can post it on them.

    it is the best post I have read on Arsene since the Arsene Birthday quiz.


  8. I doubt we’ll get Mkhitaryan because Raiola is one of the agents that AFC (and a few other clubs/managers including Old Red Nose) has had issues with for quite a few years.

  9. Menace! Menace! Menace!

    Well core blimey, pulled that one out of the hart didn’t you, see what a bit of constructive criticism and public, yet subjective scrutiny can achieve.

    Pep talks!

    Simply magnificent, I was genuinely moved. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    And Tony;

    I chuckled several times, the bit about the 24hr pond attendant is true though, read it in the sun, who quoted their source as the express, who have a man at the Mail, who heard it from Sky, who got it from their correspondent at Sky Italy, who happened to be with Aubamayang, since it was he who wanted to visit Dembele, who is about to hand in a transfer request.

    Apparently he wants to play for Pep, but has reservation about the source of his income at City, and intends to challenge Barcelona and Dortmund over the signing on fees and transfer process. He thinks he witnessed Oxlade Chambwerlain being tapped up, and says he knows a man who can get you signed anywhere for any amount, but Jose and Pogba’s agent is onto him, so he’s lying low at Mike Ashleys pad in Panama.

    Neymar will be over shortly with evidence that will rock the footballing world, PSG’s boardroom is empty and nobody at the club was available for comment. The Glaziers are at a teen charity pageant with Silvio and Conte got the hump because he wasn’t invited. Meanwhile the Chinese and American are planning to create their own super-leagues and the Russian are annoyed because they know the weather is a massive stumbling block. The Canadian are staying out of it and the Aussies are trying to work out where the flu came from in all that hot weather, they think it might be bad karma after importing Indians to destroy coral reefs, when they already have a bad relationship with Dark fellas.

  10. If we don’t get Mkhitaryan, what’s the next thing for Arsenal to do? keep Sanchez but allow him to go on the bosman latter? No! Ask Man U to pay £45m for Alexis and forget about Mkhitaryan? Yes! But if Man U will agree. But whst of if they don’t agree? We wait for another bidder or collect the £35m? Honestly I am confused. For, £35m is too small for the quality of Alexis Sanchez

    Meanwhile? Arsenal should continue with their pursuits of Aubameyang and Malcom transfer cases to us this window if they are on these cases. But I remembered reading in the media Le Boss saying he’s not on Auba’s case but refused to deny if he’s not on that of Malcom.

    If care is not taking then, we might end up seeing Arsenal sign only Malcom this window. Unless if Man U pay Mkhitaryan some money like they paid to Rooney in the Lukaku’s case before he may agree to come to us.

    Nevertheless, I am not ruing out the possibility of Arsenal signing the proven top regular high goals scorer Auba’ coming to us this window as the correct replacement for Sanchez if he leaves. For, as they say, everything is possible in football.

  11. para – you are debating Wengers legacy by requesting a stop. You do not have any idea of the situation in which he is nor do you have any proven ability to foresee the future. The history tells me that Wenger is better than any of those who try to judge him. If you had any idea of the language you would realise that the position Wenger is in is directly driven by corrupt colluding external groups.


    link to comments regarding why Aubamayang makes sense, why Alexis may still not leave and sign, why your lack of commitment and understanding to the player, is exactly what fuels his logic regarding leaving.

    Why he gave so much and you expect more, why the dip in form, is relative to the fact that he plays with his heart and his heart isn’t in it right now. If you give your all when you are being mistreated, what stops those persons from mistreating you if their is no recourse for them to do so and no consequence to them doing so?

    Why offloading Danny and Theo and Giroud, would be necessary to acquire Aubamayang.

    What it means to have good black genes and be 28yrs young, I will use my 67yr old grandmother, who is already a great grandmother as example.

    Why Aubamayang was built for the Premier League and will hit the ground literally running.

    Why our style of play isn’t suited to wingers, and why another leftie would be stupid when we have 3 left footed starters and left footed Giroud.

    Why Henrik isn’t a good fit, why I’d rather lose £35m rather than give United £90m worth of footballing hero, for £35m.

    Why 1,000 % profit on RVP just about made sense.

    Why you should listen very carefully to press conferences and listen to the Arsenal Player version as well as they are different, rather than read what he said in the media.

    WhyI observe clearly that no one ever responds to anything I say, but often paraphrase or reference it later.

    Para I defended you when you made sense, and indeed someone is sick, and needs medicine.

    If we sign Aubamayang, lets have another Lemar moment with Malcom please. Alexis, don’t do it, it never works out.

    This club is a bit special!

  13. 8 departures, 7 signings, 1 winter and 1 summer. – Anyone who goes to the games can they make a scathing banner regarding board investment! Pretty Please!

    I had a discussion the otherday with some under-management staff at McDonalds. One girl was taken aback that I rejected her advances. So she got annoyed, she caused a scene and some crazy guy then tried to attack me because he was drunk, true story.

    We talked and later me and my French buddy, who has almost completed his management training, parlayed, franchise he said, loads of illegals working he said, I understood. From the top down, it was all wrong. with people caught up in it all over.

    To go to McDonalds and complain about the franchise, would be costly for all those not quite legitimate staff and the issue were vastly not of shift managements making.

  14. I don’t which evidence Tony uses to approve the part about Alexis being past his best? He’s been a model professional who scored 30 goals last season. He is also our joint top scorer this season. Our results without him are awful.

    Auba’s late for trainings? Jack said the other day that Iwobi is late for training everyday and he broke the carefew the other day…and was punished by being named in the first eleven which his team-mates didn’t like.

    His final product is poor but he can get away with things much efficient Alexis couldn’t. I reckon Auba is at least efficient on the pitch unlike Iwobi’s.

    And that’s how it goes these days. The PR machine has managed to turn Alexis into an enemy and it’s no wonder he doesn’t want to stay at Arsenal. Even most positive bloggers have become negative towards him with an aggressive campaign since January, have neglected the stats in the Stalinist way to prove he is a rotten apple for the reasons I still don’t get.

    The same people who claim players have been reluctant to join Arsenal do to the modern boo-boys should now stick to their principle and take some responsibility for forcing Alexis out of the club.

    (NB: I don’t deny Alexis’ wage demands stated in the last few days are monstrous. I’m talking about how the atmosphere around him has been negative since last January.)

  15. Para, shut the hell up. Today there are 3 clubs that can spend the budget of a small country. What title? lol. Forget it. Be realistic man. Since Roman arrived and the Arabs our position is 4th favourite. Accept it for gods sake.

    Are we naive that we thought football would clean up its act and install FFP? Are we naive to expect refs to give ALL teams fair and equal right to compete?

    Maybe we are…but still thats no reason to join the ‘trend’

    Arsenal chose to repay its stadium through its own means in a period where the premierleague went the casino way. We may be suffering now but if Arsenal starts winning the lot in a decade or two it will have been worth it. The club clearly does not want to approach the industry like a PSG. What is the alternative? Shut it down? No, you grind it out for as long as it takes. We have at least another 100 years of history (new home) to correct what has happened during our repayment phase.

    Imagine us both playing poker. you have 100 pounds and i have 10,000. I will kill you mate. I will bet 1000 each hand you wont see shit. The hands you do see will have to be exceptional. You will wait and wait and wait and hit me when im low or lost enough and cant continue. Arsenal right now can only grind it out and hit when the rest are suffering from mismanagement or (please god please) they are facing bankrupcy. In other words our chance was when Leicester but we missed that. For thatthough i will blame the players. They are the ones who take care of the business once on the pitch. And they failed.

  16. Menace

    Great post sir.

    The media hacks are simply not fit to lick his boots, and you know what? I think they know that, and that is what gets to them.

    But the truth is the media have never really liked us, going way back before Wenger. Even during my lifetime, if it wasn’t ‘Lucky Lucky Arsenal’ in the 70’s it was ‘Boring boring Arsenal’ in the 80’s.

    I don’t really remember a time when I felt particularly hard done by, by referees, but that all changed on that fateful day up at Old Trafford.

    Match 50 should be an utter embarrassment to football, to the PGMOL, and to Riley in particular.

    (For anyone who hasn’t seen it, just go and watch it.)

    Yet shamefully, somehow, it became the foundation of Riley’s promotion to the head of the PGMOL, and more broadly the template on how to referee Arsenal from there on in.

    Match 50 should also of been an embarrassment to Manchester United in general, and Gary Neville as an individual.

    Yet shamefully, neither Manchester United as a Club, nor Gary Neville as an individual, have ever uttered a single word of contrition regarding the events of that day.

    That is in spite of the fact that it was patently a premeditated game plan, to harm and injure fellow professional’s, with illegal and violent conduct.

    Even worse, Neville has since actually bragged and laughed about the events of that day on more than one occasion.

    Sky Sports on the day, and the media thereafter were as one, in not only excusing the antics of Neville and co, but actually condoning them. They were lapping it up.

    That was the day they all decided that Arsenal Football Club and Arsene Wenger where going to be brought down a peg or two, whatever it took.

    The cranking up of the media hatred. The implementation of the lop sided refereeing, can all be traced back to that very day.

    A day of shame for English football.

  17. Nitram, agree. When I watched the 50th game I realised something was afoot. None of that made any sense, the way Reyes was targeted was so obvious yet Riley just let it continue. When Nistelrooy raked his studs down Coles shin, about as far over the top as you will see, he was standing almost next to the Linesman (assistant referee). Ferdinands’ last man foul to take out Freddie Ljungberg was as clear as day, yet he waved play on.

    Even allowing for Riley just having ‘one of those days’ who decided he was fit to be promoted to run PGMOL? We have seen with Mike Dean that something is going on. Dean himself clearly affected our result at West Brom but instead of getting punished or demoted, Riley appointed him to the West Ham v Spurs game a couple of days later.

    I have no idea why that 50th game has never been looked at. It is as if it’s just sour grapes. There was just too many bad decisions that went against us in that game for it to be anything other than suspicious.

    At Stoke, we had 4 penalties turned down and Lacazettes’ goal scrubbed off for having a toenail offside. Harsh? Even ex spurs Jenas couldnt understand the decisions. Then we had Ricarlisons dive for Watford, Hazards dive, the West Brom handball. Yet what do the pundits want to talk about when discussing VAR, Wilsheres dive which was waved play on. How many points have we lost due to ‘bad’ officiating?

    As an Arsenal fan, its frustrating that all we have to listen to is the club being abused by pundits, fans, dinosaur ex players and radio shock jocks. Nobody ever sticks up for us, not even large numbers of so called fans. Yet we do so much for the game, have principles, try to encourage and play young players, 5 English lads playing on Sunday anyone mention that? Yet if we turn out a team with no English players, its repeated constantly. The only club to provide an opposing team with a replay due to a controversial goal knocking them out of the cup. A club trying to compete against an Oil State, a dodgy Russian and the richest club in the world, Man Utd. A massive disadvantage and trying to compete properly but all we get is abuse.

    So why are we the bad guys? I do not get it at all.

  18. Para Is negative attention seeking, lets just leave him on the naughty step facing the wall in front of wceroje if that’s by what he wants.

    In better news, Theo undergoes Everton medical, well that settles that Ox or Theo debate, both and Liverpool got the right man and so did Everton.

    Theo is going to bang goals, not monumentally but his stats will improve with that style.

    Sam come back for Jenks in the summer mate, pleasure doing business. Fair yet not protracted, lovingly the new team.

    Tony on the Alexis, Tony you were using the great British wit, as Alexis is going to peak now right?! 350,000 was United extreme offer, again to weaken a rival and cancel out opposition bids as they can spend it. City bulked at the combined signing fee and wages. The package was acceptable not for player but not club.

    Are some people retarded or simply seriously deluded? The market vendor asks for more than the item isn’t worth, the buyer offers less and has change in one pocket, notes separated and less than exact money somewhere close a touch hand.

    Why ask for what you want from a director who lets you go into your last 6months! Take them for what they are worth! We need to change our wage budget.

    Now Alexis to United relies on Mikhi, Arsene you know what to do Lemar mark II

    Now try and sell Campbel and Debouchy. Monreal, Ospina and Elneny can wait, see who is serious about Giroud.


  19. AFC Nemesis

    “So why are we the bad guys? I do not get it at all.”

    I honestly believe it is rooted in a particular distasteful Xenophobia streak that runs through the British psyche.

    I hesitate to say racism because of the vile connotations that that invokes, but I truly believe it has everything to do Wenger being French, and the fact that his magnificent ‘invincibles’ where built on a foreign foundation, or more irritatingly a French foundation.

    To see a ‘foreigner’ (and what’s more a Frenchman) put together a team of ‘foreigner’s’ (who where mainly Frenchmen), and show us Brits how it’s done, was just too much to bare.

    He was changing the entire way a football club should be run, from top to bottom. From diet and fitness to coaching and tactics

    He even got the grass to grow for crying out loud.

    Well it just wouldn’t do would it.

    The establishment, the old boys network, the gruff old hacks down the pub. It was just getting all too much to bare.

    This little ‘Johnny foreigner’ had be bought down a peg or two.

    But things have moved on since then.

    Now, as much as I believe that that is the basis on which this media witch hunt for Wenger started, I do believe that isn’t what’s behind it now.

    As with so many things, what I believe is behind it now is money.

    Wenger/Arsenals model of self sufficiency is just not a model the football world wants to succeed.

    No, far better a model in which an individual, or a state, or whatever, is ploughing 100’s of Millions, Billions in fact, of pounds into the game.

    These Billions are fuelling an industry that’s been financially bloated way way beyond it’s natural level.

    These Billions are not only filling the pockets of the players but also, more tellingly the administrators of the game.

    But even more tellingly than that, these Billions are filling the pockets of the media.

    Without these Billions, 75%, if not more, of these Talking heads would be running the local sports bar like they did in the old days, instead of spouting there garbage on SKY or BT everyday of the week.

    And the washed up old hacks would be typing and filing there whisky stained copy to the sports editor at 8.00 on a Saturday Night, for 20 quid and a bollocking for being late.

    Na, they don’t want that.

    All they want to know is were the next Billionaires turning up at.

  20. Sam can you explain, black people time for me please!

    As long as it’s not so late it affects training drills I don’t care.

    Time isn’t even real and Fergie time just laughs in the face of everything.

    City are being given it’

    8-2 and game 50, we don’t speak of, we know!

    Actually we speak of, retrospective action! Who was involved in fixing and benefitted knowingly.

    Clue one to investigation, Fergie timing his retirement!

    Wenger said Dean is a disgrace, good he is! I said that to a police officer perjuring himself in crown court, he knew he was finished and did a Dean, we always win! Pay me!

    Implicated, senior officer, Rashaab Charles proved, Lawrence proved, social care deaths proved. Police station, dismantled, with about another 6!

    We are social policy reform!

  21. Meanwhile Mesut posts on istagram “soon back”

    Sounds positive for the club, if we could get in Aubamayang and have a mix up with Alexis and prise Mahrez from Liecester who are definitely worried as they (well no Puel) keeps saying Mahrez is happy and in his plans. He sounds like Conte regarding Hazard and Simeone on Oblak.

    When the board say nothing, always a worry. Gazidis has been quiet, to be fair he’s a decent money man, but should stay out of anything football!

    If Hazard goes, De Gea and Courtois. Let alone Kane! It will be down to us and City soon.

    Strengthening United would be madness. Liverpool are going to miss out on any trophy and the impetus will be gone. Chelsea are also going to have a work about Kante as PSG circle and £60 would probably get that over the line, especially if Hazard leaves.

    Leaving one key man, Caesar azpilicueta and William would have some thinking to do, they are quietly dismantling that team for its asset value, whilst reinvesting here Andy there players who are likely to have a marginal additional resale value while they look like competing.

    Shrewd business would see us sat at the table with Barcelona, City & PSG. While Juventus, Real, United and Bayern squabble over names.

    While Spurs, Athletics, Dortmund, Napoli and Chelsea try to hold onto key personnel. With Liverpool all spent out and Roma and Dortmund losing players due to their inability to compete, the plus side is that they can snap up younger talent from Bavaria and the surrounding area and Eredevise, similarly to Porto, Sporting and Benfica being an inroad to La Liga.


    Keeping the tireless Alexis is a certain priority. It’s not just his ability but his infectious nature and work ethic a sense Neville quote rightly states.

    I’d be considering twisting and buying a RW and CF and going for broke against everyone, we need 3 points every game now. Defenders won’t help against teams in second half of the season who are after a solitary point.

    I’d be interested in attacking and changing formation and using Xaka, Ramsey and Jack or Elneny, and bringing on Lacazette or Aubamayang.

    Getting a cushion means you can use Nelson l, Iwobi Reine Adelaide later in games.

    Or Niles and Cohen to rest the full backs.

    We need to Ben aggressive, not physically but mentally.

  22. Josif, I don’t know whether Alexis is past his best or just been off form for the last year odd, but he certainly hasn’t been up to his standard of the first part of his contract. Whilst he has scored quite a few last season, I think a large part of that was that he got more chances. Ozil did play rather well last season and the sheer amount of work/effort Alexis puts in gives him chances (something some of the other attacking players should learn), which was really shown by his Bayern Penalty where he had 2 (IIRC) efforts before he got the 3rd.
    In his first few seasons he’d cut in and unleash some awesome shooting where most shots were on target or within a yard or so, but the last year odd he’s got the odd one on target but the majority seem to be a few yards away from the post.
    If he didn’t put the effort in, I think he’d have seen a lot less game-time but it’s difficult to lose someone that works so hard.

  23. Racism isn’t real, I mean the UKIP leaders dumb blonde attention seek xenophobic racist expletives….. she is future royalty and pretty in a natural way, fairly successful independently and exactly what the country needs and race comes into it.

    I may provoke a negative response, but by and large racism is reflective of a Caucasian inferiority complex and if you actually look at it statistically, computed folk, whether Chinese, Aboriginal, S American or African pretty much own most physical arenas and when given the opportunity to infiltrate a culturally ‘white’ institute they excel again. Tennis, Golf, lets not get into the fact that we invented maths, science, medicine.

    Coloured people are racist and elitist, but it’s almost reactionary.! You get black, Indian, Pakistani, Arab, and everyone around a table and it’s quite light hearted patriotic prejudice mockery of one another’s culture nothing really racist, then someone says, ‘white people’ everyone starts laughing, frowning and it all gets very historical.

    It’s certainly about race , we have one hell of a multicultural team, and when we were French, it’s all they talked about then.

    It’s another reason I want a Mahrez, as Wenger correctly says each culture brings its own interpretation of the game.

    Football in the dusty open with a half inflated ball, close control in the winding favelas, juggling in the white sands!

    Wright is talking breeze again and on that note, Stephane Martin Bordeaux president and probably a mate of Arsene’s just handed the media a cold towel. Talk of a move for Malcom in the winter after a summer extension is wind.

    Yeah we really need another lefty.
    And Sanchez’s agent is having a field day, Alexis
    Cannot move to United without Mikhi going the other way. 2 weeks to go.

    Theo, shoiuld be announced tomorrow and looking at the odds, Lemar is an outsider with Skybet, ah hum Mersin anything to add? As is Nzonzi witj Malcom at 2/1 basically, lol even with that announcement from club president Martin. Aubamayang has the bookies scared, if you wanted a world class forward who was still available and doesn’t cost over 100m and wouldn’t need forever to acclimatize or want to head somewhere warmer in a hot minute then, sealing this deal now is the one. 4/11 so basically 3/1. And Alexis, got a fiver, 11/2 to stay, that’s a round on you if we are celebrating 85% of him staying come the 1st. For the price of a drink.

    275k a week, 3 year deal with club option to extend for 1 or 2 years. Performance related bonus to take it to around 310k and huge bonus for league answer CL win. With bonus for 20 league goals. Always go pay as you play and perform. Ozil
    Parity base rate different bonus for assists.

    Debouchy is linked with move to Ligue 1 as well, movement. And Beaiktas are apparently considering Danny after Tuson sale. It’s half the price and they will get goals from him and he can make CL.

    He only travels with his PS4 and TV anyways.

    Giroud as makeweight for Aubamayang is good for player, both clubs but you don’t get 30 and Giroud, £28m you got a deal.

    Oh wait, Campbell is off to WC, yeah he can wait with Ospina and Mo. Danny won’t get games with us, so he needs to leave for a chance at the plane.

    Monreal probably has to stay and Giroud won’t be fit until 30th looking at scheduling of his return. But Coutimho moved injured. Do did Bale and Pogba.

    Reus, Mahrez, Aubamayang

    Meyer in the summer, Butland too.

    WC is when you find rare gems, especially at FB, CB and DM. Those with heart, who work as part of unit to overturn the favorites.

    It was all clever misdirection, Marco stay injury free mate. Guy is so intelligent, loyal and focused. So unlucky to miss WC win.

    I’m so excited, make me sweat Alexis, but don’t take the piss and mug yourself – great Streets track. A grand don’t come for free.

  24. Praise to Mr. Wenger for telling Dean the truth to his face ; that he is dishonest, unprofessional and has been cheating Arsenal for 10 years.

    Reported response of FA and the clear evidence of collusion in the drafting of key witness statements also revealing.

    Like Lord Denning said re a notorious miscarriage of justice several years ago – for Mr. Wenger to be believed, we would have to accept that the entire governing body and the reporting and disciplinary processes are corrupt – (exactly so) – such a prospect is unimaginable – (not by me, it’s not)

  25. Dwain Kaye, if you really think racism between non-Caucasians is only ‘light hearted’ then I know you haven’t travelled much.

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