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  1. david sharpe

    are you for real?

  2. WalterBroeckx

    No I computer

  3. para

    I just do not understand how a manager can sit there and watch his team lose so dismally without losing it, no wonder the team does not give a shit when things go wrong.

    I do hope he goes soon, and the team gets some proper training on how to win football matches especially when conditions are not perfect. There was no fight, in this team tonight.

    Or maybe there is a completely different reason?
    I am beginning to think that this PL is just a joke and completely fake, like wrestling on TV used to be. Fake PL for better viewing figures? A little nagging voice keeps mentioning that and i have ignored it for too long now.

    Anyone thinks that is impossible just do not know the world we live in. Bah!

    So, back to Black Mirror.

  4. Scuba

    What garbage defending. Maybe we should be focusing less on Auba, and more on defenders and midfielders that actually do their job. We’re now on pace for 63 points. Liverpool, in 4th, are on pace for 76. We’ll need 11 wins and a draw in our last 13 just to match that number. It’s sad that we’ve already reached the point that we need to hope someone else collapses in order to salvage our season.

  5. goures

    How many times do we have this same shit? No desire, no pace, no defence no nothing. When,bwill they ever show any consistency. You call these professional players, but its happening so often, one really really needs to look at manager now.

  6. MadeToLoveMagic

    I hate to say it (but I’m going to anyway), that in all the time I’ve watched arsenal there has been few players I’ve been more disappointed by than Elneny. For such a pivotal role I really can’t see what Wenger saw in him that he has indeed so far failed to produce for the fans. He has had the occasional solid game but my main issue is that the guy has either no vision or no just confidence to try anything outside the box, both metaphorically or unmetaphorically speaking, of course. I am having similar levels of anxiety over Xhaka too.

  7. MadeToLoveMagic

    HAha Para, living up to your name there. Faking the Prem would actually be impossible, and I do know the world we live in.

  8. Pat

    Oh dear, we lose and they all come out of the woodwork. Suddenly Wenger is an idiot and doesn’t care. And as for Elneny, the match I saw him in just a few days ago he was great.

    Sorry we lost. Hope we win next time.

  9. Sheworeayellowribbon

    At what point of Liverpool don’t stumble, do we start doing what Mourinho did last season and start resting players from the premiership to play them in the Europa League.

    Given aubemayang will be cup tied losing giroud on top of sanchez, Walcott and Chamberlain will leave us short of attackers for the Europa League.

  10. knobby

    Such a shame, we are on the verge of possibly one of the most exciting transfer windows for many years and the team has just completely deflated the fan base.
    If we don’t sign PEA tomorrow I feel carnage on Saturday at the Grove between the supporters.

  11. Mandy Dodd

    I don’t want Wenger to go, but I do want him to change things, too many times we see the same performances, same mistakes, and same results against sides with lesser resources, namely, Swansea and Watford these days. If Stan really does put no pressure on our manager, I hope wengers professional pride and motivation is sufficient for him to act on these performances, and maybe not before time.
    That was very very poor, not for the first time this season. Wenger needs to do what it takes to sort out these away performances especially, a bit of organisation at the back would be a good starting point, along with perhaps a fresh approach to GK coaching.
    But ultimately, that was just not good enough

  12. knobby

    Thanks Walter for the post match, you are a real trooper.

  13. Jamie

    Mandy I don’t think Wenger will change. Too late for that. We’ve gone from being a title challenging team to a top four team and now sliding down the table quicker than Katie prices knickers.

  14. bonaroca:

    Bonaroca:- Your Comment Arsenal 3-1:- the Story of Fekyll and Hyde is a fact with the Arsenal
    Team. Many would blame the players, but in my opinion I would blame the Manager who has occupied
    the seat for 21 years, and had not been able to keep up with updated systems of the game. Apart
    from that when one sees so many talented young players being loaned or transferred to other
    clubs shows that the board with all its facility, were not capable to specifically build a young
    team Man Utd Ferguson’s way, but now in a panic Arsenal have gone out of their way to get top
    players in bits pieces to play with the same system the Manager has been more or less playing
    for 21 years.
    This is the right time that Arsenal will obviously the choice of being on the board as Diretor
    adviser to the Board, and bring in a new Manager to build a team for the coming season with the
    priority to introduce young players mainly from the academy, obviously keeping top quality
    quality players.
    I have been an Arsenal supporter since 1946, which means a good 72 years. So realise what
    Arsenal means when I have the privilege to see every match from my country

  15. Alex Dieuzeide

    It is true that the defence was terrible, the midfielders were not building anything and the attack was not inspired in the box.
    But attributing responsibility for mistakes to one or the other could be misleading…
    How can the defence be serene when midfielders multiply passes to opponents, ball losses or bad choices?
    How can midfielders be inspired when they feel that attackers are not (or badly) exploiting all the options? And how can attackers do when the balls received are approximate?
    One person’s mistakes influence others, confidence flies away while the opponent’s one grow up and it becomes very difficult to tell what part of the game is causing this mess.
    We missed Jack (or Santi: -)). We are certainly missing a striking and decisive midfielder. Aaron had no weight on the game. Xhaka and Elneny had no inspiration, Iwobi making bad choices, Lacazette was waiting for a miracle, Mustafi and Kos panicked… Even Cech leaned under the burden of an ineffective defense… Ozil and Nacho tried to revive the machine, but what could they do alone?
    Above all, the players were not confident, they had neither the fighting spirit nor the energy to win. The whole team seemed destabilized.
    However, remember… this team managed to beat Chelsea recently and shake MU like hell a couple of months ago. They can, they know how to play. And Wenger knows how to make them play well.
    So, what’s going on in these kind of crappy games? Mystery. The same mistakes over and over again. Surely Wenger has to do something, but what? I trust him.
    Hurry up, we have to make it up to Everton on Saturday! Let’s keep faith in this team! COYG!

  16. Mike Collins

    A team built on defensive quicksand by a great manager past his sell by date

  17. 5th Gen Gooner

    Elneny is average at best and as for Iwobi, what Wenger see in him is beyond me. We have a manager that thinks ‘we’ll score one more than you’ is the best defence except for one thing… we just don’t score!

  18. goures

    I think they have accepted the fact that 4th place is beyond them. They have basically given up. People were saying how good it was that we are not in the CL, players can rest and we can mount a title challenge….hahhaha.

  19. rupert cook

    We lost to Swansea, so did Liverpool. Unfortunately we have also lost to other rather poor relegation fighters like Stoke and Bournemouth. It’s strange that one week we can beat Chelsea and put 4 past Palace and yet collapse against probably the worst side in the league.

    Winning the Europa maybe are only passport into the CL so I hope we’re putting out the first team in the coming rounds. I was quite confident we could win that but with Sanchez gone I have my doubts.

    I look forward to the positive response from Andrew Crenshaw at the end of the season when he tells us we should have had 104 pts instead of the more likely 68. Oh well, bring on the next game, COYG.

  20. Lars Jensen

    How can anyone here think that AW is able to change any thing:
    ‘I felt defensively we were very poor and made big mistakes. It’s better not to talk about the second or third goals…..is what he said after the game. So here we go…. no one adresses the problem but keeps thinking it might change next time. This is de facto the definition of being an idiot. This (or these) idiot(s) promised us a fantastic future if we left our beloved home and moved and see what has happened. There is only one answer: No shirts, no tickets no contribution to this cirkus until AW and his fellowship has left. Been here since 71 and have nowhere else to go. There is only one club but I cannot support this madness without writing idiot on my own back.
    Will be back 110% again when they are gone.
    PS: In the danish “Superliga” you can buy a whole defensive units (Two centrebacks and two wingbacks) for less than £ 10 mio. and they will by guaranty be better than the useless bunch of millionaires we are looking at every day. My mother of 79 have seen enough in her life to be a far better coach so I can bring her for free….)
    Go a head make my day….

    • Tony Attwood

      ‘I felt defensively we were very poor and made big mistakes. It’s better not to talk about the second or third goals…..is what he said after the game. So here we go…. no one adresses the problem but keeps thinking it might change next time. This is de facto the definition of being an idiot.
      That is probably the funniest non-sequitur I have read in 10 years of publishing this blog. Thank you.

  21. Richard st.Michaels

    Something is definitely wrong with this Arsenal team.Complacency is a polite word i will use to describe this team.Most of the managers in the PL knows that our defenders lack pace so they use it against us.Arsenal used to be a team with lots of pace and i feel that this is the difference between us and the top teams.We sold Theo & Chamberlain with nobody to replace them just yet.Isn’t that just foolish.We sold Coq. no one brought in to replace him.Xhaka for me is a huge disappointment.I am lost for words to describe how absent minded he is when it comes do his job as a DM.He is not just good enough. Back to Our abysmal performance against the Swans.Lethargic and mediocre. School boy mistakes.Jack was sorely missed. Nobody to drive the team.No one to take the game to the opponents. No one in this current team can do that .We need players that can hold the ball and call out defences.That should be our priority. Auba’s signing good but we need to recruit smartly.For example, look at Oil Money FC up north, they make up for their susceptible defence with a good midfield and potent attack.Their manager knows that.Now he has recruited another defender.That’s smart.
    For all the excitement about Auba ‘imminent signing I strongly believe we have not recruited smartly in this window.Don’t get me wrong Miki and Auba are good signings.We need to shore up our midfield with pacy wingers and a good and mobile DM.

  22. rupert cook

    I think Lars is Danish, applying my Sherlockian intelligence, as he has some decent knowledge of the Danish league, so perhaps is English is not quite adept as some on here.

    The point he is trying to make, I think, is that he thinks Wenger would rather ignore the mistakes leading to the two later goals than address the issues that led to them. He reaches this conclusion by Wenger saying he doesn’t want to talk about them. Or maybe I’ve got it entirely wrong.

    • Tony Attwood

      But the equally valid interpretation is that he was saying that he didn’t want to discuss this with the press but would discuss it with the players. There is no reason to pick the interpretation Lars took, not least because it is the more bizarre of the two possibles.

      • varane

        Maybe you are right about that Tony, but can we count the number of times this season, the boss has confessed he didn’t know how we conceded goals? Maybe he truly just doesn’t know

  23. Andy

    I’ve watched the Swansea equaliser a dozen times and I still don’t see a trip. What I see is Ozil dawdling – a Swansea player approaching from behind and then Ozil trying to thread an impossible pass to Bellerin – it’s easily intercepted by Mawson. There may have been some sort of contact with Ozil well after the ball was gone – but frankly it looks more like Ozil was so embarrassed by his mistake he took a tumble. He didn’t appeal either. We are too quick to blame the refs when we screw up – what’s the point in blaming the ref when it’s just down to lazy, casual, overconfident football.

    • varane

      We do it to exonerate the manager pal.

  24. Dwain Kaye

    That was in no way Arsene’s fault.

    Blaming Elneny, he’s been a revelation in that position, goal saving interventions, numerous goal saving interventions.

    Wilshere being unavailable, was detrimental to that loss, if he starts, we don’t lose.

    Koscielny being moved to the right, should have been addressed, Mustarfi was near ineffectual.

    Bellerin was missing outlets, Xhaka’s movement was terrible am deathly not one person has straight pointed out that the two goal losing margin came from 2 diabolical individual errors.

    Cech was guilt for the last set of dropped points. I’d be tempted to bring in Macey, let’s see, a lift due to a desire to impress I feel.

    Bellerin was at 70% but had nothing to hit with, no target man and Iwobi rately making it to the back post or byline.

    Ramsey was good for 40min, but ran out out steam, due to a lack of match fitness, understandable.

    Next fixture:

    Mikhitaryan Ozil ,Ramsey (RWF) match fitness
    Wilshere Elneny
    Kolasinac Monreal Koscielny Bellerin

    Ospina Chambers Lacazette, Iwobi, Nketiah Xhaka Niles

    We need to sign a winger,

    The team was let down by a glaring GK error, we can’t afford to go begin for to back markets.

    On their first goal, it’s Xhaka, everyone else went were they should be, for goal 3 Mustarfi; who was poor all game, whilst Monreal’s pace was exposed.

    The boss was guilty of not switching Mustarfi for Sead; but he’s probably looking down the line, regarding rushing people back. 3rd is Spurs.

    Also Ramsey and Mikhi had to get match fitness and match sharp.

    He should have dropped a Xhaka rather than Elneny.

    Buyback collectively, confidence is rock bottom.

    I can vary on supporting, he signed the catalyst.

    If only Alexis had stayed.

    2 for 1 is good. Rival bid on Ryan.

    No Butland m, not important to get a GK?/

    Defensively we can’t cover weaknesses as proven cyber the numbers of intervention by Mo.

    Russia planted emails etc, get the feeling we got that here. Orchestrated attacks.

  25. rupert cook

    @Mr. Attwood, I agree, it would indeed be bizarre if Wenger didn’t focus on those two calamitous goals. I think Lars got the impression he wouldn’t talk about them to ANYBODY.

  26. Chris


    for the 3rd goal, I had the feeling that I could ‘see’ in Mustafi’s body language the thinking : just don’t touch the guy, just don’t move wrong or it will be a penalty.

    This is where the ref’s attitude has direct implications without them acting… players get scared of acting because they know that the chane they get called out wrong is so big, even if they are right.

    Then again, this is my ‘reading’ of the movement leading to the goal

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