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  1. Goonermikey

    I’m slightly confused as to why you’ve include the game at Anfield as one of the Spuds’ home games!

    • Tony Attwood

      Probably because it could be a mistake. I will check and change


      • Tony Attwood

        And indeed it has been changed.

  2. GoingGoingGooner

    I think AW got his tactics spot on in the reverse fixture. We did not allow their midfield any time on the ball. Ericksen in particular was closed down immediately. As a result their forwards got no service. For someone who doesn’t do tactics, I think M. Wenger did pretty well.

  3. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    It aren’t only the purchase of Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang by Arsenal during the last winter transfer window that will give them the game winning edge over Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League match big game encounter between the duo clubs that is taking place at Wembley on Saturday. But the Arsenal recent winning run at Wembley in the last 3 – 4 seasons is an added strong edge giver to the Arsenals whom with their newly acquired powerful strike force of Aubameyang who has consistently been scoring goals against Spurs, and the combine assist supply routes of both Ozil and the new man, Mkhi’ will become a greater dynamic strike force over Spurs which will be telling on them during the playing of the match to an extent that will see the Spurs defending in the game cave in under the swaping barrages of bombardment by the attacking Gunners who will hit the Spurs’ back of the net 4 times during the match without any reply by Spurs’ hitman, Harry Kane or from any his lieutnants during the game encounter.

    My Arsenal 3-2-4-1 starts and 7 Gunners on the bench for the Spurs game.


    Macey Chambers Holding ElNeny Xhaka Iwobi Welbeck.

    But the questions that begs me for answers are, will Le Boss drop Xhaka and Iwobi to the bench and change the formation to allow him start Xhaka and Iwobi which could see Wilshere and Kolasinac dropped to the bench? Well, we’ll see.

  4. Nitram

    I think on our day we are as good as anyone, possibly even City. Our recent overall record against them is not bad.

    But we have thrown in some stinkers.

    But that being said, even in a couple of those, shall we say, less the magnificent performances, we should still of picked up more points but for pigmobs dubious shananagins.

    2 points at WBA and 1 or possibly even 3 at Watford for certain.

    Anything like an even hand from pigmob would of seen us level with Spurs and when you consider how crap we are and how wonderful Spurs are?

    As for Spurs.

    I think they are a good side with a couple of very good players and one special.

    I think their biggest asset this season has been their consistency.

    They also seem to be extremely fit. They was outplayed by Liverpool for 45 minutes but in the end they just couldn’t keep it up in the 2nd half and Spurs just got stronger and Stronger.

    Despite all the penalty fiascos, over the 90 minutes I think Spurs just edged it. When you look at what they did to us that says something.

    That makes them very dangerous opponents.

    But as we know, not unbeatable. Match them for work rate. Starve Kane. Take our chances and we could come away with a point, maybe all 3.

    Fanny around like we have on occasion and we could be in trouble.

  5. knobby

    Klopp caused the problems with his substitutions. Taking Henderson and Milner off and going to a back five was a stupid decision, if Arsene had done the same he would have been heavily criticised.
    Once the great midfielder Chamberlain let his marker go it was advantage Spuds.

  6. Nitram


    Fair point.

    And I thought Chamberlain was a different player under Klopp.

    Maybe he’s even worse !

  7. Nitram

    Snobby? F***ing auto correct.

    Sorry Knobby

  8. knobby

    No probs

    Chamberlain is the same, depends what tint is on your spectacles if he is better or not.
    It seems to me he doesn’t fit in and they don’t pass to him so he looks like he goes missing

  9. Nitram


    Truth is i always liked him. Nice lad. Good attitude.

    Trouble is he was too inconsistent.

    But his big Achilles heel was giving the ball away in dangerous positions and not picking up his man

    Seems nothing has indeed changed.

  10. Ferg

    Hysterical how report after report proclaim how much Klott has improved him. Loved the Ox , well , for always trying to live up to his name, and occasionally succeeding. But he doesn’t get given those reigns up there. …and still gives the ball away.
    He has scored a goal tho.
    “Snobby” …class spello

  11. Ferg

    No thread on here about our player of the month btw??

  12. Gord

    Ferg, write one and submit it to Tony.

  13. Ferg

    Is now MO’s moment?
    Haven’t checked yet, but will our motmonth make the starting 11?
    How and WHY has he been voted mo of the month?
    I like him, I think he could be a more reliable player than Xhaka.
    I got vilified last week for questioning xhakas inclusion, but for Mo to be voted , overwhelmingly, as our potm on Arsenall.com, represents a significant undercurrent
    Having said that, I have to concede that I don’t have a clue of how many people voted. It could be 12.
    That’s why I hoped to prod Tony into a bit of proper analysis, whilst I went down the pub.

  14. Ferg

    Just checked
    Mo’s IN. ?
    As is Dhaka
    Rambo must be sick.

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