Portsmouth 3 Arsenal Children 11

The reserves got a good day out and sauntered home 11 on target shots to 3. which is not bad.   They let a couple of the ol’ timers play (Theo and Arshavin were there and Sagna was given a game too) but mostly it was the kids.

What was particularly nice was to see Bischoff still making progress – I really do hope he stays with us, because when I have seen him in the reserves he really has looked like a player on a continuing progress-curve.

But the key player for me was Vela – what a difference this season has made for him.  At the start he looked like someone who could run onto through balls and beat the keeper.  In some of his cameos when this was not possible he looked as if he had no other trick – but now, suddenly, out of nowhere (although I am sure it was just me not paying attention) he can muscle his way through the sorts of defences we see every week in the EPL.

Which leads me to think: next season we could well have three teams.

Team A: to play in the Champs League and against the other Champs team in the EPL.

Team B: to play against the cloggers who come to the Ems with the “park the team bus in front of the goal” approach – a team reared on the notion of how you break such an approach down.

Team C: the kiddies team to play in the Diddly Cup.

Those three teams then give us a huge advantage of not only having the ability to play different tactics, but also of having more cover for the injuries that now seem to be a part of everyday life in the EPL.  (I can remember in the league winning years under Graham when the team never seemed to change week after week after week.)

In other news it was fascinating to see that after my little piece yesterday about how the drunken press  seems to have abandoned its attempt to talk up stories about Arsenal players leaving the News of the World and the People have Clichy and Adebayor off.

What is particularly interesting is that the language has changed.  Instead of the WC Milan owner Mr Berlos-who-can-I-insult-next “vowing” to bring Ade to Milan, we now have Arsenal planning to “offload” Ade to Milan.

I have to say I was seriously starting to feel that something was wrong when our squad was not going here there and everywhere.  But we’re off again, so how about…

The heart of Arsenal’s new-founded midfield dynamo is about to be ripped apart from Barcelona who have determined to take Song and Denilson to Catatonica for next season.

Real Mad meanwhile have let it be known that a deal has already been done to take Carlos Vela to the capital.  “I’ve always dreamed of playing in Spain” said a journalist putting words into the Mexican’s mouth.  “I like England but the food’s not very nice.”

There we are, they can have those stories to keep them running.

Hey look, the sun’s come out.

(c) A Happy Chappy in the East Midlands where outside the sheep are bleeting and the poplars are blowing in the wind.  (Actually  I went to see Bob Dylan this week and he was good fun too).

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  1. Tony,

    Spot on about Vela. He really looks better to handle the physical nature of the game. Sometimes seems that time slows down when he has the ball. Let him work on his desfensive side of the game, if he has to challange for that Left wing position.

    As for the three teams you mention that can be put up. Well, with our bad luck with injuries I don’t see that happening. But with the kids maturing, you’re spot on with with the fact that we can cope with the injuries much better for the next season. Let’s hope this season was just a blip in the injury curves, and nothing more than that. To lose half of your starting 11 for significant amount of time, to me, should be considered as an anomaly.

  2. I agree with everything Ateeb says. The addition of Arshavin, Cesc returning to fitness can only help the likes of RVP, Vela and Eduardo, all quick thinking quick footed strikers who will benefit from the instinctive fast quality passing.
    Another great day to support this fabulous squad of players.

  3. New fan of the site….just wanted to say keep up the good work!!

    True Arsenal fans are few and far between in the world of Arsenal blogs.

  4. HeHe! I have a feeling that Berlosconi wont be talking too much about what he is going to buy for a while as his wife of 19 years has just filed for DIVORCE!

    What’s Italian for ‘financially castrated’?
    Answers on a postcard to the San Siro please.

    Perhaps he make some money with a new TV show based loosely on Jim’ll Fix It. Instead of making dreams come true he can organise the outcome of Serie A league games.
    Michel Platini can co-host.

  5. Tony,
    your new follower is a she! good sign for this blog! good omen for tomorrow’s game!

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