The worst season….

By Walter Broeckx

When does your club needs you most? Is it when they are winning the league or other things ? Or is it when they are struggling? That is a question that might have a different answer to any supporter. As is the notion of struggling. Because what is struggling?

Is struggling being 6th in the league? Or 16th? Being in 6th place in the league now is not where I want Arsenal to be. But for me this is not struggling. This is a bad season. One bad season after more than 20 seasons where I had much more joy than I had sorrow.

In fact Arsenal being 6th in the league (typing it does hurt my fingers and feelings a bit) but it is no more than we had coming. Not because of Wenger as some might say. No it is more the natural way things go with any football club. Unless you play in Germany and are Bayern. Or in Spain and are Real Madrid or Barcelona.

Each top team has had bad seasons over the last 10 years. I remember Man City despite their millions not making it in to the champions league. Since Manchester United last won their last PL title in 2013 they finished 7th the year after that. Chelsea won the title in 2014 and the next season they added a zero to that to finish in 10th place.

The fact that Liverpool finished 8th, 6th, 7th and 8th since 2010 with only one second place finish in between shows that blips are rather natural in fact.

They have happened to all those teams. Except to Arsenal so far. Till this season. Of course I am not really happy with that. But this was something that was going to happen one day or the other.

The thing is that in the last 20 seasons and more I have enjoyed Arsenal so much that I can take it. The period that has seen us on a high for more than 20 years was so great that maybe eating some humble pie from time to time is not that bad. It is bad of course but if you eat caviar each day then maybe a fat burger from a food stall outside the Emirates can fill you just as well.

Arsenal supporters have been eating caviar. Well it felt like caviar to me these past 20 years. And after a while eating caviar becomes boring. And so we demand other things. Or more. And more.

When Untold started 10 years ago in the season 2007-2008 it was as a counter blog for all the negativity already surrounding Arsenal. Something I couldn’t understand to be honest. And in the 10 years we have had all the abuse one can imagine and more telling us how bad things were. About how we witnessed the worst team in Arsenal’s history. And that we were blind to see how bad things were.

And most of the time I just enjoyed what our players did on the field. Of course we had bad matches. Like any other team has them. But the trick is to (or certainly was for me) focus on the good things. When we win I enjoy the win. No matter the opposition we have beaten. It’s only… fill in name… so we shouldn’t enjoy it. I don’t know how many times I have seen this written.
Enjoying your favourite football club is like how to enjoy live. I don’t always get what I want in live. I have faced obstacles on my path and on the path of the people I care for. Instead of stopping before the obstacle and bemoan our bad luck I have always tried to look at it differently. Yes this is a bad moment but things could be worse.

Don’t worry, there will be sunshine after rain. Is one of my favourite song lyrics. Because it tells us so much about life and also football. We lose 3 matches in a row. The end of the world is near for some. I think: we are getting closer to winning.

Of course I know not everybody can think like that. It has to be a bit in your character. Maybe I was lucky to be born that way. Or it was my parents bringing me up that way. I don’t know but I just am able to see the sun behind the clouds even on the darkest day.

And that is why even in the ‘so many years without a trophy’-years I was always able to enjoy Arsenal and the football we played. At the start of each season I want us to win every match. I know this is unrealistic but I still hope we manage to do this. But I don’t go overboard when we lose our first match. Because I know to make the difference between what I would love to happen (dreams) and the reality of the world. And that reality tells me that Arsenal is a different team to other teams.

So yes this might be the worst season under Wenger so far. The first season I feel where things could have gone better. But if the man has let me down for the first time in such a long period I really don’t feel the need to ask his head on a platter.

The only need I feel is to get behind the lads and the manager. And to support them and wish they can still turn this season in to a special season. But if they don’t it will be just the worst season under Wenger. Un accident de parcours one could say. Just as most other top clubs have had over the years. And if finishing sixt is the worst season ever for Arsenal… then just be glad about it. Almost 100 years of top flight football… only Arsenal!

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  1. Thanks for the article Walter.


    OT: U18 FA Cup game

    From the twit feed:
    > Our #AFCU18 team to take on @BlackpoolFC: Okonkwo, Daley-Campbell, Ballard, Medley, Omole, Olayinka, Burton, Amaechi, John-Jules, Coyle, Balogun Subs: Barden, Olowu, Clarke, Saka, Smith


  2. OT: U18 FA Cup game

    From the twit feed:

    John-Jules scored at about 30 minutes to put us ahead.

    They scored on us at the half time whistle.

    We are something like 20-25 minutes into second half.


  3. I think the site should allow divergent of opinions by their faithful member Arsenal fans on article posting on the site. Why was my comment posting on reaction to Mr Broeckx’s article that I posted just not stood down?

  4. OT: U18 FA Cup game

    From the twit feed:

    I had written:
    >> We are something like 20-25 minutes into second half.

    Probably not. As at 63 minutes, we had Xavier Amaechi scoring
    for the U18 to put us in front again.


  5. OT: U18 FA Cup game

    The opposition tied it up at the end again. So, there will be a replay on Apr 16 (weather and other factors permitting). As this is U18, it isn’t likely that the TV people will screw around with the date.


  6. Funny how a supportive and positive blog does not get ONE comment.
    Positive or negative. Nada, zilch, south, zero.

    Walter, maybe creating a sect and becoming a guru would be a line of business for you !

    In the meantime, just know there is at least one other person who can relate to your post and agree with you.

  7. ah…wierd. suddendly there are comments…well my refresh must have been off…
    My apologies to those who reacted…. ;=)

  8. Chris

    Same happened to me.

    I posted first and then until about an hour ago nothing else. Weird. I blame PigMob !

  9. Thank Walter . I for one am no worse this season or any other season before that. That is not to say that I am happy with the way things stand .
    Far from that, but am looking to an upturn in our fortunes soon .Or next season . or the season after that !

    If I ever stop following or watching the Arsenal, then that would mean that I have given up football for good . And I don’t think that its ever going to happen unless , shock ! Horror ! Probably ..when,

    – That Russian buys out all the Arsenal shares
    – Ian Wright and Paul Merson reunite to manage us
    – Henry , fresh from winning the WC with Belgium , becomes manager
    – When the board listens to any of the following the Neville brothers , Jamie Carragher , Alan Smith , Tony Adams , Lee Dixon and co.

  10. Before someone comments , or asks , I am least bothered by whatever Piers Morgan thinks or does to consider him any way influential to Arsenal’s future .

  11. Why does the board have to support Ian Wright, Paul Merson, Thierry Henry, Alan Smith, Tony Adams, Lee Dixon, et al?

  12. Piers Mrgan only needs to walk the plank, hopefully in a location with lots of great white sharks, after nicking all arms and legs with an exacto knife.

  13. And speaking of ‘Worst’ , today’s Umtold quiz is again about the January transfer window .Watch the following clip before attempting it.

    Q – Who/whom came off the worst in the Alexis Sanchez transfer deal to Man United ?

    a) Alexis Sanchez.
    b) Henrikh Mkhitaryan.
    c) Man Utd .
    d) Arsenal.
    e) Alexis’ dogs.
    f) Too early to tell.

  14. @ Gord -21/03/2018 at 2:49 pm – Nah ! Out of professional courtesy them sharks wouldn’t do anything to him. Nor would they want to upset their delicate stomachs with such distasteful fare !

  15. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    We publish way under half of the comments that we get on this site, and most that are rejected are rejected by the software, not by myself personally. If I had to check each comment personally I would never get anywhere or do anything else.

    In addition there are always technical problems – as one correspondent told me recently, he could not get one of our articles to load on his computer. We have a number of correspondents whose comments are always welcome but who are put into moderation all the time because of some quirk in the programming I can’t see.

    So I have no idea why your piece did not appear. I can only apologise and say it was nothing to do with me. Our software is far from perfect, but it is the best I can do, and sadly it does sometimes take out comments that should not be taken out.

  16. To others who commented on the comments, in normal times I check the site regularly to look for anything odd going on, any comments being held that should not be etc.

    But over the past 3 days I have been travelling and the airline I chose to use on this occasion is one that does not have broadband on its flights, and I failed to get a connection at one airport I was anticipating using time in.

    As I said above, the system is far from perfect but it is all I have got.

  17. To the great Doctor of Singapore. I do not think your links are anything to sing about this time in fact I would say they are ‘so what – poor’.

    Not up to your usual standard.

    Never the less I will continue to look to you for more.

    So please don’t be sore or think I am a bore.

    For good humour you are this site’s core.

    My comment is not personal for I appreciate jaw. (Hmm not very good but I have run out of ‘your’ sounds! Well I can’t think of another!

    This is me with a smile to you, and singing for an encore, which is timed at 1 04. in Singapore

  18. @ colario – 21/03/2018 at 4:04 pm-

    Dear colorio , neither great am I , nor from Singapore do I hail ,
    but alas ,that me posts, links and humour are below par , I agree .
    Fear not my friend , double my endeavours undoubtedly I shall ,
    new material from trawling the internet,Facebook and Whattapps you’ll see.

    The Titanic may never have an encore ,
    but Jack lives on ever more !

  19. Q- Which of the following clubs will probably end up trophy-less this season ?
    ( Please note that CL qualification is NOT a trophy !)

    a) Arsenal
    b) Liverpool
    c) Chelsea
    d) Spurs
    e) Man Utd

    Although Arsenal has already won this season’s Charity Shield , for argument’s sake we’ll assume that it too is not a trophy .

  20. Playing Devil’s Advocate here:

    Winter came to the South Pole a long time ago, they are still waiting for spring.

    Just because someone famous says something, doesn’t make it useful.

  21. How many people work at Spanish Football Clubs in administration? Sorry, many are missing diacritical marks.

    Barcelona: _ _ _477
    Real Madrid: _ _379
    Atletico: _ _ _ 371
    Valencia: _ _ _ 200
    LaLiga: _ _ _ _ 129
    Sevilla: _ _ _ _123
    Villareal: _ _ _ 97
    Athletic: _ _ _ _89
    Malaga: _ _ _ _ _88
    Alcorcon: _ _ _ _88
    Levante: _ _ _ _ 86
    Granada: _ _ _ _ 83
    Osasuna: _ _ _ _ 71
    Celta: _ _ _ _ _ 68
    Betis: _ _ _ _ _ 65
    Espanyol: _ _ _ _65
    Real Sociedad: _ 62
    Deportivo: _ _ _ 60
    Alaves: _ _ _ _ _57
    Sporting: _ _ _ _53
    Cadiz: _ _ _ _ _ 53
    Las Palmas: _ _ _47
    Lugo: _ _ _ _ _ _43
    Zaragoza: _ _ _ _41
    Tenerife: _ _ _ _40
    Cordoba: _ _ _ _ 37
    Valladolid: _ _ _34
    Leganes: _ _ _ _ 29
    Rayo Vallecano: _28
    Nastic: _ _ _ _ _27
    Numancia: _ _ _ _25
    Getafe: _ _ _ _ _18
    Almeria: _ _ _ _ 15
    Eibar: _ _ _ _ _ 15
    Oviedo: _ _ _ _ _14
    Reus: _ _ _ _ _ _11
    Huesca: _ _ _ _ _ 7

  22. Most people posting here do not attend games so viewing from a distance can be a less emotive experience. The game in a sense is moving overseas by the season and so is the passion of the game. It is now a competition between brands and brand Arsenal is still doing well as the shareholders will attest to. The overseas fan watching football from afar has now taken precedence over the actual fan.

  23. Brickfields….. What can be more insulting – being considered as a Singaporean or a Spuds supporter? Chill bro. Hope all is well in KL.

  24. tearyeyed – “Most people posting here do not attend games so viewing from a distance can be a less emotive experience.” How could you possibly have any idea that being born on one patch of soil makes you and more or less passionate than somebody born on another patch of soil? Arsenal wouldn’t be the that team we are today without all of the international support that we get.

    Why do comments like yours always stink of xenophobia?

  25. Jammy – tear filled eyes cannot see even if they were in the middle of Arsenal. There appears to be an unsighted view of our team that also hails from far away places. I have just come back to the UK, to the cold. I go away from it but then climate is unpredictable. I will be at all the home games from now on, while tears blot out the sight of those that do not want to see.

    Roll on the warmth of Summer.

  26. Menace making little sense as usual. Such a laughable moniker for a cyber midget.

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