FANTASY 3:  The problem of Perez. 

There is a very strange story about Lukas Perez in the Standard saying he can’t settle at Deportivo de la Coruna who have had a “desperately poor season” getting four goals in 22 games.  That seems a trifle harsh because although Perez had one good season with 18 in 37 (2015/16) that was an abnormality, and his current goalscoring rate is not far from his norm.

Deportivo are currently 19th out of 20th in the league so it is hardly Lukas’ fault, and it said in the paper that to escape the jeering of fans he wants to come back Arsenal where as we know the media will of course give him at the club a very easy ride.

So it seems we might get him back as there are still two years on his contract although this will impinge on the wages restrictions that the league introduced.  The answer would therefore seem likely to be that he could move on a free, allowing the buying club to continue to pay his wages and set that against the transfer fee they might normally pay.