The ref is always correct: it is official – even when he runs less than his European counterparts

By Walter Broeckx

The ref never makes mistakes, fouls, errors or whatever you want to call them. How do I know? Well because the media tell me so. You can find a in my eyes rather funny article (posted yesterday) about this if you follow this link

It is an article from a person called Gerard Brand and the title is: Referee myth-busting: how many decisions do officials get right.

In the article it says:

“According to the PGMO (Professional Game Match Officials), Premier League referees make on average 245 decisions, almost three times more than average player touches ball (90). That’s one decision every 22 seconds. Sixty of these decisions are technical (goal kicks, corners, throw ins), leaving 185 decisions to judge physical conduct or disciplinary actions.

Of those 185, 28 are visible decisions where action is taken (fouls, restarts), and 157 are non-visible, where play continues.

Refs make on average two mistakes per game. Meaning they are correct 99.2 per cent of the time.”

So thats it then. PGMO says they are almost not human. Refs are infallible, impeccable, …. well whatever you want. They are almost as good if not better than computers.

Forget our analysis over several seasons. What do we know. Despite us showing where we got our numbers from they must be wrong. After all who would you believe most? The analysis that shows a video of each decision, and a discussion about it, or the behind closed doors analysis of the highly secretive PGMO?

Now I want to compare this with what was said in Belgium in 2015 by De Bleeckere the then responsible person for the top referees in Belgium. Ref De Bleeckere who did his last CL match at the Emirates a few years before that in fact. Well he said  (and I will translate it from Dutch of course): “Our refs make 85% correct decisions on the key moment. Last season the number of correct decisions on key moments was only 72%. Also our assistants made progress as they judged 87% of the offside decisions correct. Last season this was 73%.”

Now of course referees in Belgium might be terrible. That could be an explanation. But just as the PL we will have no referees at the world cup. So either we are both 99,8% excellent…. Or are we both 85% average?

If you look at the numbers from Belgium and compare this with our findings then we can reach the conclusion that our numbers are much more in line with the Belgium numbers than with the dreamland numbers of the PGMO.

I got the feeling that in Belgium and in most other countries where they are embracing the video referee, that they have opened their eyes about referees errors. They say: okay our referees make mistakes, too many mistakes and we want to help them in their decision making.

Because if the PGMO numbers are correct….then why on earth do we need video referees? And this is where I think the real point is. As I have written in the past I got the feeling that the PGMO wants to get rid of the VAR (Video Assistant Referee) while other counties want to go further forward with it. And will go further with it.

These fabricated numbers presented by PGMO and passed on to us by the media (without them even trying to have a look at their accuracy) are their best argument to throw the VAR out. Why on earth would you change a system that makes 99,2% correct calls????

As another reminder on how wrong the numbers look I will throw in the distance run by refs as this was also mentioned in the article.

On average, referees run 9.7km just; below the average player distance run of 9.8km. Anthony Taylor’s distance at Arsenal v Chelsea on January 3 was 11.6km.

Blimey… the PL must be a slow league as in other leagues the refs run on average around 12 km….. These are numbers that can be found in many reports from football associations. And bringing up Taylor with 11,6 km as an outstanding example while in other countries this is even below average….. this sure looks stupid to me.

So again I wonder about the accuracy of these numbers. Or maybe PL refs don’t run enough?

And the media? They swallow anything that comes from the PGMO. What next? The PGMO telling the media that they make 100% correct decisions? And the media reprinting it without even questioning the validity of these numbers?

Well one thing hasn’t changed over the years. The utter secrecy of the PGMO about everything and when they open their mouth and release numbers there are utterly unbelievable. So nothing new really….

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7 Replies to “The ref is always correct: it is official – even when he runs less than his European counterparts”

  1. Thanks for the article Walter.

    I think the PGMO is lower in accuracy than Belgium, not higher.

    Walter, TV moved another game. The West Ham game was moved from Monday to Sunday (day before). has the particulars.

  2. Tottenham are considering West Brom’s Jonny Evans as a replacement for Toby Alderweireld. 🙂 quite possibly true, I hope so, I hope he likes London a lot, I hope he prefers to get a certain starting birth.

    One may hope!

    The PGMO are a bunch of…… grapes if you will!

    Tirelessly working on solutions!

    And if Brendan Rodgers became manager I’d seriously contemplate doing Ann impression of the only Russian election candidate, or Boris!

    OMG when you switch over to QT and discover you found the transgendered female Paris Lees attractive, I’m soool confused!

    When Jack misses friendly and you think, thank you very much, injury risk on international duty, phenomenal, PEA14 isn’t playing and a few others, huah!

    I really don’t like English border towns, and the rail network is #%$>¥<{!

    Love and happiness and peace to all the real Gooners!


  3. OT: Condolences to PEA

    I seen in the news that PEA’s grandmother died on Thursday. My best wishes to PEA and family.

  4. Gord – you got that wrong. PGMOL are accurate. They cheat, so everything that we look at as being wrong is actually right as that is what they want.

  5. The PGMOL Benevolent Media Society (otherwise known as Sky), has spent the week trying to convince people that English referees are indeed, the best in the world. In fact, they are SO BRILLIANT, that they have chosen not to lower themselves to the depths of the World Cup.

    That slatherer of all things Riley, said (on the question of miking up refs like they do in Rugby) said:

    “I know in rugby it works, but I don’t like comparing apples with oranges, this is football that is rugby, it’s a different game and different culture.”

    Riley himself said:

    ” I’m not too keen, and the reason being is there are many conversations on the football field that are actually really constructive in terms of helping the players engage with referees and vice versa. Were you to make those conversations public, it might impact that relationship on the pitch.”

    Yes, it was Riley, and yes, he SPOKE! Well, his lips moved and noise came out of his mouth. So he IS human, not some sort of silent entity.

    Just to show how PGMOL is allowed by the MSM to get away with contradicting itself, Mr Gallagher did exactly that when it came to the suggestion that ‘Only the captain can speak to the referee to contest a decision’

    Changing his mind about Apples and Oranges, the Esteemed One said:

    “That isn’t too distant to what they do in rugby anyhow.”

    All this Apples and Oranges is sending me Bananas!

  6. Everton defender Mason Holgate has been formally warned by The (sweet) FA about some of his twits. He was told that if he doesn’t stop these kinds of twits, the next time he plays against Arsenal they may actually call him for a foul when he fouls an Arsenal player.

  7. These PGMOL “referees” have everything just about completely wrong.

    Atkinson had a game recently Football Italia tends to have very brief articles, and to quote as litt as possible, I have 2 points:

    Manuel Lanzini claims referee Martin Atkinson told him there would be no cards in Argentina-Italy because it was his last international.


    The referee told me that it was his last international match and so he wanted to see it out with no yellow cards,” Lanzini told Argentine paper Ole.

    What on Earth is a referee doing telling a player in the game he is about to officiate, there there will be no cards issued?

    Oh, by the way, I will not be performing my duties as an official today there buddy.

    Is that how you show professionalism?

    No member of 😈 Mike Riley’s “Select Group” has any business officiating international games. Heck, they don’t have any business officiating games in England. Maybe they are fit to pick up dog manure at the beach?

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