Arsenal v Southampton Sunday 8 April – The Match Officials: always a bad omen!

by Andrew Crawshaw

Not good news for us as regards the match officials I’m afraid.

  • Referee – Andre Marriner  Age 46 from the West Midlands
  • Assistant Referee 1 – Scott Ledger  from South Yorkshire
  • Assistant Referee 2 – Simon Long  from Suffolk
  • Fourth Official – Mike Dean  Age 49 from Mersyside

None of them are FIFA accredited.

We are yet to win a game with Andre Marriner in charge this season and the first two losses were entirely down to his rotten refereeing.

19 August Stoke 1 – Arsenal 0

Three not given penalties to Arsenal and a Lacazette goal wrongly ruled offside.  This game rather set the scene for the ongoing assault on Arsenal by the PGMO.

2 December Arsenal 1 v Man United 3

Another three not given penalties to Arsenal and three players should have been sent off, Matic for two yellow cards, Rojo for having his hand on Lacazette’s neck as he pushed him away from the goal (one of the not given penalties) and Kos was wrongly given a yellow instead of a red card for a last man foul on Lukaku.  The other penalty incidents were a Rojo foul on Wellbeck and a Smalling foul on Lacazette.

1 March Arsenal 0 – Man City 3

We were beaten by a better team and this match needed no tilting from the referee.

Scott Ledger has accompanied Mr Marriner in all of his Arsenal games this year, Simon Long has accompanied Mike Dean in two of his three Arsenal matches this year so is also well educated in how to manage an Arsenal game.  Mr Dean needs no introduction either as referee or fourth official.  He is likely to be his usual ‘harbinger of doom’.

Last season we had Mr Marriner on five occasions…

Man United v Arsenal 19 November (1 – 1) 67% overall, bias 16/84 and three wrong Important Decisions.

Min 25 Darmian was given a yellow card but it should have been his second (the first should have come in Min 15 for a foul on Theo),  Darmian should have had a straight red card for a studs up challenge on Jenkinson in Min 33 and Rooney should have had a second yellow card for dissent right at the end of the game.

Arsenal v Crystal Palace 1 January (2 – 0).

This was a good refereeing performance getting a rating of 82%, Bias wasn’t too bad either at 71/29 and there were no wrong Important Decisions showing that he is capable of refereeing properly.

Arsenal v Watford 31 January (1 – 2)

Again a high scoring performance with 83% bias however was a different story with every wrong decision being against Arsenal.  None were Important Decisions however, three not given yellow cards being the worst.  A loss we couldn’t blame on the referee!

Arsenal v Man City 2 April (2 – 2)

Another high scoring performance with 84%, There was also no bias, wrong decisions being 55/45 against the two teams.  However on of his few wrong decisions was probably pivotal in determining the outcome when in Min 8 Navas was only given a yellow card for a studs up challenge on Monreal when it really should have been a red – it was a nasty, nasty challenge.

Arsenal v Man United 7 May (2 – 0) – We have no minute by minute analysis for this match.

In 2015-2016 we had him twice

Newcastle v Arsenal 29 August (0 – 1)

76% overall rating and bias against the two teams of 33/67, there were 2 wrong Important Decisions.

Min 12 we should have had a penalty for a Thauvin foul on Bellerin (for which he should also have got a yellow card) and Min 26 Thauvin rightly got a yellow card for a foul but it should have been his second following the 12th minute not given penalty incident.

Arsenal v Man City 21 December (2 – 1)

58% overall, bias against the two teams of 897/13 and two wrong Important Decisions when Mr Marriner twice failed to give Fernandinho second yellow cards in Min 59 for a foul on Bellerin and Min 61 for one on Campbell.


  1. Mr Marriner is capable of delivering good refereeing, unfortunately he frequently doesn’t.  Whether this is down to luck or influence I’ll leave you all to make up your own minds.
  2. Mr Dean is always a bad omen for Arsenal whether he is carrying the whistle or the sign board.  The sooner this man retires the better as far as the overwhelming majority of Arsenal fans are concerned.
  3. Mr Marriner has arguably cost Arsenal 5 points so far this season, I suspect that we will find that number increase at the end of this game.
  4. Look out for the usual ‘suspects’ when it comes to wrong decisions.
  • not given penalties to Arsenal (we have had 3 in two games, very unlikely to get any more this season)
  • phantom fouls against Arsenal enabling Southampton to regroup or have extra attacking opportunities
  • wrongly or non-applied advantages to deny Arsenal attacking momentum
  • Arsenal players level with the last defender being called offside
  • Arsenal players penalised for the most minimal of contact whilst clear fouls from Southampton being ignored.
  • Despite all this if we start quickly and get a couple of early goals we are quite capable of taking the referee out of the equation.


27 Replies to “Arsenal v Southampton Sunday 8 April – The Match Officials: always a bad omen!”

  1. Watching City against United and after 15 minutes it is clear that the PL and the PGMO will do all they can to stop City from making an end to the PL season today. Atkinson doing what he can.

  2. Walter, but City are 2 goals up in the game already. And this leads to ask if Man U team is a scrap team in this PL match in which it was thought it’ll stop City from celebrating today the first PL Title win under Pep Guardiola, the City manager into his 2nd season at the Etihad Right?

  3. Samuel, a non given penalty for handball and a ridiculous not given foul against Young in the opening minutes.

  4. But if City don’t win the title today it will be Sterling who will be the one to blame.

  5. Yes Walter, you are correct. I am sorry for arguing with your PGMO failings assessment in this all important Man City PL Title winning game. By the way, I thought Man Utd will come back strongly into the game in the 2nd half of the match to stop Man City setting a new benchmark record of winning the Premier League Title this season with 6 games to spare. 6 games to spare? No! I think the PGMO have realised they will be culpable as Man City wins the PL Title this season. And are trying to stop them from winning it today. That’s why I think referee Atkinson tried to alter the cause of City winning this match to favour Man U winning it or get at least a draw from it.

  6. Well, it sure seems we have an extraordinary ref performance going on in Manchester, world class style. Wonder if Guardiola will again be able to complain to the FA in a closed session… Guess United need to be top 4 and the PL and PGMOB make sure that it happens.

    Reading the comments on the Guardian, makes clear how they view football.

  7. I think pigmob have got their percentages the wrong way round because I’m sure I’ve just seen Atkinson get 98% of his decisions wrong.


  8. More strange cards.

    _ _ 1st _ _2nd
    Man$ – _ _ _63,79,80,90,90,90
    ManU 37,45 _81

  9. So Man Utd have turned around this Manchester derby midway into the 2nd half of the match with 2 Sanchez’s assist goals for Pogba and Smelling to convert for Utd who finally won the contest by 2-3 at fully time to leave Pep Guardiola, the City manager and his Man City team all to do next week in the Champions League quaterfinal 2nd leg match at the Eihad against Liverpool who will go into the match with a huge 3 goals to nil lead advantage. Can Pep Guardiola motivates his Man City team to knockout Liverpool from the CL this season? I doubt it

  10. Referees talk about man management.

    This was all about game management. Man$ scored at 25 and 31 minutes. ManU probably started the second half better, and got goals at 53 and 55 minutes. The officials decided to start helping ManU more. Hand out a yellow at 63, goal at 69 to take the lead. With ManU in the desired lead, it’s time to start shutting down Man$. cards at 79 and 80 to Man$. No idea about ManU at 81, as I am just guessing. Man$ still trying to come back to tie or win the game, so 3 yellows at the end of the game to them.

    All of those officials should be spending time in jail. It would be nice if 😈 Mike Riley and Mike Dean could join them for the duration.


  11. Its know wonder we have no refs at this years world cup. Martin Atkinsons performance today was a total disgrace. Young should have gone early in the game, two defo pens never seen anything like it since the debacle against United at the Emirates this season. How on earth do United continue to have all the decisions going for them??

  12. Really worried about our game tomorrow after this refereeing display.
    It seems that the referees in this country get away with anything with no questions asked or allowed.
    At least FIFA have got one thing right for the world cup.
    No English referees chosen.
    Why hasn’t our “free press and media” picked up on this?

  13. So now there are worries! This lot of select officials (the most undemocratic system of abuse in public) do whatever they like however they like & to whoever they choose.

    I have not seen the City v United match but from what I’ve heard on commentary, I’m sure there is a whole lot of cheating going on. Atkinson is preparing his way to the top.

    What a shambles but how soon will the carpet be lifted to hide the corruption.

  14. it really is wierd. The Guardian recognize City ought to have 2 penalties awarded and one them with red card against Young, yet they conclude the win was a triumph due to Manu’s strength of personnality.

    These guys are doing all they can to NOT recognize bad/corrupt/incompetent refereeing when they see it. They are obeying orders IMHO there is no other explanation.

  15. Selective vision is a PGMOL specialty. It is also a MOTD specialty. No sight of the first few minutes of nasty play & not given penalties. Atkinson gets away with the help of BBC blindness.

    The FA have their work cut out. They must revisit the Young Red card offence.

  16. The second spud goal was off side. Kane’s shoulder was off side. What the f were the TV pundits looking at? They are absolute idiots without sufficient honesty to cover a pin head.

  17. The PGMOL have done their damage to Arsenal in the league already, so I , naively don’t expect any of their nonsense tomorrow but we shall see, there is always the plucky Burnley factor.
    Did watch MOTD, was told Harry Kane is honest at least six times, so I guess diving is honesty in the world of pundits. Harry Kane is honest, Danny Welbeck is not it seems

  18. I remember the shitstorm that Welbeck got for the penalty. And here nada….
    Young’s challenge was totally reckless, could hav broken the leg of a fellow player.
    If this is not selective and trying to influence the oucome of a game, like game 49, then what isa it ?

  19. There was an article about an investigative journalist in Metro or the standard, where it said the Munich air crash came about because the FA insisted that Utd return to play a fixture. No way should they have flown apparently. Explains a lot

  20. Hughes is an “Arsenal don’t like it up’em” manager.
    So I expect a physical game where Marriner reads every strong contact as a foul against us.
    Fingers crossed that we don’t get any serious injuries from Marriners antics

  21. Well he never even called a foul when Vertongen nearly broke hazards leg with an over the top lunge from the side. Worrying.

  22. 2 minutes into the game, red card challenge from Tadic on Nelson, no card given…

  23. English player but an Arsenal English player, marriner is unfit to ref the arseholes

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