No excuses left; claiming this is the worst of times is just damaging our club.

By Tony Attwood

The attacks continue.  Here’s one recently published on a blog…

“I have been watching Arsenal since I was nine years old and I am 61 now. I have been going since long before England won the World Cup and been a season ticket holder for over 40 years. I have witnessed the end days of Bertie Mee, Terry Neill and George Graham and I can honestly say I have never felt as low as I do watching Arsenal this season. Under Arsene, I feel devoid of hope and he is slowly killing the massive passion I have for my club.”

So reads a blog.  One of the many attacks that are published daily.  Attacks on Mr Wenger, on the management of the club, and on some of the players.  Not always the same players each week, but always on some players.

And I’d like to consider this writer, who I don’t know but who has had a similar journey with Arsenal to that which I have.  I don’t know why he feels “so devoid of hope and he is slowly killing the massive passion I have for my club,” but whatever the reason it is nothing to do with Mr Wenger and the players.  It is primarily to do with him.  Let me explain how I know that.

Unlike the people who write in each day (I don’t publish their comments when I get to the site in time to deal with them, but occasionally some get through) saying that they know what I think, I don’t know what the writer of this article thinks.  I just know about the feelings he describes, and I can show you that they are not justified by Arsenal’s performances.

He would have started around 1965 or 1966.  What did he see?

In what follows I am leaving out the Wenger years, because this is obviously the worst of the Wenger years.  But this writer has seen all the other seasons and this is the worst.  So let’s see what he saw in the earlier years.  First this season thus far, and then a selection of some of the choice seasons this writer has seen…

Season P W D L F A Pos FAC Lge Cup
2017/18 33 16 6 11 62 45 6th R3 RU
1964–65 42 17 7 18 69 75 13th R4
1965–66 42 12 13 17 62 75 14th R3
1966–67 42 16 14 12 58 47 7th R5 R3
1967–68 42 17 10 15 60 56 9th R5 RU
1969–70 42 12 18 12 51 49 12th R3 R3
1973–74 42 14 14 14 49 51 10th R4 R2
1974–75 42 13 11 18 47 49 16th QF R2
1975–76 42 13 10 19 47 53 17th R3 R2
1976–77 42 16 11 15 64 59 8th R5 QF
1982–83 42 16 10 16 58 56 10th SF SF
1983–84 42 18 9 15 74 60 6th R3 R4
1984–85 42 19 9 14 61 49 7th R4 R3
1985–86 42 20 9 13 49 47 7th R5 QF
1987–88 40 18 12 10 58 39 6th QF RU
1994–95 42 13 12 17 52 49 12th R3 QF

He has seen at least 15 seasons which could be argued to be worse than the current season (I’m not including the European competition because we don’t know where that will end).  In eight of these seasons we ended up with FEWER WINS from 42 games than we have already achieved with 33 games.  And yet this makes him feel the worst?

In four of which we were knocked out in the earliest round of the FA Cup but didn’t have the compensation of getting to the final of the League Cup.   And this was the worst in terms of his feelings.

Seasons in which we didn’t end up 6th but ended up 12th, 13th, 14th, 16th, 17th.  And let me remind you, in those last two we were serious contenders for relegation for a while.  And this in terms of his feelings was worse than those seasons?

In 12 of which we scored fewer goals in 42 games than we have scored already in just 33 games.  And yet this is the worst?

And then there are the crowds.  The writer adds, “It is not just me that is sick of seeing us drift into mediocrity. We are playing in front of 40k at best for most of the games at the Emirates lately.”   I think he underestimates, but even so this is a massive improvement on what we played in front of at Highbury in these times.   From crowds under 10,000 to regular crowds way under 30,000.  Just look at the crowds recorded in the Arsenal History Society series on Arsenal in the 70s.

This is a bad time compared with the glorious times of the earlier Wenger years, but it is nothing – I will repeat NOTHING – like the horror shows we have had to put up with in the earlier periods of this writers life.  And yet he tells us this is the worst he has felt.

So what does this attack do for Arsenal and its players?  Especially when you remember this is what the club and its team is getting 30 or 40 times a day from the blogs and the newspapers?   We can argue whether it actually affects them, but I suspect it is very hard to put together an argument that says it actually improves the club or its players.

Arsenal like every team has its ups and downs.  Having won the FA Cup three times in four years we are having a down season.  I know that, as I too am a season ticket holder.   I wish we were not as we are at the moment.

But this sort of whinging and whining with its claim that the writer feels more down than at any time, doesn’t do us any good.  All it tells us is that for some psychological reason we are not privy to, the writer didn’t get that upset when we were close to relegation, or letting in more goals than we scored, or losing more games than we won.  But now he is.

That’s the prime issue – why the writer feels more upset about this than about earlier times and he tells us about it and seems to blame the manager.  He might wish to consider why he is depressed, but to justify his upset by implying it is Arsenal’s fault is simply a cop out.  That’s not the cause at all, because as the results above show, we are nowhere near the level that we have been at other times in his period of supporting the club.

The problem is in himself, and yet he blames Arsenal. That is the simple fact that tells us quite a lot.


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  1. Simple fact is Wenger needs to leave, talking about an isolated statement from the fan does not take away from the fact that the majority of fans don’t believe in Wenger anymore. What’s the basis of my comment……….empty seats, when they’ve already paid.

  2. This is a bad time compared with the glorious times of the earlier Wenger years, but it is nothing – you are absolutely right sir. What is also right is the time for Wenger to step aside for his and the club sake.

  3. I agree,Arsenal are struggling? Really? 6th in the premier and in a European semi final! It could be better away from home yes! We could be stronger in defence ! But the fans have got to be strong and give the players their support! They have their job we have ours! Come on you Gooners!

  4. keep telling m Tony! Those people call themselves fans? In Holland there’s a saying: with such friends you don t need enemies.

  5. I think frustration would have been a better word. You don’t know which Arsenal will turn up at any given time, they are so inconsistent this season. The manager doesn’t help, blaming tiredness as the main cause and of course refereeing decisions. He should stop the excuses and concentrate on our defensive problems before we face Atletico.

  6. Whilst it great to see such unending support our beloved Arsenal. And also the fact we had an attendance of four thousand against Leeds United for many extenuating circumstances. I have followed the Arsenal and attending games since 1964.

    I also feel extremely low, Wenger was a great Man9and still delivers trophies such as the FA Cup. However im the last ten years, we never look like winning the league. Wenger monopoly of power. His lack of delegation, tactics and his blindness in not addressing the defensive issues for so long. He is now more of a politician than a football Manager. It is time for him to leave, I will always attend games. But Wenger is now damaging the club, due to his lust to maintain power.

  7. again agreeing with you, tony … and with “rondejonge” as well: these people are the vultures in “jungle book” singing along “we’re your friends”
    i’m writing this after leaving arsenalplayer, on which, at half-time, our u18s are stumbling to victory: they just lead 4-0 in the semi-finals of the fa youth cup
    truth is: arsenal are the best english CLUB at the moment, if you just pause to take a look at the general picture: first team (6th in the league, finalists of the carabao cup, semi-finalists (so far) of the europa league), U23, U18, women’s team, …
    does that mean we should forget about our ghastly record away from the emirates? of course not, but this point cannot be seriously evoked if we are told NOT to mention, either the refereeing (stoke, watford, west brom, …), or the toll taken by the europa league (trips on a thursday nights to sweden, serbia, russia, …)
    how many clubs could boast such a record while digesting the loss – in a little more than a year – of the team below:


    NONE is the answer; the club is being reconstructed, and brilliantly so, that’s all

    i can assure you, as seen through the eyes of a foreign supporter of this great club, great manager, such a level of negativity really begs belief
    listen to a guy who would dream of being a season ticket holder: those who have been “absentee landlords’ ever since arsenal were out of the title race, can probably be very easily spotted, they should be denied their renewal, and their tickets sold to real supporters who have been on the waiting list for as long as they can remember.
    after all, these crybabies live in london; since they are such arsenal/wenger-haters, let them turn into full-time “it was my goal” harry and “i didn’t dive” dele worshippers

    ps: since i mentioned “on the head of my daughter” harry, for those of you who haven’t watched it yet, youy HAVE to take a look at darren farley’s “harry kane likes to claim things”

  8. Well I got my first season ticket 50 years ago and still have one and I 100% agree with Tony. Anybody who thinks it is worse now is either losing his memory or a glory hunter. We’re not called “moaners”, we’re called “supporters” the clue is in the name!

  9. @LeGall,

    Thanks for the team having left, excellent demonstration.

    I know the WOB will argue that these players were done, gone, worthless….just they brought in tens of millions.
    Which begs the question : if the players were bad, then that must mean AW and Arsenal were very good at ‘selling’ them, weren’t they ?
    And if they were not bad, then your point is spot on.

    The problem is people today feel they are not only entitled to an opinion, but they feel entitled to have their opinion be the truth and that reality has to fit their opinion. And the internet makes it safe to spit out hatred, stupidity, ignorance protected they are behind their screens. Just like the poor idiot comparing this season with seasons 50 years past that are proven to be worse.

    Reminds me of a comment I’ve read a few years ago about the Iraq war. A journalist talking to a bunch of islamic rebels. All here to kill uncle sam. But when he asked what was their dearest wish in life ? a green card…

    Arsenal ought to invite all the WOB people to a party where they’d meet AW and guess what : I bet most of all would want a selfie with him.

    All this does not mean that I am happy with the way they play, with the fact that I feel there is a real badass captain missing and that the defense is prone to moments of ‘passivity’. And I wonder why, what or who they are missing. Yep Kos has been missing there, so stability is absent. Yet…tehy stills care me anytime the ball gets into our own half.

  10. I agree with you Tony as well, for what it is worth.

    I think too many people have got so spoilt with the heady early days of the Wenger reign, that their memories of the past have become rather clouded.

    Remembering with warmth, no doubt, the great 1960’s, 70’s and 80s, when we may have had a trophy every 4/5 years and were pretty turgid in between.

    We have had better times and will, no doubt have better times again.

    When the oil barons get tired of pumping money into Chel$ki and Man$ity and they go downhill, I am sure we will still be there and thereabouts.

  11. i observed that the pgmol always get a way to undermine arsenal effort every season but the cry babies of arsenal fans never ready to see because they are already blind to the truth around them!
    this season was set to be great despite ozil-sanchez debate but the referees and their partners in crime have another idea!
    they set out to force away fear on us and perfected the act that its the team which performed excellently at home to be blamed for their on the roads woes!
    yesterday was another away horror show of referees but the much changed team is to be blamed for referee taylored result!
    away to man city mqtch was being turned around as we were gaining some confidence at 2-1 but suddenly, the referee struck with a blatant offside goal and the media uproar was the best team won!
    in liverpool / mancity cl second leg at ethiad, liverpool won despite mancity all time gragra reminicsnt of how arsene tried to tame man city at their ground.
    A true arsenal supporter is not happy at turn of event currently this season but still have to put things in perspective and see the evils being perpetrated against his beloved club rather than being another force at seeing the total downfall and ridiculing of this great club.
    clearly, arsenal players are not robots, all the negativity being spread about the club affects them too. The more they wanted to get back the fans, the more they found out they had been handcuffed by poor/bias refereeing.
    This season is still young for arsenal to tagged as disaster so far we still have eauropa cup glory to taste, a champions league football to get and an eauropean super cup to usher in next season!
    yes it is achievable if we copied from roma fans who helped their team to believe and ultimately achieved the unbelievable against the almighty baca.
    Wenger will surely go one day but our happiness can be full if we downed all forces against our beloved arsenal by truly support the team for the remainder of the season and forever as true supporters who surely last longer than the managers!
    it is achievable through our support.
    lets support ARSENAL

  12. You missed a crucial line of this gentleman’s text. He said “Under Arsene, I feel devoid of hope”. This seems to be the bit you misunderstand. In the past, if there was a bad season or continual lack of progess, there would be a change of manager – that alone gives people hope. The hope that there will be a resolution to the club’s problems.

    At Arsenal currently, there is no hope. Wenger is too stubborn and insecure to employ or trust in people that might take credit for improving Arsenal. He trades off the club’s loyalty and refuses to step down, and the board is too ignorant and unqualified to make a change. Hence there is an air of never-ending hopeless stasis.

    That’s why this club is in dire straits and the gentleman you refer to feels hopeless, and that’s what’s different to the past.

  13. From FIF twitter:
    “We’ve been shown the voting by #PremierLeague clubs on #VAR.
    Clubs that voted against implementation are ones that have benefited most from ref bias e.g. #ManUtd, #CPFC, #StokeCity, #Chelsea, while those voting in favour are teams who encounter most corruption eg #Arsenal & #MCFC”
    And still some people blame a ‘single’ person for Arsenals’ troubles. Deluded!

  14. MCFC with their offisde goals and diving hmmm… bring on selective VAR might make
    things slightly better

  15. Pointless article, whether this is the worst of times or not we are in a downward spiral and the job has finally overtaken Arsene Wenger. Pointing out the ‘luck’ other clubs might have enjoyed this season does not change our own poor performances and frailties.

    Arsene is undoubtedly our best ever manager but all good things do come to an end and that time is now. Hopefully we’ll repay Arsene by winning the Europa League allowing him leave on the high that he deserves.

  16. Le Gall, tip cap!

    VAR would be a liability if implemented now, first you retire refs then young implement. They have ubdermined it at every opportunity! Glad Arsene cited the City CL clash with Liverpool. Comprehensives 5-1 but 2 goal she should not have stood and 1 incorrectly chalked off 3-2 different picture.

    Mustarfi is a liability, I said he needed dropping, he needs dropping, Callum is nearly ready, he has to play with an organiser, with Per he excelled. Waiting for Kos to get he has to talk. Captain my Captin. Mustarfi was imperious but it isn’t looking increasingly likely he’d rather Ben elsewhere, similarly Cech hasnt publicly taken any responsibly, yet questioned selection policy and is underperforming. Unacceptable, for me neither features in EL again.

    Rafa made a point after the victory and highlighted cohesion and a single drive and direction. It is what has derailed Utd and our own season, a lack of quality on both parts, but a lack of pace at LB, sleeping CB, two inexperienced kids, and an overworked Frenchman and Ann elderly German who wasn’t never blistering is too much. Add some bias, a whole host of in your face cheating and well you got 2 points more than Burnley.

    I said this season was about CL return and developing young talent and integrating youth, some of you wouldn’t make atrocious businessmen or managers. The season has been hard, but largely successful given the goals. With a EL trophy it will have been a success.

    We signed panic buy what she that 6-7 and we aren’t missing Mikhi so let’s hope for him.

    We have around £50m to cash out and two transfer kitties to spend.

    Meyer I said looking promising and Golovin, Wenger is spot on. I’d be very serious about both, both either footed. Hleb was like simply Wenger knows sign him. I agree.

    Suddenly everyone wants to help Arsenal and so aren’t urging us to ship the manager, sorry what was that, you are all here to help! HaHa!

    Arsenal fan so yoy can stay away for 5 years, the seat isn’t paid, its better than you booing!

    On scored 2 goals and warmed the bench, got starts in midfield, we know, but you don’t take Rambo’s spot and it’s easier to run direct and not pass. We’ve seen your goal tally it won’t improve. Alexis went to win stuff, ok so last chance!

    Coq got injured again, Theo is where he should be mid table.

    We are transitioning in a season, not five or six see the world at richest club! We couldn’t afford VVD then and £75m was always too much! He has made a difference, but so do Liverpools agent payouts.

    If Hazard, Cpurtois, likely De Gea aren’t all gone I’ll be shocked and if the two go from Chelsea I expect Morata and Kante wit follow and Willian also with Crasat. Chelsea seem set to potentially sell up including the permission to develop, I could Ben wrong. It looks like a Mile Ashley though.iy depends if H&F are going to be allowed to take over a billion in dirty money?

    No way Oliver didn’t bias that last call, I say again consistency, how much of the sameness didn’t he overlook?

    I’m not worried, if we go for all three domestic trophies next season, it ignore we go into CL Ita good and we go for 4!

    But if you don’t understand the club, the mandate, the vision, or even the tactics, players or game development and can’t see any bias. Please do support Spuds, but spare me your idiocy.

    If we add the stats for unforced errors of Mustarfi, Cech and Monreal over the last two season you get a worrying picture.

    Before that it was the targeted isolation of Per, and before the hate the crippling of Sanyo am disappointed before that, Jack, Sagan, Ramsey, Eduardo, with That idiot left back, Reyes.

    Bale, CR7 Suarez, Coutinho, all left for a reason, 2 one way 2 another, not only for weather, trophies but safety. The officials make the Leagie unsafe.

    It’s the players, it’s the manager, never the board, nor the fans or officials! Sometimes the evidence is in the opposing argument or lack of logic within that supposition!

    Arsene I said least culpable, the players more so, but we see something in society which I said reflective. The officials may be most at fault more often than not but, by gosh a large proportion, the loudest anyway, buyback nonetheless a significant chunk of fanatics abs they are certainly Norbert supporters are mad! And indeed apppear to want to ensure our mutually assured destruction.

    The man is a genius, 6 games from finishing the overhaul, with or without a EL trophy.

    And the mettle and resolve Ogbomosho every player tested, the board also.

    Kudos Arsene, finish it now.


    I’m certain work

    Toby we should go in for with conviction. At least forcing him to move elsewhere.

    Oblak, trying to assist the GK exodus at United and Chelsea

    And we need a DM


    Although Ndid is looking good.

    I’m not a fan ignore Asensuo or Isco, I’d rather andeal for Morata or Mahrez

    Everyone on loan leaves bar Cohen and Asano who I want to I see in pre-season.

    Per will stay to coach I hope, Cech should quit and coach, but he seems determined to play on.

    Monreal, I sincerely love, but not taking what we can get is wasteful, since Niles stepped up, Cohen should Ben ready to understudy and Diallo can play CB and LB.

    That list costs nothing. It’s a lot of tenacity and intent. Competition for places and a massive improvement, within the HOme Grown quota and registration quota.

    If Mustarfi isn’t picking up his form, if ve temped to go in for Manolas. Although giants values has increased.

    But 2 new CB may be the answer.

    I could go for a selection headache of:


    And Kolasinac, Cohen Diallo LB
    Bellerin, Chambers, Niles RB

    Only 12 need registration

    I’ll let you add upnour remaining squad members, accounting for Jeff, Nelson, Nketiah, Willock all being U21’s

    I go to 25, but for sure Danny has to decide I feel he wants to try lead the line elsewhere or be part of the squad, he seemed to say the lateen the other day.

    Lacazette has to get consistent before the season ends, and Mustarfi needs to scene like he knows how to defend at pre school level. Cech cannot he nimber 1 and indicated the bench isn’t for him, Ospina will get good, he’s very Fabianski but too good to bench not good enough for no:1 journey.


  17. Thanks Tony, for continuing to the season in perspective.

    @Jammy, @Josif, Andrew E, copying my reply about Mustafi from a couple articles ago. Sorry for the late reply

    Here’s your source since you guys have difficulty navigating Whoscored :

    Go down to Premier League Best XI, and make sure it’s on seasonal. You’ll see Mustafi right in the middle next to Vertonghen.

    Perhaps reality is I don’t have a blind spot for Mustafi and you’re actually just a blind sheep following whatever the media says.

  18. Arsenal is a laughing stock.How people like you the writer can still defend wenger is beyond me.I guess wenger is gonna bring back the glory days in your mind. Arsenal don’t even play proper football anymore. Really gutted you say the problem is with the and not Arsenal. I think you clearly do not understand football.

  19. The thought that crossed my mind was : what is going to happen with the next manager, when after 10 games he faces the same kind of onslaught from PGMOB and sees his and Arsenal team’s efforts broken down by the refereeing we’ll still be seing ?

    Because let’s face it, nothing will change on this front, won’t it ?

    So from saviour he will turn to culprit and we’ll have an XOB brigade starting to grow like a cancer.

    Thinking about it, I’d rather stay with Mr Wenger

  20. Thanks Tony , I think that you hit the nail smack in the head with your observations on the author of that piece . It must be rather sad if you measure your happiness and well being on Arsenal’s success or the lack of it .

    I too had felt a personal bad season back in 1980 when Arsenal lost the FA Cup and the Cup Winners Cup finals days of each other and was really quite down.
    It had compounded a very poor time in my life when academic performances was poor along with some issues with matters of the heart .

    I do sincerely wish for the true and faithful Arsenal supporter a better time ahead , even as I personally am not complaining of the shortcomings of this season. There is still a lot to look forward to.

    Up the Gunners !

  21. Actually Lemarc if there is a laughing stock, then I suspect it is you for not bothering to do any background reading, and then confessing that you can’t understand, and then saying I don’t understand football. A review of the issues concerning the appointment of new players and managers, which has been done on this site in more detail than probably on any other over the past 10 years might help you out a little.

  22. FOCUS –

    Once a daughter went to her father and said… “I won’t be going to the temple anymore..”

    The father said: “May I ask why?”

    She said: “When I go there all I see is people on their mobile phones during service and prayers ; some are gossiping, some just are not living with integrity, they are all just hypocrites…”

    Father became silent, and then said: “OK… can I ask you to do something for me before you make your final decision?”

    She said: “Yes.. what’s that?”

    He said:“Please take a glass of water and walk around the temple 2 times; but you mustn’t let any of thew water fall out the glass.”

    She said: “Yes… I can definitely do that.”

    She came back and said “It’s done and here is the Glass Of Water.”

    He asked her 3 questions:
    1. Did you see anybody on their phone?
    2. Did you see anybody gossiping?
    3. Was anybody living without Integrity?

    She Said: “How could I have seen anyone else?…. I didn’t see anything; all I was focused on was the glass and the water within it., making sure the water never dropped.”

    He told her, “When you go to temple, this is what you should do… you should be simply focusing, thinking and connecting with God, and how you can progress and help yourself to help others.. this is so that YOU don’t ever FALL in life.

    The Daughter thanked her father for helping her understand the inner learning of the essence of Our focus with God.

  23. Arsenal has the weakest fans in the epl.Easily affected influenced by the media. When we lost 3 games in a row around the Carabao Cup final,the media had a field day. The fans, even more so the weak at heart,were made to feel like they had no reason to walk the streets. A few weeks on and the same happens to the ‘almost invincible’ Man City. The media treated the 2 scenarios differently.

    Having said that, I believe Arsenal need to change some things. The way we play is one. Very few of our players are courageous enough, on a 1on1 situation to take on the opponent and go past them. Most turn and pass the ball backwards at the sight of an opponent in front of them. Even the fastest of them all, Hector, will not dare put the ball foward and challenge the opponent to a foward dash!

  24. @ Jerry. You’ve made your point but it’s now getting boring. I don’t need to check on some wierd stats., I just trust my eyes. So just give it a rest and cut out the insults. People are allowed their opinions.

  25. Andrew E,

    Sorry you felt insulted that I responded in the same manner that you and others did. Yes you had an opinion based on a couple matches where as I based mine on facts (stats) from the whole season.

    Every single player will make mistakes, yet the media loves to remember all of the ones made by Arsenal whether real or not. For example, when Ozil was threatening to break Henry’s record on assists, media reports kept saying he’s regressed, not good enough, not running enough, etc. And sadly, some fans like yourself just follow the narrative which annoys Arsenal supporters like myself.

  26. ‘take away from the fact that the majority of fans don’t believe in Wenger anymore. What’s the basis of my comment……….empty seats, when they’ve already paid.’

    Majority because of empty seats? I’m sure ‘majority’ of fans still support AW, what’s the basis of my comment……..there are way more filled seats than empty seats at each home game.

    ‘Arsenal currently, there is no hope. Wenger is too stubborn and insecure to employ or trust in people that might take credit for improving Arsenal.’

    Wow, you must have been in a coma, it’s been daily news a few months ago that Sven Mislintat and Raul Sanllehi joined Arsenal. And the media lapped it up with praise. So if AW hired these two people then your above comment is silly, and if AW didn’t hire these two people then the accusations that he has all the ‘power’ at the club is stupid.

    I don’t understand why people try to character assasinate a man when they don’t know the full details.

  27. James at 10.10 is pretty much right, it is the hope that’s gone because strangely although they might not be top fiscal academics supporters do understand the football on the pitch.
    Many of us have been around a long time , oh how we laughed when Billy McCullough was chasing wingers over Highbury , when Fumbling fingers Furnell dropped one over his head . We were there to enjoy the afternoon in a break between the pubs closing at lunchtime and reopening at 5 oclock. The last 15 minute charge towards the North Bank to rescue the situation was a thing of stories handed down from father to son but really we had no expectations. Bertie Mee changed things and then we went back to slumber until George Graham came back and started the resurgence that has lasted until about 5 years ago . I don’t think most long term match goers want to pillory Wenger but I do think the majority would like to see him bow out gracefully with some sort of semblnce of thanks for his stewardship ,not be hounded out because over time his methods have been superceeded by his rivals.

  28. @Porter,
    You ended with “not be hounded out because over time his methods have been superceeded by his rivals” which is rather inaccurate.

    Last year when winning the FA Cup, Wenger outmanaged both Antonio Conte and Pep Guardiola. That’s right he’s beat the managers of the two most recent PL champions with a fraction of the cost in spending.

  29. Jerry I really don’t give a toss about the money as far as I am concerned that is a complete blind thrown up to try deflect a losing argument. Football is played on the pitch and it is incumbent on the manager to create a system that lasts over a long period of time.
    Sure we won cups and great were those days and yes in one offs we have beaten managers that have had greater success. The test however is over the league season . There is little point in beating Conte or Guardiola if you are going to lose to Pulis or Howe or even big Sam .
    We have had a group of better than average players complemented by a few much better ones but we struggle against teams of lesser standard . WHY ?
    Because we have a system of play which has been nullified by those lesser teams . By managers that are into survival not winning things. We play the same way against West Brom as we do against Liverpool . It matters little how we set up 3 or 4 at the back as we will pass slowly and build up probing for a gap to exploit. Against teams that come to win as you have to in a cup final we can catch out defenders and we have the players to take advantage , against the lesser teams the system does not work and has not for a long time.
    Arseblog has done the numbers I reccommend that you read his article .

  30. No one ever mentions the marketing department at Arsenal and how woeful they’ve been at getting better deals.Wenger has done his best,please put everythin into perspective first before replying with wenger out or he’s lost it as if you go from an invincible to shit manager in two days!!!.People keep saying that it’s his lust for power that’s destroying the club..what lust?The lust of having the best players but still keep giving him second rate players.He wanted Manolas two summers ago but who did they get Mustafi instead.Lacazette took the board three summers to get why?We had and american lawyer handling transfers, a man who was qouted saying that he doesn’t understand how a player can sign in January and leave the following summer!!That’s the way football works unfortunately and our american negotiator couldn’t comprehend this yet it was wengers fault we didn’t sign players.We had Statdna which didn’t help either apparently this system is used in american football which exactly the same as english football right??!!!!!cmon man sit down and see what a total mess this club was and that everyone deserves some blame not just one man who tried to help this club through one of it’s worst periods.Other managers would have said bye bye and left the club to solve it’s own problems and not be dragged down with it.

  31. It is still the worst season in 20 years and that is not a small thing on its own. Next season Liverpool will be up there challenging for the premier league title and we will try to stay top 6. There is no more excuses. I have always been pro-wenger, but its time for a change. Not only the manager but the whole staff and mentalilty around the club must change, maybe that will make the atmosphere around the club more positive…

  32. Another bizarre article.

    The more you try and vindicate wenger and the regime, the more contradictory and nonsensical your arguments become.

    These are complaints from fans not ‘attacks’. They are paying customers and are entitled to complain if they feel unhappy with the product.

    According to your logic, if you went into a reputable restaurant, ordered a steak and received a plate of burnt gristle, you would not complain, but would actually return to the restaurant and continue paying for bad food. In your world complaining to the proprietor of the restaurant would only demoralise the poor chef and make his cooking worse.

    It’s a strange philosophy, it really is.

  33. Yes Edda, I think you’re right…it is time for a change, let’s change the Board, lets change the Manager, lets change the playersand most importantly of all…let’s change fans and get some real ones

  34. I really didn’t think anyone thought about football as you do Stefan. But clearly I was wrong. I’ll try and do a little article on it.

  35. Brick – over the fable, as always your make me smile. I am close to envious of those who enjoy your time frequently.

    Tony’s and Co. see you at matches soon I expect, iD checked and sent! License goes Friday, patience, we then go account cash cheque. Looking for a boat, anyone’s know about boats?

    By George some people are moronic, but without being ageist I do think that many older supporters, yes supporters; have missed that the beloved game itself hasn’t been befouled. It’s immensely difficult to play in the EPL, with that same style Henry and Co used, Ciry don’t, what they did have is pace and an architect in De Bruyne and willing cover in Fernandinho and Ikay when fit. Two pivots (lynchpin and Catalyst) a triumvirate answer £200m in defense and a WC GK.

    With unlimited funds, it took them a while, similarly with Chelsea.

    The point, we are honourong tue game you oldies love, by doing it right, and even trying to pay it right.

    Running at defenders, what to have your leg broken, and be out anyway?

    It’s a catch 22, great film!

    Then the younger fan, now, now, now, no morals, no principals, “I just want to win” because I personally don’t win in life. I touched on the living vicariously through sport before.

    The season is not good, but in my own life, I had a horrific year, but I ‘know’ it was an necessary bit prelude to my success.

    It is solely due to ly adversities that I will progress ever more rapidly. I found strength and ability I knew was there, but was unsure now of and hadn’t previously employed. I collected people I’d needn’t in the future, o learned my few final and detrimental weaknesses, I became ruthless in my desire forbade victory. I changed, evolved as a person, yet the Corey remained the same.

    To know to you must foul the guy, burn to attempt to play the ball. The rules say this is true. To be touch tight at set pieces but not hold, we, the fanatics, Wenger included, we demand perfection in action, not the point she pen progression beyond that round.

    I look at that team and say aside from Cech, Monreal, not one person isn’t capable of wining the league, CL and both domestic cups, not on a good day, but any day!

    The problem is a common one, it’s in your head, plus the field is so sloped that unless you address the fundemental issue, you can never win.

    So quietly the field angle isn’t being addressed, and a wise man is addressing squad weaknesses.

    We jettisoned a lot of bad attitude, a bad apple spoils the…. we didn’t right by those bad attitudes to and were rewarded justly. We have a host of loanees to release and more money to gather, but the onus has changed, we have space, money and the need for more quality additions.

    I can see no further than those I have earmarked! We can Aldine go first in market, having saved capital to allow for disposable income.

    I don’t think many understand football, why the triangles, the difference between a back three or four, why wingers, or inverted wingers, false 9 or 10.5!

    But let me assure you of one thing, a economist manager will in the mid-long term get young tropihies because football is now first and foremost about $$$$$$$$ not even ££££££ Andy of you understand the difference in the case I trend your units you prob agree anyway.

    Let me pray, may all forked tongues which weave wicked works be undone and sew a harvest of ill against those who waft and spew out sacrilege, let those fool say perish by their own ill fated deeds, I call on the spirit of Allen Jose wounded on our field of battle, all those who went before the on vring about future victories, I ask that this team, and it’s battalions shine bright like night sky embers, so that’s the world will know that through righteousness all victories are possible.

    Football brings the world together, Russia will go wrong, but from its ashes a new dawn.

    Why the Quad, because they’re need to see that we win everything without question with honor!


    Thank you guys, for existing.

    Joining the away fan side this season, that’s was the plan, instead it all wen the wrong, so that I could win later.

    What’s put away record been like this season again 😉

    Oi Wenger, get me my players, we go to things to win.

    First tickets, could I kake singapore for Athleti and PSG, sounds a plan, I need tech anyway. It was second pirt of call.

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