Santi Cazorla might well come back to play again

by Tony Attwood

This is hardly “Untold” news, as you may well have seen it, but just in case not, the story is that Santi Cazorla’s footballing career might not be over.

Arsène Wenger has made a statement to the effect that following a continuation of his rehabilitation period through the summer Santi might be able to come back to Arsenal.

That would mean having a new contract since his current contract ends this summer.

As you will know, Santi has not played since October 2016, and has had a series of injuries, and was at one stage facing the absolute horror of having a foot amputated after repeated surgery.  Santi has been in Spain for some time now recuperating, and apparently at last he is making good progress.

Of course this is not the first time we have had such news – having been left off the “25” list for both Europe and Premier League games at the start of September, Santi came back onto that list in January, but of course has not played.  His contract expires on 30 June.

All told he has now had nine separate operations, something quite awful to contemplate, and Mr Wenger recently said, “I haven’t seen Santi since the League Cup final, but the last news I heard is that he’s doing very well.   Hopefully he can come back before the end of the season to make a check up to see if he can play again in the Premier League. If he could reach that level we would discuss a contract.”

Santi is now 33, so the end of his playing days in the PL is obviously fast approaching, but it may be possible for him to play occasionally without endangering his health and well being further.

Mr Wenger continued, “We miss him a lot, you know.  I’ve not spoken about it much, because he has not been the story of the day, but we missed him a lot. He is an exceptional football player and it is very sad what happened to him. It’s very sad for Arsenal as well.”

Mr Wenger also reiterated the issues surrounding Jack Wilshere.  Jack is only 26, and a new contract offer is going to be made before he leaves for the World Cup.

“Jack has the freedom to make the decision”, Mr Wenger said. “He is now focussed on the next games but I think he will make a decision before the end of season. He may not want to go to the World Cup without having sorted the situation.”

Jack probably knows that the world cup can be a graveyard for players where the manager, without any long term responsibility for the player, will encourage player to play on despite an injury – leaving him then needing months of recuperation – which of course the country does not have to pay for.  Mr Wenger knows that danger too – hence the offer of a contract which has a high incentive for games played.

But the warning of what can happen, in the shape of Santi Cazorla, should be there for all players to see.  I hope Jack is cautious in Russia, and also hope he signs a new contract with Arsenal.

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7 Replies to “Santi Cazorla might well come back to play again”

  1. Apart for his incisive playing, one thing we miss from Santi is his smile.

    It would be great to see him again playing, although I suspect it will not be too long before some clogger attacks his feet again.

  2. Would love to see him back, one of the best I have seen wear the shirt.
    A critic would say Wenger has had time to adapt, but I dont think this team has been the same since losing this player, and at times , it shows. I dont have the research and stats, but I am sure we gave the ball away in dangerous positions a lot less when he was in his pomp
    If he doesnt make it back as a player, it is possible such a gifted technician could be very effective in the backroom staff

  3. @Ben,

    when you look at ti, it shows that when a club spends regularly the most over a few seasons, they tend to come up into the top, but being first is not guaranteed at all.

    Which proves that the ‘spend-spend-spend’ brigade are not on the right track unless, IMHO, Arsenal would be able to outspend all clubs for 3 or 4 seasons.

  4. santi’s absence has been a terrible blow for the team; wenger’s refusal to take it as an excuse for the rough patches we’ve been through ever since it started, just goes to show (once more) what a great man he is.
    having said that: watch out! those of us who had the immense pleasure to see our u18s reach the final of the youth cup in great style, have probably had their breath taken away – just as i had – by the performance of “baby-faced” matthew smith, during the 20 minutes or so he spent on the pitch.
    left foot, right foot, short balls, long balls, the cleanest of tackles after 5 seconds on the pitch … and, last but not least, the fifth goal of the game.
    the lad is as eery a reincarnation of magic santi as you can imagine.
    i do pity the so-called supporters who will rejoice if boring atletico should knock us out of the europa (their media-fuelled hatred of wenger has taken them so far that they are now condemned to do so).
    this club has been doing a great job this year, and smith is but the latest piece of evidence of it: the fact is there, for all the real fans to see – those willing to open their eyes, at least

  5. While I am not against Santi Cazorla returning to play for Arsenal next season if he can do it again at the top level of the game in the Premier League and in the Champions League if Arsenal qualifies. Care MUST be taken not to substitute ultimate success in the PL and in the CL for mediocrity. For, what Arsenal need most next season are top quality player signings who can take the club to the next level of becoming the PL Champions to stop dancing around the vicious circle of under achivers for would be a 15 year running without the PL Title win by a super club side of Arsenal stature.

    After camouflaging by Le Boss to deceive by naming Per Mertesacker on the bench in the last 2 Arsenal games at VEB arena and at St Marys’ in the ELC and in the PL, Le Boss sincerity is called into security, does it not? Mertesacker has verbatimly said, his body has given up the ghost as far as playing football is concerned and will preferred watching the game from the stands or in the dogout eating his nuts. For a Gooner like me, I begin to wonder what Le Boss is up to then by naming Mert’ as sub in the last 2 Arsenal games. To make him earn his lucrative wages? Why not release this man to go to his given coaching job at Arsenal since he said he doesn’t want to play anymore?

    What is good for the goose should be good for the gander too. If Santi Cazorla who hasn’t play for the Gunners for more than a whole season will be offered another lucrative contract next season by Arsenal, why should Jack Wilshere who has been playing regularly for Arsenal this season be offered an incentive based contract?

  6. I would love to see him don our colours for another season or three . And to teach and coach our youngsters with all his experience.

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