How do our attendance numbers compare with those when George Graham won the league?

What we can see is that when Highbury became all seater we had the 1992/3 rebuild programme with a smaller stadium and then a return to the sorts of numbers we had seen before after that one off year with no north bank.   Always above the first division average but nothing like the 60,000 that regularly attended the Emirates in its early days.

But also interesting is that in the days of a 60,000 capacity stadium in which we won the league in 1991 our average crowd was 37,012.  And when we won the league in 1989  the crowd average was 35,503.

So what we have now is a club that is doing far less well than in those two championship winning seasons, and yet still getting an average much bigger crowd.  I know that the number is hard to guess now because the club only declares tickets sold, not bums on seats, but I am absolutely sure we have not even in recent matches slipped to the 35000 to 37000 level.

The fact is that ticketing is arranged by different clubs in different ways and simply picking out one incident or event doesn’t always give us a clear picture.  But what we can see is that the many years of getting 60,000 or thereabouts for Arsenal matches was way above the norm even for a time when Arsenal was winning the league at a 60,000 capacity Highbury.

Fans don’t come from nowhere – we have a natural fanbase – a limited number of people who will turn up no matter what.  Suggesting that a decline in numbers at the moment is some sort of disaster or manifestation of a Wenger out movement is crazy when we can see that we are still getting higher numbers for average matches than we did to see the George Graham teams win the league.

But of course we can’t expect the pundits to take all these numbers in and give us a proper debate, can we?



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  1. I think you’ve made an error with the maximum capacities in 1989 & 1991. It was 38000, so our averages in those two championship winning seasons was near capacity.
    I should know, I was there for every match and it was heaving.
    Or have I misunderstood your stats?

  2. The max at Highbury for those two seasons was a few thousand more than the 38000 I stated, due to the standing areas at both ends, but attendances were well up (even when the North Bank was closed for redevelopment) and only really dropped towards the end of Graham’s period at the club.

  3. Thank you for an in dept analysis of the situation. People is quick to make the statement that the club dont want to listen to the “fan base”. But how big and representetive is this “fan base” realy? Is’nt it in reality (as so often everywhere) far more a situation of the rousy minority and the silent majority? Are we not a bit in a negative and self-inflicting destruction mood? Is our team and manager realy so bad? If one just look for instance to our Gooner news, it is striking how many headings is in the negative. I think we have also to look seriously at ourselves and not just blame Wenger and our team. Is it realy possible for any team to operate optimal in an (may it be said) toxic atmosphere as we are experiencing at the moment?

  4. Arsenal v Liverpool. 88/89 season

    Arsenal v QPR 89/99 season

    Arsenal v QPR 90/91 season

    Those are the highest home attendances for the years, so we couldn’t have had a 38,000 restriction

  5. There is no need in comparing the Arsenal Highbury 38000 sitting capacity Stadium to the new built Arsenal 60000 sitting capacity Emirates Stadium in terms of regular attendances at the two Stadia. For, Arsenal hierarchies need to expand the sitting capacity of Highbury to accommodate more Arsenal fans on the awaiting season ticket qeeu became saturated as there was no more space left around the Highbury Stadium to do the expansion. Hence, their building the Emirates Stadium to move in into it which gave about 22000 more Arsenal fans to own their season tickets I would believe.

    Arsenal moving from Highbury to the Emirates was on high as they were winning Titles at Highbury before they moved to the Emirates Stadium and were missing the Premier League Title win there with near misses. Thus giving the Gooners hope they’ll will soon come back to the Highbury PL Title winning ways after paying off the bank loan cost they took to build the Ems.

    But having paid off the significant amount of that bank loan, instead of the Gooners to see their darling Arsenal teams win the PL Title again again and again talk less of to win the CL, but what they’ve been witnessing for long now is to watch Arsenal failing failing and failing to win the PL Title for the past 14 seasons running with various excuses being given as the reasons for the failings by the Arsenal senior team manager.

    So, I believe the one 3rd of the Emirates Stadium 60000 sitting capacity fans who have decided to stay away from watching Arsenal is a testament to the discontentment being felt by these Arsenal fans whose disiolusment is forcing them in the interim to stay away from the Ems to watch Arsenal as a protest against the ways and manners Le Boss has been managing the senior Arsenal teams in the PL more so in last season this season’s campaign when Arsenal failed to make the top four. But if the Arsenal fans see a significant improvements in the Gunners performance in games from the onset of next season’s campaign, I am positive the Ems will be full to capacity watching Arsenal once more. But how can Le Boss play down the dwindling attendance at Emirates Stadium in Arsenal home matches of recent saying, he’s not bothered by this low home attendances at the Ems since all the tickets are already sold and the money is in the Arsenal’s bag. This singular statement by Le Boos in his press conference today amount to disrespect to the Gooners who are boycotting the Ems as a protest against his poor handling of the Arsenal senior team particularly this season. I think Le Boss owes us the Gooners an apology for his disrespect to us.

  6. The noticeable recent lack in attendance is being discussed in the context of Wenger’s 20+ years at the club. I don’t think there’s any other “proper debate” to be had, and think it’s already inherent that pundits/fans/observers are discussing it in that context, which mind you, is a testament to the Wenger’s longevity and the standard he’s set for himself.

    What went before under Graham is irrelevant, imo, to seeing and acknowledging that apathy and agitation (justified or not) has increased within the fan base in recent years. And that underlying mood, combined with an especially poor league showing (by our/Wenger’s standards) is a/the main contributor to more visibly empty seats in recent weeks – especially in a league season which has been on this trajectory relatively consistently throughout, and it’s been essentially settled for a while that we wouldn’t be challenging for the Champions league places.

    I don’t think its that hard to understand, or to simply find actual previously regular match going fans, who either are just more meh/apathetic about going than they once were, or are more deliberately, staying away from the Emirates on principle (right or wrong)…these people are not difficult to find, I know a few, (as I am sure many others do) including season ticket holders and non.

    Over-analyzing a pretty simple sitution; theorizing all sorts of rationales, (including cold weather and Easter) seemingly every other week to explain it away; or, with respect, making comparisons to an unrelated situation, just seems unnecessary vs. seeing and listening to the obvious of what is mainly driving the visible empty seats at home games.

  7. SAA sometimes you write a load of bollocks. Wenger owes no one an apology. The players are the ultimate holders of results on the pitch.

    The empty seats are not because supporters are boycotting the team or Wenger but it is because there is too much money in some peoples pockets.

    The club should introduce a penalty for unused seats (assuming these have not been available on exchange) over a 5 match period. It will soon find a better balance between fans, supporters & spectators.

  8. Exactly guys the thing is how will attendance be next season? And what will wenger whingers whinge about without him? Will there be the same amount of hate ?

  9. Does anyone recall me saying Season Ticket holders should Ben able recoup a nominal dispensation of their seats can be resold at a subsidised rate? Would have solved this situation.

    I would sugggwst that as a result of the stadium sell outs, an oversight has been made.

    It has shifted the illusion of power to a mainly over privileged select committee, who have chose to fabricate a background of mass disillusionment. When in fact the represent a vocal minority.

    Wenger ever the gentleman has acknowledged the impact on the squad, staff, brand and performance and removed the one element of tocicity he can.

    I do believe he will have fonerly offered his retirement, irrespective of his ability to seek further employment, ending his employments hopefully having satisfied the criterium of his current deal.

    This maximises the fiscal value of his tenure after 22 years. It further adds impetus and value to the last remaining games, galvanising the team. No matter what your play for, playing no well is in everyone’s interest. Unless you are Nani.

    To say I saw this coming would not be incorrect, I simply had dared not look into that well! Sells in summer, sells the rest in January, retirement age on the horizon. He’s a vt the book guy.

    I love the club and I’m not a master tactician, I want to leave squad development absolute recruitment in good hand s so I hire the team beforehand.

    Nobody wants a team totally developed for them, but I need to revalue Alexis, we meet first every morning before practice, he leaves, something’s miscommunicated about Henry.

    Henry left because we are redeveloping and another CL final is unlikely, he and the Gaffer both decide tactics.

    But we aren’t about to conserve for a stadium development. We are about to spend.

    Oknsonsomething fundamental is going to change; no not the manager?!? Don’t think it, it’s a two year plan.

    If he makes the CL ajd sold what he sold it’s Domenic before summer. You don’t built the team for the next guy, he needs his men.

    Ok so buy around hey positions but give him the potency. You buy firepower, I’m good at Atk, protect legacy, not of self but the Arsenal itself.

    Swap Alexis, buy Lacazette, buy Aubameyang, get in Mikhi, tie down Ozil.

    What else, bed in the youth, it would be nice to win, my job is to protect the club, mandate. Wenger for PM.

    Jack, Santi, Incomings, this can take he not overseen, they have been working around thisnabyway, successor, need a name.

    Henry, unavailable, not ready, Vieria likewise. Longevity, right age, those two should be able to, need longer than I have, withtnrhcurrent board wanting excuses to dismantle. Consistency, born Ancelotti, 3 years, not enough, 10 unlikely, around 6-7 ideal. Nobody English has ability, Martinez unavailable, Henckles too old. Ancelotti? Not big spender, good man managements, maybe not progressive enough. Tuchel? Too temperamental. Not seen with money, good tactician, similar style, untried at PL. Diego, no protection of style, unlikely to move, used to bring about renewal and funds. Loud Enrique, adventurous, spender, founded weakest Barcelona side in 2 decades. Unknown, don’t no think this board would go with that and could be a big mistake.

    I can only think that Alegri is a possibility, it would suit Juventus for Conte other way, lravong Chelsea with limited options.

    Allegrinhas to say yes, wotu it looking likely Dybala looks set to move, with Conte likely robwant Morata.

    This is why Chelsea want Max.

    Regarding transfers with an early window I think he will have set a lot out already as we go live in just over a month.

    I sincerely hope for an early announcement and a name will be as necessary as CL football.

    With the team in Germany for Meyer I’m fairly confident and Golovin looksnevery part the player we need. Those two would make Welbeck & Jack potential departures. Aaron sure to remain under astute management.

    In defence it frees up Koscielny to consider a move, and probably not sets in motion upgrades to Monreal and Mustarfi.

    It would be unwise of the new man to release any youth player within the first season.

    Also allowing corn thr assesment of Perez, Campbell and the rest of them loanees.

    Leaving a more tactically astute man to proceed with key purchases to add defensive cover in midfield and central defence and potentially the full back area, along with a clear weak area at GK.

    Having not played in a while, but 18/19 football manager should be epic amounts of fun with Arsenal.

    It is a perfect dismounts if they win Europa. It was better to play CL and fail and make top four, to have a crack, to crack eggs to make an omelette.

    His job was to entertain, check, to build for the future, check, to operate as a competitive force on the pitch, check (the win ratio), but most importantly to put the club first and ensure its future and the competitiveness of the Club as a whole beyond his tenure.

    I cited Jose Mourinho for CL victories following his departure. Chelsea became the dominant force after his departure, as did Real. Zidane no fool, he will trade a season for more.

    Juventus dumped Spurs. Happy Easter!

    If all goes will, yes Eden will ensure Thursday nights for Chelsea and naught more. Zidane will take him, De Gea also, Athletico will ask a lot for Oblak and lightning recieve it and pay well for Courtois. Allison will have to choose, but Alegri can swing a lot. Hence Chelsea want him, but who on Earth wants Conte’s leftovers.

    Morata harvested, PSG harvest Kante, leaves only Caesar, Real could do no better and go for Dybala. pick up Toby free. Job done, lose Asesio, Isco and maybe Bale. Replace Modric.

    We play back four, that at least should be obvious to any income.

    I’d still fancy Butland.

    Diallo would be sensible.

    I’d like to see Diallo sanctioned along with Meyer and Golovin and signed off. Butland negotiated and Oblak for the new Guy.

    Those things done, he can focus on probably one or two midfield players defensive and offensive and consider another 1/2 CB depending on the situation with Kos and Mustarfi.

    It’s exactly how you leave a squad. The flux will even affect other teams recruitment.

    No more Bould. I thought he deserved the shot, but ever the team player he thinks he knows a better candidate.

    Nobody significant is available, became available, the only by suited name and are Ancelotti and Alegri.

    Alegri is the only person with the credentials and longevity.

    We need a defensive coach, with lofty aspirations. Juventus are going to go Donestic development.

    Tondevelop the individual with an unorthodox style and nor tamper with the philosophy but asknthem interpret from the game and tactics.


    You left them how much cash??????

    Happy birthday me, lets punishment them at the Emirates, last European home game, second to last ever. We play for 3 games, Aubameyang you are in charge of League, Monreal, Kos, Ospina, Callum, Iwobi, release Willock, Niles, Nelson, Holding, Mavrapanos, Cohen if he’s available.

    All that matter are 3 games!

    Freedom, he supercharged the team with his own life, avenge the Generals murder.

    You f***ing play!!!!

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