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November 2021
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November 2021

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Stoke relegated after a Shawcross slip

By Tony Attwood

I suspect many Arsenal fans keep an eye on Stoke City, not just because of the injury caused to Ramsey, but also because of the way some of the Stoke City supporters have reacted to Arsenal and Ramsey in matches subsequently.

I am not sure if there are other clubs in which one of their players commits a foul which results in a long-term injury to one of the opposition, and then some of their fans boo the man who was injured… but such it was with Shawcross and Stoke City.

So there was a certain level of ironic justice with the fact that it was an error by the aforementioned Shawcross which led to a defeat of Stoke today to Crystal Palace and as a result of that Stoke City are now relegated.

Of course there is more to it than that – Crouch with his truly awful autobiography became something of a laughing stock in some quarters – but Shawcross and Ramsey are the heart of it.   There is something rather nice for me (and of course I am talking about myself) in the fact that we shall not have to play Stoke City next season.

Here is the league table as it stands before the 3pm kick off on Saturday…

Pos Club P W D L F A GD Pts
16 Huddersfield Town 35 9 8 18 27 56 -29 35
17 Swansea City 35 8 9 18 27 52 -25 33
18 Southampton 35 6 14 15 35 54 -19 32
19 Stoke City 37 6 13 18 32 65 -33 31
20 West Bromwich Albion 36 5 13 18 30 54 -24 28

Because Swansea City play Southampton on 8 May, one of those clubs will end up above Stoke.  A draw makes Swansea safe, otherwise the winner takes all.

So farewell Stoke, and most particularly some of their supporters.  Of course not all Stoke fans booed Ramsey and I am sure that many were thouroughly decent regular people who just enjoy supporting like local club.  But the club and the mainstream supporters have chosen not to deal with those who jeer and boo Ramsey and that does not reflect well on them, in my opinion.

It is of course just my opinion, and as such it doesn’t matter much in the broader nature of things.  But I shall be pleased we are not playing Stoke next season, and I can only feel sorry for the Championship.

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34 comments to Stoke relegated after a Shawcross slip

  • Andrew E

    Well said, and I hope they stay down for a few years or maybe even drift into League 1. To hold a grudge against Ramsey who had his leg shattered by one of THEIR players is, quite frankly, bizarre. Their excuse is that he didn’t forgive Shawcross and caused him such mental anguish. I wouldn’t because it was not accidental, it was violent and malicious.

  • Kenneth Widmerpool

    Later, Joke City, much, much, much later.

    The curse of the blue shirt-away form started with the Jokesters last year. Lets hope it goes away with them for a long while.


  • WalterBroeckx

    I will not miss them for a minute. Thanks Crystal Palace and a big special thank you to butcher Shawcross

  • Stoke relegated? Oh, good riddance to bad rubbish. I only feel sorry for the decent few among the fan base.

  • Couldn’t happen soon enough. I hope they stay there for a long,long time.

    Probably a little consolation for us after a poor season.

    Dark thoughts, I know. But theirs were not exactly of the holier sorts every time they sang their songs of shame with Ramsey as the target.

    They deserve no pity.

  • That Shawcross had a lot to do with their relegation…

    Now I believe in Poetic justice.

  • Karma has long legs and a hard, hard foot.

    What a kick in the arse!

  • WBA are beating Tottenham

  • Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    On the contrary to Stoke City relegation to the Championship today’s afternoon, Crystal Palace under the superior coaching acumen of the experienced former England manager, Roy Hodgson who came to the rescue of the Eagles from being downed in their flights are now strongly safe as the rock of Gibraltar and feeling comfortable as they are currently on 11th in the table.

    Arsenal supporters would not have been glad to see Stoke City relegated to the Championship if it hadn’t been for the bad blood in fans supporting on both sides of Stoke City and Arsenal that stir up in the aftermath of the ill famous injury causing hard tackling inflicted on Aaron Ramsey, a then young Gunner by Ryan Shawcross of Stoke City with the Stoke fans always booing Ramsey whenever he’s in the Gunners lineup and played for Arsenal at the Britannia.

    However, under the new Arsenal manager, should Arsenal go to Stoke City next season to play against them in the Cup games of the League Cup or the FA Cup and Ramsey happens to be in the Arsenal team and plays, I think the Stoke City fans will no longer be inclined to boo Aaron Ramsey anymore. For, the Aaron Ramsey they were booing in Le Boss’ Ramsey that was synonymous with him. But he’ll be a different Aaron Ramsey under the new Arsenal manager they will be interested to boo.

    What an exodinary relegation fight by WBA to have scrambled the ball over the Spurs goal-line for a 1-0 goal to WBA in stoppage time but still a minute to go.

  • West Brom have beaten Tottenham 1-0.

  • Ukesox

    Stoke City relegated to championship….the next best thing to afc winning a trophy.

  • Shakabula Gooner

    Stokes’s relegation: a fitting send off to Arsene Wenger in Arsenal. May they stay there for long…

  • GoingGoingGooner

    Watched some of the Spurs match. It was interesting to note that Mike Jones was very liberal with his yellow cards toward West Brom. While it was clear in my mind that West Brom deserved their cards, it was also clear that at least 2 other players in white deserved them, too (Ali and Vertonghan, especially Vertonghan).

    As an aside, why doesn’t Ali get more cards for the fouls he commits while tracking back? They are usually from behind and they stop the other team from breaking forward.

  • Andrew Crawshaw

    Half time at Wembley and goalless. Little more than half chances at both ends. Little between the teams so far.

  • Kenneth Widmerpool

    COYG! Pulled one back! Still enough time…

  • Kenneth Widmerpool

    bugger. Cursed it.

  • Al

    Absolutely thrilled stoke have been relegated. Hope they stay there forever, a truly awful club with equally disgusting fans.

  • Andrew Crawshaw

    Chelsea won the Women’s FA Cup three goals to one. We’re the better team in the second half and more physical throughout.

  • knobby

    Alex Ferguson in serious condition having suffered a brain hemorrhage.

  • knobby

    Shawcross will get another gig in the Premier League so I cannot gloat over him.. But the Stoke fans, let’s hope it’s a short trip into the conference.

  • Polo

    A rugby club should never have played in the PL. Take away their rugby tackles in the box and look at the result. Bye bye and please don’t come back until those morons who take pride in singing about Ramsay leave the club.

  • Polo

    I hope Sir Alex Ferguson have a quick and full recovery ?.

  • Magneto

    I hope Stoke do not return to the top flight of English football until one of Prince George’s great grandchildren is on the throne.

  • Zam

    Wow! I never thought I’d see the day when Untold &Le Grove would come together in celebration. Its a great day, untold & le Grove celebrate the relegation of Stoke city FC. However while its single celebration on untold, its double celebration at Le Grove, as Stoke’s relegation coincides with Wenger’s farewell

  • Dec

    Good riddance to the mouth breathing knuckle draggers, hope the fall goes a long way.

    Really sorry to read about Sir Alex. I hope he makes a full and speedy recovery. He was one half of a brilliant rivalry that we all enjoyed so much for years. Arsene would not perhaps be as great a legend without Sir Alex and his crew to bounce off. Every best wish to him and his family.

  • Polo would mention SAF! I wish no man I’ll, but I fear his Malady goes by the name starting with a K, he is one of Bruegel best coaches on history, but I fear not a good man. The presentation against United seemed ba jibe, then wham!

    Ali and getting cards, that team should see red plenty. A bit like the added time against S’hampton, you what 2 extra minutes, what Raheem just scored in the 101st min.

    We need to lose to Burnley, play Mustarfi and Holding, Chambers at RB with Sead.

    If we play either Chambers or Mavrapanos or better both, we will have a defence.

    Leave Niles out, play Granit with Willock in CM, Iwobi and Nelson wide and Aubameyang with Nketiah.

    Cech in goal. No defensive acumen, perfect!

    The state of the game in general is abysmal.

    I’m still waiting to see if we get a good manager, money and don’t try sell all of our good players.

    I don’t bluff, I’ll follow football for the media arm, but won’t support the club with the shameful so called fans, no money reinvested, it’s one thing being poor! I won’t support the board, and the shameful departure of Arsene.

    Stoke, insignificant, happy for Ramsey, likely someone will go for Shawcross, which is a bigger shame.

    Butland though and Xerdan! I can’t hate on Southampton, but Soares and Tadoc. Redmond to city?? But they are playing for Sparky!

    I have loved this club though everything, I didn’t need to win, just to compete, to be proud in the blessing of wearing that shirt. I am so ashamed, to see only Ramsey and Ozil trying to hard at Atleti, Bellerin and Monreal also. Mikhi when finally introduced, we needed Mo!

    But Koscielny says it all, he the best one other person not deserving of this, Like Stevie!

    no the balance must be addressed, it is only logical.

    Come on Burnley, nothing is gained from Europa next season, why make money not to invest it.

    We need a run at top four, title to be fair and cups

    We need investment!

    I have my Passport, next account, cash cheque, bike, cover costs, reinstate cases, I’ll wait and pick on Stan myself. I already did the Grenfell legislation regarding culpability, Wandsworth County Court had an issue within gross negligence regarding a case with precedent, adding precedent, to highlight the issue with any lengthy enquiry process.

    Also I need don’t like Cornwall, carry on vote rigging!

    Lib Dems, nice, locals say on a election Antrim who soon, SNP and Greens and LD get what they want for their support. I’m about being to claim money left right amd…. happily fly off

    Be careful what you wish for……



  • ARSENAL 13

    hahahahahahahahah hahahahahahahah hahahahahahaha hahahahahhahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahh hahahahahahaaahahahhahahaa h aahahahahahahha hahahahahahahah ahahahhahahahahhaha ahahahahahahhaahaha ahahahah ahaaahahahh

  • Va Cong

    About time stoke shitty

  • finsbury

    Now this was a headline that all Arsenal fans can approve of.

    And it wasn’t taken out of context* either, I hope the sincere and honest critics of Untold can bring themselves up to the level where they can admit the difference though that is wishful thinking 😉

    *Shawcross who was nominated by prized comedians like Neil Ashton as an international quality CB (one cap, made an error which led to a lost match), he is and was never a Footballer. Just a clogging clown who got a nice reward (hacks saying he should play for England) for making a cowards attack upon someone who rejected his parent club.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Thank god that no longer are an EPL team’s credentials , grit and fortitude to be measured by that old adage , ‘….on a cold night in January away at Stoke ‘!

  • Brickfields Gunners

    And by how much were their sponsors ‘hit’ by their relegation ? Will they still remain to be their main sponsors as the (hopefully) continue to slide down the divisions ?
    Bet on it !

  • Scuba

    As hard as Stoke were to watch, I always had a bit of respect for Pulis for ignoring those calling for “beautiful football”, and just doing what needed to be done to stay up. They really had no business being a PL side for a decade with the budget they had, yet they managed to hang around despite their financial disadvantages.

    How ironic is it that they finally made a push to play the more attractive style that the media demanded, and wound up getting relegated for their efforts? While I won’t miss playing Stoke (at least) twice a season anymore, I really did appreciate that they found a way to make a working system out of players that most Premier League clubs had no use for.

  • Menace

    Shame that Pulis didn’t accompany his vile team. Shawcross got his karma eventually.