50, the added IQ in Fufa’s headquarter and still going down

By Walter Broeckx

I really would like to know how much the average IQ is at Fufa’s headquarter.  Reports mention the score above but I’m not sure it is really that high. But I’m sure they know a lot more about making money and on corruption than I do. But when it comes to things that really matter like intelligence I think a well educated chimpanzee wouldn’t come up with the idea of having a set of international friendly matches at this time of the season. If I have offended a Chimpanzee with this, please accept my apologies.

Who on earth can  come up with the idea of having international friendly matches just 4 weeks after the end of the world cup.

I think almost all the national teams have played 3 or 4 friendly games before the world cup. Even the teams that didn’t qualify for the world cup have played friendly games as sparring partners for the teams that went to the world cup.

And still 4 weeks after the end of the world cup they want the teams to practice for the coming qualifications for whatever tournament they come up with next. 3 days before the start of the next season we have 12 players who are going away with their national team.

And in a way we have been lucky. It could have been 14 players. But as Sagna and Clichy were in South Africa when France had their world cup disaster they weren’t asked this time. It will only be Nasri who is risking his legs for France.

But hurray for them and unfortunately for us Capello has called up Gibbs, Walcott and Wilshere to play against Hungary. It would be great for those 3 if they play a part  but it will be heart in mouth stuff for us and hope they don’t get injured in this fixture.

Vermaelen will also be playing for his country Belgium in Finland and another experienced player like Rosicky will be playing for the Czech Republic. Arshavin can try to avoid the smog in Russia when he plays against Bulgaria and to think that he had a little muscular problem and didn’t travel to Poland for the game in Warsaw. So it will be with fear in our heart waiting for him to know if he is fit or not after that game. Imagine Arshavin missing out on the Anfield game.

Eboue who seems in good form is also going to play for Ivory Coast against Italy, lucky the game is played at West Ham so he will not have to travel far.

Chamakh will travel to Morocco to play and if he would be injured this would be a massive blow for our attack in the first months. If there is a good God somewhere, please protect him. Fabianski also got a call up for the Poland team and this is kind of funny that our most controversial keeper is the only full international in fact.

We also have Lansbury and Manone who have been called up for their U21 teams but to be honest this wouldn’t harm us much at first if they would get an injury. And I don’t want them to get any injury, please don’t get me wrong on this.

But the icing of the cake is presented by Mexico and Spain. Vela is going to play for Mexico, like he usually does and then he is suffering from jetlag for a week and recovering from an injury that he mostly get when he plays for Mexico.  But the fact that Cesc also has been called up by Spain is really beyond me. He has hardly trained with Arsenal, he hasn’t played a game but must travel to Mexico to play for Spain. I don’t know if Cesc is having much trouble with jetlag but this is almost funny if it wouldn’t be that he could come back with an injury. In fact it isn’t funny at all but my mother said to me once that it is better to have a laugh with your misery than to cry as it will change nothing.

So Cesc has not only missed our pre season preparation because of the world cup but now he has trained 2 days with us and now he is back with the Spanish team for 4 or 5 days. He will be back on Friday if all goes well and then it is up to Wenger to decide if Cesc could play for Arsenal at Anfield.

And we can call ourselves lucky that players like Diaby,  Bendtner and Song are already injured so they haven’t got a call up.

In fact the only national team coach that has behaved in a decent way is Bert Van Marwijck, the Dutch coach. At first he had told the Dutch federation he didn’t want to play in the Ukraine a friendly game at this time of the season. But the Dutch federation then got noticed that refusing to play could mean that they could get expelled from the European championship in 2 years time.

Van Marwijck then said : “I refuse to call up the players that have played in South Africa, I think it is mentally and physical unacceptable to let them play now in a friendly game.”  Holland will travel with a some kind of reserve team to the Ukraine.

Given his record with injuries sustained when playing for Holland it is a big relief that Van Persie will stay at Arsenal and not play in these stupid and useless international friendlies. For once we could have wished that all the coaches had the same level of intelligence like Van Marwijck has shown this time.

Van Marwijck showed by doing this that he has more intelligence and brains in the top of his left pink than the whole international football federation has in their combined brains together.

For now we just can sit and hope and pray and wait for the first injury to appear. With already some 5 or 6 players out for the moment I think we will need all the luck in the world to overcome this week without any extra injured players before the opening of the season.


PS: Reports suggest that after a new test the IQ level has dropped again at Fufa’s headquarter. Researchers have discovered that in the first set of tests the cleaning lady had participated. In a second test she wasn’t in at the time and IQ now has gone down to 40.

PPS:  On the CT-test, which stands for Corruption Test it has gone up from 95 in the first test to the maximum score of 100 in the second test. The cleaning lady was not in for this.


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13 Replies to “50, the added IQ in Fufa’s headquarter and still going down”

  1. If Bert Van Marwijck got elected to be Head of Fick Fufa, the average IQ of FF will be increase by hundreds.

  2. Good thing for Vermaelen is that the match is played in Turku instead of Helsinki. What that means is well last time Belgium played against Finland in Helsinki an Eagle Owl (that lived in stadium) decided to join in. It did attact mainly on Belgium side. As far as I know there is now animals attacking players in Turku. Also I don’t think Finns really even will try to hurt other players.
    Sadly I will be stuck in Helsinki and at work so I can’t go to support Vermaelen (was I supposed to support my country?).
    I’m happy that RvP won’t be playing and sad that Cesc and Vela didn’t lose their passports.

  3. Plain and simple hes not one of these coaches that are there for show.
    He knows that playing this match wont make one hell of a difference to the nearest cup in two years.
    Half his squad probably wont be playing in it either.
    Then youve got this muppet cappello who has said if you wanna play for england you must be first teamers so leave your respective clubs and get first team football.
    WTF is he talking about………..
    AAARRRGGGHHH That statement drove me to distraction the other day,Jack wilshere is a young man learning his trade with one of the best if the noot the no1 club in the world for nurturing talent,keeping ya grounded and intergrating you slowly in to the craziness of the premiership and then you get that plank talking shit.
    Ive followed rugby all my life and played it til a bad injury two yrs ago but play football twice a week now but it really does astound me how coaches,playere and referees conduct themselves in football.
    The only thing a football referee has to do is make a decision whether it is a foul or not.THATS IT.
    Then if it is he comes running up to you with venom in his eyes like you were after two footing his mother and hes so flustered he cant get the card out of his pocket.
    I mean whats happened to being impartial and calm and cool headed.For no reason whatsoever should he lose his temper.
    Thats what cards are for.
    Sorry about the off topic rant.
    The people running football should be really really ashamed.

  4. Great article again, Walter. The timing is ridiculous and the fixtures are pointless.
    But since FUFA are insisting, Van Marwijk has the right idea – treat these friendlies as a chance to see junior or lesser players, get some fresh ideas away from the pressure of competition – which could benefit the Netherlands team in the long run.

  5. FIFA and Intelligence? No! The two don’t mix at all, Walter. Now if you say FIFA & Corruption! You are sure to get several ‘hits’. Good post, Walter.

  6. Am I nuts or is Arsene? Cesc not ready to play for us but can piss off to Mexico??? 3 days with the “Won’t you come home Francesco? Won’t you come home” brigade and maybe the risk of injury. Why didn’t he do a Fergie and just say “Bugger off, you can’t have him”?

  7. So there could be some truth in the word, Armin. 😉

    GF60, Well in this case Guardiola was very pissed off with the selection of the Barceloanus players also. He didn’t like the fact that Del Bosque didn’t do a Van Marwijck and call on to some kind of reserve team

  8. Agreed GF.

    Those spanish bastards are just total bastards. Lost all respect for barca and country. To hell with the lot.

    And another clever article here. What those idiots thinking that this is the time for a farging international friendly? Absurd.

  9. Walter Not only a great and informative article but funny as well. Sepp Blatter is a very passable trained chimp. It really is staggeringly stupid to play these games 3 days before the start of a new season after a world cup- staggering.

  10. Just looking at the Mexico – Spain game in the first half. Cesc is startin and looks not fully fit if you aks me. But why is Del Bosque putting him one with only a few days training behind him????

    Carlos Vela is also playing and I hope the Mexican coach keeps in him at half time as has suffered a few serious challenged by now.

    My God, I hate watching this.

  11. Cesc off in the second half, Vela looks to be still on the field.
    BTW Mexico lead 1-0
    And Velo looks to have survived and is substituted schortly before the hour mark

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