How Arsenal will line up under Emery and the ten players he is going to sign

By Sir Hardly Anyone

New names new tactics, that is always the promise of the new manager, but of course it never makes sense to undertake a total revolution all at once.   So the suggestion in the Express that Mr Emery is going to build his Arsenal team around Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Aaron Ramsey is interesting and plausible.

Although this notion becomes a little confusing when the Express also then sets up its own prediction of an Arsenal team for next season without Ramsey in it.  I mean if they can’t even follow their own rumours what is the chance for the rest of us?

Actually the team is made a little more dubious in that it includes Koscielny who won’t play the first half of the season.  But anyway, we like lineups so here’s what the Express came up with for the coming season


Bellerin Soyuncu Koscielny Monreal

Seri Wilshere Jorginho

Mkhitaryan                     Ozil



It is a shame they don’t include our centre forward, but then, you can’t have everything.

Of course there are other names in the frame and here are a few of them rumoured to be entering the marble escalator for next season.

1: Danilo Pereira

O Jogo [The Game] is a daily sports newspaper that follows all current sports with independence and journalistic rigour, at least according to its masthead.  It’s a Portuguese daily in fact, and it claims that Danilo Pereira is moving to Arsenal.

Danilo is a Portugual international, playing for Porto, although it is said by those in the know that he will miss the World Cup in Russia following an Achilles injury.  And it is said that Arsenal are concerned over his fitness, although it is also said that the club want him because of his defensive-minded approach to his midfield game.

However Elneny has been given the number 4 shirt, and was really evolving as a player last season so this transfer might be, like 97% of others, an invention in the mind of a journalist with too many drinks and not enough to do.

2: Jean-Michael Seri
Seri is being not just mentioned but also talked up everywhere, and was even noted here a week ago here.  The Star, the Mail and the Standard all talk of him definitively leaving Nice.  Hard Tackle’s jumped in this one too.  He’s a 26 year old midfielder in case you have missed all the chatter.

3:  Josha Vagnoman

Arsenal, Chelsea and Everton are the names that pop up here.   Arsenal will alsobe battling a number of German sides for the Hamburg defender, “sources have told ESPN FC”.

They continue, “Vagnoman is regarded as  one of the brightest young talents in German football, making his senior debut against Bayern Munich at the age of just 17 years and three months — the second youngest player in history to play in Bundesliga.”

4: Joel Lopez

Joel Brandon López Pissano from Barcelona to Arsenal is a story that has been going on for weeks. And it is back on Sports Lens.   Not to be confused with Joël Lopez who is French and is now 58 years old – although he was a player.  Our man to be is 21 and left midfield.  So is the story quite probably.

5: Caglar Soyuncu   

21-year old Caglar Soyuncu is said to be on the verge of a move from German side SC Freiburg.   He is Turkish defender and a defender (oh sorry I just said that) but is said not to be interested unless he is guaranteed first team football from the off.

6: Bernd Leno

He is with Leverkusen and has played 231 times for the club in the League plus six times for Germany.   But the Daily Express think this is so likely that they have him in the Arsenal starting XI for next season already.

7: Anderson Talisca

This guy is a Brazilian attacking midfielder but most of the talk thus far has been about him trotting off to Manchester United.

O Jogo (them again) reported that United are ready to pay €40m for the Benfica man who spent the last two seasons on loan at Besiktas.

8: Ever Banega

The Star have got this story.  He is an Argentine who plays for Sevilla FC and Argentina as a central midfielder.  With Wilshere, Ramsey and Elneny behind, I think we have enough of those however.

9: Ivan Rakitic

I think the Star is going a bit over the top at the moment, but they listed him so here he is.   He is a Croatian international and plays as a central or attacking midfield player (see above) for Barcelona.

10: Robert Navarro

Spanish journalist Gerard Romero twits that Arsenal are close to an agreement for the 15 year old Barcelona wonderkid He also says in another twit  reveals that Robert Navarro has very good offers from Arsenal and Monaco, and seems to be on the verge of leaving the club. In Navarro’s case, he’s still considering his options at this stage.  This is all from the Canon.




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  1. All those names its like the media forgets how many players can be registered etc.

  2. I’m a bit concerned that Emery has the backing of no idea what his name is on arsenal (so called) fan tv and the snide Piers phone hacker Morgan, what was his words “we all need to get behind the manager”
    Let’s see who starts the back stabbing first those previously loyal to Arsene or the Wenger outs.

  3. You have to smile. Think ahead to the opening day of the new season. Have Arsenal gazumped the interest of the new spud hole with all focus on the first non Arsene team and how they will play?

  4. Knobby..the previous article had all the comments. Has anyone noticed that Gazidis NEVER said new manager but rather new head coach….a change already!

    Here is what I see happening over the summer:

    1)Emery will meet with every senior team player first, then bench players and youth prospects after that,
    2)He will lay it out very simply, reminding them that it is a new era and he is the new boss whose expectations are elevated and firm,
    3)He will tell each player their strengths and weaknesses, areas that need improving and new roles he may see them playing,or whether they’ll be used much,
    4)Once that is done he’ll discuss his tactical vision and team formations with key players and his requirements for them under his system,
    5)Once he has completed this phase he’ll meet with his coaching and support staff to do the above reviews with them as well,
    6)Finally he’ll meet with Ivan and the Board to verify what resources he has, which new players to recruit and the support he will have for that,
    7)On the field, he’ll be trying numerous player combinations, tactical and strategic formations, assessing each player carefully, and kicking some arse if needed. He seems like a serious and determined manager who is skilled at man management and insightful analysis so nobody will escape his assessments.
    8) He will bring in necessary additions to the club but slowly and carefully as his first goal will be to build a winning mentality and chemistry with what he has, only recruiting youth or new players where absolutely needed. He has the ability to polish a diamond in the rough and turn an average player into a winning one, just like Arsene could do.

  5. Adding to omgarsenal ‘s list . I’d love him to also do the following –

    9)Tell the press that only he will be giving details about tactics, injuries, purchases and sale of players.If and when it is required , and never on twitter or Instagram .

    10)Inform the ex-players that he will NOT be hiring , consorting and conferring with them , nor listening to or seeking their advice EVER ! Nor proposing any more statues outside the stadium !

  6. Doc. Brickfields I hate to disagree with you but I can’t see the new man telling the press, explayers and Uncle Tom cobberly what to do. I think he will confine ‘his telling’ to his coaching staff and players.

  7. @ colario – 24/05/2018 at 7:00 am – As I remember , there once was a manager who breezed in and told the press in no uncertain terms , ” I’m the special one.” , and they just lapped it all up and agreed with him .

    So as another newcomer , UE ought to piss on them and mark his territory right away ! It would be so novel in approach , that they will listen to it opened mouth , and only later get that bitter aftertaste !

    An he could always later claim that his English was misunderstood !

  8. #Brickfields.

    I don’t think so. Reading between the lines UE has far more class than the one you refer to.

    OMG’s list is good but number 6 has already been done and dusted. He wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t.

    His first task is an intensive English course, which I would think is ‘in hand’.

    Spanish schools finish in mid June so a permanent move to London will not be made until then.

    It remains to be found out if Steve Bould is still on board plus other Arsene ‘little helpers’.

    I didn’t believe rubbish bubble gummers unfounded spectulations and I didn’t have any personal preference but this appointment excites me as it does many others who are Arsenal from the heart like your good self. Gotta go.

  9. OMG/ Brickfields
    The appointment of a head coach as opposed to a AW type manager is going to significantly change how and by who players are identified and brought into Arsenal.
    Whilst I have no doubt he will have input into recruitment and indeed players departures the likelihood that by and large he will have to work with the players the head of recruitment signs off on.
    One of the major reasons that the relative short tenure of head coaches at top clubs, where the expectations are not just demanding but often include targets for trophy delivery ,is that these head coaches want to bring in certain players and those players either can’t be delivered or simply they don’t fit the profile identified by the club irrespective of the fact that the head coach wants the player.
    The transition from a managed team to a coached team is often difficult more often than not the first coach who follows a manager struggels primarily because the players in situ don’t fit the profile going forward and of course they were the ex managers choice .Clubs aren’t risk averse but would be suicide to embark on a revolution as opposed to evolution.
    I found it interesting listening to Gazidis for it came over that when looking for a replacement to AW they in effect were just looking for a clone. It was also very clear from his comments they aren’t expecting to spend big.
    Love or hate AW he did ,as OMG says, turn a number of players into stars he earned time at Arsenal and right to to a degree by how he changed things on appointment , the building of the stadium but primarily on appointment he un earthed the likes of Anelka and Vieira and of course he won the big trophies.
    Hey I have no idea if he will improve things for you, None of us have, but as I have said many times on here those that wanted AW out should be careful what you wish for now those wishes have been exposed bare.
    The man has a huge job, be under no illusion of that, but it’s the transition of Arsenal and the players that will have to adjust very quickly from where the club is managed and led by one man to a club where the roles are shared and most major descions save team selection are decided by committeethat transition is not an easy one.

  10. @Mike T
    24/05/2018 at 8:49 am

    I dont think Unai would be here if he did not have full control over the players to play or not to play for the club. Two reasons. 1) When it comes to players he is his own man. (he was not at PSG he was at his other clubs) 2) Arsenal have a long tradition of allowing the manager to do his job without interference from club suits. Yes we have a new chief scout but seemingly the glove fits, so to speak.

    The fear of not knowing what you get is not a good fear. I wanted Arsene to stay but with VAR put back yet another year by the PMGOLs refusal to lose their control of the game, next year would have been yet another year of thuggery against our players.

    Not only will it be interesting to see what happens in the first few games, it will be intersting to see the response to this latest challenge from Arsenal to the PMGOL. Will the thuggery by their minows be paused or will it come to a full stop or will it simply be more of the same. I suspect more of the same.

    What do you think? More of the same!

  11. Colario

    As I said earlier I have no doubt that he will have input into the player recruitment process but likewise I very much doubt that the identification of transfer targets or indeed the final say will be his.
    Gazidis has been very careful in what he has said and how it’s been said. even to the point in terms of job description.
    As for your two points the first is interesting to note but am far from sure he had the sort of responsibilities historically granted to a football manager and the second is interesting for m6 take on it is very much that how things happened in the past wasn’t an option going forward indeed didn’t Gazidis point to the onset o& change?

  12. @miket
    I am on bus on bad roads. So excuse t
    I stand by what I said for Unia no player control no contract
    The biggest problem remains at Arsenal the. Pmgol.

  13. @Polo
    Thanks for the link Polo, looks like Steve Bould is on his way out. I wonder if he was one of Gazidiis’s 8 candidates.

    @Mike T
    You are familiar with this from Gazidis

    “It was in the personal meetings that Unai was incredibly impressive. He came in extraordinarily well-prepared, with a detailed knowledge of Arsenal Football Club. He had an analysis to share with us not just of his ways of working, his ways of coaching, the team of people that he works with. But he had an analysis of all our of individual players, their qualities and how he thinks he can help them develop individually and collectively.”

    UE already has a knowledge of the players. Only he can decide which best fit into his playing tactics and those that are not suitable.

    OMG’s no. 6 We discussed at the interview according to Gasidis and why should we not believe him?

    To quote President Johnson 35th President of the USA. what people don’t say is usually more import than what they do say.

    There has not been a single word on the PMOGL problem.

  14. The PIGMOL will attempt to continue as before but will get surprised by a new Arsenal approach by one ‘outside’ the ranks – AW!! He will now be able to pick holes & show past footage with open comment to absolutely cause Riley to wet his pants.

    The newly appointed coach has authority to select & choose players to be added to the squad which will now play to a slightly altered philosophy.

  15. “Those who speak don’t know and those who know don’t speak”

    That’s an all time classic from Mr Gazidis!

  16. Colario
    That quote from Gazidis suggests to me that Unai has looked at the players currently plying their trade at Arsenal and he has outlined how he plans to use the players already there.I cant see any reference or suggestion as to who he will need to bring in it’s all about how he would work with the current players.
    Thats very much is in line with how a head coach operates in that he is given a squad of players and from that point on team selection , tactics etc is within his remit.
    As for OMG point 6 as I said earlier I have no doubt that he , Unai, will be party to discussions regarding player recruitment but unlike a manger such as AW where historically the recruitment and retention issue was very much in his area of responsibility going forward I very very much doubt the final word will revert to anyone with a job title of head coach

  17. The title does not define the job nor does it limit the probabilities. Only salary might have a band that plays to the title.

    Unai has been left a squad that will reflect his art on the field. All he needs is time to effect his brush strokes.

  18. @ Menace – 24/05/2018 at 7:40 pm – I do hope that your prediction that AW now trains his guns on the BIGMOB , and shoot holes on those clowns performance and decisions, come to pass .

    I do hope he gives us all a good laugh with his pot shots at them as well as he takes on our ex-players and other critics . And since he is no longer our manager , he can claim it to be only his, and own unbiased opinions as his eyes see it !

    Happiness is a warm gun ! As ,’ Another one bites the dust !’

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