How do the media treat Arsenal and Tottenham? A simple one day comparison.

by Tony Attwood

There’s an article on “Just Arsenal” which rails against the criticism that players like Bellerin, Xhaka and Ozil get from a small selection of Arsenal fans.   To that one could add Mustafi and Cech who have also come in for continual abuse in the past year.   Indeed just as I write this, Transfer Tavern have come up today with the headline, “Emery landing £8.1m-rated man would finally rid Arsenal of the awful Petr Cech”.   It is just an example of the bile that spills out from the bloggettas every day.

Interestingly as we’ve noted several times in the past, the statistics often show that the players who are attacked generally don’t deserve it.  Indeed as we have shown in some cases players who are attacked by Arsenal fans are actually rated among the best in the League.

Also on the positive front Football London have moved away from their normal position and are running a very positive story about the six superstar youngsters left behind by Mr Wenger.  There’s the centre forward Eddie who notched up goal after goal in the under 18s and under 23s, and is now playing for England’s under 21s, Reiss Nelson who is now described as an attacking midfielder, but seemingly likes to play everywhere, Ben Sheaf in central midfield, and Maitland-Niles who of course we all watched this year.

Then there are a couple of extra names they’ve highlighted Xavier Amaechi the 17 year old winger and Emile Smith-Rowe, the attacking midfielder.

As for incoming players Arsenal, like many other clubs, have not signed anyone yet, as we know, but is that because the market is hardly moving yet or because Arsenal are dithering?  Or is it because we have such talent emerging we don’t actually need to sign that many people?

In goal we have a whole range of young talent, and there is every chance one of them will be ready to step up at least to being backup keeper this year while Mavropanos was immediately put into the first team squad upon his transfer earlier this year.

To try and resolve this a little further we’ve been trying to pick up the main rumours that have been published in the last day or so about transfer targets coming into Tottenham and how they are written about to compare with the regular tales about Arsenal.  Of course this is just a comparison one other club, but I don’t have the resources to go beyond this at the moment.  If anyone would like to provide a list for another club we would of course publish it.

So here are the Tottenham transfer rumours appearing yesterday and today

1: Will Arsenal pip bitter rivals Tottenham to the signing of Benjamin Pavard?

2: West Ham and Tottenham Hotspur are both keen to sign Jack Grealish from Aston Villa this summer.  This same story pops up on multiple sites.

3: Tottenham on alert to sign Real Madrid star Mateo Kovacic

4: Southampton goalkeeper Alex McCarthy could be on his way to Tottenham.

5: Tottenham to swap Dembele for Inter’s Ivan Perisic

6: Tottenham could be about to sell Rose and replace with Bernat

7: Tottenham have held talks with Adadou Haidara of Salzburg as they attempt to “swoop”

8: Both Mousa Dembele and Toby Alderweireld are likely to leave and Tottenham will sign Matthijs de Ligt

9: It is likely that one of Abdoulaye Doucoure, Amadou Haidara, and Geoffrey Kondogbia will replace Dembele.

10: Tottenham are getting their priorities wrong and “desperately need some proper support for Harry Kane.”  Jack Grealish from Villa is again mentioned.

That was 10 stories picked up in the space of maybe 10 minutes, all appearing in blogs and papers today – which is pretty much the same level as Arsenal.   So no, I don’t think that makes Arsenal the ditherers; the nonsense rumours affect both clubs.

But what is so different is that there is nothing I immediately saw in the Tottenham blogs that was devoted to telling us how awful some of the team were.  Now it could be argued that this is because Tottenham came third and Arsenal sixth, and thus we were a lot worse – a matter which came down to the defence (both clubs scoring the exact same number of goals in the league.)

However this knocking of Arsenal players has been going on for years – including in the years when Arsenal have come second or third.   That seems to be the difference – Tottenham doesn’t have the endless list of disparaging articles in the media that Arsenal gets, and has been getting irrespective of trophies won – and it might be remembered that we have won rather more trophies than Tottenham in recent years.

The only big worry story for Tottenham, judging by today’s blog commentary, is that concerning the manager, with most sites seeming to say he is certainly not leaving, but a few expressing a worry that he could be tempted out.

However perhaps the biggest difference of all between the rumours on the Tottenham sites as opposed to the Arsenal sites is that there certainly seem to be more rumours of players leaving – and particularly the players who absolutely must be moved on because they are so awful.  Xhaka, Bellerin, Mustafi…. you know the list.

So overall, equal rumours of Tottenham buying players, but virtually no articles disparaging the playing squad that we  have had through most of this season.  An interesting difference.

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19 Replies to “How do the media treat Arsenal and Tottenham? A simple one day comparison.”

  1. It’s even worse than you suggest. The negativity projected by (what I hope is) a minority of the Arsenal fan base and the press which has picked-up on it has transferred to the international arena. Joachim Low, the German national coach, has been quoted as questioning Mesut Ozil’s dedication to his team because he needs treatment for a troubling back problem. Only Arsenal fans could create a negative attitude toward one of the true jewels of international soccer, who is pilloried when he plays through injury at somewhat reduced effectiveness and criticized when he takes a break to receive treatment. It speaks volumes about the great tradition of Arsenal that any prominent players are willing to join us in the face of the pack of hyenas who call themselves our fans.

  2. It’s worth noting that the window opened for the major European leagues yesterday. Am I right in saying that no deals that involved clubs in those leagues could be announced before then and that players being on holiday might also effect their availability for ‘unveilings’ etc?
    Panic seems to be the default mode of so many these days.

  3. Tony
    Don’t always agree with you (and I’ve sat next to you Tony at a game, and disagreed with your comments to your chums(excellent hearing not earwiggkn!!!), but we are all entitled to an opinion!). That is football!!

    Generally don’t agree with your more recent articles, as in recent years my support for Wenger waned but didn’t disappear entirely!

    However, agree the vitriol to current players is wrong and borderline adhorent. I don’t understand it, I don’t agree with it. If they’re playing, get behind them.

    And with the new broom; who the hell Knows how these players will perform/react. Time will tell, and a modicum of decency and decorum is needed over the coming months.

  4. OK I’m a Spurs supporter but it is always interesting to know what “thinking” football fans even of the rival persuasion are thinking. I’d rather read this than some of the bilge deluging the rest of the internet; I also sympathise with the fact that you too have some pretty stupid “fans” who criticise their own team. Where is the loyalty there?

    If it makes you feel any better I was sat in front of a guy who was really bad mouthing virtually every player in the team starting with Harry Kane. Late back from the bar at half time he missed Kane score the opener.

    In fairness the reason that the media is giving a lot of clog to a number of Arsenal players is that 2 or 3 of them are indded not delivering (versus one guy in particular at Spurs). What is grist to the mil is the money that some of them are being paid. We don’t have that problem at Spurs (just yet).

    Our relative success has brought us 50:50 media coverage of whose coming in/whose on Real Madrid/Barcelona/Man U’s wish list; Kane, Eriksen, Alderweireld, Dembele and Poch. Be honest how many Arsenal players are being touted by those teams? The irony is that the only Arsenal name being linked with these clubs is Arsene Wenger.

    Congatulations though, a good, coherent read is always a pleasure. Looking forward to welcoming you back to N17 next season.

  5. Another example of how Araenal are treated more critically was shown with the new managers appointment.

    The media went to town finding reasons why he’d be a failure while geniuses like I klopp and Poch are untouchable. Despite the fact they’ve not won anything. In Klopps case for a few years and in the spud managers, ever.

  6. indersight

    I mentioned in an earlier article that I had started to pen an article regarding actions taken by the FA that didn’t tie in with FIFAA directives . The article was around the opening or transfer windows around various countries

    There are as most know two transfer windows. Here’s what FIFA tells us as to how the windows have to be organised

    The first registration period shall begin after the completion of the season and shall normally end before the new season starts. This period may not exceed twelve weeks. The second registration period shall normally occur in the middle of the season and may not exceed four weeks. The two registration periods for the season shall be communicated to FIFA at least 12 months before they come into force. FIFA shall determine the dates for any association that fails to communicate them on time.

    I will come on to the PL timings in a moment but from the link below you will see what FIFA is advising the next two windows are for the various national league around the world. It would appear that as things stand windows in the major leagues haven’t yet opened

    I will now ask you to look again firstly at the FIFA directive and in particular the last sentence and also then the date FIFA say the English window opens .

    When you factor in the date that the PL decided to close its transfer window in the 2018/19 season was in early September 2017 then at that point they had already missed the 12 month notification deadline.Put all that together and yes the PL could unilaterally close the window for their clubs but for season 2018/19 the date the window FIFA is saying the date the window opens in England is June 9

  7. Times a changing me old mate. We don’t give a toss we haven’t won anything for ten years. We’re now above you in stature and position. Our new stadium is awesome, compared to the atmospheric- less library. Your team is shocking, the new manager…who??. You keep banging on about not winning anything…we do not give a sh*t!!!!

  8. Sorry I meant to say look at the last but one sentence in the FIFA directive.

  9. Trust me, the likes of Dier, Aurier, Sissoko, Lamela, Vorm and to a lesser extent Rose, Davies and Trippier get the same abuse; it’s just that the fake news is more interested in Poch and Bale stories at present.

    I wouldn’t worry Arsenal fans, you’re treated as badly as other teams when it comes to the Gutter Press and their spreading of mostly made-up nonsense to attract hits and thus advertising money.

    Us football fans will eventually get wise on mass and simply stop the addition of falling foul of click-bait. Articles like this I don’t mind as they stimulate sensible debate; it’s the Spurs and Arsenal chasing the same unknown, overpriced wannabee that I’m getting very bored of.

  10. Congratulations to Beth Mead on being named young player of the year.


    Apparently our Legends team is:

    Goalkeepers: David Seaman (1990 – 2003), Manuel Almunia (2004-2012)
    Defenders: Nigel Winterburn (1987-2000), Matthew Upson (1997-2003), Emmanuel Eboue (2004-2011), Pascal Cygan (2002-2006), Lauren (2000-2007), Sol Campbell (2001-2006)
    Midfielders: Anders Limpar (1990-1994), Gilles Grimandi (1997-2002), Ray Parlour (1992-2004), Gilberto (2002-2008), Emmanuel Petit (1997-2000), Robert Pires (2000-2006), Luis Boa Morte (1997-1999)
    Strikers: Nicolas Anelka (1997-1999), Jeremie Aliadiere (2001-2007)

    Good luck Gunners!


    The Sydney Morning Herald has a nice article on FIFA and corruption. A couple of Aussies would like to clean things up, here’s wishing them luck.

  11. Yea typical reaction from sky’s little darlings and the gutter press baby panders, how dare those spuds take our darlings top 4 UCL places, how dare they aspire to greater things how dare they build a top of the art stadium how dare they even assume of winning top prizes, arsenal are saintly angelic godsent fucking dirty spud bastards they just wait we’ll get themm for their insolent behaviour.

    arsenal you are sky 4 darlings no matter what happens from here on and all you do is moan moan moan most of you here, lucky baggers.

    Good luck and all the best from a spud.
    sorry for my bad english.

  12. Ozil 1 Austria 2

    England displayed little threat, England 2 Iwobi 1

    Belgium not yet going against Pirtugala tried and tested 2nd/1st 11.


  13. And the Dortmund summer sales rumbles on, just like that random guy mentioned.

    All the whilst the upbeat news is that Arsenal are signing everyone.

    The smokescreen the media creates, they probably don’t even believe their own answer to their Christian name.

    Sterling dives again, Dele 8s booed rightly and England looked robust enough but devoid of ideas.

    You can tell the big boys, about this time they don’t play the star players.

    Southgate trying to prove a mediocre selection works. Yes it can but really, Zaha Wilshere these are head to head knockout stage players.

    Nice to see Reus is his National garb going to a tournament and Theo is finally fit and not eligible for child’s entry and is omitted.

    Meanwhile the life is being poorer into the Dembele story by the minute with Sven Mislintat apparently seen holding hands and skipping with the Catalan forward.

    Meanwhile his dog had been seen houshunting in London’s pets at home.

    His former girlfriend is quoted as saying Paul and intends to drop off the underwear she left behind on his way to Colney.

  14. Spurs and Liverpool have always had good press which is strange considering neither has won the domestic title for 57 and 28 years respectively. The messiah Klopp has lost six consecutive finals can you imagine the stick Wenger would have got?

    This is not a recent phenomenon it started decades ago and the ‘so-called’ ex Arsenal pundits don’t help by jumping on the bandwagon. I can’t ever remember Glen Hoddle slate a Spurs player but then, to be fair, he doesn’t go out of his way to knock our players. Charlie Nicholas is the only ex-Gunner I rate as a pundit.

  15. But, and this is/was real, pernicious and destructive, for three years we (Spurs) were told all our top players would leave. Without silverware, they were gone. Without mega wages they were gone. Ignored totally was the development and gradual process of improvement, taking Spurs from mid-table to top three for three consecutive seasons, and the construction of the new stadium.
    Ye gods, it was relentless.

  16. Thanks Tony, this is certainly an article that provoked a lively exchange of views which is what we want at Untold. I’d like to thank the two (or more) Spurs fans that were able to engage constructively. The other two or three simply reaffirm my poor opinion of that that sort of football supporter (and we have loads of them) as myopic, unintelligent, and deluded.

    I wonder if we will begin to see things change in the media coverage in the next season or two. United did get plenty of criticism when they went through their post-Fergie slump and I fully expect Liverpool and Klopp to to be panned if they don’t win nothing soon. Likewise Tottenham and Pochetinno if they don’t hit the ground running at the revamped WHL. The media love to build team/individuals up and if England do well in Russia then we can expect the love in with Kane/Alle etc to continue. If, however, Southgate’s band of brothers fails to impress – or – gods forbid – even crashes out in the group stage – expect the media to be on the backs of all involved, from the manager and captain down. The only Arsenal player in that squad is Danny Welbeck and I can’t see him getting that much game time (hold the front page as Welbz scores the winner in the final!)

    Last season City’s almost faultless progress to the title was the THE story (along with Wenger in or out) but the other clubs can’t hide behind City any more, the likes of THFC, LFC, MUFC, CFC all have to step up and offer a proper challenge. As for Arsenal I think we have a season (or even two) of grace for Dick to settle in before the media start calling for his head. Sadly I’m not sure the fanbase will give him much beyond November.

    Frankly if Arsenal start to get some better (or less worse) press it will probably be more evidence that we are not a title challenger at the moment and so not expected to do much.

  17. Who are the ‘we’ that you speak for? The chicken on top of your stand shits on you all!

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