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  1. Dexter

    The Swiss is experienced and quality cover/competition for our young right back.

    Why even ask? 🙂

  2. Aaron Aghaibie

    I agree with what you have said above.It’s just a matter of time now and all will become clear.

  3. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    I don’t think the arrival of the experienced right back Litctsteiner to Arsenal this summer means trouble for Bellerin. If at all it ment something, his arrival should enhance Bellerin’s performance for Arsenal next season by way of making him play less games for Arsenal. Maybe once a week as against playing 3 times in a week that he did last season which saw the young right back playing form got depleted as a result of his being over played and got too fatigued to the extend of picking up niggling injuries which had him sidelined for some short spells.

    Besides, Bellerin himself doesn’t look to want to leave Arsenal, at.least not this summer window. If at all he has any plan to leave the club at some stage, it will have to be in the future. He has reiterated his none leaving Arsenal stance many times. And I believe the media must have heard him saying so.

    Another Arsenal back-line playing formation style beside the usual back four defense-line that we saw Monsieur Wenger, the former Gunners boss mostly employed where Bellerin fit in but also can fit in if Emery decides to employ it is the back three back-line playing formation style in which Bellerin will play in advance position as a right wingback ahead of the right back and also cover for him when the right back breaks forward to attack. But at his advancing age, can Lichtsteiner breaks forward sometimes as wingback to attack efficiently? Sure, he could come forward for headings in corner kicks situation. Well, we’ll see.

  4. Gooner S

    I would assume that it’s cover for Bellerin and # 2,4 & 5 from your list.

  5. Gooner Mikey

    I don’t who writes for the Express but the idea of a right back coming in to limit Jack’s playing time is just brilliant!

    • Tony Attwood

      Perhaps we could loan them Sir Hardly Anyone

  6. Gord

    The CBC was airing a repeat of a program originally aired on June 7, 2017 (1 year ago) on baseball.


    The program starts with the idea that baseball is a sport, which I disagree with. I do think describing baseball as a pastime is an apt description, and it certainly is an activity with a lot of statistical meaning. It helps a great deal to be athletic to play baseball, but I do not think you will ever become athletic if baseball is what you do the most. Which is why I do not think it is a sport.

    But the article (almost) starts with the observation, that is a batter were to fail only 70% of the time at bat, he/she would likely become a Hall of Fame batter.

    The interview is with the author of a book, who teaches Philosophy and who also played baseball (in his own words, badly). So, if the interview catches your fancy, you might look into the book.

    The author points out that baseball is (almost) unique in that the defence controls the ball for most of the game. Hence all of the scoring can be attributed to mistakes in defence. Certainly amongst Arsenal “supporters” (even Untold contributors) there were people who continually beat on the drum about defensive errors.

    Football is a game of scant numbers. A 38 game season, with on the order of 2 goals per game. Baseball is a game with a 162 game season, with probably on the order of 10 runs per game. There is much more meat there to do statistics on.

  7. omgarsenal

    Baseball is a sure and proven way to overcome insomnia, as is cricket apparently!

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