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  1. Josif


    People in Bosnia have a lot of problems with Premier League games due to unresolved issues about the broadcasting rights.

    My former cable operator had rights for Sport Klub 1 and 2. Premier League games were broadcasted at either or both of channels until 1st January 2014. After that, “Union Sport Media” that owns Sport Klub decided to give exclusive rights for Sport Klub to the company that is connected with them – “Telemach” – while breaching the fair competition regulations. Every year, Competition Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina orders “Sport Klub” Ltd to offer all cable operators in Bosnia their channels under the same conditions as they had offered them to “Telemach” and every year the fine is doubled (last time it was around 125k euros) but “Sport Klub” remain stubborn and don’t offer their Sport Klub channels to other cable operators.

    Now, if I want to watch Premier League games on my TV, I have to change my operator and/or buy a satelite dish.

    • Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

      Even if one has a satellite dish like I do have 4 of them in: Nilesat LNB, Eutelsat 9A LNB connected on the Strong 18 cm satellite dish, Intersat 27k LBN connected on 6 cm dish and Eutesat16A Strong 6 cm dish. But still, I cannot watch the Premier League matches, FA Cup, League Cup, Champions League games and even international football matches like that of England vs Croatia yesterday night. I have to buy Dstv decorder and dish, then have them connected and subscribed to Dstv Compact boutique @ #6,300.00 per month before I can watch football matches and any other sporting event live or rebroadcast. Before the advent of the Dstv, we football lovers in Zaria town Nigeria were watching the PL games on ABG cable satellite after pay #1000.00 monthly subscription. But ABG is no longer existing in Zaria. So, I think a subscription to a cable satellite company is needed before football matches like the highly commercialized PL games can be watched.

  2. Andrew

    In Austrailia we had foxtel showing all premier league games until broadcasting rights came up, then a internet provider optus put in a massive bid and foxtel wouldnt out bid them. Now if we want to watch epl games we can subscribe to optus which from what ive heard is crap, we cant even listen on the radio anymore because of this deal. Im a big Arsenal fan but im not giving my money to optus. Now i just watch the live update on a couple of apps. SAD..

  3. Lou

    Mate I’m in Australia I pay $10 a week and can stream every PL games and 80% on can watch on demand. Perfect

  4. Andrew Crawshaw

    Through the Arsenal Player on Arsenal.com you can get a live audio broadcast of all first team games home and away. This is free, you just need to sign up for it. You get a relatively complaint free commentary which is a wellcome change from the commercial broadcasters. There is a slight broadcast delay at least for me but it isn’t serious

    The same login also gets you full replays of every game, normally at midnight UK time following the game and these are then available for years. The footage is the commercial broadcast so you still get the first level of censorship that Tony has rightly commented on

    It is better than nothing and i rely on it for away games

    If you have to rely on a text commentary then the one on Arseblog is usually available if you can cope with the sometimes colourful language

  5. Gooner S

    I don’t subscribe to any sports services now. I stopped subscribing to Sky Sports (and Sky Movies) a few years back after being made redundant and I never subscribed to BT Sports anyway. I do now get to view BT Sports on a mobile device for ‘free’ through my EE mobile phone subscription. I have an Amazon Prime subscription which I find is wonderful value. As I understand it the Amazon football deal is for a small number of games spread over two separate weekends to begin with. They are clearly dipping their toes into the water

  6. Jammy

    Just use AceStream and watch literally any mainstream football match for absolutely free. Always in HD, rarely buffers, and best of all, feels like you’re getting one over on those octopus-like broadcasting conglomerates. Perfect.

  7. Menace

    To be honest, the whole lot are ripping the punters off. The Amazon TV stick helps a little while I’m in Blighty but I’m at the live home games anyway. While outside the UK I watch on Star for under a tenner a month. It gets tiring hunting the waves for broadcasts almost to the point where football is losing its charm, particularly when the PGMOL get their select people in.

  8. U Know Who

    Nice boys, nice, we are creating the picture we know exists.

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