Gooner to the End

By Walter Broeckx

When I leave this place of sorrow

To another world I will  go

But if there’s no Arsenal in heaven

I will be going down below


If my friends I have to leave you

Someday we will meet again

I will return and never leave you

Being a Gooner to the end


This has been a day to die for

And after the game we have won

Then we hear the choir of Gooners

Signing till the day is done


And when the evening dawn is calling

all the  ground is coloured red

And long after the night comes falling

all the final words have been said


We have enjoyed the game together

Shared our passion for a while

Walked the barren roads together

And have travelled many miles


This has been a day to die on

And if my life is over and done

Here my shirt will lay beside me

Together with, what’s left of me


If my friends I have to leave you

Someday we will meet again

I will return and never leave you

and be a Gooner to the end



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24 Replies to “Gooner to the End”

  1. Feeling poetic today eh Walter?
    Good attempt though!

    Btw, I don’t agree with absolutely everything you say, but I still quit like your blog and am a regular reader. I still feel though that Le Boss should loosen his purse strings a bit more and sign up a solid CB even if at a higher price (cmmon, everyone knows about our defensive probs so they would try to exploit the situation. It hardly means that we shouldn’t be buying players we absolutely need!)

    And I would also love to have a top GK with Almunia as No 2 and Flapianski sold off, but hey, that would be like asking for Christmas in August!

  2. They must have put something in my diet coke 😉 I found it tasted rather strange…

  3. When I read the words “When the evening DAWN is calling…” I was so moved, I burst into tears. The Poet Laureate had better watch his back!

  4. So who was that optimistic hypocrite who said that we dont need to buy a defender?? Now koscielny was almost injured, u still think we dont need to buy. Or are you gonna give another excuse this year?

  5. Oh well, 1-1 with Liverpool. That might have gotten the knives out but I would rather focus on our positives. Let’s face it – Liverpool away in any case is gonna be hard. It’s just not any other club. A draw is good. At least we got one tough match out and a draw is not all doom and gloom. I wish some Arsenal fans would just stay put in their place and not bother bringing up things such as “Wenger should sign this player as we are short of Defs, GKs blah…blah…blah…

    Manage the finance first, build a very strong ground foundations and then proceed on with small little success steps. ROME WAS NOT BUILD IN A DAY – I remember my mum telling me this during my younger days. Some AAA might not have heard of this…Those of us back in the 80s would understand that these are exciting times for our beloved club, Le Boss and us – fans.

    Yes, i know that we should be there there abouts with the whos who of football but PATIENCE is a virtue…

    Anyway, Walter you on some kind of drugs? Not bad a piece…

  6. Hahahaha…’Rome was not built in one day?’ I’ve got one for u – ‘Making a new mistake is an experience but repeating the same mistake is Stupidity’

  7. Lets not forget that Wenger himself has addressed the issue of being short at the back. Anyway, about the game I feel both red cards could’ve been forgiven, especially Kosielny(right?) whose handball was totally unintentional.
    Reina ironically did save and destroy Liverpool’s day.

  8. Dark Prince, could you say which mistake you are talking about?
    The Reina mistake? That was the only real mistake I saw today.

  9. Walter- the mistake i’m talkin about is the one we have made last couple of years. The mistake of not having a squad with depth. A mistake of not strengthening our defence. A mistake of not having a goalkeeper who fumbles during crucial games.

  10. Wenger said after the game that he was happy with Almunia’s performance. I wish he could highlight which bits were good. I know Wenger never criticize his players in the media, but no one in his right mind can say that Almunia was good today. I don’t blame him for the goal, N’Gog got lucky on that one and hit it perfectly.

  11. DP,

    The irony is… the only bad goal keeping was at the LP end… Almunia was fantastic with his saves. Clichy was also fantastic especially with his save off the post. We had a great first half. The game became imbalanced after Cole was sent off…I think we all feared a worse injury than it actually was. And, with their goal it was a thunderous shot. Absent today in spurts were Wilshere, Arshavin, Chamak, & Diaby. But on the other hand Diaby had moments as did the rest.. LP hung in there and deserved a draw. And, we were just dominant in the first half and had real chances in the second half…AW made good subs and we surely had chances to get three… I am pleased with a team w/o Fabregas, Van Persie, & Song. I feel bad for the rest of the EPL because we will dominate this year. As for Almunia if he stays we can live with him… If he goes well it could be helpful.

  12. hahahha the stupid doomer blaming almunia for the goal .Pathetic people use blind hate to judge a player.Amunia done very well and only our midfield should get 90% of the blame (JW first).While the great Reina world class magic Gk done marvelous to earn us 1 point.

    The extra cb would have done nothing today (liverpol was doing a SToke city and playing 9 in defence) and Wenger say we are on the market for an extra say we are going to sign the average Schwarzer to replace Almunia or a least challenging him for N1 and fulham getting given on loan….. 🙁

  13. not too convincing but it is the 1st match after world cup so not much can be judged..the goal from Ngog is terrific..i think even Buffon can’t stop it..Almunia is ok but still the same player can see during set piece..maybe he not trust his own defenders..overall-not bad for the 1st game in EPL..potential champion?hmm it’s too early to say it..

  14. AW has lost his tactical brain…………..ok wilshere is young & has bags of talent…bt why let him debut at anfield against such an acrimonious atmosphere & even more – out of his natural postion – i.e. eft midfield…..i’m not blaming d poor chap fr our goal… i certainly didnt xpct his debut here…..
    & there was Arshavin…………OMG….it seems he has lost his interest in anything remotely close to the game…………. he was strolling around d park without any cause…numerous mispasses throughout d game… & oh yes…Add Diaby to d list of SUPERFLOPS….he still hasnt learnt d xact timing 2 release d ball…if not now, then when???…I hope he learns it by d time he retires…

    Replacing Rosicky in Wilshere’s position turned the game around for us….I was really happy to see rosicky make such impact aftr a long long time…..

    I’m being honest gooners….without d class of RVP & Cesc, I think that this is a pretty ordinary team which will fight fr 6-7 place in prem. league…..
    Sorry mates I’l placing my bet fr a finish outside d top 4…..

    & 1 thing… its d blessings of God dat Reina was dealt with such a punishment fr his “so-called” prank against our captain…..Cesc Fabregas…

    Eagerly awaiting a rply frm u…tony…..nw is this ur dream world….is it?????…..stop writng nonsense & face d truth….

  15. Steww- this is an arsenal forum. I believe u need to go to the liverpool forum as you are following the wrong club.

  16. I based my comment on your ignorance of football clearly displayed in every utterance. Upon what, pray tell, do you base your witty rejoinder?

  17. Steww- u haven’t seen yesterday’s match, have u?? U still wanna stick to ur ignorant idea that arsenal played better than liverpool?? Or do you want to say that arsenal dont need to buy quality centre-backs?? Coz if u are, then ur not an arsenal fan. U might be the one supporting spurs or maybe liverpool who dont want arsenal to progress. So i guess u should reveal your true identity.

  18. Nice one ,Walter .Can I suggest that any Arsenal fan who dies and comes back ,to place themselves behind the Arsenal goal and blow the ball away anytime a goal seems iminent .The erratic movements can be blamed on the ball itself just as we saw in the last world cup.
    Come on you Gooner ghouls – a huff and a puff and …out it goes !

  19. Dark Prince, I don’t know how another centre back would have changed the game yesterday.

  20. Walter- we didn’t hav a single central defender in our substitutes yesterday. If koscielny got injured in d end of first half, then whom do you wanna put in his place?? Song, a defensive midfielder?? Btw, u must have seen the whole entire last season, right? I wanted to kno why arsenal didn’t win last season?? One simple word – INJURIES!!!! We need depth in our squad!! Each and every Gunner knows this!! Cant believe you are ignoring this fact!!

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