Transfers – more Arsenal activity on the way? The punditry certainly think so although..

by Sir Hardly Anyone

There has been a major change of late in pundit reporting as we have moved from “linked to” to “serious talks in progress” within their endlessly inventive minds.

In terms of players leaving, the pun-dits have now had a major issue removed from their discussion sheets as we all know Jack is going, but the scribblers are still busy inventing the notion that they alone know where he is going.

Jack’s replacement is now a key issue, although as our earlier chart suggested we don’t actually need a replacement at the moment, either for Jack or for the much lamented departure of Santi Cazorla.

The most talked up man on the list is Ever Banega.  He is a 29-year-old Argentine who played for Mr Emery at Sevilla.  The Guardian says we are going to hold talks.   They didn’t say “for Ever and Ever” but someone will sometime.

The Metro avoided that hiccup and went with “Arsenal begin talks to sign Ever Banega as midfielder’s agent arrives in London”.

Talk Sprouts did it a different way instead going with “Sevilla want to sign Newcastle United midfielder Mikel Merino as replacement for Arsenal target Ever Banega.

All that comes about because Jack is going, as if one player MUST ALWAYS be replaced by another, rather than being replaced by a reorganisation.  Anyway, not content with Jack going the media is now full of Galatasaray who are “closing in” on the “out-of-favour” (where do they get these cliches from?)  “Arsenal forward Joel Campbell.” (This comes from Turkish Football).

But are we not buying more players? I hear you ask, and the answer of course is yes, according to the pundits who have the rest of June the whole of July and a bit of August to fill before the window cracks once again.And so we can present t he next edition of

Coming soon to a football club you love

1: Alexandr Golovin

Unai Emery has allegedly “urged the club hierarchy” to go after the “Russian star” according to such luminaries as Football London and ArsenalFCBlog.  Actually the headline says “Unai Emery sanctions €25m move for World Cup star following Wilshere’s exit,” which is a bit different.

2: Gelson Martins

Read Arsenal tell us that the “Portuguese winger has been identified as someone who could provide Arsenal with some natural width and pace.”

Now at this point you must ask yourself if we need more width and pace given who we have got with Laca, Auba and Mk.  But maybe they know something we don’t.

Lazio also want Martins as do West Ham.   He plays for Sporting and he like so many others now, is available on a free.

3: Caglar Soyuncu

Apparently he has confirmed he wants to join Arsenal….  according to Football Talk.  He plays for Freiburg in Germany

The Express has this one as well saying “Soyuncu told Turkish outlet Gunes, ‘I hope I go to Arsenal’.”  Well yes, so do I.  I hope I go to Arsenal.  That’s why I renewed my season ticket.  “I want to play there, but everything depends on my team. Because I still have a three-year contract.”

4: Joel Lopez.

Sports Lens magazine and the Sun say Arsenal have “agreed a deal for Barcelona’s highly-rated defender Joel Lopez.   Jolly good show.  Will they shoot their informant if it is a load of hows-yer-father?

5:   Dennis Praet

He is 24, plays for Sampdoria, and is a midfielder.  Arsenal have held concrete talks.  He has a release clause of £22m.

Now if you are eagle eyed, you will know none of these guys is new to the lists.  That surely tells us that the tipsters were down the pub reading old Untold Arsenal stories on line.

Shame on you sirs!  Where are your new tips?



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  1. Err Soyuncu plays for Freiburg in Germany not Sporting Lisbon in Portugal

  2. This article is really lazy and needs to check facts…. Lopez agreed to join Arsenal weeks ago! And Soyuncu plays in Germany! For a site that loves to critique everyone else I would pay more attention to getting you information correct. Really poor article

  3. According to Wiki “Dennis Praet is a Belgian footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder for U.C. Sampdoria.”

    “Maxi” Gastón López is an Argentine professional footballer who plays for Italian club Udinese as a forward.

    According to the media all sorts of players might have agreed to play for Arsenal, but we’re tending to take them has having signed for Arsenal when the sign, since last season we had 20 players who the media said had signed who had not.

  4. Well if wiki says it, it must be true!! Don’t justify your lazy article by pointing out others make mistakes! Your blog is all about calling out made up rumours and lazy reporting yet this weekly transfer update is even worse! Your peddling what the media says and using click bait! Just like every other site!

  5. Good result this evening for Switzerland and great goal from Granit. First win this World Cup for our guys!

  6. I can understand one post not appearing, essentially being contraversial, but within the confines of the DPA 1998 ;ast ammended 24th May 2018, but the response regarding GK value, squad depth, make up and U21???

    Anyways, I’ll be off and writing law, so well less tie here. But ???? Indeed!

  7. I think after completing the signings of Torreira and Papastathopoulos in addition to Lichtsteiner and Leno whom they’ve already signed to bring the number of new players Arsenal would have signed so far this summer window to 4, Arsenal might still do one to two signings for their midfield and forward departments before this summer transfer window closes on the 9th of August.

    But as we all might have known, Arsenal transfer budget of £70m this summer window will almost has been totally spent after the club has completed the signings of Torreira and Papastathopoulos. Thus, leaving them with the uphill task option of selling one to two Gunners to get in additional transfer kitty that will enabled them do more incoming signings that are still very necessary for the club this summer.

    True, internal reorganisation of the squad is an option that could work. But the ideal thing is to enter the transfer market to look for top quality players for signings to replace any departed Gunner. More so if there isn’t are no top wuality reservists in the squad who can step up to fill the vacant position in the squad. I think the signing of Torreira when completed will be seen as a replacement for Santi Cazorla. But who will be signed to replace the impatient Jack Wilshere who has opted to quit the club? Ains Msitland-Niles could be moved from his right fullback cover role to play in the midfield as attacking/holding midfielder believed to be his preferred position in the team and serves as replacement for Jack Wilshere who played similar role in the team. But what of option and cover as the season’s campaign pans on? So, in my opinion, a top quality mid fielder should be signed as replacement for Jack Wilshere if a wise decision is the preferred option in this regard.

  8. Buy, buy, buy!

    Let’s say there was a set 11 players to play every game. There are 39,916,800 relationships between those players. (A,B) != (B,A), and then through 3 sided, 4 sided, .. to the entire team.

    All it takes to lose a game, is for 1 of those 40 millions relationships to fail.

    If we have 6 substitutes for a game, we have 8,910,720 relationships to consider just for that game. But with a roster of 25 (no under 21), over 1E25 relationships to consider. So only having to consider 9 million is a big plus.

    Let’s say we have 4 U21 in the roster, overall, the manager is having to juggle 9E30 relationships, and for a single game we need to consider 1,279,935,820,800 relationships (if I got the math right).

    Buying another player or two, GREATLY increases just how difficult it is to get performance out of a group of people. Just having 4 U21 to fit into the roster multiplies complications by 143640 for each game.

    The answer to problems is not to BUY, BUY, BUY!

  9. More BUY, BUY, BUY crap!

    Even with highly simplified math, to bring in 3 new players provides a factor of 3276 to consider. To bring in 4 new players, makes this factor 23,751. Buying 4 players are compared to buying 3 players, makes the problem of producing a team almost 10 times more difficult.

    BUY, BUY, BUY is _NOT_ the solution!

  10. I’m sorry you haven’t understood the point. The articles are mostly written by “Sir Hardly Anyone” which ought to give a clue, and for the past 3 years they have been a satire on what the media is saying about transfers, pointing out the 97% of the transfers they so confidently predict don’t happen.
    Yes you can say the satirist is as bad as the person he satirises, but I am not sure it is a very successful point of view given what satire is and how it works.

  11. Gord, morning.

    You could be alluding to the thought of Monsieur Arsene Wenger, the former Arsenal manager who believes buying more than 3 players during the summer window in particular to revamp a squad for a season’s campaign will unbalanced the stability of the squad/team. But mark you, that’s what Monsieur Wenger believes. However, Unai Emery could believe differently by buying 4-6 new players this summer to inject them into the ailing Arsenal squad that Monsieur Wenger has left behind for him to inherit.

    Per Metersacker and Santi Cazorla have left Arsenal squad and Jack Wilshere is looking to leave too except if there is a sudden turnaround to his leaving that will see him stay at Arsenal. The centreback Koscielny won’t be available for selection to play for Arsenal this summer until maybe during the winter campaign. So, as things stand in the 25 senior Gunners squad that Monsieur Wenger had for last season’s campaign 4 Gunners are permanently and temporarily out of it to thus leave Arsenal with no option this summer but to replace them with new 4 signings which the club is doing to much success so far as 2 signings have been officially confirmed as signed by the club and 2 more new signings are looking to be on their ways to the club soon. But these 4 are for replacements purpose and not necessarily new players signed to revamp the squad for the 2018/19 season’s campaign. Therefore, Unai Emery is yet to sign his own kind of players he’ll use to revamp the Arsenal squad to add to the 4 that are being signed to make 6 signed altogether this summer. Which I believe if perfectly done to the letter, Arsenal will be in position to effectively challenge for the PL Title win and at least 2 other Titles win too during the comingy campaign and win them.

  12. I think we need 6, I have stated repeatedly the selection.

    Butland (has become Leno)

    A defensive Midfielder has become Torerira

    Meyer is looking increasingly possible, that comment was screened, maybe correctly.

    Golovin, seems to be getting traction.

    Diallo is a distinct possibility, but would be laat on the list of acquisitions and dependant on Monreal moving on, sensibly in terms of finance and pace in the back line.

    Soyuncu seems to be available and have a preference to join us, so we can wait on that, having hashed out the deal already with both club and player.

    Sokritis I would use to replace Mustarfi, this is quite possibly the thinking behind that partiular move.

    Lichtenstener, who I feel may prove to be one of the signings of the season, and possibly a player who will extend for the second optional year. Currently performing as one of the stars of the exciting Swiss World Cup squad.

    I think usually you wouldn’t want to add too many players. but this would be a special occassion. Koscielny’s injury made it particularly important to replace him, whist also ehancing the back line. With the departures of our RW and Alexis, made wingers essential. Meanwhile the departure of Wilshere and Santi following his lnegthy injury will need addressing. And Bellerin needed cover, assistance, and a tutor. so just in terms of a lack of a RB and 2 departures you need 3 and cover for the CB 4. that leaves you with 3 general new additions.and I prefer 4.

    Sven get me my targets.

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