Boreham Wood – Arsenal 0 – 8. The Untold report

By Walter Broeckx

It has been a (long) while but here I am finally back again in action on Untold. The first match of a new era and I must say I feel as excited as…. well as excited as I was each season when we started again with playing some real football. I couldn’t give a toss about the football match that is being played at the same time somewhere in Russia between my country of birth and England. How on earth could I see to a match that has that many tottenham players in their line ups when Arsenal is playing. Historic… my a….

And for those who asked to me in the last 10 years on who I will support when Wenger is gone? The Arsenal of course. I only want them to win, win and win some more. And I wish Unai Emery all the best in his Arsenal career.

Arsenal starting line up : Cech, Bellerin, Sokratis, Mavropanos, Osei-Tutu, Maitland-Niles, Willock, Smith Rowe, Nelson, Aubameyang, Lacazette.

On the beach : Mkhitaryan, Ramsey, Holding, Mustafi, Chambers, Reine-Adelaide, Nketiah, Jenkinson, Martinez, Perez, Guendouzi, Kolasinac, Akpom. So that is 13 subs. We probably will see two different teams in both halves.

A Greek central defenders duo, one very young and one older making his debut. The only one of the new signings involved from the start. A good effort on the left from Lacazette not going for the shot but instead giving it to Aubameyang in the middle but his shot was smothered by the defenders .

Smith Rowe with a nice dribble going down in the penalty area but no foul he just lost his footing a bit. Arsenal keeping  the pressure on Boreham Wood and after 6 minutes Aubameyang gets the ball on the left and he curls it wonderfully in the top corner. GOAL 0-1 to The Arsenal after 6 minutes.

Only 2 minutes further a wonderful piece of skill from Maitland-Niles who went past 4 or 5 defenders with a brilliant run then looked up and saw Aubameyang on the far post and the latter expertly headed it over the line. GOAL!! 0-2 To The Arsenal after 8 minutes.

Nelson trying to get on the end of a one-two but being brought down in the penalty area and the ref points to the spot. Aubameayng behind the ball and right in the top corner. Unstoppable. GOAL!!! 0-3 to The Arsenal after 16 minutes. A hattrick in 16 minutes. Nice start to the season.

Cech picks up his first ball of the season after a soft header after Boreham Wood got a free kick.  Then a bit of casual defending from Arsenal and Cech really had to make a great stop or Boreham Wood would have scored. Now we escaped with a corner after the ball was in really dangerous position. But we gave the ball away too cheaply at the corner flag there.

Cech had a good interception on a cross when a Boreham Wood player escaped, the ball came to Smith Rowe who gave it to Aubameyang who wanted to give it to Lacazette but the cross was too much in front of the French striker. Smith Rowe working hard and looking good overall. His interception start a new attack, Bellerin gives it to Lacazette who cuts it back to Nelson who controls it on his chest and he bangs it home. GOAL!!!! 0-4 after 36 minutes. What a great strike from the young player!

Lacazette suddenly in space but in stead of shooting he wanted to give it to Aubameyang but this time he missed his shot. Boreham Wood every now and then being dangerous on crosses but Cech not even having to do anything.  And when Boreham Wood look dangerous we suddenly counter. Aubameyang making a run, seeing Lacazette in freedom and the French striker finished with a low shot. GOAL!!!!! 0-5 to The Arsenal after 40 minutes.

A good one two between Nelson and Maitland-Niles end with a shot from the latter but the ball is somehow blocked and then Lacazette can’t finish it off when falling down and with his back to the goal and somehow Boreham Wood escape this time.  0-5 at half time after a good display of expert finishing from out strikers.

A complete new time for the second half. Blimey the Arsenal website doing all kinds of strange things and in the end I have to log in again, get a new password as for some reason I couldn’t log in anymore with my old password. But hey ho after some 15 frustrating minutes I am back on line. And find out Nketiah scored a sixth goal. 0-6 to The Arsenal after 53 minutes. The assist from Lucas Perez. A real strikers goal when I could get to see a replay.

Ramsey just couldn’t finish off a move as the area was too crowded to really get a shot on target. Ramsey then with a brilliant finish but he had controlled the ball with this right arm so the goal wasn’t given of course. Jeff Reine Adelaide then got the ball from Ramsey and he pulled the trigger from a long way out and the beat the keeper in the left bottom corner. GOAL!!!!!!! 0-7 to The Arsenal after 72 minutes.

Almost a second from Reine Adelaide but he blasted the ball over from the edge of the penalty area.

New signing Guendouzi came on for Reine Adelaide after 77 minutes to get his first minutes under his belt. A ball to Nketiah from Kolasinac was touched on in the path of Mkhitaryan and he put the ball in the back of the net. GOAL!!!!!!!! 0-8 to The Arsenal after 80 minutes.

A good practice match, the strikers gaining some confidence. A good scoreline. A good start of the Emery Unai era. Long may it continue!


9 Replies to “Boreham Wood – Arsenal 0 – 8. The Untold report”

  1. Walter great to have you back. And a good surprise too. I had no idea you were going to be here to do the commentary – hence my stumbling and bumbling along with an attempt to write one as the game progressed.

    You are clearly the lucky charm we need – you are here and it is 8-0. And don’t worry about losing the feed from Arsenal in the second half – we all lost it. Very frustrating indeed.

    What a great win.

  2. Thanks for the report Walter.

    I see in the medja, that people are asking where Leno was, but nobody seemed to have an answers.

  3. Hi Walter

    Good to see you back, thanks for the report.

    Off topic, have you noticed the number of foul throws not being given in the World Cup- ie both feet must be on the ground! As a referee that would drive me mad if my assistants were not giving it

  4. //

    get your refund.

    Kick and run and hope England were never going to even score against the skills of Belgium

  5. //

    Get your refund here!

  6. Hours later, I am still seeing nothing in the news about why Leno wasn’t at the game. 🙂

    A few medja twits noticed that Chambers played defensive midfield, and said he did well. Isn’t that sort of the same situation for young Master Bielik? So, if Chambers works at this, then there is competition between him and Bielik, who should be about ready to start pushing for opportunities in the first team.

    Oh, I think I seen three medja outlets claim they learned something today. Sort of like clay claiming it learned something.

    FootballFanCast apparently did a survey, 83% of Arsenal “fans” think that Torreira will be an upgrade on Xhaka. That 83% number sounds suspiciously like 5/6. So, someone at FootballFanCast surveyed 5 of his friends, and one of his 5 friends thought that Xhaka was still better than Torreira.

    To buy 5 players in a single silly season is hard to incorporate into a single team. And medja idjuts are talking about one more. I will have to side with Untold management that Arsenal are going to run more than one team this year, one in the EPL (the one with strange officials for every game) and one in the “cups” (which is where I am throwing Europa League). When playing under UEFA, we will have a chance of less biased officiating, while I am still expecting high bias numbers from 😈 Mike Riley’s crew in EPL games.

  7. Thanks Walter, I was working so unable to go or to watch but my phone keeping pinging to tell me score updates. It seems Everton might have outdone us but that’s all very encouraging.

    As for running more than one team this season I also think there’s something in that, but might I suggest one of the teams we run is Manchester City? 🙂

  8. A long time as much as I enjoy watching arsenal the season should not start till at least September. Give cricket a chance


  9. WOO HOO, HOO ! Up the Gunners ! Well done guys ! Up the new guys !
    UE Knows Best !

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