EPL Matchweek 1 the Games and Officials

by Andrew Crawshaw

We didn’t undertake any detailed analysis of referee performances last season so I am not going to try and replicate the referee previews this season.  Instead I am going to restrict myself to an informative (I hope) post of who is allocated to which match.  The data is liftd straight from the premierleague.com official website and I have left their embedded links to their match preview page which you can follow if you are so inclined.

If any of you want to contribute late comments identifying what you believe to be glaring errors (or even brilliant decisions) in any match, I will happily collate them and see if any patterns emerge.

The League kicks off on Friday Evening

20:00 Man Utd v Leicester City

Ref – Andre Marriner

Assistants – Scott Ledger and Simon Long

Fourth Official Anthony Taylor

On Saturday there are 6 matches :-

12:30 Newcastle United v Spurs

Referee: Martin Atkinson

Assistants: Lee Betts, Stephen Child

Fourth official: Paul Tierney

15:00 AFC Bournemouth v Cardiff City

Referee: Kevin Friend

Assistants: Matthew Wilkes, Mark Scholes

Fourth official: Graham Scott

15:00 Fulham v Crystal Palace

Referee: Mike Dean

Assistants: Ian Hussin, Dan Robathan

Fourth official: Robert Jones

Huddersfield Town v Chelsea

Referee: Chris Kavanagh

Assistants: Peter Kirkup, Marc Perry

Fourth official: Michael Oliver

Watford v Brighton & Hove Albion

Referee: Jonathan Moss

Assistants: Eddie Smart, Andy Halliday

Fourth official: David Coote

17:30 Wolves v Everton

Referee: Craig Pawson

Assistants: Richard West, Adrian Holmes

Fourth official: Simon Hooper

On Sunday 12 August there are the remaining 3 games

13:30 Liverpool v West Ham United

Referee: Anthony Taylor

Assistants: Gary Beswick, Adam Nunn

Fourth official: Paul Tierney

13:30 Southampton v Burnley

Referee: Graham Scott

Assistants: Constantine Hatzidakis, Daniel Cook

Fourth official: Lee Probert

16:00 Arsenal v Man City

Referee: Michael Oliver

Assistants: Simon Bennett, Stuart Burt

Fourth official: Andre Marriner

Interesting that of the newcomers to the PL referees roster, Simon Hooper and David Coote, only David has active duty – Fourth Official at Wolves v Everton with Craig Pawson blowing the whistle.  Of the new Assistants Dan Robathan goes into immediate service at  Fulham under our old friend Mike Dean.  Neil Davies will have to wait a little longer.

Andre Marriner, Anthony Taylor, Graham Scott and Michael Oliver all get two matches, one as referee and one as fourth official.  PGMO starting as they mean to continue with spreading the load out evenly.  They have a roster of 21 referees this season so to use duplicates for the first week of the season says something!

Do please feel free to add comments about performances of the officials but please try to be specific as to who, what, why and the time in the match and I will do what I can to collate the incidents.


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3 Replies to “EPL Matchweek 1 the Games and Officials”

  1. Despite their not signing a single player during the last summer window, Spurs have this afternoon beat Newcastle at away and collected all the 3 points in the match. The same thing Man Utd did yesterday at home when they beat Liecester City to collect all points in the match. These 3 point collected each by these 2 big PL club sides could turnout to be massive for them during the season if Arsenal fail to do collect maximum points in their own match at home against Man City. Arsenal who have twice been finishing behind Spurs for the past 2 seasons in the PL table and were way back behind Man Utd too in the table last season and even fell behind Spurs at the ICC pre-season games table this summer, should therefore eschew any failings that will see them start their campaign in the PL this season on the back foot but on the front foot to avoid having to play the catch up games in the PL against 5 of their Title big Premier League rival club sides should they begin their campaign on the back foot. A repeat of the 2 situations in which Arsenal got into in the past 2 seasons that saw the club finished outside the Champions League places must not be allowed to happen again.

    Against Man City tomorrow at the Ems, the Gunners MUST be up to pace in defending as they mark the expected Man City pacy attacking machine. So that they won’t be caught in a flash as Spurs caught Newcastle this afternoon with a goal line technology goal due to the lackadaisical marking of the Newcastle defending players. Even the 2nd Spurs headed goal by Dele Alli was as a result of the abject poor marking by the Newcastle defender who allowed Alli to race past him to head home when the ball was crossed from the right into the box. And there was this particular Newcastle player playing on the right side who was not up to speed in the game for Newcastle thereby killing their attacks on a number of occasions which have the prospect looks in them to level the game 2-2 in the first half. Arsenal should not allow such inefficiency in playing to come on them during their Man City game. All starting Gunners and coming on substitutes Gunners MUST be up to the correct pace and efficiency in playing the game in the match against Man City if their to beat them.

  2. Football Fan Cast has a writeup on the game, and how Arsenal should approach having Oliver as the magpie in the middle.


    I had misgivings even before opening the article, but the first paragraph has this:

    … of just how much PGMOL value Michael Oliver – arguably English football’s top official at this moment in time.

    I was trained in engineering, I am not remotely an English major. But one thing I had picked up, is that you never use “at this moment in time”! Just use the word “now”.

    A journalist should be good at English, not me.

    But the largest problem with the article, is that it assumes that Oliver is a good official, and is free of bias. I think data from Untold probably shows that Oliver is as consistently biased against Arsenal, as (nearly) all the referees that PGMO have.

    I really doubt that the writer, has even spent any time watching Arsenal. She (Christy is a girl’s name?) seems to assume that because Arsenal have been getting enough cards, that they are all earned cards. I suspect close to most of them, are not earned cards. They are cards born of bias.

    For example, persistent infringement by an Arsenal player might be 3 times, but some other teams it might be 10 times.

  3. And so it begins, again.

    Good to see the watcher on the wall at his post. Keep it going Walter.
    PGMOL be warned.

    Won’t be quite the same without le Boss but think we have a good guy in his place.

    Best of luck Unai and Co.

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