Coventry v Arsenal tonight. Preparing for the road trip.

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  1. As an exiled North Londoner living in Coventry, I feel I should give a local flavour to this.

    I understand Bakayoko was flagged offside more than any other player in the division in the first few games of the season hence his keenness to tweet at Coventry City fans this weekend that he hadn’t once been given offside in the away game at Oxford. Fair play to the man……………and particularly his sense of humour given he sat on the bench for the entire game!!

  2. OT

    It’s interesting to see an ariticle on the BBC website about clubs whose attendance figures don’t match with the police and local authority figures.

    The first think in the article is a large picture of the Emirates (no other photos of any other stadium mind) and the body of the article also talks about Arsenal. Yet strangely, the evidence they provide does not show Arsenal as one of the offenders.

    No anti-Arsenal bias there then.

  3. Although FootLon has been running a story saying they have the confirmed lineups, they have no lineups. But, apparently Xavier Amaechi picked up a foot injury while on International (car thief) duty, and will not be available.


  4. Coventry Live has the Coventry Lineup and bench:

    City: Liam O’Brien; Dujon Sterling, Jordon Thompson, Tom Davies, Chris Camwell; Liam Kelly, Abu Ogogo, Reise Allassani, Tony Andreu, Jordy Hiwula; Amadou Bakayoko.

    Subs: Corey Addai (GK), Sam McCallum, Morgan Williams, Josh Eccles, Zain Westbrooke, Billy Stedman, Jonny Ngandu.

    I am not seeing an Arsenal U21 lineup yet.


  5. FootLon has the starting Lineup, but no bench (yet)

    Arsenal: Iliev, Bola, Burton, Gilmour, Medley, Olowu, Pleguezuelo, Smith Rowe, Willock, John-Jules, Olayinka.


  6. Here we go, from the Arsenal Twit feed:

    Starting XI: Iliev, Olowu, Pleguezuelo (C), Medley, Bola, Willock, Gilmour, Burton, Olayinka, Smith Rowe, John-Jules

    Subs: Okonkwo, Omole, Thompson, Coyle, Saka, Zelalem, Nketiah


  7. Steve Bould, first-team goalkeeping coach Sal Bibbo and Per Mertesacker are there to watch from Arsenal. Tony Adams is apparently in the away end of the stands.


  8. Coventry have a shot on net (saved) inside of 11 seconds. Smith Rowe has it in the Coventry net about a minute later! How to go Emile!


  9. Arsenal take the lead in the fourth minute. Emile Smith Rowe witness an assist from Tyreece John-Jules.

  10. 25 minutes gone and still one nil to Arsenal. The text commentary I’ve found is indicating lots of fouls by both teams. Sounds quite disjointed. Joe Willock had a shot saved, corners at both ends but few clear cut chances

  11. I’m following 3 different commentaries Andrew, probably different from yours as well.

    At one point, all the commentaries felt the need to say that Arsenal was having a nightmare at the back. I think the reason for this, is because the first team has had some nightmares at the back this season. But I don’t see why this (augmented) U21 team needs to fit the same mould as the first team.

    And then the commentaries diverge. One talks about Allassani needing treatment as a result of a tackle, and the feeling I got was that he (the Coventry player) had been the one tackling. And then all the players went for drinks (presumably because they needed them). Another commentary doesn’t say anything about a player needing treatment, it just talks about drinks. And the third commentary says Arsenal’s Olowu was guilty of inflicting something on Allassani, and that there was not really a need for drinks (but they were anyway) because it was a cool night.

    But if they want cool, they can come here. We had snow come in last night. 🙂

    It would be nice if the commentary was accurate and consistent.


  12. First half ends and still one nil

    10 Arsenal fouls, 8 from Coventry. Two saves at each end

  13. And two fouls against Gord. One for getting the time of Emile’s goal wrong, and the other for not refreshing the page to see that Andrew had already put up a half time flag.

    Come on Emile, a hat trick would be nice!


  14. One substitution on the restart, Tobi Omole on for Joseph Olowu. Some commentator says Arsenal has shifted to 4 men at the back with this substitution.

    I do the refresh, and different information from Andrew? Probably Andrew is right.


  15. One source of commentary says that Plezguelo should have had a yellow, and another source says that Ljungberg was badgering the 4th official that it wasn’t close to a yellow (or something like that), something that he had learned from Wenger.

    So, the commentary needs to berate the U21 defence, because the first team defence can have problems, and they need to bash Wenger if the opportunity arises.


  16. Apparently 2375 fans at the game, of which 183 are away fans. And we think 2 of those 183 are Untold’ers.

    I am guessing that Burton tackled a Coventry player, got a yellow for his trouble, and needed treatment.


  17. Late substitution – Saka on for Pleguezuelo following an injury – I hope it’s not serious

  18. And Joe Willock makes sure of the points with a left footed shot high into the goal. Three nil in the 90th minute!

  19. The twit feed from Arsenal never did comment on the substitution.

    Only 1 of 3 commentaries mentioned Pleguezuelo’s substitution.

    It sounds like Willock’s goal was skillful and artistic.

    Congratulations Gunners!

  20. Some medja article said that we are now second in South Group E, on goal difference (the other “first game” ended 4-0), after 1 game.

  21. Some groups have played 1 game and some have played 2 at this point, so what follows is just trivia. Data from Wikipedia.

    There have been 13 games played in the North and 15 in the South. All games require a result. A draw at the end of 90 minutes is decided by penalties.

    In the North, Home won 3 times in 90 minutes, and 7 times in penalties. Away won 4 times in 90 minutes, and 1 time in penalties.

    Home scored 20 goals in regulation and 22 goals in penalties. Away scored 22 goals in regulation and 16 goals in penalties.

    In the South, Home won 7 times in 90 minutes and 2 times in penalties. Away won 4 times in 90 minutes and 2 times in penalties.

    Home scored 28 goals in regulation and 16 in penalties. Away scored 18 goals in regulation and 16 in penalties.

    It might be interesting to visit some of this data, once this round is done. At this point, I think it is just trivia.


    Speaking of trivia, I think it has been a while since the confusion over mobile versus desktop style sheets (CSS) has happened. So maybe the wizards on north circular lane (or however Tony refers to things) fixed things? Congrats to the wizards! Thank you.

  22. My 9:16pm entry ( has this:

    Apparently 2375 fans at the game, of which 183 are away fans.

    The Daily Mail has this in their report:

    Several thousand fans watched on as Coventry went 1-0 down to Arsenal U21s early on,

    Daily Mail is wrong! There were not several thousand fans at the game. There were less than 2500 fans, so if you are going to talk thousands of fans, there were only two thousand fans watching. Not several.

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