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May 2022
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May 2022

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FK Qarabag vs AFC: the trivia no one else offers, so you don’t have to listen to BT Sprout

by Bulldog Drummond

Here’s the quiz.  One point of utterly nil value for each right answer.

1: OK let’s start where we start, and ask the question no one asks… “Where is the game being played?”

The Tofiq Bahramov Republican Stadium

2: What is the nickname of Qarabag?

The horsemen.   So when four of them attack they are the four horsemen.

3: Who are were or will be the four horsemen of the Apocalypse?

Plague, War, Famine, Death, usually with death playing a sweeper role behind war with plague and famine playing out wide.

4: What has Qarabag not done in five of their last nine european matches?

They have not scored in five of their last nine european matches

5: If you type Qarabag v Arsenal into google and read the info that it prints before the links what is utterly wrong?

The kick off which is written as 8pm.  Be that BST in England or Baku standard time in Baku that is wrong.

6:  What time is kick off in Baku and England?

In England it is at 1755 BST and in Baku it is at 2055 AZT

7.  We keep hearing that Mkhitaryan hasn’t gone because of the war.  What war, who is fighting who, and should we be worried?

It’s the Four-Day War or sometimes called the April War, and what most people know about it is its length and the month it was fought in.   It started on the the Nagorno-Karabakh line on All Fools Day  2016 with the Artsakh Defense Army, and the Azerbaijani Centre for Certain Things on the other. …

8: In the head to head between the two who is on top?

Trick question: FK Qarabag have never played Arsenal and Arsenal have never played FK Qarabg.

9: When they have played European clubs what has been the score?

They have played four European games against English opposition – they’ve lost all four by an aggregate score of 14-1.  They have also lost each of their last three games in the Europa League, their worst ever run in the competition.  Arsenal had their best run in Europe in the Europa last year.

10: What record do Arsenal hold in the Europa League?

17 different players have scored for Arsenal in the Europa League.  The nearest rivals are Zenit St P and Lazio, each with 11.

I hope you did jolly well at that and it passed the time of day before we get yer actual team news.  But before then he is a variant approach from Arsenal Station – quite different from ours…


Lichtsteiner Mustafi Holdiong Kolasinac

Guendouzi Elneny

Webeck Smith Rowe Iwobi


We shall see shortly.

Final final bit.   Footy Lond and its bots have this one: “Transfer news live: Arsenal official seen at Porto,”

Ohhhhhhh.  Exciting isn’t it?

22 comments to FK Qarabag vs AFC: the trivia no one else offers, so you don’t have to listen to BT Sprout

  • Menace

    Good luck to the Gooners that have travelled & COYG.

    I’m in the warmth of India waiting for the game on TV. On a chikoo farm with seven hounds so bring on the horsemen of Baku.

  • I am not at all sure of how the line up works but here are the players, or so I am told

    Lichtsteiner, Holding, Sokratis, Monreal;
    Elneny, Guendouzi, Kolasinac;
    Smith-Rowe, Welbeck, Iwobi,

    Subs: Martinez, Bellerin, Lacazette, Ozil, Torreira, Mustafi, Xhaka,

  • Apparently it is three at the back
    Holding, Sokratis and Monreal
    with Lichsteiner and Kolasinac as wing backs
    Elneny and Guendouzi in midfield
    Then the forward line of Smith-Rowe, Welbeck, Iwobi,

  • Andrew Crawshaw

    Interesting lineup. I have a meeting that I have to be at with an 18:00 start so I’m going to miss most of the match. I’ll have to catch it on the Arsenal player tomorrow


  • Gord

    Sokratis with the goal on 4 minutes. He deflects Monreal’s shot? Wrong footed the goalkeeper anyway.


  • Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    Qarabag seems to have unknown to us top quality players in their rank who have taken the game to Arsenal in the first half threatening to equalise after they’ve conceded. Thus forcing Leno to make many saves for Arsenal in the game. No wonder, Emery took a strong squad to Baku comprising many regular playing first teamers to play against Qarabag. But I think Arsenal will come out stronger than Qarabag in the 2nd half of the match to dominate play and hit Qarabag with another goal or even 2 goals in the match to make it 0-2 or 0-3 away win to Arsenal.

  • 0-2 and Smith Rowe gets his first goal for the club in a senior match

  • 0-3 to Arsenal, Guendouzi with his first goal for Arsenal… an excellent win

  • Gord

    Congratulations Gunners! Three goals and a clean sheet.

  • All over 3-0 to the Arsenal. The winning run just keeps on running.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Sorry as I had to work I couldn’t really see the match so no live report. But good to see us win in a professional way.

  • WalterBroeckx

    I think one more win in the next 4 matches will see us to the next round?

  • Brickfields Gunners

    WOO HOO, HOO! Not ar an easy game, but 3 points and a clean sheet will do nicely.
    Would have been better Sporting had lost, but it was not to be.
    Upbthe Gunners!

  • WalterBroeckx

    I think that by now all our outfield players have scored a goal? 😉

  • Better set of highlights than the link I posted earlier

    This includes the final goal

  • Gord

    Oh, some medja were saying we hadn’t won a first half yet. We won the first half and the second half today.

  • Bobome

    BT Sprout!!! Their commentators just couldn’t find enough negatives to describe Arsenal performance in a 0 – 3 win. The jokers kept harping on a so-called ‘defensive frailties’. Nothing the team on the field could do to exact a positive comment from any one of them. Their concluding remarks more than betrayed their wishes that AFC should have lost to Qarabag if not for ‘luck’. The PigMob will no doubt be on cue to oblige them in the Fulham game. That also will fail.

    As an aside, a Liverpool! Fan told me he is worried for his club in the upcoming match with AFC. Why? Because Emery has been winning all matches so far. This is another one to add to his (Liverpool fan’s) worries.

  • Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    Arsenal had another clean sheet tonight as they beat Qarabag 0-3 in the Europa. But just, as they conceded a goal to Qarabag in the 2nd half that was ruled off for offside. The lesson learned from this is, Arsenal should try to not concede a goal at all in their matches if they can help it. Be it offside goal or not should not find the back of the net of Arsenal goalkeeper. For, in a PL game situation, a Pgmo linesman may not raise the flag for offside in Arsenal match and the offside goal will stand. We’ve seen that happening to Arsenal before in the PL.

    I am delighted to see Sokratis, Rowe and Guendouzi scored for Arsenal tonight as they came forward to take their chances. I think this should become the noun for any Gunner playing for Arsenal in games who the opposition team is not eyeing to score for Arsenal but eyeing the known Arsenal regular goals scorers to score. The expected Arsenal goals scorers of Welbeck, Iwobi who gave an assist, Lacazette who came on in the 2nd half and even Ozil who came on in the 2nd half too have all failed to scored tonight with Welbeck skying the good chance he has to score. Consequently going back to his old profigancy in front of goal habit mentality. Bad!

  • Gord

    From the medja “Congratulations, and we still have to kick you”: Guardian, Daily Mail, Mirror, Sun,

    The Independent is claiming that they learned something.

  • Hisham

    Well done Gunners! Btw, Sokratis goal, would it be a first scored with the stomach??

  • Got point Hisham. Should go in the record books