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  1. Andy Mack

    We’ve always had a few very talented youngsters.
    The issue is that the present ones look to be making the step up to senior football better than some of our previous youngsters did, but they aren’t there yet.
    Anyone that saw JET, or Aneke and Afobe (or many many others) play will tell you that they were exceptional young players. You can take 2 or 3 lads from every youth season for years, and say they were very talented, but so many of them missed the mark at senior level.
    Whether the money/fame got to their heads, or Injury (Dench and Afobe), or just plain poor decisions, too many of them just didn’t turn their base talent into the finished article.
    Hopefully these ones will.


  2. Gord

    OT: News at Arsenal.com

    First off, Kim Little was nominated for PFA Player for September:
    > This is the first time in 111 years that the PFA are conducting a women’s vote – so follow this link to help Kim win!

    The link is https://protect-eu.mimecast.com/s/UOV8CADqjC9rn0whGqfG5?domain=po.st

    8 games rescheduled (Dec 2 through Jan 19) due to the TV people.


  3. Gord

    WRT that link to vote for Kim Little. You need to have javascript turned on, in order for that link to work. With javascript turned on, I got some message about possible security threats, so I will _NOT_ be doing anything with that link.


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