“Would it be fair, for example, if a player suffered a broken leg in injury time and couldn’t be replaced? But you already have the case where they couldn’t be replaced anyway if the three substitutes had already been used.”

So big time and dramatic?  No just another bit of crazy hype on the same day they are running “Why the Premier League’s TV deal with Amazon Prime is great news for football supporters” which links on to Amazon Prime.

But the tragedy of it all is that it is yet another story that is used to hide one of the biggest problems we have in the game – the refusal of referees to take action when goalkeepers waste more and more and more time taking goal kicks, trotting from one side of the goal to the other, starting their run up, stopping, waving at no one in particular, running up again, stopping – we have seen it so many times, and nothing is ever done.  If time wasting by keepers was made a straight yellow card then we might get somewhere.

Still I suppose that is a bit better than: 

“Premier League table ranked by shirt price: Which clubs offer best value?” in the Daily Star.

Anyway we also have “Two further rule changes also being looked into is allowing goal kicks to be passed to players in their own penalty area to allow quicker play, and for referees not pull play back if a ball is not still for a free kick.”

Both of which could be quite good, and are much more important than not having subs in time added on.

Meanwhile there is a lovely misprint – in the misprint of the day – which comes from the Metro, not for the first time, with “Mesut Ozil tells Unai Emery his pest position for Arsenal is in the No.10 role”

Actually I quite like a pest position.

And finally…

“Ainsley Maitland-Niles not the grim reaper for anyone” from Pain in the Arsenal.  I like that. It is imaginative and fun, and a load of tosh.