Bournemouth v Arsenal – the teams

by Bulldog Drummond.

So here we are approaching the game while by now Tony should be somewhere in the Atlantic.  Or to be more precise on an island somewhere in the Atlantic.

The media appear to be certain Arsenal have blown it simply because of the less than exciting game against Wolverhampton who looked like they had stolen the old Blackburn away match menu.  One prediction on the BBC web site gives Bournemouth the victory by 2-1.

Certainly the one seems likely at the very least because there has never been a game between the two in which Arsenal have not scored.  And the one thing one might say in favour of the 2-1 is that the average total number of goals scored in the games between these two sides is 3.3.  Remember we went for 1-2 to Arsenal.

And this because Bournemouth have lost successive games for the first time in a while – although they did this twice last season – in fact the run in December last year was four defeats in a row.

However here is a little thing that really could help Arsenal with their desire to score almost all of their goals in the second half.  Over half of the league goals conceded by Bournemouth have been scored in the final 20 minutes – which is exactly the time that Arsenal like to score.

But supposing we draw.   That will be four league draws in a row.  When was the last time that happened?

That’s a good question because in 2008/9 the results were really remarkable.  These games are Premier League matches only from mid-December through to the end of February.

Date Game Res Score
13 Dec 2008 Middlesbrough v Arsenal D 1-1
21 Dec 2008 Arsenal v Liverpool D 1-1
26 Dec 2008 Aston Villa v Arsenal D 2-2
28 Dec 2008 Arsenal v Portsmouth W 1-0
10 Jan 2009 Arsenal v Bolton Wanderers W 1-0
17 Jan 2009 Hull City v Arsenal W 1-3
28 Jan 2009 Everton v Arsenal D 1-1
31 Jan 2009 Arsenal v West Ham United D 0-0
08 Feb 2009 Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal D 0-0
21 Feb 2009 Arsenal v Sunderland D 0-0
28 Feb 2009 Arsenal v Fulham D 0-0

Three draws in a row, three wins, and then five draws in a row.  We ended up 4th with 12 draws in the season.  And despite all those goalless games we scored 68 goals – exactly the same as the champions for that season, Manchester United.

The boring bits are that Arsenal and Cardiff City are the only two clubs not to have led at half time.  The more interesting news is that we have scored two or more goals in each of the last five away league fixtures.

Oh yes and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has scored 13 of his 17 Arsenal goals in Sunday fixtures.  But then we are playing in the Europa so that increases the Sunday game total.

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  1. unai knows best, obviously, but a little bit of guessing game has never hurt anyone, so …
    i often wonder why the “3-at-the-back” lineup was given up altogether, in spite of the terrific run which ended up with our latest fa cup victory, against conte’s chelsea
    so, i’d like to see something like:

    as you said, bulldog, we shall see
    enjoy the game – and at least, bournemouth are always a pleasant side to watch (hats off to howe’s terrific work)

  2. A note from the publisher:

    Arrived in Fuerteventura yesterday, out and about this morning and found a bar showing the match straight off – first bar I walked into. Got a very strange look walking in while they were still clearing up from last night, but all sorted. Easier than this time last year in Cyprus when I spent almost two hours wandering from bar to bar trying to find someone showing the game.

  3. Our Women are also in action today – they kick off at 12:30 against Brighton

    Sari van Veenendaal
    Lisa Evans, Louise Quinn, Leah Williamson, Emma Mitchell
    Dominique Bloodworth, Lia Walti, Danielle van de Donk
    Katie McCabe, Vivianne Miedema, Beth Mead

    Subs Pauline Peyraud-Magnin and the three youngsters. Ava Kuyken, Ruby Grant and Paige Bailey-Gayle


  4. looks like we miss Nacho a lot. He is a good attacking threat and puts in a decent cross or two. Hopefully we get him back at his best after his injury heals!

  5. From us Gooners point of understanding, Arsenal have no business doing whatsoever with not beating Bournemouth this afternoon in the PL but have every business doing with beating them if us Gooners are not going to be left saddened with disappointments after the match should Arsenal come away with only a point in the match but all the 3 points instead at the end of it making us happy and contented and relieved from the pressure of seeing them playing to 3 draw games in a row in the PL.

    We know Bournemouth have shown they are no push over in the PL so far this season and it is true. But even then the Gunners should show them and prove to them in the game today that they possess the capacity in PL game playing above the PL game capacity that Bournemouth have to beat them and beat them accordingly.

  6. Mustafi: Has had the highest number of clearances and interceptions for Arsenal this season. Not bad from a useless player…

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